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The Job That Saves The Family

Timmy Jones was sitting at the breakfast table with his mom. They were listiening to the radio. While the morning talk show was on they started talking about the New Deal “Now to you Jeff”. “ thanks Tom , last night the new deal was set into play, dozens of government agencies sent projects into motion to help the economy in turmoil”. Today was Timmy’s first first day of school. While he was talking to his mother he heard the bus outside honk. Timmy knew the rules; two honks and you have missed the bus. Stepping onto the bus, Marisa was sitting in the front seat and her face lit up when he got on. Timmy sat with her and they both got talking about how their parents lost their jobs. Walking through school Timmy saw job advertisements for lawn companies run by kids trying to make an extra buck. He was going to class trying not to be scared about the incident at home. As he got into class his teacher, he reconized her from somewhere. Three years ago he was his teacher, Timmy hated Mr.Peterinko he was always yelling at his classmates.As timmy was arriving home his mom was sitting on the front steps like she did everyday. “Hi tim” said mother “ Hi mom something seems wrong. What is it?” said timmy “ Well your father lost his job today and im worried about what’s going to happen” said mother.

“ I am too but I don’t think we need to worry at all” said Timmy. Timmy was doing his homework when Phillip came over and knocked on the door. Tim answered the door and said. “Hello phillip what do you need?” “I just wanted to see if you wanted to come outside and play stickball?” “ I guess, ill be out in five minutes” Timmy was getting his shorts and shoes on to go play but his mom suddenly stopped him. “ Tim I need your help!”. “ Ok?” tim said wearily. Tim went out back following his mom, and picking up sticks just as she did. They entered the shed where all the outdoor equipment was kept, they walked in and found Tim’s dad laying their working on the bush trimmers or something tim didn’t know what they were called. The next day Tim was walking the dog past Fionas house and she popped out

but didn’t say anything and went back in. Tim walked in the house and he saw his mom crying and just looking hopeless. “ MOM what’s wrong!?” said Tim. “ I lost my job To so we will have to cut back a lot and hopefully get some food stamps”.

Tim’s idea was back he thought of starting a little lawn care business to make up some of the money lost from his parents jobs, maybe it would be enough to slip by Tim thought but then again he couldn’t tell into the future. As the day’s progressed Tim’s business wasn’t working as he planned it to be. Then there was a knock on the door and Tim answered it , it was a guy looking for some lawn care to his yard. Tim was super excited about his first job, he was only missing one thing a partner to help him. He ran down to Phillips house and knocked. “ Phillip would you like to help me with my lawn care business?” said Tim. “ Sure lets go” Said Phillip. Tim and Phillip walked to guys house and got to work. It was one of those really hot day’s that are unexpected for april. After two long hours of work the yard was spiffy and clean. The guy paid each of them 20 dollars which was a really high price for the hard times. “ Gee I guess this guy isn’t feeling the hard times like the rest of us.” said Tim “ You couldn’t say it better Tim, Here’s 10 of my 20 I know the times your family is going through.” As Tim walked in the house he saw both his parents eyes glued to the newspaper looking for jobs. Tim thought to himself, 30 dollars is almost what my parents make in a week we should be set. He told his parents the news they were super happy. Tim kept the money flowing in untill something happened. Tim had done the whole neighborhood that would let him do their lawn. Tim walked into the house and his mom was flushed with happieness.

“ Tim I got a job at the local diner!!!” said Mother. “ Mom thats great, what about dad?” said Timmy. “ No luck for him” said Mother. That afternoon Tim’s dad came home with wonderful news. “ I got a job, and it’s at the downtown business center.” said Father “ Thats wonderful!” said Mother. Tim and his parents got back on their regular schedule. Tim could finally get back to playing stickball and his father finally found himself not stressed out but very happy with life.

Author’s Note My historical fiction story takes place in 1933. The family lives in Colonie N.Y. ,which was experiencing terrible economic times. The whole country was going through these terrible times. Black Thursday (October 24 1929) was the day stock markets crashed. The official start was black tuesday october 29 1929 was when the stocks hit an all time low. Around the month of January 1930 some 4 million people were unemployed. The banks were told to stop lending money and people w. The Depression was when stock markets crashed (stocks are shares people have on companies) Millions of people then became unemployed and stores shut down. In 1933 Franklin D Rooselvelt set the New Deal into motion. The new deal focused on relief,recovery and reform. The relief was for poor people and unemployed people, The recovery was for the economy to return to normal and the reform of the finance system so another Depression doesn’t happen. The depression was a hard time for everyone. People would sometimes come up to houses and asking for jobs they could do for a penny. The homeless people number was at an amazing high. The unemployment percentage was at 32.5% which is extremely high. In 1933 “Pour” tried to encourage people to share their food with the needy. In poor areas 90% of kids were underweight. Part of the story is based on my family’s past but the rest is made up. The true part is that they lived in Colonie and homeless people did come up to their door. This was for my grandma. She lived through this time and she never had money troubles but she knew people around her that did. The thing my grandma was trying to say to me was that never take anything for granted. This time period was worth remembering because so many records were set but not good records and people were affected by it

-By Devin Lamm

Bibliography Downing, David. The Great Depression. Chicago Illinois: Heinemann Library, 2001. N. pag. Print. This book had good solid information that helped me learn about The economy. Freedman, Russel. Children Of The Great Depression. New York: Clarion Books, 2005. N. pag. Print. This book helped me understand what it was like for the children since my book has a child based theme. Graves, Kerry A. Going To School During The Great Depression. Mankato Minn: Blue Earth Books, 2002. N. pag. Print This book also had solid information and gave me a vantage point of what the schools were like. Pendergast, Tom, and Sara Pendergast. American Decades 1930.1939. Farmington Hills Mi: Thomson Gale, 2003. Print. This book had really good information on the great depression. It stated very good facts that answered most of my questions.

Great Depression 1933  

This is about a family who is going through hard times in the great depression

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