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Miracle Services Carpet Cleaning Miracle Services Inc. is well known for it’s higher standards and better results in the San Diego Smart Strand Green Carpet Cleaning industry, carpet repair & tile service. It seems every home has carpet, 65% of the time some sort of repair is needed whether a patch, re stretch or color repair. Wouldn’t it be great to have a carpet cleaner that can address that also and for those minor repairs to have them included as just part of the full carpet cleaning service? We are the original Organic Carpet Steam cleaning service and Fast Dry carpet cleaning that was designed around a Non Residue carpet cleaning service in San Diego. We’re not the gimmick you hear about on the radio that talk show hosts shill about and get paid to brag on, we don’t use man made water with an unknown chemical ingredient that we term “green” but hide under a propriotory secret. Instead we use an actual real “green” product that we Flush & Rinse out along with your dirt & bacteria with real pure fresh water. I designed my system all around the so typical complaints of others leaving carpets soaked for days and the sticky residues that quickly attract new soil. I honestly believe this doesn’t happen much with owner operated services but the Franchises have a different operating procedure simply due to employee knowledge and motivation. Quality carpet cleaners go out of their way to use products the right way and ensure no residues are left behind since guarantee and reputation is on the line. I would like to think that like us their and their customers health are also a concern so using a safe transparent product is most important. For more information click on this link #CarpetCleaningSanDiego

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