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Nfc Devices: Android Embraces Near Field Communication Technology Nfc Card Reader Services Nowadays, it is possible to indentify or track a person, animal, or object using a state of the art technology of radio frequency identification or RFID. This is possible through the radio frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by the RFID chip. It is in this frequency that information is transferred and interpreted by a RFID reader. A pet with RFID tag can be located with ease using the RFID scanner. You can also view the information stored in the tag through the RFID reader. Uses of RFID The RFID technology has been used mainly in different industries since tracking and identification play a huge role in managing inventories and assets. For instance, a RFID tag can be attached to mobile phones during production so workers can easily track the progress of each model without having to manually open the device. Meanwhile farmers can now easily identify their farm animals individually because each tag can be written or stored with specific information. Even if a farmer has hundreds of cows in his farm, he can identify his prized cow by merely scanning the RFID chip embedded in the animal. RFID system is also applied in transfer of payment electronically. You can now use your mobile phones to pay for your groceries as long as your phone has RFID tag. You can even use your phone as an RFID reader if you want to information about a certain item in the store. The chip inside your cell phones can access your bank information so you can transfer your payment to the merchant. This way you will no longer have to bring cash or credit card to shop. Since RFID can store valuable information, security features are now added to make the technology secure. RFID Technology Today These days, it is possible to tag assets and inventories without having to shell out a large portion of your funds. The technology is very affordable, a tag can costs from 5 cents to a hundred dollars depending on the design. You can now use RFID to tag your pets so you can easily locate them if in case they got out of your house. If for instance, you pet can ran away, a person who picked your pet can identify the owner and address using a scanner like the USB RFID reader which is available universally. Nfc Readers Smart phones today are no longer simple devices for communication; these state of the art phones are now used for commerce too. Gone are the days when we only rely on our mobile phones to communicate with our families or friends. Some phone brands today allow owners to manage their bills, acquire and share information, and even meet people using their devices. This trend is possible through the technology known as NFC or Near Field Communication. This technology turns phones into an information reader and sharer.

What is NFC and how it Works NFC which stands for Near Field Communication is a type of communication or exchange of data that relies on electromagnetic radio fields. The system is similar to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi since it allows transfer or exchange of data wirelessly. It can also be likened to RFID since it is also a wireless transfer of communication. However NFC devices as to be within proximity in order to allow exchange of information. NFC is available in two forms: passive and active NFC. Passive enabled devices only store information for other NFC enabled devices to read. For example, a magazine with a tag may contain additional information which you may read if you scan the code using your NFC enabled device. On the other hand, active NFC is present in smart phones. The devices have the ability to extract and interpret data from passive NFC. In the example above, the active device is the NFC enabled smart phones. What phones and tablets with active NFC system can do is interpret information from passive tags while you can also alter the information if it is included in the program. Nfc Devices NFC Technology on Android Devices Android users can now enjoy the NFC technology because the platform allows NFC data to be acquired and shared. Right now there are select android phones from Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony that are equipped with NFC so owners can use their phones to pay for stuff. Right now, it is possible for users to get discounts and avail promos by reading the passive tag using their android phones.

Nfc Devices: Android Embraces Near Field Communication Technology  

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