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Ship the Right Stuff the Right Way As many paratroopers of the brigade prepare to deploy in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, learning how best to send packages to deployed loved ones can save a lot of hassle later on. Mail provides a tremendous morale booster to those deployed and their families and, done right, can help with the separation. Done incorrectly, it can be one of the most frustrating aspects of deployment.

 Learn what can and cannot be sent through the mail to deployed soldiers. Aerosols, pressurized containers and hazardous materials cannot be mailed.

 Pornography and alcohol should not be

 Send the package early. Expect it to take

sent—these items violate General Order Number One and their possession or use can be punishable under UCMJ.

14 to 21 days or longer to reach the intended recipient.

 Packages may sit for a long time in direct sunlight and be subject to extreme heat and cold during their travel. Keep that in mind if you decide to ship food overseas.

 Secure the package with adequate amounts of tape. This works to prevent the contents from accidentally spilling and theft.

Talk Now about how you will Talk When Deployed It is something we currently take for granted but quickly becomes one of the biggest obstacles while separated due to deployment. How will you communicate with your loved ones? Now is the best time to iron out how and when you intend to send letters, mail packages, write emails, coordinate webcam sessions and call on the telephone. The availability of the internet where we will deploy should be a factor in your planning. Certain cellular telephones function in Afghanistan. There are many options available: world-wide phones, international calling plans and Afghan-network phones are all an option.

 Use the proper customs forms when shipping mail overseas. If possible, use generic terms on the form to prevent thieves from learning there’s an expensive item being mailed.

 Double-check

the mailing address. There’s nothing more frustrating than thinking a loved one will receive a care package, only to have it returned because of an error.

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Costs, however, tend to be high when considering cell phone use in Afghanistan. I n t e rn a ti on a l pl a n s a r e expensive and it is easy to spend hundreds of dollars on Afghanistan phone cards to talk and text back home. Snail mail is consistent and relatively inexpensive, but not very timely compared to email, phones and webcamming. Deployments are stressful. Knowing ahead of time how each of you plan to communicate can reduce that stress and help the morale of families back home and soldiers downrange.

Sgt. 1st. Class Benjamin Collins of the 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment is inducted into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club by Command Sgt. Maj. Kurt Reed of the 307th Brigade Support Battalion.

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Devil's Details for February 23rd  

In this edition, we provide some tips to send the right stuff the right way to your deployed soldier. Also, how do you plan to communciate w...

Devil's Details for February 23rd  

In this edition, we provide some tips to send the right stuff the right way to your deployed soldier. Also, how do you plan to communciate w...