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Steel Buildings Used for Custom Art Studio in NY Check out this great story about how three  SteelMaster buildings  were used to design a custom art  studio that features Chinese art in upstate New York! The Art of Steel Upstate   New  York’s  picturesque   landscape   is  a  milieu   of   the   unexpected.   It   is  a  place   where   evenly   plowed   fields   collide   with   patches   of   brilliantly   colored   wildflowers,   and   the   highest   mountain   peaks  descend sharply into deep, yielding lakes. Tucked   into   these   surroundings   is  a   parcel   of   privately­owned   land   where   the   region’s  confluence   of  elements has been utilized and built upon. It is here that East meets West and grass meets steel. Welcome to the Art Farm. In the spring of 2008, Christophe Mao, the director of Chambers Fine Art in New York, saw the realization  of his vision to create a structure for contemporary Chinese art in upstate New York that was functional  and, in effect, a piece of art itself. The   new   Chambers   Fine   Art   building   is   a   storage  facility   as   well   as   a   venue   for   Chinese   artists   to  display  their   work.   It   is  constructed   from  precision­ engineered corrugated steel that was custom made  by SteelMaster, a purveyor of high quality steel arch  buildings   and   roofing   systems   based   in   Virginia  Beach, VA. "After   discussion   with   my   architects   in   China   and  Switzerland,   we   settled   on   steel   as   the   most   cost­ effective   and   aesthetically   pleasing   material   for   the   effect   we   wanted   to   achieve,”   says   Mao.   "The  SteelMaster product was chosen for its lightness, durability, and strength—facilitating the creation of open  spaces without internal support.” According to Simon Frommenwiler, an architect with HHF architects in Switzerland, who designed the  space   in   conjunction   with   artist   Ai   Weiwei,   the   abstract   metallic   outer   appearance   of   the   building   complements a group of existing sculptures that are situated throughout the property. "Using one material  simplified the process, and SteelMaster was very cost effective,” says Frommenwiler. "When we realized   we could use the material to create something that looks like a sculpture, we were sold.” Exteriorly, the three separate SteelMaster buildings that make up the space were put on a solid concrete  slab that follows the existing grade of the land. The three buildings and levels are connected through a   continuous cascading ramp in the middle axis. This middle hallway with its ramp works as access for all   spaces, allows an easy way of exchanging big pieces of art between storage and showrooms, and works  at the same time as a picture gallery.

Interiorly, the   ceilings   are   covered   with   soft,   white  PVC   batting   which   creates   the   illusion   of   a   cozy  pillow top. "We wanted it very soft and bright on the  inside   to   create   a   quiet   and   cool   space,”   says  Frommenwiler. For   delicate   goods   such   as   paintings,   consistent  indoor   temperatures   are   needed,   which   is   a  challenge   in   upstate   New   York   because   of   the  enormous changes in temperatures. The batting and  the   SteelMaster   structures   create   a   hermetically  closed   and   insulated   envelope   that   conserves   the  indoor climate and supports it when necessary. "I am very satisfied both with the close relationship  between   the   material   used   ­   steel   and   internal  insulation ­ and the concept of the architects,” says  Mao.   "For   people   that   are   considering   building   a  structure,   I   recommend   they   give   steel   serious  consideration   as   an   alternative   to   more   commonly  used materials.” For More Information About Steel Buildings Visit

Steel Buildings Used for Custom Art Studio in NY  
Steel Buildings Used for Custom Art Studio in NY  

The new Chambers Fine Art building is constructed from precision-engineered corrugated steel that was custom made by SteelMaster.