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Back in the days of game hunting, these animals were the most difficult to hunt. They were considered the most dangerous as they could cause a lot of harm to the hunters. I was very lucky to see all of them during my very 1st trip to Africa.

Lion: Large cat, uses ambush as weapon and does not shy away from confrontation.

Cape Buffalo: Very unpredictable. It’s huge size and horns can inflict serious damage.

Leopard: Nocturnal and secretive. Very difficult to stalk it

Rhinoceros: Generally, not aggressive, but when pushed into a corner, will attack.

African Bush Elephant: Stays away from humans. If they feel danger to young ones or if it is a single male, they will not hesitate to attack. Can inflict heavy damage.

Field guide africa project the big 5  

Photo essay on the big five of Afriva

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