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The Story of the ZODIAC Show by Lee Cherry and Carmit Bachar

What started as a dream, has evolved into a reality... It all started as an underground after-hours event in a Hollywood photo studio. It was dubbed “The Freedom Party.” Lee Cherry, an LA based photographer and Carmit Bachar – one of the original members of The Pussycat Dolls, and their friends threw a legendary all night event that attracted celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Usher, Janet Jackson, Brittney Murphy, Michael C. Hall, as well as the hottest underground superstars, choreographers, dancers, musicians, and performing artists of all stripes. But no matter what level of success, they danced the night away, sharing a common bond. They all sought a creative outlet. Freedom. A place where rappers, rockers, dancers, celebs, fire eating super models and spoken word poets somehow found a harmonizing creative expression and in that, an amazing unifying force. Their lives would never be the same. The power of this dream soon became too big for this underground space and the Freedom Party gave birth to “The Zodiac Show.” A modern day Moulin Rouge that found its way to some of L.A.’s greatest venues such as the legendary Avalon Hollywood. Every show was sold out.. No publicists, no billboards. Just word of mouth. Grammy winning and nominated artists such as Macy Gray and Vikter Duplaix performed as well as underground celebrities such as Dita Von Teese and Masuimi Max. Combined with today’s hottest choreographers, dancers and musicians for such artists as J-Lo, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Madonna, it was an unprecedented spectacle of talent that literally spans the Zodiac!

Now the dream continues to evolve... What you see on stage is just the tip of the iceberg. The Zodiac Show now has specific formulas in place for worldwide branding as a TV series, a Vegas show, tours, merchandise, and even a video game! The Zodiac Show is unlike anything you1ve ever seen. It is a miraculous event that is a result of love, faith, passion and talent. Professional artists of every genre imaginable who dedicate their lives to their craft, come together and take part in a force that is bigger than any one individual and as a result, have created their own reality! Every Zodiac Show, including tonight’s performance, is unique unto itself. We have a repertoire of over 60 production numbers varying in genre, discipline, and complexity, and can custom make a Zodiac Show upon request. The Zodiac Show is available for bookings through Tony Selznick at McDonald, Selznick & Associates; (323) 957-6680.

Tonight’s performance is dedicated to the memory of our original angel, Gabriel Paige (1975 - 2008)

When true love changes us, we experience a METAMORPHOSIS 1. VIRGO INTRO Excerpt from Open Stars. Spoken word by Sylvia Guersenzvaig, music by Bill Shafton 2. BLACK DOG Written by Led Zeppelin. Featuring MzA Superstar, Scarlett, Alisan Porter, Ty Taylor, Rebel. Dancers: Taja Riley, Leo Moctezuma, Nina McNeely, Randi Kemper, Nick and James Aragon, Noel Bajandas, Jes Reeley. Choreographed by Brian Friedman 3. INTO THE FIRE Written and performed by Alisan Porter. Choreographed and danced by Alisan Porter and Leo Moctezuma 4. CRAWL THRU FIRE Performed by Adam Lambert. Featuring Dusty Paik, Elijah Sound, Nina Mcneely, Darren Paige, Denna Thomsen, Andy Acosta, Austin Westbay, Carin Noland. Lyrics by Adam Lambert. Music by Monte Pittman. Additional arrangement by Ameenah Kaplan. Original track produced by Wilshire Records. Choreography by Nina McNeely. Fire Dancing choreographed and performed by Dusty Paik & Elijah Sound. 5. POOPY PANTS BLUES Composed and Performed by Adam Rapa. Featuring Double G and Charlie Brumbly. All recorded trumpet parts recorded by Adam Rapa. Featuring choreography and performance by Nina McNeely & Leo Moctezuma. 6. HYPERBALLAD Song by Björk. String adaptation by Brodsky Quartet. Arrangement by Ameenah Kaplan. Choreography by Marlyn Ortiz and Ruthy Inchaustegui. Aerial performed by Marlyn Ortiz and Dakota Ferriero. Rigging by Mark Hartzell & Ivan Greene. Featuring vocals by Michelle Mai. 7. EVERYWHERE BUT HERE Written by Ghost Hounds. Performed by Ty Taylor 8. KEROSENE aka BURN ‘EM UP Performed by Rebel. Featuring Carmit Bachar. Written by Rebel aka Michael Raymo and Gavin McDevitt. Original Track produced by Nero. Dancers: Asiel Hardison, Gerran Reese, Noel Bajandas, Taja Riley, Randi Kemper. Choreographed by Kenny Wormald. 9. INTENTION Written and performed by Mama Zun. Featuring Gerran Reese, Taja Riley. Arrangement by Ameenah Kaplan. Choreographed by Eclipse 10. YOU KNOW I WILL Written and performed by Scarlett. Music by Kiril Dzajkovski. Original track produced by Wilshire Records. Featuring Erika Jerry, and Michelle Mai, Nina Mcneely, Leo Moctezuma. Choreographed by RJ Durrell and Nick Florez. 11. GABRIEL Written by Roy Davis Jr. Performed by Full Company. Latin section choreographed by W. Watana. Latin musical arrangement by Ameenah Kaplan



. • Virgo • Exec Producer/Co-Creator. A former Pussycat Doll (Interscope/A&M), she is best known as the o.g firey redhead but this entrepreneur is on the rise! She is passionate about creative freedom and cultivating projects like The Zodiac Show, a true collaboration that is a wonderland of opportunities for performance art. Carmit has choreographed and worked extensively with Gwen Stefani, Macy Gray, Beyonce, J.Lo, the Jacksons, Ricky Martin, and P. Diddy. She is proud to be an ambassador to Operation Smile. She also started “Smile With Me”, her own charity geared toward children born with cleft lip/palate as she was. Carmit is committed to inspiring imagination and self-expression in the entertainment industry, and her humanitarian efforts, continue to keep her on the forefront of innovative thinking. She notes “The Zodiac Show” is the next evolution of music!”

BRIAN FRIEDMAN • Gemini • Choreographer • has directed and choreographed some of the most popular and ground-breaking music videos and performances such as Britney Spears “Toxic” and “Slave 4 U”, “My Love Is Like Wo” by Mya, *NSYNCs “Dirty Pop”, and many more for such artist as Prince, Beyonce, Usher, Pink, Brittany Murphy, Hilary Duff, and Christina Milian. He entered millions of homes as a judge and choreographer of the FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance?” After 2 seasons of SYTYCD he was exported to London to star in Simon Cowell’s hit UK show, “Grease Is the Word”. Following Grease was London’s “The X Factor”. Cowell created a brand new on camera position for Brian as Creative Director. Brian is currently working with MTV as a judge on their newest show MTV’s Top Pop Group! Look out for his Bfree shoe and clothing line with Capezio at Friedman resides in Los Angeles with 2 dogs, and 2 parrots • •

RJ DURELL (Sagittarius), and NICK FLOREZ (Scorpio), have proven to be a dynamic force, both individually and as a team on a diverse array of projects. Having emerged onto the scene as dancers, they have now parlayed their skills in the choreographic arena contributing their talents on projects including The Spice Girls Reunion Tour, Celine Dion’s “Taking Chances” World Tour, Madonna’s “Confessions” World Tour, and her upcoming “Sticky N Sweet” World Tour, their own web show called “Let’s Dance” on WWW.PODCASTGO.COM, directorial projects for The American Idol Tour and Britney Spears, recent appearances on Bravo’s “Step It Up & Dance,” “Dirty Dancing” (England), and “Quiero Bailar” (Spain), and Nickelodeon’s upcoming movie musical Spectacular.

NINA MCNEELY • Choreographer/Dancer • Aries • is a performance artist, dancer, and choreographer making her mark in the Los Angeles underground club scene. With her technical dance training as a back bone she incorporates burlesque, contemporary, and whatever genre, aesthetic, or trend that happens to be her inspiration at the time, to reflect her views and reactions to pop subculture. She is a member of L.A based Hysterica Dance company. And is one of the four members of the new up and coming performance band We Are The World signed to Manimal Records. She works commercially as well and has performed with Britney Spears, Fergie, Peaches, Beck etc. She was the virgin in the last zodiac show which just so happened to be the first audition she ever booked. She is grateful to be a part of Zodiac and appreciates all the hard work and love that goes into putting this fantastic show into motion.

LEE CHERRY • Taurus • Exec Producer/Co-Creator/Director. Nothing makes Lee happier than to bring people together for a Zodiac Show! It is a summation of everything that he loves and is passionate about. From the underground after-hours parties, to performing in musicals and acting in film & TV, to all kinds of photo shoots, Lee’s artistic diversity and constant desire to create something genuinely unique and inspiring is what drives him. His Photography experience taught him the art of directing. Directing and producing 12 different Zodiac Shows have taught him the fine art of making ideas real. Sticking with The Zodiac Show through thick and thin has taught him patience, faith, and Final Cut Pro. His audacity and relentlessness just come naturally. View Lee’s photography at His acting reel at , and visit Lee at SCARLETT • Scorpio • Lead vocalist/Co-Producer/Style Supervisor. One of the founders of Zodiac, Scarlett has been singing and dancing professionally her whole life. “It is a shear delight to finally produce and perform in the kind of show I’ve always wanted to be in. Something exceptional & a little dangerous. A show that is created by being ‘you’ to the max, no longer trying to fit the confines of someone else’s perspective. To come across new & exciting talent that may be over the top for some, but just what the doctor ordered for others”. Self-expression is not only encouraged, it is a prerequisite. Co-producing with my friends is the most fun I’ve ever had while busting my ass. Currently, Scarlett is writing, recording and licensing her music through Welsford Publishing

KEVIN WHITAKER • Cancer • Lighting Design/Co-Producer. Kevin is a trained professional in all forms of dance. He’s traveled the world performing with artists such as Ricky Martin, J. Lo, Beyonce, Pink and Shakira. His passion and knowledge of theater and the art of expression, drove him into production and lighting design as another creative outlet. Kevin currently uses his knowledge of music and movement for video editing as well as creating reels for directors and choreographers. Working his theatrical magic on the Zodiac Show allows him to creatively thrive.


• Gemini • Musical Director. Ameenah Kaplan hails from both Atlanta and New York where she attended Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. She was a member of the original American cast of Stomp and led the show in New York and around the world. She has been a drummer for 20 years and an actress all her life and is currently the west coach drum coach for Blue Man Group. Her own work, a martial arts, dance, theater piece entitled Everyman for Himself garnered 2 LA Weekly Awards and an NAACP Award. She was the recipient of the Richard E. Sherwood Award for emerging artists in 2007. Her zodiac theme: “Carry on as if certain of success.”


• Leo • Producer/Production Manager/Harmonica. Leo. Born in Rock Falls, IL. Attended SCPA in Cincinnati, OH. Alumni of Tisch at NYU and UCLA. Performing credits include: Series Regular on Baywatch Hawaii, Riff in International Tour of West Side Story, Thoroughly Modern Millie on Broadway, Ann-Margret National Tour, Chicago National Tour, Buffy, Mad TV, lead in the films Kosmos, Havoc, Roadie, and featured in Red Doors, as well as numerous other guest stars, commercials, videos and industrials. Technical credits include: Production Stage Manager for National Tours of Fiddler, Gypsy, Ziegfeld Follies and previous Zodiac Shows, agent for DDONY, Member of ASCAP. Producer/Choreographer of the film June in January. Charlie dedicates this performance to his family and Alice. Aloha. •


LEO MOCTEZUMA • Virgo • Choreographer/lead dancer. An O.G. member of the Zodiac Crew, Leo loves “living” on stage with his Zodiac Family! Recently he finished touring on the “Return Of The Spice Girls” World Tour. Leo has worked with Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears’, Kristine W, and Paulina Rubio. In Aguilera’s “Stripped” tour, he was recognized for being the “Man in the Box”, and not to be bias, Leo had seductive duet with Britney in the “Onyx Hotel” tour. A true triple threat, he was a featured member in the original cast of 2 new musicals, “The 10 Commandments” with Val Kilmer, and a new 80’s rock musical “Rock Of Ages” Leo has assisted choreographers on Madonna’s “Confession” world tour, and P!NK’s “I’m Not Dead” European tour. Leo can be seen in several Blockbuster movies such as, Austin Powers: Goldmember, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, From Justin To Kelly’s, Rob Schnider’s “Big Stan”, and “Dreamgirls. Leo is enjoying cultivating his next move with music producers, writing and recording songs. God is always on Time!


• Scorpio • has won acclaim among his peers and predecessors for his recent choreography, best described as solely unique and precisely choreographed. Jay-Z’s first show out of retirement for the 2007 American Music Awards “Show Me What You Got!!!” and Kanye West at the 48th Annual Grammy’s in which he assisted HiHat MTV/Emmy/MVP award winning choreographer, his recent job with Busta Rhymes BET AWARDS as Artistic Director, and now joins the A list of choreographers who’s work has blessed the stage of “ The Zodiac Show.” He is also one of the founders and Choreographers for the internationally acclaimed Un_titled Dance Company dubbed as a “ Contemporary Hip-Hop Ballet”.


• Leo • Choreographer • Kenny, originally from Boston, MA, has been living in Los Angeles for 5 years. Since then he has worked with, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Mariah Carey, the PussyCat Dolls and more! Landing a role on MTV’s series DanceLife has helped Kenny’s name and movement spread across the world. His latest project is Centerstage 2, as the lead acting role! Kenny is living his dream everyday, he feels like with hard work and a positive attitude you can achieve anything you want!


MzA SUPERSTAR • Cancer • MzA is the new generation of Parliament Funkadelics, and the Studio-54 love child of Grace Jones and Rick James. “I’m ready to wander off on tangents, onto country roads, into wide-open spaces - where no artist has yet trod in high-heel glitter boots - all the while spreading the Word of Virgil: ‘Love conquers all things; let us surrender to Love’.”


• Gemini • Vocalist • Alisan has been a member of the Zodiac Team since 2002 where she debut her Version of Jimi Hendrix, RED HOUSE. She is a singer/songwriter and fronts her own band THE ALISAN PORTER PROJECT featuring other Zodiac family members Ameenah and Greg. Alisan just completed her run in the Broadway revival of A CHORUS LINE and is thrilled to be back in LA and out of those gold costumes. Alisan is also an actress and has done many films including the one about the homeless girl with a massive head of curls and the one where she puked on Steve Martin. She hopes to bring her spirit to the stage of the Zodiac and Freely practice art at its finest. Thanks to Lee, Carmit, and Miss Scarlett for always keeping it real. If all the world is a stage then Zodiac is Planet Earth!

ADAM LAMBERT • Vocalist • Aquarius Sun, Libra Rising, Aries Moon • Adam is thrilled to be returning to the Zodiac stage bring glam-psychedelic-funk-rock vibrations to the people. After his performance of “A Change Is Gonna Come” at the Zodiac Show in ‘04, Guitarist Monte Pittman (Madonna, Prong) approached Adam about starting a band. The Citizen Vein went on to perform around town and are in the studio waiting to strike when the time is right. In addition, after that first Zodiac, Adam was cast in the Broadway Smash Hit “WICKED” covering the role of Fiyero on the National Tour and now at Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre. Adam recently released his debut EP available for listening and purchase on his myspace page. Stay tuned for songs by his new electro house collaboration “Digital Glitter” and dance songs with J. Scott G. Adam is thrilled to have evolved with the freedom crew and feels that “A Change (has defiantly) Come” •




CHA’N ANDRE • Sagittarius • Today I sing… just a piece of me • Something I do to honor my creativity • I’m inspired by the gift of music • It moves me • They have called me a singer, arranger, songwriter, producer, creative director, image consultant and photographer • I say I am a soldier in God’s army • I have learned to use my gifts to be a blessing to as many people as I can especially those who dream a bigger dream as I do. – My entrance into the entertainment business in the early nineties found me working in many facets alongside some of the most creative minds in the industry. Today I combine all the things that I have seen to take a stand as a true creative force in film, music, art and fashion.

• Capricorn • “Ty Taylor has the whole package” – Variety Magazine. Started singing Kumbaya in church at five and has since then go on to share stages with Tina Turner, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Slash, Dave Navarro, Fiona Apple, Jerry Cantrell and Macy Gray to name a few. He has two top ten hits with his previous band Dakota Moon on Elektra records. He was a finalist on CBS’s mega-series Rockstar:INXS. He has starred in five Broadway shows and is on the “Song’s For A New World” original cast album. Vegas – We Will Rock Rock. LA- Chess and Damn Yankees. His rock show, The Existents, will premiere in North Carolina next year. His band, Ghost Hounds, produced by Nile Rogers, will release their album this fall and they have already been chosen to be the featured band on the video game ROCKBAND 2. He thanks Lee Cherry for bringing him into the fiery family known as The Zodiac Show.

• Gemini • Born in the low income housing section of south central Los Angeles, THE REBEL has written songs for many artist, as well as television and movie scores. Signed to Sony records in 2001 and released in 2004, Rebel has been to Rehab, jail, and Boston. In Boston , Rebel has teamed up with graduates and drop outs from the Berklee school of music and is currently working on his first album since leaving Sony. Simply put he’s HUNGRY!


• Aquarius • A poet warrior with vocal melody, her messages speak of love, loss, self worth and a dream for a better world. She was a featured poet on the 100.3 The Beat , the voice of Indigo, a hip hop poet doll, writer/performer of underground house single ‘Flow’ on both Seasons Recordings as well as The SupperClub Lounge 5 in Amsterdam, hosted her own poetry show on K.P.F.K. 90.7 fm., and most recently writer/performer of the theme song for Showtime’s docudrama hit ‘The O Tapes’. Her eclectic soulful shows have now morphed into a powerful musical theater piece called Tongues. She is in the process of publishing her first poetry book ‘A taste of sour honey’, and recording her debut album Journey This. You can also see her starring in The HBO Buzz Pick Film ‘Aftermath’ •



• Born in New York, Billy moved to Los Angeles at the age of seven where he lived with his older brother. Jayne has always been creating since a young boy while growing up skateboarding through the streets of Hollywood. Playing guitar for nearly 25 years, his styles range anywhere from funk to fusion to dreamscape backgrounds to punk rock. Jayne has played in the Hollywood scene for years, always pushing himself to create with the most talented people he can find. He’s been an actor his whole life appearing in more than a dozen feature films, multiple television series, hundreds of commercials and guest spots. At the turn of the millennium, Jayne began a career as a successful commercial director. “I love all the different mediums of art, but I am most free when playing music”


• Sagittarius • Bass • I’ve been labeled a kid genius. The mac Dalai Lama. A pro Tools wizard. I’m trying hard to deserve it. I’m truly STOKED to be ENDORSED by AGUILAR Amplification and now also Black Diamond Guitar and Bass String Company!!!! The Bass is my weapon of choice. Music production comes a close 2nd. Prince, Marley and Motown created the air I breathe. The rest are all by-products. If sushi is a prophet, salmon is a manifestation. My dogs are my children. My parents are the source. Movies, books and positivity feed me. Tampa is suffocating. LA is oxygen. The band is 2nd Day Crush. The sister is Marin. I’m not your dawg and everything really is a gimmick •

• Virgo • Violin • 19, a New Jersey native and a junior at the University of Southern California, began his violin studies at the age of six. He has attended Boston University’s Tanglewood Institute of Music and the Casalmaggiore International Music Festival in Italy and has toured throughout Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, and Brazil with the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra. Aside from being concertmaster of the USC Concert Orchestra, he also performs on the electric violin at corporate events nationwide, sponsored by the likes of Panasonic and Ford. Other major appearances have included the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


• Pisces • I’ve always had a passion for music in every art form and because of that, I discovered I am boundless. I sing, I write, I produce, I arrange and I perform. I had always doubted myself before and then one of the greatest things happened to me: I realized that my voice reaches out to people on so many different levels. And that realization came when someone said to me that they had been afraid and alone and my voice affected their life in a powerful way. THAT to me is a great confirmation of my purpose.


• Didgeridoo • Aries • Corey is a bodyworker and musician. He has led a weekly Didgeridoo meditation at the famed Esalen Institute since 2003. His bodywork is a unique blend of Esalen, Thai and deep tissue massage, Craniosacral therapy, vibrational healing and somatic awareness. Corey has a Master’s degree in body psychotherapy and is currently practicing massage at The Esalen Institute and The Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California, as well as private practice in NYC and LA. Corey just released his solo debut CD, Didgeridoo Meditation live at The Esalen Institute • www.attunedbodywork. com for more info.


• Aquarius • As founder and owner of MIXX Entertainment, this individual is making a living doing what he does best from spinning records to operating LA’s hottest DJ entertainment organization. Through spinning records, he has had the opportunity of working for Paulina Rubio, Footlocker National Commercials, Budlight National Commercials, the launch of XBOX 360, Hoops Magic NBA All Stars Game, TV sitcoms Disney’s-The Smart Guy, Moesha for a live studio audience and a DJ for David LaChappelle on the “Rize” movie premiere. He also performed as a back-up dancer working along-side top recording artists including Mya, Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera, Tamia, Blue Cantrell, and The Pussycat Dolls. He has appeared on television, music videos and concert tours around the world. He’s currently one of LA’s most requested






• Taurus • saxophone • I love having a sax in my face for this show. These days, I make rent as a conductor, composer and orchestrator, which makes my sax feel like an ex-girlfriend/booty call. I lead the 70-person daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra, the Concert 9Net, and played with a lot of great cats over the years. Last year was spent with Ghostface Killah, which was very enjoyable. This year has been all about the string quartet, in an artist fellowship at Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga. I tried to be a rockstar, and ended up as a classical composer…go figure. • Aries • Trumpet • Adam is a dynamic performer, composer and educator who has become widely known for the excitement, energy and enthusiasm he brings to venues around the world. In the U.S. and abroad, his album, “Life on the Road” has received critical acclaim for its vast musical diversity, virtuosity and soul. Adam looks forward to a long career of producing innovative and inspiring musical and theatrical experiences, and contributing to the greater good through the medium of art •

BRIAN LONDON • Pisces • A North Carolina native, his musical gifts were noticeable at the age of 4. Now a classically trained pianist from composers of the 19th and 20th century, Brian London studied Scriabin, Chopin, Bach and Mendelssohn. he has a mixed flavor of the classic American jazz from the likes of Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Now relocated to Los Angeles, he has been the keyboardist and programmer for Katy Perry, Lupe Fiasco, new Star Trak/Interscope Recording Artist, Kenna, Hurricane Chris, Aly and AJ and Salt N’ Pepa. This further solidified him as a multi-faceted and emerging artist in today’s urban music scene.


• Aquarius • The name says it all. We don’t have much information about his background. Thats because he chooses to remain, well, mysterious. He says that his physical form is of no importance. That it is just a vessel for to carry his soul. He is only concerned with spreading positive vibrations and his message. That there is greatness in everyone and everything around us. If we would realize how beautiful we all are as individuals, we as a race could choose are own reality. The message is this. “The love that you withhold, is the pain that you carry lifetime after lifetime. He also loves chocolate.

• Pisces • Body painter • Filipo is one of the most outstanding and groundbreaking body painting artists of all time. It is his combination of experience, innovation and courage that has kept his work at the top for almost two decades. His work has been featured in music videos, television, commercials, book covers, and printed media. For people familiar with the body painting world he is an icon, and for those new to the industry he is an inspiration as well as a role model. Filippo also dedicates a large amount of his artistic energy to charity work. Working with and being a part of The Zodiac has truly been an honor and a fun filled ride of creativity and inspiration • • Aquarius/gemini rising • Chicago native Asiel has been a performer ever since he was born. With a true passion for entertainment, Asiel packed his bags and headed to los angeles to live out his dreams. Since living in LA Asiel has had the privilege to share the screen and the stage with artist such as Miley Cyrus,Omarion,Lady GaGa,Thalia,Kirk Franklin,Monica, Gloria Estefan,Snoop Dogg,R. Kelly,Whitney Houston,and Qui. Also appearing in movies and commerical such as iPod,Visa, The Longest Yard, Something New,Hannah Montana the movie. Most recently Asiel was dance double for Bernie Mac in the film Soul Men, due out in theaters fall 08’. Thank you God for all my blessings and continue to let your light shine through me • Asiel • contact MSA 323-957-6683

AUSTIN WESTBAY • Gemini • After graduating from the Edge Scholarship Program in 2007, native southern californian Austin Westbay has been busy working professionally in television, film, video and company work. Television credits include “How to Look Good Naked” (Style Network) and a U.K. iPhone commercial. Recently he assisted in preparing Kate Hudson for her upcoming film “Nine.” This year, Austin joined Hysterica Dance Company , which is featured in the forthcoming Kinky video.

CARIN NOLAND • Virgo/Cancer rising • allows her passion to drive her. She came to Los Angeles over seven years ago from Austin, Texas; searching for projects to inspire her creativity. She emerges herself in all types of movement, from dance theater to acrobatics… anything that can broaden her knowledge and gain experience from. Her perfectionism is sometimes classified under procrastination.


• Fire Performer • Aquarius • Sagittarius rising/Taurus moon • Dusty grew up in Silverlake, an area formerly known for the presence of pot dealers and homosexuals, and later in Echo Park, known for cholos, botanicas and stray dogs. Both areas are now known for the presence of moneyed hipsters in thrift-store sweaters; Dusty keeps her head down. She is the product of a union between a six-and-a-half-foot-tall schizophrenic irishman and a brooklyn expatriate studio musician. She’s been a painter, a wardrobe mistress, a dancer, a bartender, an FX makeup artist, and an intermittently upright citizen. She now lives in east hollywood with an industrial sewing machine named Slayer and an easel that keeps falling over.

ELIJAH SOUND • Born in San Diego, CA in 1975 under the Astrological sign of Gemini. Baptized Christian with the name Darin Jeremy Moen. His blood lineage derives from Jewish, German, Norwegian, and Scotch-Irish ethnicities. Proud to be a native to America, Elijah invokes the spirit of his land and draws his inspiration from all ages and all cultures. As a planetary alchemist Elijah has been performing and making costumes all his life. Some of his designs has been featured on TV and soon on an upcoming Paramount Pictures’ film. Tribal Fire Cirque is Elijah’s prayer-formance group, which invokes and embodies the stories of the ancient vedics as their inspiration for fire art. Elijah has harnessed this underground arsenal of artists and has produced and collaborated hundreds of shows internationally and has been one of the favorite chosen acts for Cirque Du Soleil Opening Nights.

NICK and JAMES aka (ninja) have been in the L.A. Spotlight since they were fifteen years old. Their credits include Austin Powers, Charlie’s Angels, Swing town, Eli Stone, Bernie Mac, and Zombie Prom featuring Ru Paul. Stage credits include the first Europeon tour of Fame and the first national tour of Footloose. They’ve worked alongside artists such as Prince, Usher, Mya, Christina Aguilera and Michael Jackson. Their choreography can be seen in Zooey Deschanel’s, the Watson twins, and little Jackie’s most recent videos. Starting their production company, Shine Productions, catch their first webisode due at the end of October 2008. They are excited to be back on the stage with the Zodiac.


• Dancer • Cancer • feels blessed to be able to express his energy through movement.” Theres nothing more liberating than just letting your body surrender to the music.” Being Puerto Rican, he was raised with a diverse range of music at home... everything from Salsa and Merengue to R&B, Hip Hop and Pop. Noel has had the privilege of working with choreographers Mia Michaels, Fatima Robinson, Stretch and Nu Stylz, and for artists Daddy Yankee, Common, Greek Sensation Anna Vissi, Thalia and joining the amazing and crazy world of Cirque Du Soleil’s “Delirium”. Recently he was one of the few selected to perform for Nike at The 2008 Beijing Olympics.

RANDI KEMPER • Sagittarius • was born and raised in Colorado. She’s danced for artists such as Hilary Duff, Aaron Carter, and Raven Symone. Randi’s performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and So You Think You Can Dance, and she was a member of the company, Evolution, as well as a performer in Forty Deuce’s Royal Jelly. Right now, you can find her dancing in Bette Midler’s The Showgirl Must Go on at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

REINA HIDALGO • Taurus/Gemini Cusp • has had pleasure of working some of the top artists of today such as Rihanna, Missy Elliott, Ciara, Daddy Yankee, Paula Abdul, Thalia, PRIMA J, Nelly Frutado , and many others. Her film credits include, “Beauty Shop”, “Showstopper” and the upcoming film “Hannah Montana”. Commerical credits: “IPOD”, ”KSWISS”, and “Chrysler”. T.V. credits: Dancing with the Stars, Jake in Progress, Latin Grammys, BET Awards, ESPY Awards, Australia MTV Music Awards, NAACAP Awards, to name a few. Tours: P!nk European and Australian , Gloria Estefan, and Missy Elliott. You can also catch her in the new Rhianna video “disturbia”. Reina has also choreographed projects such as Ivy Queen and upcoming artist T LOPEZ with cash money records.

TAJA RILEY • Sagittarius • new to the LA scene, Taja started professionally training in dance at the age of 7. From the studio of the Hit dance reality show SYTYCD stars Danny Tidwell, Jaimie Goodwin, and Travis Wall, she’s been training alongside with them at Denise Wall’s Dance Energy. Entering Denise’s studio company at the age of 10, she’s been competing, performing, and taking classes with some of the world’s most distinguished faculties. Accomplishing many achievements in the convention dance circuit, she has won many nationals scholarship awards including National Junior Elite of West Coast Dance Explosion,and National Teen Outstanding Dancer of New York City Dance Alliance. Getting more serious in her career she is continuing to tour with NYCDA, as well as assisting many prestigious well known choreographers in the business such as Travis Wall, Ivan Koumaev, Jason Parsons, Dee Caspary, and most recently Brian Friedman. Taja continues to find her own career path in the dance industry, and will grow to be a force to reckon with! •


• Libra • started her dance training at the studios in Omaha, Nebraska at the age of three. Wanting to study dance in a different manner, she later received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Colorado State University in 2007. Denna, currently twenty-two years old, moved to California to dance professionally for Hysterica Dance Company under Kitty McNamee and Ryan Heffington. She is extremely grateful for every moment she has been able to work with inspiring choreographers, dancers, and teachers. Denna will continue to grow in her passion through the opportunities that lie ahead in her dance career.


• Gemini • Jessica moved to L.A from Seattle in 2004 to pursue a career in dance. She has had some incredible oppurtunities and experiences in L.A ever since such as dancing for artists Fiona Apple and Black Eyed Peas . Other credits include, Rock of Ages , Cold Case (both choreographed by R.J Durell), Macys Passport choreographed by Brian Freidman, Evolution Dance Co. directed by Mark Meismer and was recently seen assisting Tyce Diorio and Mandy Moore on So You Think You Can Dance.

GERRAN REESE • Aries • Gerran is from portland oregon, and rescently has just re-located to sunny los angeles 8 months ago. He is has choreogrpahed for the WNBA portland fire hip-hop squad, and The NBA trailblazer jam squad. His training includes oregon ballet theatre,Dance vision, the edge, millenium, and debbie reynolds. He is also a monsters of hip hop sholarship recipient. Gerran has taught through out the portland area, and now teaches in california at the jimmy defores dance studio. One of his favorite quotes ” Dance like no one is watching”.


MARLYN ORTIZ • Aerialist • Cancer • has had a professional dance career for fourteen years. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in The Bronx, she started her dance training at a local church in the Bronx and continued her studies at the Martha Graham School and Julia Richman H.S, Talent Unlimited program. Marlyn received her B.F.A in dance ( ballet, modern, choreography) at Suny Purchase and has not stopped since. . She has performed in several music videos, commercials and has choreographed and taught dance work shops in Korea, Israel and NYC. She has toured the world with such artist as; Madonna, Usher, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Mya and Eve. She was Dance captain in the Broadway production of Tarzan as well as the OffBroadway Aerial production of De La Guarda and the new Off-Broadway Hit Fuerza Bruta where she is currently performing in. DAKOTA FERREIRO • Aquarius • Dakota is a Bronx-born professional burlesque artist, TV personality, dancer and

choreographer of Puerto Rican and German descent. Best known as a headliner from Forty Deuce Hollywood & Las Vegas, Dakota has also performed for Vogue, M.A.C., Belvedere, and Victoria’s Secret. TV credits include the Bravo series “Forty Deuce,” VH-1’s Rock of Love 2, Last Call with Carson Daly. Dakota’s extensive dance credits include tours, videos and commercials with Enrique Iglesias, Gypsy Kings, Prince, George Michael, iPod, and The Latin Grammys. Also the creator of the Burlesque Body workout, Dakota has been recognized in magazines like Latina, Angeleno, 944, and is excited to take part in The Zodiac Show!

IVAN GREENE • Rigger • a Virgo, with Venus in Scorpio • Born and raised in NYC. Started climbing in The Gunks, New Paltz NY 1988. Became the Northeast sport competative climbing champion for five years in the 1990’s. Licensed NY state rock climbing guide. Established over 300 first ascents in the US and throughout. Europe and India. Appeared on dozens of TV shows and commercials including Sex in the City, Today Show, Isuzu, Independent Film Channel Climbs at levels of 5.14 Stated break dancing in 1982. Currently does Parkour (free running) throughout NYC. Wrote/authored Bouldering in the Shawngunks.

JOHN HARTZELL • Rigger • Libra • Co-founder/Videographer/Performer 2nd Species ( Aerialist in Fuerze Bruta. Blue Man in New York. Aerialist /Captain in De La Guarda New York /Seoul/ Tel Aviv.


JOËL HUXTABLE • Avalon Lighting Director • A lifetime of live performance has taken Joël around the world multiple times, to the greatest venues and even greater performers on earth. Though behind the scenes, many thousands have witnessed his work as a Lighting Designer and Visualist illuminating many hundreds of events — from small theatre to huge arena concerts, as well as film and television. Trained in live theatre with a masters degree in lighting design, Joël has collaborated with some of the biggest bands of the eighties (Eurythmics, Frankie Goes To Hollywood), and film (What’s Love Got To Do With It), plus many other odd and interesting events — Joël is even an official “Muppet”, adopted officially by the Henson Co. for his continued work with them. His work can currently be seen with The Dan Band, Puppet Up!, The upcoming film Who Love You Man? and the new music video by Pink.

MARK TEICH • Pisces • Stage Manager • Teich is from Detroit. Teich has performed at The Second City, The Wiltern, The House of Blues, New York City’s Town Hall, The El Rey, The Stone Pony, The Park West, The Congress, The Beacon, The Coronet, The Fox, The Improv, Gotham Comedy and hundreds of other venues. Teich has been seen on NBC, ABC, FX, CBS, USA, HBO, MTV, VH1 and hundreds of other acronyms. Teich has 3 Certified Gold CD’s and 1 Certified Gold DVD. Teich was in the movie “Leatherheads” opposite Clooney. Teich dances like MC Hammer and sings like Wilson Pickett.


• Sagittarius • Cutter has a B.A. in Broadcast Television. He is experienced in Theater, Concert Lighting Design, Corporate Video, Television, Feature Films. Favorite credits include Grip on Beautiful Girls, Grumpier Old Men, Jingle All the Way, Magnificent 7, Reasonable Doubt, The Postman, George of the Jungle, The Siege, and Baywatch Hawaii. He has now come full circle to celebrate and help heal Mother Earth. Proud to be part of The Zodiac Show, The Cultivators of Light… Harmonically speaking we are one.


• Leo • Production Stage Manager • Corey is a member of the Troubadour Theater Company recently producing Alice In A One Hit Wonderland, Part 2 and As U2 Like It. Other works include: Much ADoobie Brothers About Nothing, Hamlet, The Artist Formally Known As The Prince of Denmark, Little Drummer Bowie (Asst. Dir.), Comedy of Aerosmith, Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Motown, Stevie It’s A Wonderful Life and Fleetwood Macbeth. Other companies include: Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Stage Manager, Blue Unit), Promesse du Bonheur (The Comedy Trio Happy Hour, It Takes 3), Toxic Shock Stage (Bloodbath, Los Angeles Fringe Festival), TV: Viva La Bam for MTV (Story Ed.).

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