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Advocate Lebanon High School SEPTEMBER 2013 VOLUME 44 ISSUE 1 Lebanon, TN

Yoga Month

The Advocate staff shows you some easy yoga moves in honor of National Yoga Month

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Back to School Time management tips, how to balance homeworks, and more

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New coaches

Mr. Brown hires five new head coaches

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Cell phones in school? Wilson County Schools has implemented a new

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Contact Information

Mailing Address: 500 Blue Devil Blvd.



Pep rallies are meant to encourage school spirit

Every year LHS has multiple pep rallies, and in those pep rallies Email: it is a “tradition” to Responding to the Devils' Advocate chant. These chants Letters to the Editor will be accepted for the October issue through range from “Let’s Go October 15. Letters may be delivered to room B208 or emailed. All Big Blue,” “Let’s Go letters must be signed, and names will be published. Letters must Devils,” and the ones that are directed toward not contain a personal attack against an individual and may be specific classes­­“Go edited. home, freshmen”, “2, 4, Purpose 6, 8 hurry up and The Devils' Advocate exists to publish a student‐led newspaper graduate.” These chants, although in good fun, can be very that informs and entertains the student body and school hurtful to new students. community about students, faculty, administration, athletics, and The definition of a pep rally is “a meeting other student interests in a fair and unbiased manner while aimed at inspiring enthusiasm, esp. one held learning about the journalism profession and practicing before a sporting event” (via Google), not a meeting aimed at tearing down specific journalistic integrity. classes. Pep rallies are to bring us together­­ Advertising in the Devils' Advocate uniting us as one student body to show support for our Blue Devils, whether it be for Businesses may adverstise in the Devils' Advocate. Interested football or basketball. businesses can email or call for more information and an ad rate Freshmen are new students, and they need sheet. to be integrated into our Blue Devil society by being uplifted and encouraged. Pep rallies Staff should be the main place where everyone is uplifted to heighten school spirit. Many think that we do not have enough school spirit. Could it be that students are getting discouraged as freshman, and it turns them off to the Pride, Spirit, and Tradition that the generations before us exemplified? Lebanon, TN 37087


Phone: (615) 444‐9610 Ext. 3321




Editor-in-Chief -- Amber Cooper Business Manager --Brittany Hurdle Assistant Business Manager-Daniel Allen

Feature Editor -- Savannah Shirley News Editor -- Presley Draper Entertainment Editor -- Dalton Teel Fashion Editor -- Kennedy Pope Sports Editor -- Taylor Bryan Assistant Sports Editor -- Jimmy Shaffer


Fives things you need to know about teachers

Deb Pate, author and retired LHS Blue Devil We really do care what you think. We don't really care what you think about our clothes, our hair, our cars or what we did last night. We care what you think about yourselves, our subject and the world you live in. Nothing excites us more than a student who listens to us with a purpose and asks the hard questions. We may not always know the answers, but we will work as hard as you do to find them. We respect an honest reason over a tired excuse. Honesty always works. We are softies for honesty. We know your printer didn't break in the middle of the night. We know you didn't leave your homework in your locker. We know when you are telling the truth, and it matters. We always care about the real reasons for your lack of preparation. We won't always tell you we know you are being dishonest, but we will always know. We have eyes in the backs of our heads. Universities implant eyes in our heads upon completion of student teaching. We see your phones, your eyes roaming from test to test. We see that other teacher's book on top of ours. Hiding your ear buds in your hoodie doesn't fool us. Sometimes we are simply too busy to say anything, but we always know. We really do understand your feelings. We understand how you feel about rules, traffic, fashion, sleep, a break up, an argument at home, the loss of a girl or boy friend. You can count on us to be your biggest advocate. Trust us. Yes, we have a subject to teach, EOC scores to raise, and our own problems. You need to know, though, that we lose most of our sleep worrying about you, not our scores. We are as human as you. We hate traffic and some of the rules too. We have a dress code that forces us to look like teachers. We don't dress the same way at home either. We suffer the same catastrophes at home as you. We are, indeed, all human beings, flawed and amazing, tired and inspired, stressed and playful . . . just like you.

In your words

What's your best "no homework" excuse?

1 5 Minutes of Fame -- Rachel

Crowder Layout/ Design -- Fayth-Anne Kerner Photo Editor -- Mallory Doyle Photographer-- Will Halbert Phototgrapher-- Chelsea Driver Adviser -- Alison Johnson

“My pet lizard licked all over [it] when I let [him] out of the cage” ­ Zekeya Anderson, Freshman

“I left it in my mom’s car.” “I left it at home.” ­Karen 'I’m allergic to loose leaf paper.” ­Brittany Nolan, Brown, Junior ­Colton Lankes, Senior Sophomore



Everything I need to know I learned from It may seem odd or even strange that a person such as myself could learn a majority of what I need to know in life from the Harry Potter series, but I have. (Please note that this article may contain spoilers. You have been warned.) 1. With friends all things are possible Harry Potter has the best friends imaginable. They laugh with him, cry with him, celebrate with him, and mourn with him. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are the true definition of "best friends." The three of them separate are very powerful, but it's nothing compared to the strength they show while together. 2. Our choices ultimately determine our future Professor Dumbledore put it best when he said, "it is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities" and "happiness can be found in even the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." Harry had to make some big decisions and those decisions showed his true character. Through his choice to persevere through the obstacles set before him, Harry ended up victorious. Even though we don't fight evil wizards in our every day life, we still battle some big demons. Harry Potter has taught me to persevere because there truly is light at the end of each wand if you just believe (and say "luminos"). 3. Don't judge people based on their past We see this the most in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with Professor



Harry Potter

Snape and Professor Dumbledore. With Snape, we are led to believe that he is a conniving, evil monster whose only goal is to destroy Harry's life足足up until Snape's death, that is. We soon realize that Snape risked everything for Harry and for the greater good that his death, which was hoped for for so long, a complete tragedy. In the case of Albus Dumbledore, we believe that he is the wise wizard who does no wrong. We later find out in the last installment of Harry Potter that Dumbledore had some pretty gnarly secrets about his past. Even though Dumbledore and Snape have bad pasts, they go through a remarkable change. Just because someone makes mistakes in their life doesn't mean they're a bad person, it simply means they are human.

September: National Yoga Month

To celebrate National Yoga Month, the Devils' Advocate Staff shows you some easy yoga moves you can do every day.

Above: The seated pose gives a calm beginning that opens and twists muscles.

Right: The abdominal stretch can be used during any work out for refreshment, especially ones that include the work of the abdomen.

Above: The tree pose is best for working on balance. Right: The warrior pose involves a strong core while working on strengthing arms and legs.

Above: The corpse pose needs to be done every 30 minutes of practice to restore your body.






Seniors get fifth counselor

Senior Guidance counselor Lori McCormick works hard at her desk in the Guidance Office. She is the fifth guidance counselor that the graduating class of 2014 has had in their four years at LHS.

As the school year started, senior students were excited about beginning their last year at LHS. They were happy to see their friends and teachers, but many were surprised to find that they had a new guidance counselor...again. Mrs. Lori McCormick is the fifth counselor that the class of 2014 has had in their four years at LHS. McCormick stated that she is facing several obstacles, such as "finishing what someone else started and learning the different requirements and county rules." When guidance counselors change, there are always scheduling problems. "It took three days to get everyone out of the library who were missing blocks and two weeks to get everyone else straight. I'm still going through and double­ checking," McCormick said. Even with all of her hard work at the beginning of the year, errors inevitably occured. "I was put in Honors Algebra II, after I already passed that class with a 99," said senior Amber Cooper. "It was frustrating talking over my schedule with one counselor over the summer and then returning to school and it being totally different," Cooper said. Brittany Hurdle faced similar problems. "This year I was almost dropped from my college classes that I had diligently filled papers out for and signed up online. Along with college classes I’m currently in two freshman classes due to the fact that every year I was left out of them and am

now forced to take them as a senior in order to graduate," said Hurdle. "It's tragic that there has been no continuity for the class, but I'm excited to come with my experience, and I look forward to getting to know everyone," McCormick said. In a letter to Seniors on schedule pick­up day, she stated that she understands the class "has experienced a lot of transitions," but said she is "up for the challenge to help you graduate and take the next steps to reach your dreams." Aside from the obvious schedule problems , students facing personal problems have not had a counselor in whom to confide. "Sometimes teenagers feel overwhelmed and need to talk to a counselor; I feel that I have not been able to talk to any of our counselors for personal manners because I haven't gotten the chance to get to know any of them," said Cooper. "Ms. Papini, for example, has a great relationship with and tries to help her juniors as much as possible, and it's easier for her because she's had two complete years to get to know them. Our counselors have not been here long enough to get to know us as students or people," said Cooper. "In high school, students need to have someone they can rely on, and although I’ve been blessed with many teachers that I can count on, at the end of the day they still have three classes to teach," Hurdle said. "Also, building a relationship with counselors gives a chance to ensure trust of schedules." However, McCormick is diligently trying to get the know the senior class. "She really tries to get to know you as a person," senior Daniel Allen said. When it is time to request a letter of recommendation, McCormick is asking her seniors to also submit a resume to go with it until she gets to know everyone. The senior class can now only be optimistic with the new opportunities brought by McCormick. Her personal motto for the class of 2014 is "Keep calm and graduate!"





A new technology policy is put in place As senior Hope White sits in government class, notes cover the board, and she hurries to keep up with the teacher. She struggles with paying attention to the lesson while copying down everything on the projector before the slide changes. Her smartphone sits unused in her purse even though it has just as many capabilities as a school computer. A few weeks ago, her phone would stay right there, put away, but now, with a change in county policy, she is able to use her smart phone if her teacher allows it in the room. “By using our technology to take pictures of the notes, we would spend less time writing the notes and more time discussing the lesson,” White said. Before the change, Wilson County Schools code of conduct read, “All cell phones and electronic devices must be

turned off and out of sight from the moment the student enters the school building to dismissal.” However, at the Board Meeting on September 3, the School Board voted to approve a significant change to the policy. The policy now states, "The use of Personal Communication Devices (PCDs) will be allowed in the classroom during instructional time IF the teacher authorizes the use and the devices are being used for classroom technology or used in the curriculum of the course as directed by the teacher and approved by the principal. Otherwise, the PCDs will not be used or displayed." The policy defines a personal communication device as "a device that emits an audible or visual signal, vibrates, displays a message, picture or otherwise summons or delivers a communication to the possessor and includes but is not limited to iPads,

laptop computers, CD & DVD players." Students are still expected to follow the Internet Acceptable Use Policy, and will face consequences for cyberbullying or taking or posting photos or videos that are not school appropriate. Although students can have them in class with teacher discretion, students cannot use them in the hallways, in the commons, or in the cafeteria. According to USNews, teachers in districts where this type of policy has been put into place noticed a higher self­esteem in most students when this change came in effect. Mrs. Annie Leggett firmly believes this policy is a great idea for our school district. “Nobody goes to his or her job and isn’t allowed to lookup pertinent information they need immediately,” Leggett said. She states that she will use the technology for students to research definitions, biographies or

Wilson County Schools recently added a Facebook page. This is one step in the direction of becoming more technological. other information, and she also will use it to teach students which sites are credible. LHS principal Myra Sloan said that she “thinks [a bring your own technology plan] would be great because it’s the way of the world today.” However, there are some

cons to adding this policy, such as the potential for an increase in cyberbullying. “Using our own technology will be helpful to teachers and students,” White said. “We could spend more time learning and less time copying down notes.”

How many LHS students have Wi-Fi capable devices? How can the new technology policy be beneficial? Out of approximately 200 students polled, only 3.6% indicated that they do not hav a Wi­Fi capable device that they could use in the classroom.

"It would be awesome to take pictures of the cars the students work on" ­Mr. Davis, teacher (left)

"Looking up questions" ­Cameron Young, Freshman (right)

"Internet to avoid going to the computer lab" ­Sierra Speck, Senior (left) "Good for internet when there is no internet access at home" ­Mrs. McKinney, teacher (right)





What's going on in the world? Five major world events that you should know about right now U.S. and Syria

1. On September 1, President Obama began seeking Congressional approval to assert US military action in Syria. Syria recently developed a chemical weapon that, according to President Obama, is "an insult on human dignity." Syria attacked its

civilians and killed 1,429 people in August. This weapon could rapidly increase the capabilities of terrorist groups. Obama claims failure to respond would cause more attacks to follow.

2. Unemployment dropped from 7.4 to 7.3 from July to August with the addition of 169,000 jobs. However, the decrease in unemployment is not for positive reasons; rather than people getting

jobs, people are leaving the work force. People are not finding jobs, just leaving the work force, leaving more economic uncertainty for the job market and tough times for the Labor Department.

Unemployment rate

Conflict in Egypt

3. A few months ago, Egypt overthrew the ruler and elected a new one. Currently, however, the

people are still unhappy. Bombings, riots, and uprisings occur daily in the streets of Egypt,

including a car bombing on September 10.

4. US government insider, Edward J. Snowden, revealed secrets about his job within the government, including details about surveillance of citizens. The

US government is obviously angry as this violates his contract for his job. Snowden fled the country to evade arrest and made it to Russia. Russia agreed to grant

Snowden asylum, meaning protection of a political refugee from his native country. Russia's move placed tension between the US and Russia.

5. Prince William and Duchess Kate proudly welcomed their new royal son on July 22, 2013 at 4:24 pm. The new prince weighed 8lb

6oz and was born one week overdue. A few days after his birth, the new prince's name was announced. Prince William and

Kate's son, the third in line to the throne, will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

Snowden leaks government information

New heir to the throne

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204 West Main St Lebanon, TN 37087

The Law Office of Ryan Trammel, PLLC Post Office box 683 Lebanon, TN telephone (6150 965-2374 fax (615) 965-2351

News in brief

The LHS Souvenir yearbook staff is selling yearbooks for $60 in Sept. and $70 Oct. through Dec. Students may purchase books from Mrs. McKinney in A702. If students or parents want to purchase using a credit card, they may purchase online at You can still purchase a #bluedevilpride t足shirt from the Blue Devil Bank for only $10. LHS iPhone 4 and 4S cases are also available at the bank for $25.

Any junior or senior interested in serving on the prom committee needs to go by the bank and pick up an application. These must be submitted to Coach

McFarland or Mrs. Hensley by Oct. 4.

Any sophomore or junior student interested in announcing all of the home LHS Blue Devil baseball games this spring need to see Ms. Papini in guidance to sign up and gather information. This is a great opportunity to earn TN Scholar Hours! The boys and girls basketball team are selling t足shirts at the bank for $10.00. All students: Bring a copy of a photo of you with your best friends for the yearbook and turn in to Mrs. McKinney in A702. Be sure to put the names and the gradess of all photographed on the back. Underclassmen: turn in goodbyes to seniors to A702.





Hargis works to plan another successful homecoming On the morning of the homecoming parade and game, English teacher Mrs. Amanda Hargis was satisfied as she took in the sight of her third homecoming. Unlike previous years, Hargis was sure this year would run smoothly without any worries. During homecoming students expect dress up days, a homecoming court, floats in a parade, and so much more. However, many students may not notice the amount of time and energy put into homecoming. Hargis has been in charge of homecoming for three years, and the event is not one that can be put together in a couple of days. “I start two weeks before the actual event planning,” she said. During these two weeks, there are many tasks that must be completed related to the many activities that happen during homecoming week. While most students just show up

dressed up in the appropriate spirit day costume, Hargis puts significant thought into picking a theme, choosing a t­shirt design, and deciding on dress up days. Hargis must make a spreadsheet counting the participation of each class on each day to be announced for the winners at the game. On top of that, Hargis has to find an announcer with a good voice to speak at the homecoming game. While most students just vote for their favorite homecoming attendant or choice for king and queen, Hargis must first gather nominees, look at the overall votes, revote for court, and lastly send out a vote for king and queen. After doing so, she announces the court, and orders all necessities, which requires a requisition sheet for approval. Not only does Hargis have a list of accessories to order, but she also has to make an appointment for the girls and guys to pick out dresses and get measured for tuxedos. Following the appointments,

Mrs. Amanda Hargis watches the homecoming pep rally with pleasure.

Hargis holds a homecoming court practice on the football field so they know their cues. On the actual homecoming day, Hargis has to find a facility for homecoming pictures, check the parade route, and have volunteer policemen to lead and follow the parade. The floats have a special place, found by Hargis, where they sit early in the morning. Judges, also found by Hargis, have absolutely no affiliation to LHS. Along with parents and students, Hargis wakes up early homecoming morning to meet judges, while also having to be at school on time for cheer practice and breakfast. After the parade, students run straight into the pep rally, planned by Hargis who for the first time had the help of the pep committee. Hargis

personally has to make sure that all performances are under three minutes. Lastly, while everyone else is voting on homecoming queen and king, Hargis has to be aware constantly for who deserves spirit king and queen. On top of all these duties, Hargis is the varsity football competition cheerleading coach; however, she keeps a positive outlook. “Last year it was strictly work, homecoming, go home, sleep," Hargis said. "I think this year will be a little bit better since I’m not planning the parade from scratch.” Although she can be positive now, homecoming hasn’t always gone smoothly, “It literally rained on my parade [my first year],” said Hargis. Not only do parades have mishaps but so do the pep rallies, “Our pep rallies are normally twenty­five to thirty minutes, but ours was a hour and fifteen minutes long last year.” For the students this sounds amazing, but for Mrs. Hargis that meant a lot of thinking on her feet. This year, homecoming hit just about every point, if anything went wrong it was minor. Besides the heat advisory, there was no rain, and the pep rally literally started and ended right on time. “I have had fabulous teachers and cheerleaders, as well as Sam Anasky, administration, pep committee and [Brittany Hurdle], ” Mrs. Hargis left off, “I just want to make sure that everybody knows that I am very grateful for everybody helping out, because everybody is truly fantastic about helping out.”






LHS students have differing views on first day Matt Anasky, freshman, walked into his first day of high school with high expectations. He was calm, cool, and collected. Older sister, Sam Anasky had showed him the ropes before school started. “I mean, it wasn’t really that big of a shock, because I knew how it was going to be,” said Anasky. “I just had to get used to it a little bit.” Every year, Lebanon High school takes in anywhere from 400­500 freshmen. The middle schools in Wilson County range from very large

Matt Anasky, freshman, is enjoying his first year at LHS.

to very small. Freshman Kalee Reeves, who attended Tucker’s Crossroads, a relatively small school, had different expectations from Anasky of how her first day was going to be. She had a sense of fear about attending such a large school. “I thought I was going to get jumped because I’m so little. It was so different, and I thought I would get lost,” Reeves said. Small schools such as Tuckers and Carroll Oakland produce around 60 students each year; whereas larger schools can produce around 3 times that amount. According to guidance counselor Ms. Lindsay Lamphere, students who come from the smaller schools have a much harder time transitioning to high school than ones who come from larger schools.

department is a place where they can find their answers. “Most freshmen assume that football is a class,” Lamphere said. “They also don’t know about many clubs until they enter into their elective focus. Get involved with as much as possible and find new opportunities. Graduation starts in the ninth grade.” Anasky is involved in golf this year and is interested in joining the FFA; however, he said that he wants to start joining clubs after his freshman year. His advice to next year’s freshmen: “Be prepared for the whole school year. Join a lot of clubs and get involved.”

S H L t a r a e y t s r i f n o k e o g o e l l t l u o o c , e S v i t H i L s t o a p r e a v e a y h l a n n e i f m o h t s d r a F re w r o f k o o l s r o i Sen When freshmen enter high school, regardless of what middle school they come from, they often have a lot of questions, and the Guidance

A new school year has started again and the seniors couldn’t be more excited about the fresh opportunities coming their way. Within the next year, several students will be graduating, moving out, and heading off to college to start their new lives. Gina Kelley, Aisha Springette, and Leslie Johnson said that they were all more excited about going to college than senior year in general. Johnson said that “being at the top, and knowing there is nobody above us, also because next year is

college,” are the best things about being a senior. Aisha Springette has been wanting to go to University of Chicago because there are more varieties of people and she wants to accomplish her dreams. Leslie Johnson is hoping to go to Stanford University located in Stanford, California. Johnson said, “I’m ready to start a new chapter and move onto bigger and better things.” Although Stanford University is Leslie’s first choice, she is also looking at the University of Alabama, Lipscomb Senior Leslie Johnson, middle, walks with fellow senior University, and Sewanne University. classmates.

Be on the lookout for the October issue of The Devils' Advocate DIY Halloween Costumes Haunted house reviews Halloween recipes

Strange phobias Weird superstitions Trick-or-Treating teens





Senior Rob Warren visits several college campuses Senior year is an amazing experience. For people like Rob Warren who have been going to Lebanon High School since freshman year, the summer before your senior year can be exciting but also nerve racking. This summer Warren visited four different colleges. He visited Tennessee Tech, Clemson, Mississippi State, and Auburn. Each college is very “put together” and has their own unique reason for attending them; however, even after visiting four campuses Warren said, “I am not sure if I have a favorite, but I can tell you my least favorite was Clemson.” If he had to make a sudden decision of which school would be at the top of the list he said, “Mississippi State because the dorms are very luxurious: they have two closets, your own bathroom, a working microwave, and they come with automatic free cable.” But these weren’t the only winning reasons. Ole Miss sports are also free. Any home game for just about any sport is free admission for a Mississippi

State student. Warren is planning on going into Mechanical Engineering. Out of the schools he visited there wasn’t one in particular that stood out to him. However, “Clemson actually has a frat house and set of dorms just for Engineering students,” Warren said. Every fall they also have a Fraternity Rush where you can go and find out extra things that you can get involved in. You can also find out about good job connections that might have to do with your particular interests. For Warren there are job connections at every school he visited. At Mississippi State they are connected with Nissan and Toyota. Auburn is with Honda, Hyundai, and Mercedes, Tech is with VW, and Clemson is with BMW and Ford. Warren researches college in LHS library. Rob has visitied These schools give great opportunities four different colleges so far. to students who are serious about their goals and majors and who wish to get involved in these he wishes the best of luck to his senior Class of 2014. His last words to the senior class would be, companies. “Make sure you go where you want to go. Get out of Warren is very excited to get started next fall, and Lebanon. Experience life someplace else.”

LHS students participate in Wilson County Fair

Teel serves as Youth Fair Board President

Let me just start by saying that by being elected as Youth Fair Board President, I chose to endure a full week of little to no sleep at all. As many people know, I am extremely involved in pretty much anything that goes on in our community, which can sometimes be a big issue. Because I get involved in way too many activities, I sometimes go on activity overload. Being involved is great, but do it in moderation. As Youth Fair Board President, I had to be at the fair each and every night from open to close. I was always one of the first to get a call when jobs weren’t occupied because another volunteer couldn’t show up, etc. Even though, I lost a lot of sleep, I also had a load of fun. Being involved with the fair is something I had wanted to do since I was a little kid, and ever since eighth grade that dream came true. There isn’t a better feeling than being involved with something that plays such a huge role in our community. I have so much pride in our fair that most people couldn’t fathom. We really do have the best fair ever, and the best fair boards around (youth and adult). The amount of work that each and every volunteer puts forth is astounding, and that’s what makes our fair a top notch fair. After all the stress and excitement of the fair, the very last night I got to sit down with Wilson County Fair President, Hale Moss, and discuss with him the pros and cons of everything that went on at our fair. A few of the things that were mentioned were making the fair a one­hundred percent smoke free environment and adding more seating to the stage where the hypnotist performs. Everyone that is part of this fair is constantly trying to improve it for each Dalton Teel reflects on his year to come. week as Youth Fair Board president

Duvall experiences hypnotism

Every year at the fair there is a hypnotist. A hypnotist is a person trained in the art of inducing people into a state of hypnosis, a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction (via Google). A person being hypnotized can be very interesting; especially when it’s Griffin Duvall. There are three things that you have to be able to do in order to be fully hypnotized­­be imaginative, push out Junior Griffin Duvall everything, and you have to want to be hypnotized. Duvall said, “When I closed my eyes I was not allowed to open them until I heard the snaps of his fingers.” The ones that went up there did many activities. They had to picture a jungle safari and act like a monkey, tiger, and more. He had people, including Duvall, dance on stage. The hypnotist also had his subjects think that their belly buttons were stolen and every time he said something about it, their belly buttons hurt. This activity lasted for about forty­ five minutes, and Duvall had no memories of his actions after it was over. The only way Duvall knew of his doings was because someone had videotaped his performance so that he could find out what being hypnotized was like and what hilarious things he did. Duvall is very brave to go up there and let someone have full control over him.


Back at it, LHS! FEATURE



Back to school means balancing homework, activities On a typical Tuesday, Taylor White wakes up, gets ready, and goes to school. Rather than wait in the parking lot and hang out with his friends after school, he hastily rushes off to swim practice. On his way to The Jimmy Floyd Center, thoughts are rapidly racing through his head in a mad dash. After swim, he just wants to go home and relax with his video games, but instead he stays up late finishing homework due the next day. White is currently taking three AP (Advanced Placement) classes with one honors class, and the homework load is enough to break any one. “Homework causes conflicts with how much time I get to hang out with my friends. And how much down time I have,” White said. If he wants to have extra time to spend with friends, he has to manage his time wisely. “I manage my time by doing my homework in spurts. I’ll do an hours worth then take a while to unwind my thoughts then proceed to finishing the rest” White said. Fellow classmate Leah Jones, agrees. Leah is a varsity cheerleader and with AP classes and two honors classes: her time seems unmanageable.

“Well, with cheerleading, we normally have practice after school for two­three hours, so I get home and normally spend an hour or two on homework and studies,” Jones said. And even with so much going on she still manages time for her family. “After my studies I still have to spend time with my family and get stuff done before bed.” Even though students may hate homework, there are valid reasons for teachers to assign it. English teacher Mrs. Goodman is known for assigning homework on a regular basis. “There needs to be some sort of independent practice to show Taylor White studies between classes. He is taking three AP mastery of skills,” Goodman said. classes this semester, so balancing his homework, sports, and “Also, students need to have work activities becomes challenging. outside of school to help them realize that school is a priority in Goodman said. their lives right now.” “Junior year is the hardest year of high school Goodman recommends proper time management and it has already taught me how to manage my time for students who are struggling with the work load. more wisely to have the down time that I want and “Good ways for kids to balance their time is time the grades that I need.” said White. management, organization, and prioritizing,”

Time Management Tips

1. Make a to­do list. 2. Keep your work with you. So, if there is any extra time you can work on it. 3. Don't be afraid to say no. If your friends ask you to go out, don't be afraid to say no because you have homework. 4. Find your productive time. Are you a morning person or night? 5. Create a dedicated work time so that you always have time to work. 6. Budget your time. Work first, play later. 7. Prioritize. Don't make something of importance, when it isn't important. 8. Don't get sidetracked. If you allow yourself to get distracted you may never get your work done. 9. Get a good night's sleep. You can't focus if you are sleepy.

Clubs at LHS

Beta Card Club Criminal Justice DECA Disc Golf Club FBLA FCCLA FFA HOSA Humane Society

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A new year brings new faces to the LHS faculty Mrs. Alana Coles joins English department after 1 5 years of teaching Mrs. Alana Coles, new English 3 teacher and AP English 4 teacher, started the school year with anticipation and excitement to meet her new students, just as she had in her previous 15 years of teaching. However, this year was different for her in one significant way­­it was her first day of school at LHS. Coles says that she had a “spiritual calling to teach” and that she “just knew teaching was her purpose in life.” Coles has taught at four other schools previous to her current teaching job. These schools include: Two Rivers Middle School, Hunter’s Lane in the Metro area, and Pope John Paul II. Coming to LHS, she says that she hasn’t had to make any adjustments. She stated that the only thing she had to adjust to was the 7:20 time, since she lives in Hermitage. The differences between the schools are more noticeable. Hunters Lane, as well as Two Rivers Middle

School, were much more urban and larger in student body size since it was in the Metro­Nashville area. Pope John Paul II is different from Hunter’s Lane, Two Rivers, and LHS; JPII had “uniforms, was very academic, and had good behavior. The biggest change between JPII and LHS was seeing facial hair,” Coles said, since it was against dress code at JPII. She states that “LHS is a mix between JPII and Hunters Lane. There’s a ‘in­this­ together’ feel with public schools, unlike private. Everybody is on the same mission in public schools.” Mrs. Alana Coles teaches her 3rd block English III class. Although there are If you see her in the halls, don’t friendly,” she states. LHS gives Mrs. differences in every school, be scared if she randomly starts Alana Coles a warm, Blue Devil adjustments between schools are little talking to you, “I’m extremely welcome to Lebanon High School. to none.

How many hours of sleep does LHS get at night? Get to sleep, LHS!

Back to school often means less sleep during the week. There are many situations that cause teenagers to skip out on the adequate amount of sleep: jobs, sports, homework, church, etc. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) reports that "teens need about 9 1 /4 hours of sleep each night to function best." The NSF also says that not getting enough sleep can make you more prone to pimples, affect your mood, and degrade your ability to learn. The NSF urges teenagers to make sleep a priority. For more information, the study done by the NSF can be found at p-topics/teens-and-sleep






Change up your fall look with red lipstick

Wearing a bold color on your lips can freshen your wardrobe As fall is approaching, everyone is trying to find their new staple item. Red lipstick is not only an all year wear, but looks extra special with your fall fashion colors. Red lipstick makes your smile fierce and your teeth look whiter. It stands out like you’re trying to make a fashion statement. You could be wearing a black lace dress with heels and red lipstick would pull that outfit together.

Senior girls Hope White, Katie Hale, and Emilie Prindiville (left) and juniors Miranda Ducket, Mckenzie O'Connell, Hope Steinhurst, Lexie Sutton, and Alexus Huddleston (below) rock their red lipstick for a bold look

Red is scientifically proven to be considered the most attractive color by men. Red lipstick makes everything that is dull be exciting and magnificent. You could be wearing jeans and a plain shirt and red lipstick would make that outfit rare and extravagant. Red lipstick even looks good with denim. Colors you might want to avoid are pinks, oranges, or purples. Do not ever be afraid to be bold and stand out from everyone else and wear red lipstick.

Transition your wardrobe to autumn Wear your summer shorts with tights for a cool look for fall

The rapid new trend happening is high waisted shorts, even though this “new” trend is not new. The style in the 80s was high waisted shorts, jeans, and any other kind of pant. In this era, we are just putting our 21st century twist on it. As summer is coming to a close and you pull out those fall favorites, keep the high waisted denim shorts out. Even though it is cooler

outside that does not mean that you cannot put your high waisted denims with tights and boots. The classic fall look with a big sweater, high waisted denim shorts, tights and riding boots is definitely the way to go.. As seen in the picture to the left these models are wearing oversized sweaters, classic denim high waisted shorts, tights, and boots style. This is a great look for this fall season, and it is on trend with what is going on in the fashion world.





A new twist on an Divergent is a suspensful read Dystopian novel scores big with students old style How to fishtail braid your hair

I absolutely refuse to wear the same hairstyle everyday. Whether it’s down and straight or up in a bun, but the buzzing new hairstyle is a fishtail braid. The fishtail braid is classy but simple. If you’re in a rush one day before school and want to look cute, the fishtail braid is definitely the way to go. It’s not as simple as the braid, but looks more elegant than a regular braid.

Being Abnegation isn’t the easiest for Beatrice. She lives in a dystopian society where the world is divided into five factions. The Dauntless (The Brave), The Candor (The Honest), The Eurdite (The Intelligent), The Amity (The Peaceful), and The Abnegation (The Selfless). While living in the Abnegation faction, Beatrice is required to be selfless and to help anyone in need, but soon she is forced to take an aptitude test that will help her decide her fate. And from those results, she will be able to switch to any faction she wants, or stay with the one she is currently in. After getting her results, she finds out that she is Divergent, and knowing this makes her a target. This book holds your attention and keeps you on edge with the amount of suspense that Roth puts in it. She writes a tale of Beatrice, which will makes you grow fond of her character and continue rooting for Beatrice throughout the entirety of her journey. Take some time to sit down and really dive into this read!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones makes its way to the silver screen Step 1: Separate hair into two equal sections

Step 3: Take a piece of hair from the far right side and bring to middle

Step 2: Take a piece of hair from the far left and bring to middle

Step 4: Repeat until you get to the end of hair

Movie version of popular book, box office success In New York City, lives an average teenage girl named Clary Fray. She’s always lived with her mother in their apartment above a fortune teller, and lived a normal life… until everything changes. Clary learns that she is a Shadowhunter, a warrior of ancient descent that protects the world from demons, after her mother is kidnapped by Valentine, the brought­back­ to­life antagonist. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was an overall impressive movie. It has little bits of every fantasy that became popular with this generation such as the Harry Potter films or The Twilight Saga. The film budget was $60 million dollars, so of course the demons could be cheesy a bit, but that’s expected from the first film in a series. City of Bones was based on the book by Cassandra Clare. There were a few notable differences: in one part of the book, Simon, Clary’s best friend, was turned into a rat, and brought to a vampire­infested, abandoned hotel, while in the movie, Simon, still human, was knocked out by a drug­type substance, and brought to the hotel. People who have read the books will enjoy the movie more since they have more in depth knowledge of it. City of Bones is a movie that many teenagers will enjoy if they’re into fantasy action films. I strongly encourage you to go see this movie and experience the world of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones!





Healthy eating with Jimmy Fall sweet treat: Pilgrim Pies


INGREDIENTS: 1 Cup Pamela’s baking & pancake mix (or similar brown rice mix) 1 Large egg or egg alternative*(V) ¾ Cup of water 1tbsp. coconut oil 2 Bananas, chopped (add to batter before pouring into pan) ½ Cup ground flaxseed (add to batter before pouring into pan) Dash of cinnamon DIRECTIONS: 1. Follow the pancake directions on the back of the mix. 2. Use coconut oil for the mix and to cook the pancakes.

3. Serve with fresh berry syrup FRESH BERRY SYRUP: 4 oz. water 1 cup strawberries 1 cup blueberries 1 Tbsp. agave (optional) DIRECTIONS: 1. Bring water in small sauce pan to a boil. 2. Reduce heat when boiling to low and add in fruit. 3. Once fruit softens, mash fruit until consistency you desire is reached.

INGREDIENTS: PUMPKIN COOKIES 2 eggs 2 cups light brown sugar 1 cup vegetable oil 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 (15­ounce) can pumpkin 3 cups flour 1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt CREAM CHEESE FROSTING 4 ounces cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup butter, softened 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 4 to 5 cups confectioners' sugar DIRECTIONS: Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Beat the eggs, brown sugar, oil, and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl until smooth. Stir in the pumpkin. In a separate bowl, combine the flour, pumpkin spice, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture a half cup at a time, blending each time until smooth.

Drop a heaping tablespoon of batter onto an ungreased cookie sheet, using a moist finger or the back of a spoon to slightly flatten each mound. Bake the cookies for 12 minutes, then transfer them to a wire rack to cool completely. Meanwhile, make the frosting. Beat together the cream cheese, butter, and vanilla extract in a bowl until light and fluffy. Mix in the confectioners' sugar a half cup at a time, until the frosting is spreadable. Spread a generous amount of cream cheese frosting on half of the cookies. Top them with the remaining cookies. Makes 10 to 14 Pilgrim Pies.

Where in the world are Blake Shelton, Ten Times Dalton and Kennedy? Crazier in Nashville On September 11, Kennedy and I went to the Fireworks Show in honor of Patriot Day at the Wilson County Fairgrounds. This is the first year that Wilson County has held a fireworks show on September 11. The fairgrounds hosted the fireworks show because earlier in the year the Fourth of July fireworks show was cancelled due to the weather. The fireworks show was phenomenally put on, from the slow start, entertaining middle, and mouth­dropping end. All Dalton and Kenney have together the show was amazing. tons of fun at the Even if the fireworks show hadn’t fireworks show had been good, it still would’ve been a fun time. Just like any high school student would suggest, anytime you’re with good friends, you’ll have a good time, no matter the circumstances. There were food stands and vendors of all kinds. It was almost like a mini­sized version of the fair, with all the food that was offered. It was a great time because there’s nothing better than free, wholesome entertainment in your own town.

Saturday, September 12, Blake Shelton’s Ten Times Crazier tour came to the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Most concerts are strictly about the music and stage production; however, Blake Shelton was highly interactive with his audience. Openers included rising stars Jana Kramer and Easton Corbin. Descending from a silo tower, Shelton Blake Shelton puts on an amazing started the concert off with “All About concert in Nashville Tonight.” Shelton being a good ‘ole country boy had a stage fit to his character with backgrounds from his music video, American flags, string lights, and fire flashing all night. He told the crowd his story of his journey on the hit TV talent show The Voice, and sang co­star CeeLo Green’s hit “Forget You” giving a twist until he cut mid song to introduce his song “Hillbilly Bone” where Trace Adkins made a surprise appearance to complete the duet. To involve the crowd, Shelton asked the crowd to cover the stadium in lights “like a Taylor Swift concert” and “pretend like you know this song even if you don’t” as he sang “Home.” Sadly, the comedic concert had to come to an end as Shelton sang “God Gave Me You,” thanking the crowd again for such a memorable night he had been waiting for for over ten years, “I’ve been hanging around Nashville since 1994 dreaming of the day I could headline this place right here. I’ll never forget this night for the rest of my life.”





Keeping Time Junior Payton Bush leads the Blue Devil Marching Band on the field.


Q: How long have you been in band? A: This year is my sixth year

Q: What made you want to be a drum major? A: I thought it would be a worthwhile experience

Q: What does it take to be a drum major? A: I’m just going to sum it up; dedication. Also you have to be able to take a lot of responsibility and you always have to be positive. Q: What is the hardest part about being a drum major? A: You are always under pressure. Plus I am always having to read Mr. Spear’s mind. Q: What is your favorite thing about being drum major? A: Probably the fact that I get to represent my band. Q: What advice would you give to freshman getting started in band? A: Don’t give up; it’ll get better.




Spotlight Player Marqualis Williams As the Blue Devil football team starts off their season, Junior cornerback Marqualis Williams has compiled a rather extensive stat line. Over the first four games, he has 13 tackles, 4 passes broken up, forced a fumble, recovered a fumble, and intercepted a pass. “Marqualis has become a leader in our secondary, he shows up to work every day, does his talking with his pads and gives it his all every time he is out on the field; there isn’t



much more you can ask from a kid,” said coach Harp about the cornerback. Williams is a part of a the Blue Devils' improved secondary, which has only allowed 1 TD through the air after the first four games. Along with being on the football team, he is also a part of the Blue Devil basketball and track teams. To watch Marqualis play, the last home football game is against the Cookeville Cavaliers on September 27 at Watkins Stadium/ Tribble Field at 7:00.

No summer break for Brown

Principal Brown hires five head coaches Lebanon High athletic director Darian Brown's summer vacation didn't allow for much relaxation as the veteran administrator stayed busy filling five head coaching vacancies. As if going through piles of applications for new coaches to lead boys’ and girls’ soccer, wrestling, softball and baseball wasn't tough enough, Brown had to fit his choices into a narrow window of teaching openings. "For every job, it was a long process," Brown said, "but even with the few teaching positions we had available, I believe we've landed an outstanding group of coaches." In late June, Brown named former Cumberland University soccer Assistant Principal Darian Brown, who is standout Kempess Villafana as coach also the athletic director, put in many hours of both the girls’ and boys’ soccer this summer hiring new coaches for LHS. programs here at LHS. Villafana works as an educational assistant at the school in addition to his coaching duties. In mid­July, Brown named recent Middle Tennessee State University graduate Kyle Mitchell as the new coach of the Blue Devil wrestling program. Mitchell, a former non­ faculty assistant at Wilson Central, will teach in Lebanon's Special Education department. In late July, Brown named veteran coach and educator Tony Long as the new Blue Devil baseball coach. Coach Long won a Class 2A state championship in 2000 as the head coach of White House High and has coached several major leaguers­­including Atlanta's Dan Uggla. Coach Long will teach Special Education at LHS. Days later, Brown hired Monica Braswell to take over the LHS softball program. Coach Braswell comes to Lebanon after a three­year stint as head softball coach at Macon County High. She will be working as an educational assistant in the Special Education department and will also help with girl's basketball. In addition to the head coaching hires, Brown oversaw the addition of several assistant coaches, including: George Ogilive, baseball; Andy Browning, Kenny Sallis and Tony Bates, football.

Upcoming Blue Devil Games

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Home Away Blackman Away Away

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LaVergne Stewart Creek

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Away Away Home



Wrestling has promising underclassmen The LHS wrestling team has high expectations for the 2013­2014 school year. They have a new coach and a new wave of freshmen hungry to get on the mat and win this season. Many of the new freshmen come in as high level wrestlers at their grade level and have already accomplished a lot in the sport. One of these freshman wrestlers is Sean Sensan, a one hundred and six pound talented wrestler. I interviewed him and asked him a few questions about the team, his view on wrestling as a sport, and the new coach Kyle Mitchell. This wrestling season you will have a new coach and a lot of new freshman wrestlers like yourself. What can people expect out of the wrestling team this year? I think we are going to be really good. A lot of the freshman wrestlers are really good. I think that we should have a few state

placers and maybe even winners. With that said, you guys have a new coach. How do you think he will impact the team? He’s great. He really knows his stuff. I think he will make this team really good. Not all people really know what wrestling is all about. Explain the hard work and dedication it takes to win and be successful in wrestling. Constantly working hard. Eating right. Weight watching. These are all main things in wrestling. At practice we are pushed really hard. I think this this the hardest sport physically out there. If you’re a wrestler, you will get in really good shape if you put in the work. Alright now on to yourself as a wrestler. How long have you been wrestling and what are some things you have and want to accomplish this year and the coming ones? I've been wrestling for 5 years now and have gone 60 and 0 in the past two years in Tennessee. I've lost a few out of state but not much. Also in 2011 I went to the

Amateur Athletes Union Wrestling Championship and won state and national. Sean is just one of many promising new freshman wrestlers on the team. The team is Freshman Sean Sensan exceeds expectations extremely hungry and wrestling team member Steeler Filson working very hard everyday to get thinks that they will be just fine into top shape for the season. At because the new freshmen “are hard practice they are constantly pushing workers” and “really good wrestlers their bodies to the limits and getting technique wise”. So with the new better everyday. With few coach and many new freshman, this upperclassmen on the team the new year is looking more promising than freshman wrestlers are going to have ever. to carry a lot of the load. But junior

Volleyball scores big Lebanon High School’s volleyball team hits the courts and gets big wins partly due to a good leader Tatum Thompson. Tatum has been playing volleyball since she was in the fifth grade and she is now a senior. She has been keeping the girls’ heads in the game, so they play well on the court. Tatum said,” I try to keep everyone talking on the court and am always smiling.” They also have gone to camp this summer at University of Tatum Thompson on Tennessee in Knoxville. Whitney Senior Night Hight, a sophmore on the volleyball team, said that the camp was a lot of fun and they learned so much to help with this season. Coach A.D. has been working for Lebanon High as the coach for two years. Tatum said, “I enjoy coach A.D., and she is just perfect.” Tatum has went through a lot of freshman kids coming up and she said that they all get along and are like sisters. She said she tries to talk to them as much as she can to keep them playing great throughout the season. When a team member messes up, she likes to say that they got it and that it’s okay. Whitney Hight said, “Tatum is a fantastic leader. She keeps us together and on task.” Tatum does this because she wants her last year to be great. The Lady Devils have had an outstanding season with big wins.





Blue Devils defeat Franklin County 31 -1 7 Taye Davis and Karlton Bruton combined for 259 yards rushing and five touchdowns to lead Lebanon to a 31­17 win over Franklin County Friday, Aug. 30 at Tribble Field / Watkins Stadium. The victory evened Lebanon's record at 1­1 and handed new coach Sam Harp his first win as the Blue Devil head man. The Rebels opened the scoring a 34­yard field goal on their initial drive. The teams swapped turnovers as Lebanon threw an interception and Franklin County surrendered the ball as the Blue Devil defense held on a fourth and six. Lebanon responded with a 65­yard, 11 play drive as Davis bulled in from a yard out, taking a 6­3 lead.

Late in the second quarter, LHS forced a turnover as Byron Williams knocked the ball loose from a Rebel punt returner, allowing Alex Saunders to recover at the Franklin County four. Lebanon cashed in as Bruton scored on the ensuing play ­­ pushing the Devil lead to 13­3. Franklin County scored just before intermission to trim the Lebanon lead to 13­10, but the visitors would get no closer. Coming out of the locker room hot, LHS scored three second half touchdowns, two by Davis and one by Bruton while never attempting a pass. Taye Davis runs the ball against Franklin County. Davis ran 180 yards during that game. "We ran the ball pretty good there in the Wilson County Lineman of blocks, and earning a 95% second half," Coach Harp running lanes." Senior offensive guard the Week for his play, grade from the offensive said. "Our line opened up Chris Osier was named recording four "pancake" coaches. some holes, opening up

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Find the devil!

Hidden somewhere in this newspaper is an image of a devil head. It will not appear on any ads, the front page, or pages 1 0 & 11 . Email your name, grade, and what page number you find it on to to be entered in to win breakfast from the cafe the following month.


Top 1 0 iTunes songs 1.Wrecking Ball­ Miley Cyrus 2.Royals­ Lorde 3.Roar­ Katy Perry 4.Dark Horse­ Katy Perry 5.Wake Me Up­ Avicii 6.Applause­Lady GaGa 7.Radioactive­ Imagine Dragons 8.Hold On We’re Going Home­ Drake 9.Safe & Sound­ Capital Cities 10. Berzerk­ Eminem

Fun photo of the month! New teachers at LHS word search Kristen Dedman and Justin Taylor are crowned spirit queen and king

Did you know... 1 . There are 1 8 different animal shapes in the Animal Crackers cookie zoo 2. Over 2,500 left-handed people die each year from using products made for righthanded people 3. A fear of vegetables is called Lachanophobia 4. Dolphins sleep with one eye open 5. The longest round of hiccups lasted 69 years




The Devils' Advocate- September 2013  
The Devils' Advocate- September 2013