Maestria Condominiums

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Maestria draws its architectural in spiration from the legend ary golden ratio, the id eal symbol representing ultim ate harmony.

Maestria puise son essen ce architecturale dans le mythique nombre d'or, symbol e d’id éal depuis longtemps réputé comm e permettant d’atteindre l’harmonie parfaite.

Experien ce perfection

Touchez à la perfection

Experience perfection

Maestria draws its architectural inspiration from the legend ary golden rati o, the id eal symbol representing ultimate harmony.



New heights of sophistication come to life in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles.

生活的精致度在蒙特利尔艺术表演广场达到了新巅峰。 自我升华
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Table of contents 目录 The Location
The Project
The Neighbourhood
Behind the Scenes
The Reward
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Elevate yourself 自我升华

Front row centre 前排的中心

In the heart of it all 都会的核心地段

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The world at your feet 世界在您脚下

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It's all yours 全部属于您

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Elevate yourself 自我升华

Elevate yourself

The Project 项目

New heights of sophistication come to life in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles – an elegant blend of the theatrical and the spectacular.

生活的精致度在蒙特利尔艺术表演广场达到了 新巅峰 - 戏剧与壮观的优雅结合。

The summit of refinement awaits you in these prestigious towers, with the 55th and 58th floors overlooking Place des Festivals and the Place des Arts esplanade. Connected by a stunning aerial passageway, it stands as one of Montreal’s highest passageways ever built for a residential project.

Maestria aims to become a leader in sustainable housing by achieving the LEED® certification, one of the most stringent in terms of energy efficiency norms.

典雅之峰在双子塔等候您的到来,为您提供55层和58层独特视野, 一览节日广场(Place des Festivals)和艺术广场(Place des Arts) 的盛况。 两座大楼由一条美丽的空中走廊相连,它是蒙特利尔有史 以来住宅项目里最高的空中走廊之一。

Maestria的目标是获得LEED®认证,成为可持续住宅领域的领导 者。LEED®认证是能效标准中最严格的认证之一。

Elevate yourself 自我升华
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View from the passageway 空中走廊景观

The Maestria towers 麦斯特里亚双子塔

Montreal The Project 项目
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Maestria page 10

Our two towers truly stand out – they can be seen from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the Old Port clock tower and the Champlain Bridge. The towers offer an unparalleled panorama of the bustling downtown and the majestic Saint Lawrence River.

从Jacques-Cartier大桥、老港口的钟楼和Champlain大桥上都可以 看到我们的双子塔。引人注目的它们向您展示了熙熙攘攘的市中心和 雄伟的圣劳伦斯河全景。

Jacques-Cartier Bridge


Montreal The Project
page 11

Enjoy the city from the heights of your private lodge, like a spectator with exclusive balcony seats. Lighting, views, cozy ambiance – everything is designed with complete harmony in mind.

就像一个拥有专属包厢座位的观众,从您的私人住宅享受城市 的美景。

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View from the terraces 露台景观
The Project 项目 Montreal Exterior 室外 page 13



Experience culture in all of its highest forms from this stunning sanctuary overlooking the Place des Festivals.

在这个圣地体验文化的最高形式, 俯瞰节日广场(Place des Festivals)。

The Location 地段

row 和艺术零


Be a part of the scene, in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles. Enjoy the highest concentration of arts and culture in North America, featuring many of Canada’s most revered museums, theatres and galleries.

在蒙特利尔艺术表演广场(Quartier des Spectacles)的心脏地带 成为景色的一部分。 在北美以著名博物馆、剧院和画廊为特色的 地带享受艺术和文化的极致交融。

Place des Festivals

Front row centre 和艺术零距离互动
Photo : Frédérique Ménard-Aubin
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Neighbouring the Grands



The Location 地段 Montreal
de Montréal 零距离欣赏加 拿大蒙特利 尔芭蕾舞团
page 19
Close to the Montreal Symphony House 近距离聆听蒙特 利尔交响乐团
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Montreal International Jazz Festival 蒙特利尔国际爵士音乐节

Experience year-round excitement with one of the liveliest festival circuits in the world. Summer or winter, our neighbourhoods come alive with the sights, sounds, and all around world-class entertainment of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Francos de Montréal, Montréal en lumière and Igloofest.

在世界上最活跃的艺术圣地之一体验全年的活力。 无论是夏天还是冬 天,我们的社区都因为蒙特利尔国际爵士音乐节、嬉笑节、蒙特利尔法 兰克音乐节、蒙特利尔灯光节和电子音乐节等世界级的娱乐活动而变得 生机勃勃。

Location 地段
老港滑冰场 page 21
Old Port skating rink

Dress up. Head out on the town. Sit back, relax and let yourself be taken away. Opera, dance, theatre, music – whatever you desire, magic is always in the air.

装扮起来。到城里去。坐好,放松,让自己随波荡漾。 歌剧、 舞蹈、戏剧、音乐 - 无论您想要什么,惊喜总会出现。

page 22 Maestria
Opera around the corner 歌剧院近在咫尺
page 23 The Location 地段 Montreal Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier Wilfrid-Pelletier 演播厅

Right in the heart of the city. Steps from everything. Here, the world revolves around you.

就在这里!市中心 - 万物的几步之遥! 您将被世界环绕。

In the of it all 都会的 核心地段

The Neighbourhood 社区

the heart all

Be where it’s at. Universities, subway stations, supermarkets, restaurants, boutiques: whatever you wish for is within easy reach. All this and green spaces, relaxation places, sports centres and shopping – just outside your front door.

到它所在的地方去。 大学、地铁站、超市、餐馆、精品店:您想要 的东西都触手可及。 除此之外,绿地、休闲场所、体育中心和购物 中心 - 都在您的门口。

In the heart of it all 都会的核心地段
page 28
Kampaï Garden Kampai花园

Place Émilie-Gamelin


The best restaurants at your doorstep

最好的餐厅就在 家门口

The Neighbourhood
Photo : Jardins Gamelin, Quartier des spectacles, OSA, Ulysse Lemerise
page 29
Maestria Quartier des spectacles 艺术表演广场 3 min 3分钟 Station Place-des-Arts Place-des-Arts地铁站 3 min 3分钟 page 30

Live in the heart of North America’s French-speaking metropolis. Whether by bike or on foot, you’re just a stone’s throw from the Place-des-Arts and McGill subway stations, and around the corner from five renowned universities.

住在北美法语大都会的中心。 无论是骑车还是步行, 艺术广场(Place des Arts)和麦吉尔地铁站, 以及附近的五所著名大学都在您的一箭之遥。

The Neighbourhood 社区 Montreal
Station McGill McGill地铁站
page 31
6 min 6分钟
page 32 BONAVEN TURE RUE SHERBROOKE O. BOULEVARD DE MAISONNEUVE O. BOULEVARD RENÉ-LEVESQUE O. RUE SAINT-ANTOINE O. RUE PEEL RUE GUY ENGATNOM EUR RUE PEEL DLEIFSNAM EUR DLEIFSNAM EUR RUE SAINTE-CATHERINE O. RUE SAINT-JACQUES Squa Ph il ips GOLDEN SQ UAR E MIL E 黄金广场 C af e A unj a St arb uck s Star bu ck s St arb uck s Star b uck s Van Ho utte Van H o ut te Van H o utt e Van Houtt e Van Houtt e Mel k SA Q SAQ SA Q Am e ris pa Garde rie Kids & Compan y En z ō Yog a At riu m Le 100 0 McKibbi n’s I ris h P ub A lexi s Le G ou rmand Qu eue de Che val Kampai Ga rden Juliette et C hocolat La Belle et La Bœ uf Eu ropea Mis ter St eer Es condit e Fiv e G uys Bu rgers 3 Bras seurs McGi ll Re u be n's Delicat es sen Ja toba Kazu Faubourg Ste-Catherine L es Co urs Mo n t Roya l Cl ub Monac o L ulul e mo n CO S Rud sak Icebr ea ker Mo ntréal Ar c' te ry x Mo ntréal Browns La M a iso n Simon s In dig o Sport Ex p er t Best Bu y La Bai e d'Hud son Pr omenad es Cathéd r al e Hol t Renf rew Th e Ke g Steakh o us e Sakura Ups t air s J az z Mus é e McC ord Mus eum Ci n ém a Ban q ue Scotia Maiso n Bo u lu d S TATIO N G UY-C ON COR DI A STATIO N MC G IL L STATIO N PEE L G ARE CENTR ALE STATIO N B ON AV ENTU RE STATIO N LU C IEN- L’ALLIE R G AR E LU C IEN- L’A LLIE R Pa r c d u Mont- R oya l Squa re Do rc hes ter son
ERUAL-TS .LUOB NT RUE NOTRE-DAME O. BOULEVARD RENÉ-LEVESQUE CRAP .VA RUE ST-URBAIN YRUELB E DEUR TNERUAL-TS DRAVELUOB SINED-TS EUR RUE BERRI RUE SAINTE-CATHERINE E. r e ilip s Plac e Ém i lie- G ame lin VIEUX-PO RT DE MONTRÉA L Ec o nofitn ess MTelus Diss T orsio n Palais des con grès de Mo ntr éa l SBC g ale rie d'ar t c o ntemporai n Es p ace d es A rt s Cin é ma Imp é ria l L’As t ra Th éâtre St-D e ni s Ciné p le x Odeo n Th éâtre Be rri Th é ât re Mais o nn e uv e Th é ât r e du N ou veau Mond e Duce ppe Monume nt- Nationa Fouf o une s Électrique s La Dis t ille rie Ab re uvoi r Le Mal N é cessai re Le Saint-Boc k Le Ch e val Blan c Bib l iothèqu e Saint-Sulpice Café C am pus In s titut de tou r ism e e t d'hôte l le r ie d u Qué bec Le Balco n Tapa s 2 4 Toq ué ! BAn Q Gr a nd e Bi b lioth è qu e Pha r map rix H & M Ben e lu x Pu l lma n Bo u illon Bil k Z Tapa s Lou nge Ong C a Ca n Da ns le Noi r Chocol a t F avori s La Cag e Eggsp e ct at io n St -Hubert Galeri e de l'UQA M Bra sse rie T Blumenthal Bar F urco Caf é Parvi s Sy n Stu dio STATIO N SQUA R E- V ICTORIA-O ACI STATIO N PLACE-D’A R ME S STATIO N BERRI-UQA M STATIO N SA IN T-LAUREN T STATIO N PLACE-DES-A RTS STATIO N SHE R BROOK E Squa re Sain t -L o ui s Pa rc C ha mp- de-Ma rs Bii ru LEGEND - 说明 : Train station - 火车站 Subway station - 地铁站 Hospital - 医院 Restaurant - 餐厅 Coffee shop - 咖啡馆 Bar and brewery - 酒吧 Store - 商店 Entertainment - 娱乐活动 Food and wine - 美食美酒 Daycare - 托儿所 Gym and spa - 健身房和水疗中心 Bookstore - 书店 Quartier des spectacles 艺术表演广场 Educatioal instituation 教育机构

Welcome to downtown, one of the most-revered and talked about gourmet capitals in the world. Take a trip around the world in a few bites, and never be short on ideas when it’s time for happy hour.



page 34
Fine Asian cuisine 精美的亚洲料理

Local and seasonal products

The Neighbourhood 社区 Montreal
Photo : Marion PaquetteCafé Parvis Café Parvis Parvis咖啡厅
季节限定的 当地特色食材 page 35
Maestria McGill College  Avenue McGill College 大街 Downtown Montreal 蒙特利尔市中心 page 36

Long live luxury—Montreal style!—along the chic and very shoppable streets of Sherbrooke and Saint-Catherine. Stay warm and explore roads less travelled in Montreal’s famous underground city. Or go from the supermarket to the pharmacy to the bank in no time at all.

奢华万岁!沿着富有蒙特利尔特色的Sherbrooke和St-Catherine时尚 购物街,畅游在熙熙攘攘的著名蒙特利尔地下城里。 或者瞬间从超市 移步到药店和银行。

The Neighbourhood 社区
Business district 商业区 page 37

Montreal is host to numerous prominent universities – home to some of Canada’s top minds. With a snap of your fingers, you can be at any one of these five reputed campuses that are all within minutes via subway, bicycle or on foot.

蒙特利尔有许多著名的大学,是加拿大顶尖人才的天堂。 不费吹 灰之力,您就能到达地铁、自行车或步行几分钟范围内的五所著 名的大学中的任意一所。

page 38
McGill University 麦吉尔大学 Photo : © Concordia University Photo : UQAM © Michel Brunelle The Neighbourhood 社区
Concordia University 康考迪亚大学
page 39
Université du Québec à Montréal 魁北克大学蒙特利尔分校

The world  at your 世界在 您脚下

world your feet

Behind the Scenes 幕后

Ask and you shall receive. Inside and out – everything has been planned with your comfort in mind.

有求必应。里里外外每一件能够让您舒适的 事情都已经为您计划好了。

The world at your feet 世界在您脚下

The instant you’re inside, you’re at home. Immerse yourself in the calm environment – and prepare for the real show.


page 44
Behind the Scenes 幕后 Montreal
page 45
Tower 1 lobby 第一期大厅
室外泳池 page 46
Outdoor pool

After a refreshing plunge in the outdoor swimming pool, take in a thermal experience, or even head to the roof to catch the last rays of sunshine before sundown. Because every night is a rendez-vous with the extraordinary.

在体验过室外游泳池的清爽之后,与户外的温度来一次亲密接触, 或者在日落前到屋顶去捕捉最后一缕夕阳。 因为每天晚上, 都是一场与不平凡的约会。

Montreal page 47
Behind the Scenes 幕后

Bathe in natural light thanks to our windowed indoor swimming pool.


page 48
Behind the Scenes 幕后 Montreal
page 49
Indoor pool 室内泳池

Stay active any time of day in our ultra-modern gym. And perfect your swing in our virtual golf room.

在超现代化的健身房里锻炼身体。 在虚拟高尔夫球室练习挥杆。

page 50
Gym 健身房 Behind the Scenes 幕后 Montreal page 51
page 52
Cinema projection room

Escape into an immersive cinematic experience in our private projection room. Free your creative spirit in the calm of our fully equipped creative workshops featuring an abundance of natural light.

在安静的隔音音乐室中释放您的思想;让您的想象力在我们 设备齐全、充满阳光的创意工作室中飞翔;或者,在私人 放映室里享受身临其境的电影体验。

Behind the Scenes
page 53
Creative studio 创意工作室

Live in refinement in these vast living spaces designed to inspire the spirit.


Tower 1 lounge 第一期的私人会所

page 54
Behind the Scenes 幕后 Montreal
page 55
View from the passageway 空中走廊景观

It’s all

yours 一切为 您打造

Want the whole world at your fingertips? It’s all good. Because here, everything is close at hand.

想让整个世界触手可及吗?没问题。因为在这里, 一切都近在咫尺。

The Reward 奖励


Maestria is home to almost 1,000 condos and penthouses, featuring spectacular contemporary interior design. Ultra luxurious and cozy settings worthy of a private lodge. Here, you decide what matters.

Maestria拥有近1000套以壮观的当代室内设计为特 色的公寓和顶层豪华公寓。 在这个超豪华与舒适 并存的私人住所里,您决定什么是重要的。

It’s all yours
page 60
View from the 55th floor 55层景观
The Reward 奖励 Montreal page 61
Maestria page 62

Once the curtains fall, complete silence. A life-size work of art, luxury right down to the smallest details. Welcome to your personal art gallery.

当窗帘落下,寂静降临,生活成为了一件艺术品,最小的细节里 都散发着奢华。尽情享受您的私人画廊

The Reward 奖励 Montreal
page 63
Condo unit 公寓单位

Who ever said that black and white was boring? Light tones and noble materials are the order of the day, in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood. A timeless signature that exudes calm and serenity.

谁说黑白很无聊? 才是当今的主流,让您在喧嚣的闹市中独树 一帜。 一个散发着平静与和谐的永恒印记。

Living spaces 客厅

page 64
Kitchen 厨房 The Reward 奖励 Montreal page 65

1. Building

• 58-storey building

• Ground floor with shops and restaurants

• 2nd floor for offices (reserved elevators)

• 24 floors of rental units, 31 floors of condo units

• Loggias and terraces that offer a view of the courtyard or the city depending on the chosen model

• Private balconies with windowed railings, depending on the chosen model

• Many windows ("swing" or fixed)

• Laminated glass windows, by location

• Reserved elevators for residential units

• 4 high-speed destination control elevators

• Indoor storage for each condo optional

• Access by card or magnetic fob to common areas

• Electronic door connected to the telephone system

• Indoor space for bicycles

• Camera surveillance system

• Building equipped with a sprinkler system and with smoke and heat detection

• Waste chute with a selector for recycling

• Recyling bins in basement

• 2 floors of indoor parking, heated & lighted, with surveillance by camera

• Carbon monoxide detection system in the parking garage

• Parking space optional

2. Electricity and Heating

• Central air conditioning

• Forced air heating and baseboard heaters with digital thermostat

• Pre-wiring for telephone, cable, high speed internet and intercom system

• Hot water distributed by a common system with high performance natural gas

3. Interior Finishes

• Pre-varnished engineered hardwood floor

• 9-foot high ceiling

• Concrete ceiling with glued plaster

• 2 coats of white paint

• Solid core entry door

• Electronic lock for each unit

page 66

• Energy Star appliances in stainless steel

• Includes: built-in stove with hob, fridge and dishwasher

• Built-in hood

• Pre-varnished engineered hardwood floor, seller's model

• Coloured melamine cabinets, with quartz countertops, seller's model

• Ceramic backsplash, seller's model

• Single stainless steel sink

4. Kitchen 5. Bathroom

• Porcelain or ceramic flooring, seller's model

• Porcelain shower with rail shower head and Kalia brand faucet or equivalent

• Vanity with Kalia faucet or equivalent with quartz countertops, seller’s model

• Kohler brand eco-friendly dual flush toilet or equivalent

6. Common Areas

• Large furnished entrance hall of commercial height

• Separate lobby area, adjoining with the rental lobby

• Security guard on site 24/7

• Four high-speed elevators for Tower 1 condos

• Access to the building secured by an electronic fob system

• Security cameras in common, indoor and outdoor areas

• Access to Tower 2 common areas


• Gym equipped with fitness equipment

• Yoga studio

• 30,000 square feet of furnished common terraces

• BBQ area and outdoor dining areas

• Outdoor pool with lounge chairs

• Cinema projection room

• Creative studio


• Library and business area

• 7,700 square foot lounge overlooking Place des Arts

• Terrace on the roof of the passageway


• Indoor semi-Olympic pool for lengths

• Spa area with dry sauna, hot bath, cold bath

• Relaxation area (spa)

• Changing rooms

• Multifunctional room & lounge

• Game room

• Children's playroom

page 67

1. 大楼配备

• 58层高的大楼

• 1层为商店和餐厅

• 2层为办公室区域(专用电梯)

• 24层出租单位,31层公寓单位

• 根据所选户型,从公寓和阳台可以看到庭院或城市景观

• 根据所选户型,设置有带玻璃护栏的私人阳台

• 上开式或固定式窗户

• 特定区域采用镀膜玻璃工艺

• 公寓单位专用电梯

• 4台高速楼层识别电梯

• 每个公寓提供可选室内储物空间

• 通过磁卡进入公共区域

• 电子门禁系统

• 室内自行车停放区

• 摄像监控系统

• 自动喷水灭火系统和烟雾及热量探测装置

• 每层配备垃圾通道,生活垃圾回收垃圾分类

• 地下室回收垃圾区域

• 2层带有暖气、照明和摄像监控系统的室内停车场

• 停车场一氧化碳检测系统

• 停车位为购买选项

2. 电力和供暖

• 中央空调

• 配备墙体出风式供暖和电子控制的加热片

• 电话、电缆、高速互联网和对讲系统的预布线

• 节能天然气通用热水系统

3. 大楼配备

• 镀膜工程木地板

• 9英尺层高

• 混凝土天花板,表面白色平整处理

• 双层白色面漆

• 实心入户门

• 所有单位均配备电子锁

page 68

• “Energy Star”不锈钢节能电器

• 包括:嵌入式炉头烤箱,冰箱和洗碗机

• 嵌入式油烟机

• 镀膜工程木地板,供应商提供不同款式

• 多款式平板橱柜门,石英台面,供应商提供不同款式

• 瓷砖挡水墙,供应商提供不同款式

• 不锈钢单盆水槽

4. 厨房 5. 浴室

• 陶瓷或瓷砖地板,供应商提供不同款式

• 瓷砖墙体淋浴间,配有可调节式淋浴喷头和Kalia 或同等品牌的水龙头

• 带Kalia水龙头或同等品牌的石英石洗漱台, 供应商提供不同款式

• Kohler或同等品牌的环保双冲马桶



• 配备商业挑高、精美布置的大型公寓门厅

• 独立的大堂,出租单位与公寓单位分置式大堂

• 24小时保安系统

• 4台高速电梯专供一期公寓用户使用

• 大楼电子门禁系统

• 公共、室内及室外区域设置安保摄像头

• 楼内直通二期公共区域


• 配有专业器材的健身房

• 瑜伽室

• 30,000平方英尺、带室外家具的公共露台

• 配有烧烤区和室外用餐区

• 配有休闲躺椅的室外泳池

• 电影放映室

• 创意工作室



• 图书馆和办公区域

• 7,700平方英尺的私人会所,俯瞰Place des Art全景

• 坐落于空中走廊之上的天台


• 25米长的室内泳池

• 带有桑拿,温泉和冷水浴的水疗中心

• 水疗中心放松区域

• 更衣室

• 多功能室和私人会所

• 游戏房

• 儿童游乐室

page 69

Be the exception 独特之处

Maestria stands out as one of the most select real estate projects in all of Montreal. Designed to raise spirits, it is distinguished by two iconic towers and architecture inspired by the golden ratio, the ultimate measure of harmony and beauty. Why live an ordinary life, when you can live the extraordinary? Elevate yourself. Be here. Make yourself at home.

Maestria是蒙特利尔最优秀的房地产项目之一。 旨在振奋精神的 它以两座拥有黄金比例的标志性大楼而闻名,完美的释放了和谐 与美。 当您可以不平凡的生活,为什么还要过平凡的生活? 提升自己。在这里。别拘束。

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Avant-garde achievements Incomparable expertise

A leader in real estate development in Quebec for more than 20 years and a pioneer in its field, Devimco is making its mark by developing and realizing large-scale multi-use real estate projects. Devimco Immobilier stands out as a pioneer in the development and implementation of integrated projects, creating exceptional living environments where people come together to live, work and play.

Devimco Immobilier is one of the most successful real estate developers in Canada. The company relies on its internal team of experts who, by combining their expertise, have re-invented the real estate of tomorrow. These experts form a construction service, an internal sales team, a team devoted to building management and a legal department. In addition, Devimco holds a building permit and has its own property management company.

Supported by a transparent, flexible and collaborative organizational management structure, Devimco works with partners who share the same values of excellence, innovation and responsible development. In 2016, Devimco Immobilier launched Solar Uniquartier, the largest integrated development project in Québec focused on transit-oriented development (TOD).

Together, let’s dream and realize the destination of the future!

前卫的成就 无可比拟的专业知识

作为魁北克房地产开发领域20多年的领导者和先驱,Devimco通过开发和建造大规模的多用途房地产项目而扬名 立万。

Devimco Immobilier是加拿大最成功的房地产开发商之一。该公司通过结合内部专家团队的专业知识和个人专长, 重新创造了房地产的未来。这些专家组成了一个工程服务团队、一个内部销售团队、一个专门从事建筑管理的团队 和一个法律部门。除此之外,Devimco拥有建筑许可证,并拥有自己的物业管理公司。

在公开、灵活和协作的团队管理结构的支持下,Devimco与拥有同样卓越、创新、负责任和发展价值观 的合作伙伴一起工作。2016年,Devimco Immobilier推出了魁北克最大的专注于公交导向项目(TOD)的 Solar Uniquartier综合发展项目。


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Lemay et associés is a forward-thinking and visionary company, a jewel that stands out as one of Quebec’s finest architecture and design firms. Working on prestigious projects in every corner of the globe, today this firm has some 400 architects, designers and urban planners, and is located in the heart of the Griffintown neighbourhood where it has made a significant contribution to development. Advocating the intelligence of urban design, branding and the efficiency of buildings, Lemay et associés combine their creative forces to push the boundaries of multidisciplinary living spaces. Their mission? Bringing life to remarkable environments that create tangible and measurable value for the community.

Lemay et associes是一家具有前瞻性和远见卓识的 公司,是魁北克最好的建筑和设计公司之一。如今,在 全球每个角落的著名项目中都可以看到这个拥有约400名 建筑师、设计师和城市规划师的公司的身影。该公司位于 Griffintown社区的中心地带,为该地区的发展做出了重大 贡献。通过结合他们的创造力,推动多学科生活空间的边 界,Lemay et associes倡导城市设计智能化、品牌化和 建筑效率性。他们的任务?将生活带到卓越的环境中, 为社区创造有形价值和可衡量价值。

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BlazysGérard is a Montreal design studio whose mission is to create spectacular and balanced living environments that tell a story. By putting art and aesthetics at the heart of their design, BlazysGérard promotes the marriage of beauty to functionality and convenience. Ultimately, these spaces create a unique artistic and emotional appreciation for the user. BlazysGérard’s unique signature highlights the sensitivity and emotion in their design. The firm is recognized for its prestigious achievements in the hotel, restaurant and residential sectors.

BlazysGérard是蒙特利尔的一个设计工作室,其目标是 创造兼具独特与平衡、充满故事性的生活环境。通过把 艺术和美学放在设计的核心,BlazysGérard促进了美与 功能性和便利性的结合。最终,这些空间为用户创造了 独特的艺术和情感价值。BlazysGérard独特的签名突出 了他们设计的灵敏和感性之处。该公司因其在酒店、 餐厅和住宅领域的卓越成就而受到认可。

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In partnership with developers, the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ invests in profitable real estate projects that are socially responsible, generate jobs and benefit Quebec society as a whole. They focus on projects of all sizes, across Quebec, and in all sectors from residential, office, commercial and industrial, to multi-use projects and even socio-economic infrastructure projects. A part of its investments is also dedicated to the construction or renovation of social, community or affordable housing. The Fonds immobilier is a member of the Canada Green Building Council.

immobilier de solidarite FTQ基金会与开发商合作,投资于盈利且有社会责任感、能够创造就业机会从而使魁 北克社会整体受益的房地产项目。他们专注于魁北克各地、各种规模的项目,从住宅、办公室、商业和工业到 多用途项目,甚至社会经济基础设施项目。它的部分投资还用于建设或翻新社会、社区或经济适用房。Fonds immobilier是加拿大绿色建筑委员会的成员

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Fiera Properties is a Canadian real estate investment management company that provides direct real estate investment solutions to institutional investors, foundations and endowments, as well as highnet-worth investors. As part of Fiera Capital’s alternative asset offerings, Fiera Properties is a team of experienced real estate practitioners and offers innovative solutions to its clients' investment challenges.

Fiera Properties是一家加拿大房地产投资管理公司,为机构投资者、基金会、捐赠基金以及高净值投资者提供 直接的房地产投资解决方案。作为Fiera Capital另类资产的一部分,Fiera Properties是一个由经验丰富的房地 产从业者组成的团队,为客户的投资提供新颖的解决方案。

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Maestria draws its architectural in spiration from the legend ary golden ratio, the id eal symbol representing ultim ate harmony.

Maestria puise son essen ce architecturale dans le mythique nombre d'or, symbol e d’id éal depuis longtemps réputé comm e permettant d’atteindre l’harmonie parfaite.

Experien ce perfection

Touchez à la perfection

Experience perfection

Maestria draws its architectural inspiration from the legend ary golden rati o, the id eal symbol representing ultimate harmony.

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