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How to Design a Unique & Captivating Website In today’s competitive marketing industry, you need to have a strong online presence to generate more leads and sales. As there are more than 2.1 billion online users, having an impressive website will not just enhance your business productivity but will generate more leads and expand your business worldwide. In December 2011, there were around 555million websites, according to a survey report. Nowadays, most of the small and large-scale businesses have a website to promote their products and services online so just creating an ordinary website will not be an effective marketing strategy. You must have a website that needs to be unique from others. As most of the business owners rely on Website Design Company to create a good-looking site for their business. Most often, they are unable to convey their requirements and design concepts properly to the website development company. As a result, the website development firm creates a website that might not be according to the expectation of the business owners. To avoid such unnecessary frustrations, you need to have some basic ideas regarding the ways to create a good-looking site.

Here are some effective tips that might assist you in designing a unique and catchy website: First analyze the purpose of your site: Before beginning the design process, you need to understand the purpose of site. As it is used for grabbing the attention of your customers, your site should include all the information, tools and features that are necessary to offer a clear idea about your business to clients. This initial step will also help you to decide on the best content management system (CMS) or open source web application to create your site. If you are creating an online store to sell your products, you can choose Magento which is the world’s fastest growing ecommerce platform. You can use Wordpress or Joomla for creating a blogging site or content management system. Analyze your competitor’s website: To get a clear perspective on how to implement your business online, you need to look through your competitor’s website and must make note of the latest strategies that are grabbing the attention of customers. Analyzing your competitor’s website will help you to establish your online presence effectively and quickly. Pick some creative design ideas: “A Picture is worth thousand words”, so choose a catchy and unique design for your website. The design should not be a random one, it needs to portray about your business in a unique way. You need to choose a few design concepts based on the web pages you are planning to build. When choosing design ideas don’t look for complicated ones that might be difficult for customers to understand. It is better to add some images and videos which might describe more about your business to the clients. Choose a reputed website design firm: After analyzing all the basic requirements, you need to choose an experienced web design company to create a website according to your expectation and budget. When choosing a website design firm, you need to check out their previous projects to determine their track record and design ideas. Remember, the outlook of your website completely relies on the website design company you choose. You must also check out their online support services because some companies might not offer online

assistance after launching the website online. As a result, you might have to look for other website design companies to alter features, resolve site problems and to update other information on site. So, pay attention and choose the best company that has a better track record and offers a few days online support. Make sure your website is easy to use: Your website must have search options, newsletter subscription options, contact forms and other valuable features. If you are designing an online store then it must have add cart options to offer comfortable shopping experience for your customers. Is it easy to navigate? You need to evaluate the navigation features of each page because clients might navigate to different pages and might find it difficult to navigate to a desired page without faster navigation features. Remember, you might lose a large number of clients within a short span of time if your website lacks the necessary features such as search options, navigation links, scrolling options and other features. If your web page is too long, then insert some navigation to top in different places to make it convenient for customers to reach the pages in time. Determine the loading speed of your website: In today’s hectic business schedules, customers might not wait for a long time until your website loads. So, make sure your website loads quickly. Using flashy animations and bulky videos might make your site slow and even Google will penalize your website if it’s not loading quickly. Make your website seo-friendly: Finally, you need to make sure your website is seo-friendly to boost its visibility in the search engine result pages. If your website is not available in the first few pages of the search engine result page, then customers might not be able to identify your website which will affect your website traffic in time. When optimizing your website, you need to use your keyword effectively because keyword stuffing is penalized by Google’s latest penguin update. For optimizing your website, you need to use a professional web developer who has experience in performing on-page optimization. You need to incorporate your keywords in Meta tags, titles, descriptions and tags to enhance your website’s ranking in the search engine result page. Monitor your site’s performance: After launching your website online, you need to monitor your website’s ranking and traffic to determine its growth. If you are finding any signs of traffic reduction, you need to check out your website and should fix the problem in time to avoid losing potential clients. If your website ranking slips, you need to check out its on-page optimization and other features such as its loading speed, navigation features and other important tools to identify the issues. These are some important tips that might assist you in creating an impressive website according to your expectation.

How to Design a Unique & Captivating Website  

In today’s competitive marketing industry, you need to have a strong online presence to generate more leads and sales. As there are more tha...

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