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Therefore those who explain the Odes, may not insist on one term so as to do violence to a sentance, nor on a sentance so as to do violance to the general scope. They must try with their thoughts to meet that scope, and then we shall apprehend it. Chinese Classics, ‘The Works of Mencius’, V, part I, iv. 2 (1861).

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The Legacy of James Legge

Palace of Puzzles James Legge 1815 – 1897 Born in Huntly


Missionary + Translator in China 1837-1873


Professor of Sinology Oxford

James Legge left his Huntly birthplace in Aberdeenshire as a missionary to the Far East. Believing that he had to understand those he sought to convert, he learned Chinese and began a lifelong study of the language and culture. Later, occupying the first chair of Sinology at Oxford, he published 50 monumental volumes of the Chinese classics – including the scripts of Confucius and the i-Ching. This opened routes of exchange that seeded early modern globalisation.

理雅各:1815 年生于亨特利| 赴远东传教(1837-1873)| 翻译家 | 牛津大学首任汉学教授 (1875-1897) 理雅各离开他的出生地亨特利,作为传教士被派往远东传教。由于他认为自己要真正理解自己传教的对象,就要懂得他们 的语言与文化,他开始了其坚持一生的研究。后来,他成为牛津大学首任汉学教授,出版了多卷本的《中国经典》及《东 方圣书》,其中包括《论语》和《易经》。他的著作打开了中英相互交流的通道,加深了对中国文化的了解,同时也开启 了全球化的先声

The Utopia Group Deng Defai and He Hai, Beijing/China


The Legacy of James Legge

乌托邦小组 邓大非+何海,北京,中国

Saturday 26 September 2009

2009 年 9 月26日,星期六

2pm Public Procession Meet at the Square, Huntly

下午两点: 游行 起点:亨特利市中心广场


下午四点:茶会、讨论 理雅各的遗产:理解、误解、信仰和健忘:中国与西方

Chinese Tea Ceremony + Discussion The Legacy of James Legge: understanding, misunderstanding, belief and amnesia – China + the West. Gordon Arms Hotel, Huntly

7pm Ceilidh with Chinese food Tickets: £10 Gordon Arms Hotel, Huntly

苏格兰舞会, 提供中国食品 (门票:10镑)

Deveron Arts works with the visible history and identity of Huntly, a small market town in the north east of Scotland, to make and show new work. For Deveron Arts, the town is the venue; studio, gallery and stage for a wide range of visual and performing arts that take place in a variety of found spaces, rather than any specified buildings or galleries. Here, the town stimulates creativity and research while people meet to talk and exchange ideas. We invite artists who may be local or from anywhere in the world to engage in projects that are of both local and global concern. Their works form Deveron Arts’ evolving collection, which can be seen in shops, offices and other spaces around the town. The Utopia Group (Deng Dafei and He Hai), from Beijing, are in residence with Deveron Arts between July and Sept 2009. During this period they are developing a body of artworks celebrating one of Huntly’s famous sons – the great sinolgist and translator James Legge. The work includes a town-wide treasure hunt, an exhibition of drawings and a public ceremonial parade.

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Utopia group palace of puzzles project

Utopia group palace of puzzles invite card  

Utopia group palace of puzzles project