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Sunglasses Technology Sunglasses use a variety of technologies to eliminate the problems with light that were discussed in the previous section. The following sections discuss all of the different technologies currently in use: Anti-reflective coating Tinting Photochromic lenses Polarization UV coating Mirroring Scratch-resistant coating Antireflective back: A couple layers of coating on the concave surface of the lens's back that protects the eye from the glare of the light that's behind you. Tinting layer: Grey is best for viewing true colours. Yellow is a contrast enhancer and best for outdoor activities in low light. Vermilion (a rosy-peach colour) is best for overcast days and sports like skiing. Green and brown are soothing colours that work well in both low and bright light. For more information click on this link Bolvaint

Sunglasses technology  
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