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SteelMaster Named Finalist in Export Contest The Small Business Administration (SBA) recently announced their Export Video Contest and SteelMaster  Buildings  in  Virginia  Beach,  VA was  named  the  one of the  five finalists representing  the Agribusiness  category. In August, the SBA launched the Export Video Contest asking small businesses to submit their exporting   stories through YouTube videos for a chance to win prizes and awards towards a future export event. The   contest, presented in partnership with Visa and President Obama's National Export Initiative, recognizes  successful small business exporters and helps to circulate information about federal tools available to assist  U.S. exporters into new markets to grow their companies. Steelmaster   Buildings'   winning   video   was   submitted   under   the   Agribusiness   Category   titled   Building  Beyond   Our   Borders   highlighting   the   company's   growth   in   exporting   over   the   past   5   years.   The   video  recounts SteelMaster's exporting story from the time the decision was made to expand exporting efforts   through   their   current   business   success   in   international   markets.   In   fact,   SteelMaster   has   been   able   to  expand their distributor network to over 50 countries and has doubled their exporting sales year over year  for the past 5 years.

SteelMaster's success in exporting began after reaching out to governmental resources including the SBA,   Virginia Export Development Partnership (VEDP), Export­Import Bank, and U.S. Commercial Services. SteelMaster   Vice   President   Rob   Poellnitz   acknowledges   these   organizations   for   guiding   the   company  through its foray into the global marketplace when the domestic market became saturated by competition  and  the   U.S.   dollar  weakened.  "Initially,   we  applied   for  a  VEDP­sponsored   grant   that  was  available   for  companies that wanted to expand internationally," says Poellnitz. "It really opened our eyes to what was out  there, and we learned a lot from experiences shared by similarly positioned companies. It also helped us   develop confidence." For More Information About Steel Buildings Visit

SteelMaster Named Finalist in Export Contest  
SteelMaster Named Finalist in Export Contest  

The SBA recently announced its Export Video Contest and SteelMaster Buildings was named the one of the five finalists representing the Agrib...