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`Üá WxuÉÜt{ UxxáÉÇ potATo HOM(E)age

Brander Library Garden Saturday 29th September 2007 from 2pm

RSVP Deveron Arts 01466 794494

PotATo HOM(E)age is an installation of 220 pots with organically produced heritage seed potatoes of the widest variety, growing from seed to maturity. A Chartres-like maze in the town centre garden winding it’s way to a small shed in which potato spirits are being brewed. To finalise the season the artist invites you to a traditional ‘Tattie Tea’ with potato scones and cakes, to walk the maze, visit the shed and take home a pot to try one of her collected recipes.

Deborah Beeson potato invite carddeborah bee  
Deborah Beeson potato invite carddeborah bee  

deborah beeson potato publicity