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Your Health is On Your Hands One of the best ways to stay healthy while deployed is to practice proper hand washing. Keeping your hands clean throughout the day can maintain your health and the wellness of those around you. Take note that the water commonly used to wash hands is not potable water, meaning it is not fit for drinking. Drinking water from the hand washing station could potentially cause illness. Frequency and method are key in proper hand washing. Hands should be washed immediately after each use of the latrine.

Bacteria and viruses latent in portable latrines can quickly render a soldier ill and non-mission capable if ingested. Hands should also be cleansed before eating. Cleaning your hands before taking in food and drink greatly increases your chances of staying healthy and preventing harmful substances, bacteria and viruses from entering your body and causing havoc. When washing your hands - take your time, as your health is in your hands. Lightly wet your hands with the provided water and ensure the soap you are using reaches the spaces in between your fingers

Keep OPSEC on the Mind Putting together a puzzle makes the picture clearer with each new piece. When it comes to Operations Security, known as OPSEC, our role is to ensure we prevent the enemy from gaining information they could use to put together a co mplete picture o f our operations. Any piece of information about our operation, no matter how small or insignificant it seems, could help the enemy complete their picture.. With that complete picture, the enemy could stage an effective attack and cause casualties or damage to our unit.

 When

disposing of any documents or media, take a moment to think how it could be exploited by someone searching through the trash. Shred or burn documents with information on them.  Ensure CDs or DVDs with

and down to the top of your wrists, effectively covering your entire hand. Work the soap on your hands for at least 30 seconds before rinsing, allowing it to sanitize your hands. Dry your hands after you wash them and consider using a paper towel to open a nearby DFAC door, further preventing the spread of hand-borne bacteria.

Eye In Focus

information on them are rendered un-usable or are shredded or broken before being thrown in the trash.

 Be mindful of where you talk. The dining facility, where many of us relax is also where foodservice contracted third-countynationals and Afghans can listen for information. Speaking about an upcoming patrol or operation to your friends could compromise the mission.

 Do not think your ROSHAN or any other cell phone or SIM Card bought in-country is a secure line. Be careful what you talk and message about using cell networks which could be monitored by the enemy for information.

Photo by Sgt. Michael MacLeod

Paratroopers of 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division practice taking biometric data during pre-rotational classes held at the Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk, Louisiana

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Devil's Details for 12 January  

Handwashing is essential to good health. This edition outlines some good practices for handwashing and how to keep the enemy from learning...

Devil's Details for 12 January  

Handwashing is essential to good health. This edition outlines some good practices for handwashing and how to keep the enemy from learning...