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BBC Radio Devon Air Ambulance Appeal tandem skydive! Situated at Dunkeswell, near Honiton, we are carrying on a proud tradition of sport parachuting at the airfield, which started in 1964. Affiliated to the British Parachute Association we are setting the standard for safety, ensuring that you can enjoy the most exhilarating, breathtaking, adrenalin pumping moment of your life with complete confidence.

Do something amazing and tandem Skydive for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust! A tandem is an easy and enjoyable way to experience the thrills of skydiving without having to learn how. The exhilarating freefall combined with the peace and tranquillity of the parachute ride, makes tandem skydiving a unique and eye-opening way to raise money for DAAT.

What happens on the day? You will meet your instructor who will prepare you for your tandem skydive Climb onboard the aircraft, where your instructor will tighten your harness as you ride up 15,000ft (or 10,000ft like other centres, if you chose that height) Once at altitude, the door will open; you will feel a rush of air & noise as you edge towards the door A few words of encouragement will come from you instructor AND.... you’re off!! You will experience speeds of an adrenaline pumping 120mph while freefalling up to two miles!! As the large canopy unfolds, you will become aware of the sudden peace, quiet and tranquillity You may even be able to help your Instructor steer the parachute around the sky before gliding back to the airfield

Why jump for charity with Skydive UK? We jump from 15,000ft; the highest altitude in the world without needing extra O2! We are not an agent, come to us direct for the best prices – we will not be beaten! Skydive UK have the fastest (and most comfy!) jump plane in the country We offer FREE camping on site with full use of our facilities You can enjoy the stunning views of four coastlines while floating back to earth Our regular tandem instructors have a combined jump total of over 26,000 jumps!!! Charities have received hundreds of thousands of pounds through our tandems Our photographers and videographers are recognised as some of the best in the country

Restrictions for a Tandem Skydive The standard upper weight limit is 15 stone / 95 kilos fully clothed. If you are more than 15 stone, we charge an extra £20, per stone up to 18 stone (18st is our maximum) The minimum age is 16 years and there is no upper age limit. If you are aged between 16 and 18 you must obtain a parent or guardians consent on BPA form, 106. If you have any medical conditions or will be 40 or over on the day of your jump, you must consult your GP to sign and stamp the BPA medical form 115(ii): “Declaration of Fitness”. If you suffer from any of the following; diabetes, epilepsy, fits, recurrent blackouts, heart or lung disease, mental illness or asthma, please insure your GP signs and stamps BPA form 115(ii) “Declaration of Fitness”. These forms are available on request, from our website, or will be sent to you with confirmation once a booking has been processed. Please bring these forms with you on the day of your jump (do not post), without these forms you will be unable to jump and you will lose your booking fee. 

Charity Tandem Price

Please note prices include British Parachute Association Insurance (third party only) and Membership. Personal insurance is available on request. 15,000FT CHARITY TANDEM: £395* *£250 covers the cost of the jump and a minimum of £145 goes to DAAT Freefall DVD and Photography Packages One of our professional freefall camera staff will meet you on the ground, film you in the aircraft, jump with you in freefall and film your landing. FREEFALL DVD: A professionally edited DVD sent out to you within 21 days of the jump


PHOTOGRAPHS: Between 150-200 on a CD, for you to take away on the day


BOTH! FREEFALL DVD and PHOTOGRAPHS: £185 Between 150-200 on a CD, for you to take away on the day & a professionally edited DVD sent out to you within 21 days of the jump 

NO ONE JUMPS HIGHER FOR CHARITY!! Want to give it a go? Please fill in the following forms and send with your £50 deposit







In aid of BBC Radio Devon Air Ambulance Appeal – 2nd May 2011 Please tick your preferred arrival time for the charity’s exclusive Skydive: 8am



The charity would love you to join their exclusive day, but, if this isn’t possible, why not pick a day to suit you? / /2011 CHARITY TANDEM JUMP; £395 to jump for FREE!* *£50 non-refundable deposit to Skydive UK Ltd sent with this booking form to secure your place *£200 balance of jump paid to skydive UK Ltd on the day of your jump (by cash or card) *£145+ at least goes to the BBC Radio Devon Air Ambulance Appeal RESERVE A STUNNING TANDEM DVD / PHOTOS: YES / NO (Payable on jump day)

You can pay the £50 by phone, by cheque, or fill in your bank details below









The minimum amount of £50 is needed to book your place. PLEASE READ BOOKING TERMS & CONDITIONS AND SIGN DECLARATION ON REVERSE Got a question? Contact Skydive UK’s, Louise: 01404 890222 or email: Or DAAT’s Fundraising Director, Caroline: 01392 466666 Ext 233 or email: The Devon Air Ambulance Trust is a Registered Charity, No: 1077998

Booking Terms & Conditions

(For full Terms & Conditions please see our website) Deposits/Payments The deposits and payments are completely non-refundable. Once the date of your jump is booked you are required to give a minimum of 28 days notice to change this date and an admin fee of £25 per person will be charged. If less than 28 days notice is given you will have to pay the non refundable deposit of £50 again, to rebook. Jumpers who do not show up on the day of their jump / course for any reason will have to pay the £50 non refundable deposit again, to rebook. The disbursement of payment for a skydive, covers the following costs: BPA provisional insurance, flight tickets, tuition, freelance tandem instructor, packer and temporary club membership. Sponsored charity jumps If you are jumping for charity and wish to recover reimbursement of the non refundable deposit and the cost of the jump, you must raise the minimum amount of £395 (or that specified by your chosen charity) in sponsorship money. If you raise more than the minimum amount, the additional sponsorship money must be passed directly to the charity. All DVD and photograph packages MUST be paid for out of your own money; you cannot use sponsorship money for this. If you do NOT raise enough, you may pay the difference yourself or you will NOT be able to jump and will lose your deposit. Weather: Should the weather be unsuitable for jumping on the day it is your responsibility to return to the parachute centre on another occasion(s) if necessary, to complete your jump. You must rebook within 90 days of each unsuccessful attempt. Balances: Balances payable on day of jump become non-refundable. Insurance: All jumpers are covered by the British Parachute Association third party Liability Insurance of £2 million. For personal accident cover, please call the Skydive UK’s Office or visit Restrictions The minimum age to jump 16, there is no maximum limit. If you are aged between 16 & 18, you must seek consent from a parent or guardian using BPA form 106. If you will be 40 or over on the day of the jump, you must get the BPA form 115(i) signed a stamped by a GP. You are expected to be of reasonable fitness. If you suffer from any of the following; diabetes, epilepsy, fits, recurrent blackouts, heart or lung disease, mental illness or asthma, please insure your GP signs & stamps BPA form 115 (i) “Declaration of Fitness”(if in doubt, please call the Office). These forms are available on request, from our website, or will be sent to you with confirmation once a booking has been processed. Postponement: We do not accept liability for any costs or expenses incurred if we have to postpone your jump, where the reason for the postponement is beyond our control. Important notice Parachuting is an adventure sport and participation in such sports necessarily involves a risk of injury or death regardless of the standard of training, supervision and equipment employed. I voluntarily accept all the risks inherent in the sport and I agree for myself and my personal representatives to indemnify and hold harmless Skydive UK Ltd against any claim or claims whether on my own account or from third parties arising out of any accident or incident resulting in any loss or damage (including bodily injury and death). SIGNED: __________________________________ PRINT: ___________________________________________DATE:_____________


Please make cheques payable to Skydive UK Ltd and send with this form, to; Skydive UK LTD, Dunkeswell Airfield, Dunkeswell, Honiton, EX14 4LG


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