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Different Types of Headlight Bulbs It is important that you have a proper headlight according to the standards described by the traffic agencies. If your headlight bulbs are damaged then you can choose to replace them from several options available in the market. Headlights are one of the most ignored safety features by the car drivers and the surprising fact is that majority of accidents in best selection of mercedes headlights night happen only due to faulty or improper headlights. What is an improper headlight? Well, it means that the headlight is dirty, the lenses are not aiming correctly, or the consistent exposure has resulted in a yellow tint in these headlights and in more noticeable cases, the headlight bulbs have ceased functioning. In any of the aforementioned cases, it becomes the responsibility of owners to get the headlight repaired or bulb replaced. The headlight bulbs are available in different varieties and it helps to know them, so that you can make a right choice. OEM Bulbs These bulbs are available cheap in the market and the original car manufacturers also use such bulbs. Therefore, you can directly purchase these bulbs from other manufacturers who are approved by the manufacturers. However, you must avoid ultra cheap bulbs because they do not meet the quality standards or they do not have a longer life. Long Life Bulbs Usually cars and personal vehicles are not frequently driven in the night whereas Lorries, trucks etc cover most of their distance in the night, so it is important for these vehicles to have the lights with heavier filaments. It helps in achieving greater resistance to vibration thus increasing the life span even in the rough driving also. If you had such bulbs and now it is producing yellowish light then you must understand that it is time to change the bulbs. These are costly ones but if you take the greater longevity in account then you will find them quite economical. Upgraded Headlight Bulbs These require expert and careful adjustment of the filament metals, gas and pressure so that they produce more even stream of light that is brighter and clearer. These bulbs have whiter lights which mean you have a clear vision of road and other tings ahead of your car and your vision is broader too. These lights are more expensive and have greater durability but they can be fixed by the expert firms only.

Different Types of Headlight Bulbs