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DEVINA SARAWGI Visual Designer and Illustrator

Mono Mono Printing March 2015

Mono printing is a skill I experimented with during my first year of design school. I tried to play with different colours and also tried creating different shapes with paint. I used different stencils to create impressions, I used both hand cut stencils and found leaves to create imprints and to add more layers.

Implode Mixed Media April 2015

Implode: To collapse or cause to collapse violently inwards. Here I have created a book which encompasses the meaning of ‘Implode’. The first stage to creating this book involved imploding soda cans by heating them and proceeding to put them in cold water. Later I added oil paint to the cold water which stuck to the cans when they imploded settling into the crevices and folds in the metal. I then cut open the cans and flattened them I also hand painted a few cans using my understanding of tones to represent the bumps and dips in the metal surface. View the entire book here:

Repeat to Fit Mixed Media / Digital Prints October 2015

A single tile was repeated to create these digital patterns. The motif used to make these tiles came from collages which were a culmination of newspaper and magazine cut outs and also photographs, of organic and inorganic patterns, taken by me.

Hands of Kochi Photography November 2015

A photography workshop with Marysa Dowling required us to walk the streets of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry, creating a series of photographs, which captured the essence of Kochi and its locals. I tried to achieve this by photographing the hands of the people repeating gestures they use and make almost everyday. I wanted to illustrate occupation, age, lifestyle and personality through their hands.

Silver Jewellery Store

Fish Monger

Incense Store

Boy Playing with Dried Coconut Shell

Antique Store

Luminescence Illustrating Through Weaves March 2016

Inspired from bioluminescent beaches the three woven swatches represent the sand, shore and water, when this phenomenon takes place, in the evening.




Self Promotional Project Print / Web February 2016

For this self-promotional project I had to come up with a visual language, which represented my style. This project had two outcomes, - A CV: - A website layout.

The final print outcome was an accordion CV that portrayed, through illustrations and minimal text, the information I felt the client needed to know about me. It depicts my skill set, my hobbies and my contact information. This recipe themed CV also consisted of four perforated bookmarks.




*A dash of sass and a bucket-load of crazy recommended*

*Cookies, trebles and dreams*




Reach Out To

The website followed the same visual language and I ensured that this scroll website would be easy to navigate.

Gold’s Gym Add Campaign Print / Digital Illustration / Advertising March 2016

My Gold’s Gym advertisement campaign revolved around their concept of ‘Cardio Cinema’ being introduced in Bangalore, India. A Cardio Cinema is a movie theatre where the plush seats are replaced by gym equipment. It is a cinema hall where you can watch a movie and work out simultaneously. Through my advertisement campaign I have tried to highlight Gold’s Gym’s core value, making exercise fun.

11.7’’ x 16.5’’ Posters

Soda Can Packaging

Magazine Spread

Kere as Community Digital Illustrations April 2016

Immense urbanization has caused loss and neglect of various lake ecosystems in Bangalore. One group, which is attempting to help maintain the ecosystem and cleanliness in and around Rachenahalli Lake in Bangalore, is Jal Mitra. However they have one complaint, not many locals from the nearby high-rise residential apartments work towards this cause. I have tried to create info graphic illustrations that aim at highlighting all the problems the lake is presently facing and what will ultimately happen if even Jal Mitra stops trying to help the lake survive.

Settlement Agricultural Lowland Island Fishermen Huts

Wetland Park M.G.I.R.E.D.

-Littering: -Locals dumping their domestic waste: -The fishermen work with Jal Mitra to clear the excessive water hyacinth: -The members of a squatter settlement defecate in and around the lake: -The earlier agricultural lowland has been bought by a group of builders: -Two members of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Energy and Development (M.G.I.R.E.D) are part of Jal Mitra:

Jal Mitra helps maintain the lake in their own way however due to lack of citizen participation Jal Mitra might give up and consequentially: -Littering in the park increases: -The wetland has to be maintained otherwise it stops functioning properly, the illegally deposited garbage increases tenfold: -The fishermen stop cleaning the water hyacinth: -The squatter settlement grows.


Understanding Type Typography / Pattern from Type August 2016

A 7’’x 7’’ book filled with different compositions and patterns made using four different type faces, Avenir Next, Bodini 72, Eurostile and Courier. I have mixed and matched different typefaces to make visually appealing and experimental compositions. I have also ensured that each composition represents a principle of design. View the entire book here:

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The Noodle Bowl Series Illustration / Pen Work January - June 2016

An ongoing personal project involving intensive line work and minimal colour use. It started as a drawing to pass time but eventually grew into an obsession. With each illustration I added a new element, I made various different illustration revolving around the same theme.

Faces I See Digital Illustrations July 2016

A personal series of all the faces I see around me. It consists of digital portraits of my friends and fellow peers.

Devina Sarawgi  

2017 Portfolio

Devina Sarawgi  

2017 Portfolio