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Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th Dec. 2013 7pm at the Department of Performing Arts

The School

Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh is the first ballet school to open in Cambodia. Established in 2012, CSBPP offers Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance training for children and adults. CSBPP’s goal is to provide the best possible dance training to people in Phnom Penh. CSBPP aims to offer all students support and advice, as well as ensuring students have a safe and friendly environment in which to pursue their passion for dance. The team at CSBPP concerns itself with the future of the arts and arts education in Phnom Penh and greater Cambodia. We understand that in order to build an institution that will impact the wider community here we must retain our unwillingness to compromise and determination to bring together the highest standard of trainers, choreographers and artists whilst creating bonds and collaborations with individuals and organisations that not only possess a passion for the arts but also understanding the importance of it’s far reaching positive effects. More information can be found at

The Facilities

Bloch Dancer Sarah Lamb. Principal Dancer, Royal Ballet. Angel Corella. Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre.

Situated close to the Russian market and just off Mao Tse Toung Blvd in a residential building CSBPP’s facilities feature a spacious dance studio fully equipped with large mirrors, custom-made barres and a professionally installed triple-layer sprung, vinyl covered dance floor. This floor absorbs shocks and has the right amount of “give” to it. This prevents overuse injuries like shin splints and sprains which are common results of dancing on concrete, on hardwood floors, or even “floating” joists laid directly on concrete.

The Founders and Board Members of Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh Stephen Bimson

Co-founder and Artistic Director Stephen Bimson co-founded Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh and is the school’s Artistic Director. He hails from England and he completed his formal training at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London where he trained in classical techniques of the Royal Academy of Dance, Bournonville and Russian schools as well as Cunningham and Graham contemporary techniques. Stephen went on to work internationally, teaching both disciplines in private dance schools and professional companies. He has several choreographic credits to his name including classical ballet, contemporary dance and musical theatre. Stephen believes that dancers are incredible individuals and aims to guide his students at Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh into versatile, individualistic artists able to collaborate and evolve fluidly in a fast-changing society. Stephen’s life was transformed by dance and he recognises its potential to do the same for others. He has worked on community dance projects with the German Ministry of Culture as well as two large projects in Cambodia. He plans to develop further projects through Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh’s outreach programme and will continue to make a difference in local communities.

Devi Vanhon

Co-founder and Business Director Devi Vanhon is the Business Director of Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh. Half Swiss, half Cambodian, Devi descends from a family of royals and politicians, being the granddaughter of Khmer Princess Norodom Thiek and the great-grandniece of former Cambodian Prime Minister Chau Sen Cocsal Chhum. An Economics graduate from the University of the State of New York, she brings years of experience running businesses. Prior to opening CSBPP, she was the general manager for an English language radio station. Customer service is of the utmost importance to her. During her career in the media and entertainment industry she worked extensively with young people. She is dedicated to helping young people build confidence and positive self-esteem. She strongly believes that dance is a wonderful opportunity for children of all ages to acquire poise and grace and to feel confident in their abilities. Devi started dancing at 15 and quickly developed a passion for the disciplinary art of ballet. She trained intensively for two years at Chiang Mai Ballet in Northern Thailand before her move to a new location put a halt to her dance education. In 2011 she met Stephen, an event that rekindled her interest in dance and prompted her to resume her ballet training. She brings her love of dance and her own experience in the dance school environment to her role as Business Director of Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh.

Darren Conquest Chairman

Darren Conquest has been the Chairman of the Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh since its inception in 2012. He provides strategic leadership and advice on the operational side of running such an enterprise in Cambodia, as well as assisting in fundraising for the school and promoting the school and ballet across Cambodia. Several times per year he personally funds promotional activities to raise the schools profile. Darren’s interest in the Arts dates back to 1985 when he took a part-time job at the local theatre while studying for his A Levels, as well as locally produced performances’, the theatre also hosted touring shows, from the likes of such companies as Ballet Rambert and x-temporary Dance. Later on when he moved to work in London his interest in the Arts widened while he worked for Sotheby’s Auction House, during his time there he was also an active member of the company’s theatre club, which twice a month went to a wide variety of performances, theatre, dance, opera, et cetera. Since moving to Cambodia in 2003, Darren now has over twenty years management experience in the UK, U.S.A, France, Italy, and Switzerland, and the last ten years in Cambodia. He has run Sales, Marketing and Commercial Departments in a wide range of industries and in organisations such as; Sotheby’s, TNT Logistics and Cambodia Brewery Ltd. Currently Mr. Conquest is employed as the Chief Operating Officer of HYC, a Cambodian owned Investment and Management Fund. He serves as the current Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Cambodia; as well being the Chairman of The Tevoda Foundation, a local charity dedicated to providing quality dental care to the working women of Cambodia, believing that the women of Cambodia are the primary economic driving force of the nation. Darren holds both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Business and Management from the Business School of the University of Sheffield, England.

A word from the Artistic Director of Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh I would like to welcome you all to this performance of Aspects, a triple bill of works that showcases the school’s diversity, talents and passions. Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh continues to strive to provide dancers of all ages and from all backgrounds with the best education possible and to help to raise the level of arts practice in Cambodia. This year I was touched by individual’s accounts of the impact CSBPP has had on them and the wide verity of people that encompasses. From professional level dancers looking to maintain and refine their technique, adult beginners who are stepping up to the barre for the first time and of course our children’s division which is full off aspiring young dancers showing dedication and enthusiasm. We have whole families where nearly every member has found a safe place to practice and participate in dance. We feel honored to be able to provide such a space where people feel welcome and valued, and hope that this may continue for many years to come. “When you teach a person you are embarking on a very holy time. You’re taking a life into your hands, that’s a great responsibility.” Martha Graham Stephen Bimson

Never before have we been so “connected”. We live in a world filled with the means to communicate with others with such ease it is hard to believe you could ever feel alone. But do these constitute genuine connections, and are they enough to satisfy our needs? Crossing the bridge explores the idea of human interaction and isolation. Choreography: Stephen Bimson Music: Costumes: Anna Bywater Dancers: Juliette Blouin Gillian Rhodes Claire Wilcock

Juliette Blouin

Gillian Rhodes

Claire Wilcock

Step back to the mid-1800s as the music of Debussy, Saint-Saëns, Brahms and Boccherini accompany this ballet inspired by the works of Degas.

Wonder at the dancers of a bygone era, beautiful untouchable creatures whose movements suggest the sweeping strokes of the brush with which they were captured and marvel at an arts form that has withstood the tribulations of time and remains almost unaltered. École allows you a privileged glimpse in to the normally unseen world of the dancer as they undertake their daily rituals.

Choreography: Stephen Bimson Music: Debussy – Beau Soir Debussy – Petite Suite L.65 4. Ballet Brahms - Op.39 - No.15 in A Luigi Boccherini - String Quintet in E major, Op. 11, No. 5, Minuet Debussy – Arabesque No. 2, Allegretto scherzando Camille Saint-Saëns -The Carnival of the Animals, XIV Finale Costumes: Anna Bywater


May Baghirova

Asuka Egami

Marianne Clais

Nijpawi Gordon

April Heath

Amelia Hill

Carla-Devi LaPlaneta

Natasia Escubil

Louise Guibert

Aysia Harrill

Alyssa Hill

Sophie Hutchinson

Liliana Mora

Charlotte Sabu

Stephen Bimson

Amie Gosselin

Gayle Hockin

Philippine Menanteau

Hiroko Oji

Becky Townsend

Devi Vanhon

Realising your own potential is no easy feat. It takes courage to step into worlds unchartered and dedication and perseverance to see it through.

Rhapsody takes a look at the journey of individuals as they begin to understand the potential each of them has inside. “If you never challenge yourself, you will never know your potential.” Martín Vásquez Choreography: Stephen Bimson Music: George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue


Dein Im

Lieng Heng

Reaksa Hong

Sopheap Keo

Srey Neang Kin

Srey Mau Man

Srey Nij Nin

Sy Naet Nin

Pahnna Ra

Pitou Tep

Chantho Thern

Sivty Ti

Sreth Tho

Nary Vann



Dance Made In Cambodia is a community dance organisation which brings dance opportunities to those who would otherwise not have chance to participate in this art form. Founder and director Stephen Bimson, started to branch out in to the world of community dance practice whilst he was still at Rambert. Inspired by the works and philosophies of practitioners such as Royston Maldoom, Alan Brooks and Wolfgang Stange, he has worked on several projects since his graduation including workshops with Amici Dance Theatre, Findling - a contemporary dance project for the German ministry of culture - and now his continued work here in Cambodia. Since its beginnings in 2011 DMIC has produced four major performance works and held numerous workshops that have introduced many to contemporary dance. This year DMIC is happy to welcome its newest team member, Lue Thy, who originally joined us as a dancer back in 2011. Having shown a real understanding for the work and a passionate dedication she now joins us as dance assistant and translator although she often reminds us that her performance days are not over and we very much agree. We would like to thank Dick Corbett-Winder and Asian Tigers Mobility for their generous donations, which have helped to make this latest performance project possible. We also owe a lot to Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh and its staff, without who’s continued support and facilities this work would not be imaginable. A special thanks also goes to Claire Wilcock who volunteered as dance and rehearsal assistant for Rhapsody. Dance Made In Cambodia is now looking to the future and hopes to create bonds and collaborations with others of similar minds who believe that in order for a society to progress and flourish we must fill it full of thinkers and creators, people who can not only identify the challenges but the multitude of ways in which that challenge can be tackled. Please visit us at for more information and to keep up to date with our work We challenge the world to see the potential where it is so often overlooked.

Central School of Ballet Phnom Penh would like to thank all our generous partners and sponsors who have helped make this performance possible. Partner


RAFFLES BRUNCH ON SATURDAYS! Set in Phnom Penh’s grandest dining room, Restaurant Le Royal - the only Personality Brunch that offers an eclectic array of Chef’s pass around, classic guerridon tableside service, a la carte options and the largest range of cheeses in town. US$ 55 - inclusive of a glass of Personality cocktail US$ 75 - inclusive of unlimited Signature wines and Personality cocktails US$ 85 - inclusive of unlimited Taittinger Brut Champagne, Signature wines and Personality cocktails Restaurant Le Royal Every Saturday | from 12.00pm to 03.00pm

Prices are subject to service charge and applicable government taxes per person. For reservations, please call 023 981 888 or email

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