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REFERENCES “ Safety is of high importance to our managers, but it is worth nothing if the necessary contact and attention to - ward each other is missing. This is why I liked how the trainers of Develor pointed out the role of different factors in the occurrence of a tragic event, and how it could have been avoided through be - ing in contact with the players and through maintaining steady attention. The real-life exercise was great too. (…) The training was very useful and I certainly recommend it to others as well! ” Róbert Bóna, Mine Director Visonta Mining

“ Develor Consulting has submitted a proposal based on a completely new approach emphasizing interactivity and involvement in safety. This attractive proposal with its novel method for achieving behavioral and attitude change has preceded all of its competitors in every aspect.(…) The 105-day training program was delivered in 26 days by a team of 5 experienced and professionally qualified trainers, exceeding each of their strict propositions to the satisfaction of each employee and manager. ”

“ In Nuclear Power Plant Krsko we have years of experiences with ensuring different improvements and approaches towards safety behaviour. In fact, this is area of our work, which is recognized as crucial in nuclear industry and it is summed up with term ’Safety Culture’. In our organization, safety is one of our top priorities. When developing safety culture, we always evaluate improvement. We decided to complement our understanding of safety and our approaches with help of collaboration with Develor Group of our employees, whose task are connected with safety, attended 2 days long workshop, where they discussed principles and notions about safety and unified understanding of the approaches for continuous improvement on this area. Workshop was delivered very efficiently; it ensured active participation of all participants. Workshop was commended also on training evaluation forms. ” Igor Fifnja, HR manager Nuclear Power Plant Krsko

Tibor Lados, HR Director Mátrai Er m

“ We have started co-operation with company Develor on our company wide project Safety Culture Change. Develor was the most knowledgeable source on the market, that we have found. Develor served as external consultant to our changes. We had also internal consultants as well as we hired well selected managers. Overall the project turned out in a great success. Therefore, I am personally recommending Develor for consulting projects in Safety area. ” Jaromir Odstrcil, Managing Director Cabot Corporation

“ Thank you for an excellent training session! ”

Paweł Szcze niak,CEO, VITANA

“ In the preparatory phase preceding the training program, colleagues of Develor got acquainted with the operational circumstances and specifics of our organization at various locations. As a result, the training programs later on carried a real added value for the participants because the preparation, empathy and the applied methodology made the trainers authentic. ” Tibor Donka, HSE Manager ELM -ÉMÁSZ


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DEVELOR Safety Awareness Programs  

DEVELOR Safety Awareness Programs  

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