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SteelMaster Serves PIN Breakfast Having  been  a part  of  the Hampton  Roads  area  for 30 years  now,  SteelMaster likes  to give back  and   support   the   community.   One   of   the   organizations   that   we   often   work   with   is   People   in   Need   (PIN).   Throughout   the   year,  SteelMaster  is   a   part   of   several   PIN   events   including   PingPong   for   Poverty.  Volunteers from the company (along with family and friends) have also helped with PIN’s weekly Pancake  Breakfasts. Check out the picture below to see the team that helped cook breakfast for those in need this  past weekend.

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SteelMaster Serves PIN Breakfast  

Throughout the year, SteelMaster is a part of several PIN events. Volunteers from the company have also helped with PIN's weekly Pancake Bre...

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