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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sending the Dogs to the Pound

Top Christmas Gifts

The girls basketball team has fought hard this year. Although they’ve had several wins, it is safe to say the most exciting of all was against the Crown Point Bulldogs. Having not beaten CP since the 2005-06 season, a victory 75-62 reflected the determination and motivation that is rooted in Red Devil Pride. They say slow and steady wins the race. Katie Bobos, a junior, demonstrated this method as she went from scoring 2 points in the first quarter to finishing with the gamehigh of 24 points. Sarah Wietbrock, also a junior, had a great game as well. Sarah pitched in 16 points with 7 rebounds. Coach Antcliff reported to The Times on Wietbrock as she said, “She came out, and she was all over the place. Defensively, she did exactly what we wanted.” Although the Devils were up 50-34 Sarah Wietbrock

‘Tis the season to be giving! Fala-la-la-la-where to start? Here are some gift ideas for you this season.

in the third quarter, the Bulldogs made several comebacks. This is when the girls picked up their game while remaining steady as they made 27 free throws of the 30 fouls. The Crown Point coach reflected to The Times on their loss as she reported, “We went away from what we were supposed to go with, and that was go inside, hitting the high post and looking for the open an. I give Lowell credit. They kicked our butts.” We have high hopes for another win next season against the Bulldogs in order -Kelsie Roadruck

1. Socks 2. Sweaters 3. Movies 4. Hot Chocolate Kits 5. Gift Cards 6. Candy 7. Laptop 8. Blankets 9. Camera 10. Xbox360 with Kinect 11. Phone 12. Video Games 13. CDs 14. Slippers 15. Christmas Tree Ornaments - Nikki Sierzputowski

Katie Bobos to



The Many Faces of Santa Claus

Top Christmas Songs

On December 24th 2011, children across the globe will be anxiously awaiting for the arrival of one man. Children in North America will be looking to Santa Claus to deliver their presents and eat up all their cookies, children of France will be looking to Père Noël for their gifts, and all the children of the Netherlands will be sitting on pins and needles in anticipation for Sinterklaas to arrive. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, and if that name is Swiety Mikolaj, Ded Moroz, or Kanakaloka then this is especially true. Across the world millions of families throughout many different countries celebrate Santa Claus, and Christmas, in their own way.

As Buddy the elf says, “The best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” Therefore turn on your radios to either 93.9 or 107.1 and you’ll surely hear some of these catchy tunes once or twice.

If you ever happen to visit France in the winter time, be prepared to hear the name Père Noël spoken often. Père Noël is the French version of Santa Claus, and is just as giving. On Christmas Eve, children will set out shoes next to the fireplace filled with things such as carrots and other treats for Père Noël’s donkey. The next morning, depending on whether or not the child has been naughty or nice, Père Noël will accept the offerings and replace them with sweets and other treats. If you were to visit the Netherlands on Christmas Eve, which lands on December 5th, you would most likely hear the name of Sinterklaas spoken by every child you walked past. Children in the Netherlands will leave a shoe out on Christmas Eve, much like the children of France, filled with treats and carrots for Sinterklaas’s horse. In the morning, Sinterklaas will have taken the offerings and left gifts in their place. Unlike the Santa Claus we all know and love, Sinterklaas stays around the Netherlands for the entire day. That evening, Zwarte Piet, Sinterklaas’s trusty helper, will deliver a sack full of gifts for a family and leave it on their doorstep for them to find. To us the image of a fat, jolly, red suited person can only be one man, Santa Claus. To those in the Netherlands the image of a man dressed in white and red saint robes comes to mind instead, and in France children imagine a red robed skinny figure. The spirit of Christmas is easily found in any region of the world, and Santa Claus, or Kanakaloka, himself is never too far away either. Wherever you may find yourself, Santa Claus is always watching. Here’s a quick list of names Santa Claus has across the globe: Spain: Papá Noel Denmark: Julemanden Japan: Hoteiosho Italy: Babbo Natale Ireland: Los Reyes Magos

By Emily King

1. Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer 2. Jingle Bells 3. Jingle Bell Rock 4. Deck the Halls 5. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree 6. All I Want For Christmas is You 7. Noel 8. Silent Night 9. Up on the Rooftop 10. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas 11. Santa Claus is Coming to Town 12. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 13. Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer 14. Frosty the Snowman 15. Feliz Navidad -Nikki Sierzputowski

Holiday Break Ideas Northwest Indiana certainly isn’t the most eventful of places, however there are still plenty of things to do over winter break! ‘Tis the season to get crafty! At Merrillville’s Westfield mall, right outside of Dick’s Sporting Goods, is Painted Penguin. At Painted Penguin you’ll find an assortment of ceramic sculptures, figurines, etc. After you pick a piece, you will be offered practically any color paint you can imagine! Have yourself a seat and create away! Visiting Painted Penguin is an activity that doesn’t “break your bank” or your gas tank. Catch a show! There are numerous holiday movies showing at Schererville theaters 12 and 16. These movies include: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas, Arthur Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. If you don’t want to spend your evening in those ever-so-comfortable theater chairs, rent a movie from Family Video. There is even a full selection set aside for holiday hits, new and old! And if you don’t want to spend money at all, there are numerous television channels (such as ABC Family and Hallmark) that only air holiday movies this time of year that may not even become available at the theater or Family video. Shine your light! Take a drive through good ol’ Lowell, Indiana to see the Christmas decorations. Other towns of the region have some crazy decor as well! It’s worth the drive! Play with the pups! While others are hustling and bustling with late minute shopping, take a half hour of your night to head up to Alsip Nursery and spend time with a puppy or two. These pets will enjoy every minute they can get with you, especially in this busy season! Ice skate! Feeling adventurous? You don’t have to go all the way up to Chicago to go ice skating! Head up to Deep River Waterpark! There you can rent some skates and slip-n-slide all day long with your friends! Afterwards head inside their cafe for some hot coco and a snack! -Kelsie Roadruck

Top Christmas Movies Don’t be the Grinch! Get in the holiday spirit! Most of these movies show frequently on channels such as ABC Family and Hallmark. 1. Elf 2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas 3. A Christmas Story 4. Home Alone 5. Charlie Brown Christmas 6. The Santa Claus 7. Scrooge 8. Scrooged 9. It’s a Wonderful Life 10. A Christmas Carol 11. Frosty the Snowman 12. Jack Frost 13. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 14. Four Christmas’ 15. Polar Express -Nikki Sierzputowski

Winter Wardrobe

Christmas Concert

Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean your fashion sense needs to hibernate. Here are some hints to keep you looking and feeling hot in below zero!

The auditorium was filled with holiday spirit Wednesday night after our own band performed. The intermediate band played a joyous rendition of “Carol of the Bells” along with some other familar melodies. The audience was pleased with the wind ensemble’s cultural Christmas selections. Mr. Killion declared on Thursday, “I’m really proud of how things turned out.” Nathan Muha, sophmore, commented with, “I think the concert went especially well.” Overall the concert was a success!

GRAY It’s the color of the season. It doesn’t have to be as dreary as the weather however. Complement it with neutral or bold colors to make it pop. It’s a subtle but trendy look. COLOR-BLOCKING Adding big, bold blocks of pinks, oranges, and blues are a must! If you aren’t up to the dare devil status yet, just add a vibrant accessory for a similar effect. BOOTIES No, I’m not talking about your rear end! Find some small boots that hit around your ankles and pair them with skinny jeans or leggings. These booties are on the rise so you’ll see them just about anywhere. Target in St. John has quite a few styles this season! ACCESSORIES Hats are huge. There are tons of styles that will not only add the “cherry on top” to your outfit, but they’ll also keep you warm and hide a bad hair day from the chilly winds of the north! Also look for clutches and hand bags with python pattern and bold colors. WIDTH Rummage through your closets ladies for your flared jeans and bell bottoms! They’ve made a comeback! Pair flared jeans with a slim-fitting top to complement the width on bottom and look for bell bottoms in pants rather than denim jeans. LIGHT Look for material that works with lighting such as metallic, sequins, and iridescent fabric. Special occasions that call for some flash, such as New Year’s Eve, will be a great time to try out the shine. TRIBAL & ANIMAL Tribal prints of the summer have carried over from tanks and tees to knits, gloves, hats, and scarves. Show off your wild side with textured animal prints as well. Anything you can physically feel such as fur or suede is in! -Kelsie Roadruck

-Rilee Witt

A Collegiate Christmas For all you seniors worried about how you’re going to pay to go to college, let alone afford the necessities, do not fret! Here’s a list of things that make up an excellent Christmas wish list! #1: A coffee maker. You’ll save so much money that you don’t really have (being a broke college student and all) if you make your own coffee rather than spend $4 on a Starbucks latte. #2: A dual clock-radio with an iPod dock. Instead of purchasing both an alarm clock and an iHome you can spend only $75 at Best Buy for two in one. #3: A mini fridge. Stocking up a fridge with groceries will allow you to not only save money and a fifteen minute walk to a vendor or food court, but you’ll also refrain from gaining the “freshman fifteen” by making your own food. #4: Headphones. It may seem like a small, unnecessary item to ask for however, there will be times you will want to tune out dormitory noise and times your roommate will want some quiet time. #5: Closet storage hangers. As much as you don’t want to admit it, your dorm will more than likely have limited space. Hanging storage organizers will save space in your closet by holding accessories, shoes, etc. #6: Shower tote. Most residence halls require their students to share bathrooms. Therefore, keeping your toiletries in your own bathroom will no longer be a luxury. You’ll definitely want a waterproof space to keep your hygienic products that’ll be easy to access and carry.

#7: A rug. Unless you have a fuzzy pair of slippers to keep your feet cozy at all times you’ll want a rug to spread out on your floor that will most likely be cold, hard cement or tile. #8: Personal lighting. While you may have an 11 AM class, your roommate may be getting up at the crack of 8. While you’ve procrastinated on a paper and may be working on it until midnight, your roommate will want to get some shut-eye. By getting a small desk lamp, you can easily avoid sleepy roommates waking up on the wrong side of the bed. #9: Digital Camera with video. If you don’t already have one, a camera would be a great gift! They say college days will be some of the best in your life. You’ll not only miss out on great Kodak moments, but many classes include video presentations! #10: College gear. You’re going to college! That’s something to be proud of! Flaunt your success and sport a collegiate t-shirt or sweats! -Kelsie Roadruck

LHS: Behind the Art Whether it’s because of her unique accent or her extraordinary artwork on display in the Student Art Show, you have probably noticed the foreign exchange student, Lucie Arnold. Lucie is a junior visiting from Switzerland who only took one academic art class in middle school before she came to the United States. Originally, Lucie was placed in a study hall at the beginning of the school year, but fortunately, she opted to be placed into my Intro to 2D Art class. Quickly, I discovered Lucie had exceptional, natural talent. I was shocked to hear that aside from one required art class in middle school, she had never studied art! When I asked Lucie what she liked about making art, she shared that it makes her feel happy. “When I am finished, I look at what I did and I am proud. I think, ‘Hey, I did that!’” She, along with many other art lovers, enjoys the freedom of solving a problem in her own way. “I like that there is no one right answer. You can express feelings you can’t explain in words through art.” While Lucie enjoys drawing and painting the most, she admits that she would like to try her hand at photography someday too. On the other hand, when I asked if she was interested in computer art, she expressed that she gets very frustrated with computer programs and she isn’t interested in computer art because “you can’t get things exactly the way you want them sometimes.” By talking to Lucie, I learned that art is not a widely offered class in Switzerland schools. Lucie shared with me that students have the option of taking one art or music class. She said that “last year I chose to take music, but I am definitely taking art when I return home.” Lucie plans on continuing her education after her last two years of high school (Yes, TWO more years!). A high school representative from the Art Institutes guest spoke during my classes last week and Lucie realized she may be interested in attending art school. Lucie told me that she really likes commercials and thinks she would like a career as a commercial artist. Of course, at this point, she is keeping her options open and is also considering studying physiology in college too.

By Mrs. Arbor

AFJROTC News Wednesday we had an officer from AFJROTC Headquarters here all day to perform an evaluation/ inspection on all aspects and requirements of our program. Major Eller and I are more than pleased to announce that our program had no discrepancies. Our program met or exceeded all requirements. A special thanks from us to many of you who went out of your way to accommodate our needs and requests. Allowing several cadets to spend the greater portion of the day in the ROTC classroom had a great impact on our successful evaluation/ inspection. From Major Eller, the cadets, and myself we extend our gratitude. So glad it is over ! We are good for the next three years. You’re a great bunch of guys and gals to work with ! Have a great holiday. Sincerely, Mike “ The Sarge” Yedinak

Spanish Club Contest Spanish Club continues to meet on Wednesdays after school. This month we will be creating Spanish holiday cards for soldiers overseas. Anyone may still join Spanish club. In addition, Spanish students only: If you are the first spanish student to come to Ms Coomer with the correct translation of this phrase you get a prize. “No dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy”

Must Have Apps This holiday season don’t wonder what to get your friends and family for the holidays, try the Real Simple Gift Guide! This app offers a wide selection of items for every age. It even includes the ability to narrow your search by gender and price. This app is definitely a helpful tool for this time of year. Looking to get in shape? Check out Lolo Easy Abs! Enter your age, weight and any available equipment you have. This app will then create a personalized workout just for you! Follow along to simulated videos of each move. Easy Abs will even take your music and mix each song to match the speed of your workout. I recommend dowloading it today! -Rilee Witt

Tri-Creek Special! Save $2.50 on a Half Platter OR Save $5 on a Full Platter Call:219-696-5300

LHS Artists on Display The winter LHS art show was on display during the past two weeks and served to highlight the many wonderful talents that walk through this building everyday. Ms. Thomas’s and Mrs. Arbor’s art classes have already done a variety of projects, and they were well represented in the show. A highlight was the Chuck Close Squares, an acrylic painting that assembled squares from twenty different student artists. Chuck Close Squares is based on the work of famous painter, Chuck Close.

Reggae by Jamie Molden and Cardboard Sculptures by Monique Sabaitas

Kayla Loitz’s Henry Moore Sculpture

Hidden Behind Hair by Ryan Post

Chuck Close Squares by 20 Student Painters Changing the Face of Education If you are a student, K-12, in 2011, and you’re not using the Khan Academy to help you with your homework, test prep, or everyday understanding, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The Khan Academy is an ever growing series of some 2,700, ten minute lectures that you can watch via Youtube or, for free. And, they’re amazing. In late 2004, MIT graduate Salman Khan began tutoring his cousin in math. Khan was living in New Jersey at the time, while his cousin lived in New Orleans. After a few sessions, Khan realized that it would be much more helpful if he just posted his tutorials on Youtube. That enabled his cousin to rewatch tutorials and to pause his lectures as she viewed them. Khan’s Yo u t u b e videos quickly went viral, so he began the notfor-profit K h a n Academy. The Khan A c a d emy now offers tutorials in mathematics, history, healthcare, medicine, finance, physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, economics, cosmology, and computer science. In addition, the Khan Academy boasts around one-hundred videos that help prep students for the mathematics portion of the SAT. All of the videos are free. And, many er audiences.

of Basic

the math

videos concepts


target youngcovered K-12

The uses for the Khan Academy are without limit. Lowell High School’s academic decathlon team has begun to use Khan’s physics lectures to teach them about Newton’s laws of motion and circuits. One of the nicest features of the lectures is how topic specific they are. For example, Khan offers lectures on Algebra, but students can drill down and choose between Linear Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra Worked Examples. Then, students can drill down even further with specific tutorials in, for example, Linear Algebra. Among the approximately two-hundred videos that the Khan Academy offers in Linear Algebra, students can choose, for example, linear subspaces, unit vectors, or inverting matrices.

The Khan Academy has given the opportunity to learn anywhere

every student in the world.

Anonymous Tip Line Helps Prevent Bullying Any student or parents can use the anonymous tip line, in an effort to prevent bullying and make LHS a safer environment. All leads are appreciated and will be pursued. Take care of your fellow classmates and your school by reporting any nefarious behavior.

Christmas Recipies

-Slowly add Place 2 inches apart on ungreased baking sheets. -to mixture of butter, sugar, eggs, and molasses. -Refrigerate combined mixture for 1 hour or until dough is no longer soup like. -Roll into 1 inch balls and roll around in some sugar. -Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 8-12 minutes or until puffy and lightly browned. -Cool for 1 minute before removing to cool. Then enjoy!

Classic Sugar Cookies Ingredients: -2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour -1 teaspoon baking soda -1/2 teaspoon baking powder -1 cup butter, softened completely -1 1/2 cups white sugar -1 egg -1 teaspoon vanilla extract

-Emily King

Instructions: -Preheat oven to 375 degrees. -In a small bowl, stir together flour, baking soda, and baking powder. Then set mixture to the side. -In a large bowl, mix together the butter and sugar until smooth. Mix in egg and vanilla. -Slowly blend in the mixture of flour, baking soda, and baking powder. -Roll rounded teaspoonfuls of dough into balls, and place onto ungreased cookie sheets. -Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until golden. -Let stand on cookie sheet for two minutes before removing to cool. Then enjoy! Gingersnaps Ingredients: -1 1/2 cups butter softened completely -2 cups sugar -2 eggs -1/2 cup molasses -4 1/2 cups all-purpose flour -3 teaspoons baking soda -2 teaspoons ground cinnamon -1 teaspoon ground ginger -1 teaspoon ground cloves -1/2 teaspoon salt -1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg -Additional sugar Instructions: -In a bowl, mix butter and sugar. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each addition. -Mix in molasses -Combine the flour, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, salt and nutmeg into another bowl.


2012 Just Around the Corner Over Christmas break, we’ll be welcoming in the New Year of 2012, which most of us planning on living through. But since this might be your last New Year’s celebration due to an Aztec apocalypse, you’ll want to study up on this holiday to really appreciate it and celebrate it right this year.

•The Dutch believe that eating donuts on New Year’s Day will bring good luck, because the circle symbolizes “coming full circle”, completing the year’s cycle. •Toasts on New Year’s Eve originated from ancient Rome and Greece. When someone would host a party, the host would drink first to show everyone the wine was not poisoned. •The song “Auld Lang Syne” is sung at the stroke of midnight in almost every English speaking country. •In Spain and Mexico, people celebrate the striking of midnight by eating 12 grapes, making a wish for each grape. •In Denmark on New Year’s Day, finding many broken plates on your doorstep means you have many friends. People save up old dishes all year to throw them at their neighbor’s and friend’s door on New Year’s Eve. •In Serbia, Belgrade is known for its extensive outdoor celebrations such as concerts and street celebrations. •In Scotland,New Year’s is called Hogmanay, and Edinburgh’s celebration is the biggest with street parties and fireworks. •In New York, fireworks and toasts are had at the countdown to midnight in Times Square.

-Mikayla Blievernicht

Make A Difference This Christmas This year for Christmas you’re probably planning a big dinner, watching a Christmas classic, listening to some good tunes, and maybe playing with your new puppy. These days the holiday spirit seems to be all about buying, spending, rushing, stressing, and waking up for 4 a.m. sales. This year, in the true Christmas spirit of gift giving and generosity, how about donating to a local or global charity? Give someone else a much-needed meal, keep our arts and culture alive, or save the life of a furry friend. Some charities, like (red) offer the same products you were planning on buying, but this way you’re helping someone. Surely if you’re already spending $124 on that new camera, you could spare an extra $15 to help someone in need. Or, why not make donations in place of presents? That way everyone can feel good about themselves this Christmas. Here are a few charities that present some gift-giving opportunities. The Humane Society of Indianapolis - The Humane Society of Indianapolis is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter, that receives no government funding. Your donation helps keep this place capable of providing medical care to animals in the state, as well as keeping homeless dogs and cats from getting put down due to lack of space. Donating or adopting today would be a great help to some friendly furry faces. Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra - For 75 years, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has made a difference through live symphonic music, community outreach, and public education. Each season they put on more than 200 shows, that over 350,000 people attend. Your donation helps support your local culture and musical community. Indianapolis Museum of Art - The Indianapolis Museum of Art hosts beautiful grounds, a wonderful restaurant, and great works of art including works by Paul Gauguin, Robert Indiana, and Andy Warhol. In addition to its museum work, the museum docents also make monthly visits to the children’s ward of local hospitals, helping children on their road to recovery.This museum also hosts free admission, so it runs mainly on donations. Donate to this museum today and visit on your day to Indy, because helping to support the Arts is to help everyone.


Food Bank of Northern Indiana or Food bank of Northwest Indiana - While you’re sitting down to a huge family holiday meal, someone else in Indiana is going hungry another day. Even a donation of $1 helps 7 people, so donate money or food today! Unicef - Unicef provides healthcare, medical attention, vaccines, and emergency relief every day to children who would have died otherwise. Save a life this Christmas with $50 and be a superhero. NBD. (Red) - Help save a life and end AIDS. Every day 1,000 babies are born with HIV. (Red) proceeds go to help AIDS and HIV victims in Africa. You can help this season by purchasing (Red) products such as braclets, headphones, bags, clothes, dell and apple products, starbucks giftcards, and tons more. http:// World Wildlife Fund - The World Wildlife Fund is dedicated to conserving our planet’s wildlife and nature. Help a cute cuddly panda or polar bear today and donate to this organization, or browse their online shop for some great gifts. There’s a charity for everyone this season. And remember, giving back is the new black. -Mikayla Blievernicht

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