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We run a successful in house lottery, which costs only £1 a week per entry. This has a top weekly prize of £1350, with second and third prizes of £135 and a further 10 runners up prizes of £50. Since it started in September 2001, it has donated back over £4 million to the charity.

Devon A Ambulance

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We rely greatly on our fantastic band of volunteers. Volunteers’ roles vary from helping in our charity shops, servicing our collection boxes, attending events and cheque presentations, to giving talks to groups about the work we undertake. If you have time on your hands, either on a regular or occasional basis, why not find out about donating the gift of time?

PUT ON A FUNDRAISING EVENT If you feel you are able to, why not hold your own fundraising event? We are able to help with posters, publicity and general advice. Maybe you would prefer to do a sponsored event, eg; headshave, parachute jump, slim or swim to name just a few?

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VISIT OUR CHARITY SHOPS We have charity shops in most areas of the county, and they are essential in not only raising funds, but also as a base in the heart of the community which we serve.

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The goods we sell in our shops are predominantly donated. This could be good quality new or second hand clothing, bric a brac, cds, dvds, or furniture, to name just a few examples. We do offer a collection service for large amounts and also furniture.

RECYCLE FOR US We pride ourselves in being able to make money for items that are no longer wanted. As well as our shops, mentioned above, we can also turn the following into cash:> > >

Mobile phones Used Stamps Used printer cartridges

For information on any of the above or more, please complete the form overleaf, drop us an email or check out our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Devon Air Ambulan Registered Charity under Company No: 38

ce Trust is the registered charity the funds to keep both of Devon’s 2

sy of Devon & Cornwall Police Air Support Unit

ximately £4 million to keep the very penny coming from donations ommunity, businesses and friends ervice is independent of or eligible for Lottery funding.



The helicopters, crewed by a pilot and 2 paramedics, undertake life-saving missions; accidents; eg road traffic incidents and equestrian/sports related injuries, but also medical emergencies; eg cardiac arrests and strokes. They also undertake inter hospital transfers; where a patient at one hospital needs urgent specialist treatment at another.

Thank you for taking the time to rea hope you found it informative.

The speed of the service reduces patient deterioration; eg spinal injuries, head injuries and burns. The helicopter is able to take a patient direct to a specialist hospital, which may not be the closest to the incident.

ABOUT THE HELICOPTERS Both of our helicopters are EC135s. G-DVAA flies from Middlemoor, Exeter, sharing facilities with the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary’s Air Support Unit, and is owned outright by the a charity. G-DAAT flies from Eaglescott in North Devon and is leased by the charity, although there are plans to look into buying a second aircraft at the end of the leasing contract. Buying is a much more cost effective way for the charity to spend the money donated so generously by the public. Jointly, the helicopters fly an average of 850 missions a year.


n Ceri, aged 18 died, after being Asking if anything could have saved hat the quicker an injuried or ill treatment, the more likely they are

Devon is an extremely remote county, with many hard to reach places; eg Dartmoor. An Air Ambulance comes into its own because it flies in a straight line, and they do not get held up by traffic.

how this could be achieved, finding e Air Ambulances made, she then . On 27th August 1992 the Devon irst mission. In recognition of Ann’s e helicopter still bears the

With 2 helicopters, 50% of Devon can be reached by Air Ambulance within 5 minutes, with the remainder within 15 minutes, reassuring anyone who should need emergency medical treatment quickly, that help is soon on hand.

m Staniford was knocked from his injuries to Ceri. Tom survived and aving made a good recovery!

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