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Traumatic Brain Injury Requires Care Traumatic Brain Injury is a serious problem among Soldiers today. It is commonly the result of combat operations against an enemy which regularly uses a high amount of explosives against troops. TBI, as it’s commonly known, requires medical evaluation to determine if there are any lasting effects caused by the trauma inflicted to the brain. According to ALARACT 193/2010, you must be assessed by your Commander or their designated representative if:

- You have been in a vehicle associated with a blast event, collision or rollover. - You have been within 50 meters of a blast, regardless if you were inside or outside a building - You have received a direct blow to the head or someone witness you losing consciousness. - If your leadership directs it.

Assessment of someone who might have TBI must occur as quickly as possible, regardless if physical injury is present. The assessment helps determine the factors that might lead to TBI in an individual who has been involved in a blast or collision. With the assessment done, proper treatment can be provided to help with the injury.

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Traumatic Brain Injury is a serious problem. If you have been within 50 meters of an explosion or involved in other incidents, get assessed...

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