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at the capulets mansion somewhere along sixth avenue

i've booked 50 taxis to get you home on your wobbly legs

my friends, a great night of fun! no one goes home till they're dead drunk!

wah some hell of a party eh benvolio. THe capulets sure know how to throw a party

wah so many people

ha! you two have fun... i'll be around here

woohoo! so many hot babes man

she's so beautiful

omg, my heart.. it goes weak at the sight of her

i think i love her

don't talk so cheem, my simple brain cannot take it

oh lovely lady, you are like a goddess to me

you are my religion and i am your devotee

hi i just wanna say you are so hot and you turn me on

do you wanna go somewhere

no... but..

you too... you are the most yandao in the party

uncle i think i saw romeo just now... let me get rid of him

relax... forget about romeo. don't spoil the party for goodness sake

i wanna KILL HIM! back off that idea before i lock you in the basement

tybalt takes his leave

besides, i think he is a goodly gentlemen

shit the kiss so shiok, why must stop now?


in case you didn't know, you just made out with juliet capulet

man... bye darling


nurse could you find out for me who was that young man just now?

he was someone you should not have kissed...

wah lan eh... why i so suay

he is romeo montague... find someone else my dear juliet vows that she will die unwed if she does not

after the party...

oh romeo... why must you be a montague

Oh romeo...

Should i kaypoh more, or talk now?

Haiii.... What's a Montague? Also not a hand, a foot, an arm of any part of a man loh! Throw away your name and i will give you me in exchange

ONZ! bond.. call me james bond!

How did you get here?

Aren't you romeo?

Well, sorta. no, call me bond, james bond

Ha! i have wings of love ay!


[sings].. "i sweearr... by the moon and stars and the sky..." No, don't swear by the moon. i don't like, sometimes big, sometimes small


don't swear lah. so lame can... this is too fast, and errr, goodbye!

huh... then swear using what?

goodbye? you're leaving me high & dry

[nurse] JUuLieeet!!!

high and dry...

then what you want? don't be pussy, faster say lah!

hmm, erm... i want us to soompah our love

Walao, anticlimax. wait ah... nurse calling,


wah, this is machiam strike TOTO. too good to be real lah!



on the streets of ang mo kio

Whoa... So many capulets... lets go home bro

WHere is romeo... i'm gonna get him

WHy? i'm not scared of them leh...

tybalt Don't know, don't care. But if you want to fight... i'm game

Hahaha. what a joke...

You know, i find it really distasteful to slaughter pigs on the streets

@*#& bring it on if you've got the ballS!

mai lai la bro... too many people here, pointless getting into trouble

Let them see, i don't care!

Romeo! i challenge you on a 1on-1!

enters romeo... ROMEO you pussy! you make me sick!

but.. but.. i don't wanna fight you... you're my bro leh

die tybalt! today you meet your maker!

YOur aiming sucks! EAT THIS mercutio! DI T E HA YBA HA LT! HA HH A


May you find peace in heaven


OH MY GOD! mercutio!

tybalt makes his escape SHit... i'm so sorry mercutio someone call 995

@$#* Screw you capulets, montagues... you too!

juliet it's all your fault! you made me a wimp!

i think i sure die already...

tybalt! i will avenge my kaki...

don't kill me please!

oh shit! what have i done?!

romeo soon flees ang mo kio

romeo gets banished to hong kong

ROMEO... Singapore disowns you! you're banished! now scram!!

romeo on board plane to hong kong

juliet hears of the news and drops romeo an sms

juliet heads to hong kong to find romeo

romeo hears of the plane crash just before he leaves his house

!"#$%&'(&) '(($*+,",(&---) ./)0012)345)6745389) 9:7;<=)>38)?4<9;<=)4>)>38) 4;7@A7>B)!>)588C5)>34>) >3878)478)($).*%D!D$%.B) #4558<=875)58<>)>A)/:88<) ,?;E4F8>3)GA5@;>4?B)

romeo darling, I'M heading to HONG KONG to find you.. I'M ON FLIGHT SQ5528 come over! pick me up at the airport! *MUACKS*

saddened by the news, romeo attempts to take his life

even though we're not born on the same year, same month nor same day, but we can die together on the same year, same month and same day...

i'll see you in heaven my dear... i'll always love you romeo was rushed to queen elizabeth hospital after some magic.. ROMEO!

juliet... you're alive?!

a year later...

the end...

Shakespeare from Text to Film: R+J Comic  

A short adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. With its context based in Singapore, and some voiceovers during the actual presentatio...

Shakespeare from Text to Film: R+J Comic  

A short adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. With its context based in Singapore, and some voiceovers during the actual presentatio...