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12 Séan Mc Sweeney HRHA 1935-2018 CONWAY’S BOG 1988 Oil on canvas, 47" x 66" (119.5 x 167.5cm), signed; signed & inscribed verso.

 hile McSweeney was influenced by Abstract Expressionism, he was too rooted in the landscape to give it up as subject W matter. For his entire working life as an artist he used the Irish landscape as the exclusive source of his art. He never tired of painting the same bogs, fields and shorelines under different weather conditions, finding something new every time.

 cSweeney spent summers with his mother’s family near Ballyconnell, County Sligo, returning to live there permanently M with his family in 1984. He felt emotionally connected with this flat bogland, and Conway’s Bog was almost certainly painted around Ballyconnell. This painting clearly shows the artist’s debt to Abstract Expressionism in its two-dimensionality and in its gutsy painterly attack – its sheer physicality. McSweeney allows us to imagine the frenetic act of painting and also wants us to enjoy the surface which here is vibrant, dense and luscious. But this is more than an abstract composition. It is also an imaginative response to his observation of moisture laden fields, with light reflecting off bog pools at a specific time. In the artist’s eyes it’s a place of constant movement, growth and wonder.

Dr Frances Ruane HRHA, May 2019

€10000 - 15000


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