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A PERFECT FATHER DAY? SUNDAY, 19TH OF JUNE 12 – 5pm Top Park, Huntly (Torry Road, behind Somerfield) Join artist Anthony Schrag for a fun afternoon focused on the role of DADS in the family. With games, races, food, drink, discussions and general malarkey! We provide the dads or you can B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Dad). Entry is free. Everybody welcome – with or without a dad! For more information please contact Deveron Arts Tel: 01466 794494 Email:

A PERFECT FATHER DAY? Watch out for the Dad Zone. Dad’s left at own risk. From 12 pm Races for/with/against Dad exploring “dad-ness” Each team nominates a Dad. No dad around? Or bored with your own dad – we can replace him no problem! Our Designated Dads will be there to join in the fun. Males as Mules Dads race carrying the team to the finish line Male Roll Model Teams push the Dads down the hill Wheelbarrow Dad Teams push the Dads across the fields Arm Wrestle Tournament Dads wrestle competition

Tug of War Dads vs Everybody else Papa’s Pageantry: Can you walk/dress like a Dad? Prizes for best impersonation!

From 5.30 pm What Use Is A Father? Pub Chat: Huntly Football Club with different Dads and Special Guest Matt O’Connor from Fathers for Justice free food

Lots of Prizes to be won! Football, TV, BBQ all Day Sat 18 June: Get Ready Family Walk up Clashmach Hill Start: long walk – 4 pm, short walk 6 pm Bring your own BBQ and music

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