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BEST COUPES-THE EPITOME OF STYLE One does not have to sacrifice practicality to enjoy a healthy dose of style while looking for the best coupes. All that is needed is to buy a coupe, which offers the best of both, a sedan and a sports car. Two doors are the rule here, though a few coupes have tiny rear-access doors for baggage to enhance their practicality. Coupes are also available in a range of sizes, with seating for just two or as many as four. They are all about the feeling of an intimate cabin, a receptive driving experience and the appeal of sexier automotive design. For shoppers drawn by such charms, there is plethora of choices, ranging from affordable but still amusing to extravagant yet still thrilling. Customers who can spend lavishly on the coupe fall into the realms of all sorts of exotica –Aston Martin Virage, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes-Benz CL, Maserati Gran Turismo or the Bentley Continental GT. Added to the list is Ferrari 599 which offers all one needs from a prestige coupe. The Mercedes Benz CL Coupe provides everything customers could ever want in a luxury coupe. Its sleek style, superior ride quality, and powerful engines make it appear like a genuine bargain. Even at its astounding six-figure price tag, it’s hard to leave Porsche 911 off the list of Reviewitonline Best Coupes. If someone is looking for a coupe that has it all, BMW M3 is the answer. It combines an unparalleled balance of ride, handling, opulence, power, and fuel efficiency. When it comes to elegant coupes, few can compete with the Audi A8.