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How to buy a wood or pellet stove While buying a small wood stove, one must make sure that one gets the best deal for the best cost. There are certain features, which one must look into while buying a small wood stove. Small wood stove works differently from the best pellet stove. The first is the fuel with which these run on. Wood and pellets are used accordingly. The best pellet stove gets thumbs up over best wood stove when it comes to being less expensive, safe for the environment, safe in the house, works well and is easy to maintain. For the best wood stove, one needs to check for efficiency of 75% and above. One must check the single flow lever, which helps one to get more or less air into the stove as one needs. The door of the stove should have air wash or clear view glass. This means that one does not have to clean the glass time and again and see the wood and flames clearly through the glass. A body of steel with iron compartments which makes it durable, efficient and expands and contracts well. One should be able to choose the color that one likes and enjoy matching it to the walls of the house. For the best pellet stove, one must make sure that there is an ashtray to collect ash left by the pellets. There should be batteries backup in case the electricity power goes out. It needs to be a fully automated one, or one will have to refill the stove with pellets daily. Maintenance of the best pellet stove should be easy like cooling it, dusting the panels, dust the ash pan or emptying the ash pan. The burn time for both the stoves must be checked out, before the refilling or the fuel will go out. For more information click on this link #smallwoodstove

How to buy a wood or pellet stove  
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