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Lock Up to Prevent Holiday Theft „Tis the season for shopping. It can also become the season for the opportunistic and the dishonest. Thieves will be on the lookout the next few weeks to see where vulnerabilities exist they can take advantage of. - Lock your vehicle at all times, regardless of whether or not you have valuable items inside it. Thieves will see an unlocked car door and look to take advantage of anything they can find inside.

- Thieves will look inside parked vehicles for valuable items. Keep them out of sight or take them home immediately after purchasing the gifts. - Be wary of carrying large amounts of cash with you during the holiday season. Consider using a debit card instead. - Be careful when carrying a purse during the holiday season; they can become prime targets for thieves looking for a quick score.

- Bag the packaging gifts came in using non-transparent trash bags if possible. Seeing a pile of boxes on the curb which once contained expensive gifts lets thieves know what you have. - Keep records of where, when and how much money you spent this holiday season. It will help you track your spending and identify if anyone is using your credit or debit card without your knowledge.

- Keep holiday gifts out of sight from windows and doorways.

Heading Out for the Holidays? Keep it Mum Online Planning to travel this holiday season? Try to keep it mum to prevent a holiday break-in. Increasingly, thieves are looking online for those who are away from their house on vacation during the holidays. - Don‟t post your vacation plans online. This will give thieves advance knowledge of your departure and return - enabling them to easily plan their break-in.

Traveling Wall Visits Fayetteville

- Be wary about posting updates and pictures while you are still on vacation. With these, you are advertising the fact your home is vacant . - Let trusted neighbors know you will be away and ask them to look out for your house. Leave them a list of any vehicles which might drop by and have them inform you of anyone unfamiliar walking around the house.

- If possible, don‟t talk about exact departure and return dates while at work. - Leave an out-of-office message on your email which lets everyone know you have departed and an approximate date you will return. Again, be careful revealing exact dates of departure and return.

The Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall visited Fayetteville for the city‟s “Heroes Homecoming” event.

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Devil's Details for 17 November  

In this edition of the Devil's Details, we give some tips to prevent theft during the holiday season.

Devil's Details for 17 November  

In this edition of the Devil's Details, we give some tips to prevent theft during the holiday season.