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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller PlayStation 3 is a gaming system offering many features that are significantly different than those of its predecessor, PlayStation 2. One of the largest technological leaps between the two systems is that PlayStation 3 uses wireless Bluetooth controllers, whereas PlayStation 2 used standard, wired controllers. For some users, this leap in technology is a bit confusing. Ever since the Xbox 360 hit the market, it has become the favourite console for who wish to play with multi players. The four wireless controllers has been one of the system's many highlights. Go wireless as it is easy on your hand and hassle free with no cable to hold you down as you are on the way to move higher levels. It helps keep your gaming area organised. Another highlight of having a Xbox 360 is that if you have reliability problems with the wireless controllers, it could be fixed with just a few quick steps.

Xbox 360 Wireless Adaptor The Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter lets you connect an Xbox 360 console wirelessly. There are two versions of the Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter: Wireless N (which has two antennas) and Wireless G (which has one antenna). The Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter is compatible with both the original Xbox 360 console and the Xbox 360 S console. If the wireless access point is far from the console, connecting an adapter to an Xbox 360 S console may improve signal strength and bandwidth. Using the adapter disables the internal wireless of the console.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller