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April 23, 2011


Twin cities throb with Easter excitement SM Kabeer DNA

MASS TIMINGS Church St John Bosco Church, Borivali Victorious Community Church, Vasai St Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Church, Borivali

Saturday 8.15pm

Sunday 7.00 am & 8.50am

8.15am (service)


Faisal Tandel The 40-day fasting to sacrificing good things in life to show gratitude to Christ observed by the Christian community ended on Holy Friday, known as Good Friday, that was on April 22. After the offering of prayers on Good Friday, the Christians from the city have begun the preparation of Easter to celebrate the rebirth of Lord Jesus Christ. Christians from BorivaliVirar, dressed in shades of white or black remembered the sacrifice of Christ on Good Friday. Churches across this region held special services and mass on this day and families queued up to pray at the way of the cross. At the service and mass, passages from the Bible read reminded believers of the sacrifice Christ made for humankind. "After Good Friday comes

Holy Saturday, and then Sunday is Easter. It is believed that Christ rose from his grave on the third day, which is celebrated as his rebirth," mentioned Kevin D'Souza, a resident of Virar. After a disciplined lent period of 40 days, Easter is the time for some good food, says George Naddar another resident. He says, "We observed fast for 40 days which ended on Good Friday. The fast is our way of sacrificing good things in life to show gratitude to Christ, it is observed as a period of lent." Subsequent to completion of offering prayers on Good

Friday, families are now gearing up for Easter Sunday. "From chicken to other special dishes, we cook it all at home as part of the Easter tradition. This year too, it is going to be much the same, you see," George adds. Egg holds a lot of importance on Easter. "Whether it be a simple hard-boiled egg painted attractively or a chocolate confection by a multi-national, it remains an integral part of Easter celebrations It is believed that egg is extraordinary and that the world began with an egg. Egg indicates beginning of a new life, rebirth and, in the Christian sense, resurrection," adds Kevin who attended the mass on Good Friday and is now busy preparing for Easter Sunday. On this day, families meet and cherish the rebirth of Jesus Christ. Special delicacies are also prepared.

Many memories may fade, but not those of one’s alma mater

Cases of ‘tennis elbow’ on a rise among the youngsters PICS: SM Kabeer DNA

Ex-students of Gokhale High School, Borivali, 1984 batch meet after 27 long years; vow to improve school Sandeep Modak

BACK IN TIME: Meeting up with batchmates after 27 years was an occasion to remember

Sudhanshu Athalye There were moments of pride and joy all over at SK Resorts in Borivali when about 150 students and their 22 teachers of Gokhale High School's 1984 batch met each other after 27 years at a reunion function on Sunday. Instead of going for a big bash, to celebrate this occasion, students spread across world, have decided to contribute towards the betterment of their school. Students who gathered at SK Resorts were speechless as many of them saw one another after 27 years. Wet eyes with tears of joy and a big smile adding affectionate hug made atmosphere very emotional. Teachers in their late seventies joined in the celebrations. After regular prayers students honored teachers with gifts and praised them for making them to reach tops in their respective professions. All the students were gifted school badges from teachers which were specially made for this occasion. Sandeep Pimprikar, Shalaka Machve, Pratibha Sonavane and Sudhanshu Athalye compered the ceremony. It all started about two months back when Sameer Patil, one of the students from this batch, decided to arrange for reunion and contacted some of hi batch mates who were in touch. Within a week's time, about 15 batch mates first gathered at Veer Savarkar Park in Borivali and later at every Sunday started meeting at 'Shabda', owned by another batch mate Yashodhan Patil. The address of the batch mates were collected from school. Latest technology like, social websites- facebook, orkut, emails, mobiles and even post cards was used to contact students. Many students, who have shifted to abroad, also gave confirmation for re union function. During this re-union it was decided that, the school needed betterment and something should be done about it. Accordingly, it was unanimously decided that, the batch will try to get in touch with other ex-students for contribution. It was eye-opener for many of those who after completing education, not only go abroad, but forget their school and parents too. Considering this, teachers thanked students that they were taking good initiative for the school. In all, it was truly an occasion to remember.


Cricket game CDs are now a big hit SM Kabeer DNA

Deepa Sarna Gawli Cricket fever remains at the top. After Team India lifted the world cup, craze for the game is at an all time high. Enthusiasts in the age group of 10 to 35 are randomly picking up cricket games irrespective of it being available in PC format or PlayStation. Icing on the cake is the summer vacation which has added to the demand and has taken over football and action games which remained popular before the world cup win. “Cricket world cup victory has increased the demand for cricket video games. People in the age group of 10 to 35 years are randomly picking up any game CD or play station available on cricket,” says Jaikisen P, proprietor of Jai Ganesh Music Centre. There is not just the demand for these cricket games, but in stores there is variety available for cricket lovers to choose from. Games titles EA sports cricket 2005, 2007, 2009, Brian Lara International Cricket 2007, Street Cricket and ICC cricket World Cup 2011 are some of the available games in stores. The cost starts from Rs 199.

Deepa Sarna Gawli If you are addicted to computers and spend most of your time working on it, then there are chances of you suffering from ‘tennis elbow’, a disorder commonly found in tennis players but now witnessed among computer users as well. Today, the younger generation and even children are addicted to computers and are opting for profession related to it. While the world is bending towards computers, the doctors from the city in the recent time have come across several cases of tennis elbow disorder among computer users which includes IT professionals, BPO employees, animators, graphic designers among others. Umesh Kapoor, a chiropractor from the city said that lateral epicondylitis commonly known as tennis elbow is a condition where in the outer part of the elbow becomes sore and tender. "However, this was common with tennis players, but in the recent time, computer buffs are suffering through this disorder. And it is a known fact that today's generation is computer-savvy. Most of their time is spent

The youth of today are addicted to computers and they opt for jobs that are related to them working on computers which results in this disorder," said Kapoor. "The disorder develops over a period of time. If a person is working continuously on computers for several hours, then he or she is bound to suffer from this disorder in a year's time, if they do not take necessary precaution," he added. If one goes by the statistics, 90 % of those suffering from

tennis elbow are youngsters addicted to computers. The time that they spend on computers varies from six to ten hours a day. A person with this disorder may suffer continuous pain on the outer part of the elbow, point tenderness, problem in performing activities like pouring a gallon of milk, lifting with the palm down are characteristically painful among others are some of the symptoms. Doctors suggest regular exercise, avoiding excessive work on computer and taking regular breaks along with a healthy diet to avoid this disorder.

For, of & by gurus Borivali musical event ‘Pancharatna’ to be a learning experience for students Sukhada P Khandge

Until last year, football and action games were in big demand. It’s changed this year

The WC victory has led to increased demand for cricket video games. People are picking up any game CD or play station Jaikisen P, owner of a music centre “Street cricket is a big hit among buyers. We have buyers who demand street cricket video game,” adds Dhanan-

jay Zende from Nimantran toys n party shop. If we have to go by the say of the store persons then demand for foot-

ball and action games is a thing of the past. Today, only one fever exists everywhere and that is of cricket. “With IPL matches currently underway, demand for games has increased even further,” adds Jaikishen, who has stocked both PC and PlayStation versions of the cricket games. Storekeepers said until last year, there was a demand for football and action games.

A unique event that will be dedicated to the gurus in Hindustani classical music will see a performance of five gurus in the field of music. A programme, titled 'Pancharatna' is being organised by Dahisar Borivali Cultural Forum, an association dedicated to music, on April 30 at Prabodhankar Thackeray MiniTheatre in Borivali. There will performances by various gurus in this field and it will vary from performances like flute, vocal, sitar, tabla and violin. Apart from learning the art form, it is also important for a student to see the performances of their guru and learn from the same. The intricacies and nuances in the performances are well grasped by the students and therefore it is important for students to attend the performance of gurus. The performance will include different renditions like thumris, ghazals and jugalbandis between different instruments, among

There will be performances by various gurus in the field of music and one can enjoy vocal, flute, sitar, tabla and violin recitals other items. The gurus who would perform include Chandrakant Parker (vocal), Ustad Azim Khan (sitar), Narayan Prabhu (tabla), Hemant Pandit (violin), Anand Kashikar (flute). Shamrao Joglekar, Siddhesh Kamat, Mitali Mathure among others will accompany the artistes on vocal and other instruments.

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