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Think PerformanceTM The Develor Think Performance approach requires our development programs to focus on business results FOCUS ON PREPARATION AND DIAGNOSTICS provides a solid and authentic base for development

DEVELOR’S UNIQUE ENTERTRAINING system makes learning fun and change happen

KIRKPATRICK PLANNING & MEASUREMENT methodology guarantees a return on expectations

SECOND GENERATION TRAINERS’ AND CONSULTANTS’ credibility is based on their business backgrounds


OUR 100+ MULTICULTURAL EXPERTS are a formidable

alignment ensures the practical application of skills

resource of experience and competence

OUR TRAINING & CONSULTING portfolio offers flexibility through an effective mix of over 60 products

HIGH QUALITY UNIFIED REGIONAL PROJECTS are delivered based on stringent project management

Think Performance

“Art is the fruit of an obsession with professional excellence and creativity.” Develor consulting services mix professionalism and passion with a dash of innovation, thus creating lasting value.







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Learning is not an event but a process The more we extend the length of the learning process, increase the intensity and involvement of the individual, the more significant behavioural change we can expect. Develor Extended Learning (x-learning) Solutions extend the learning process with various e-tools, space out content over time and deepen knowledge through involvement and maintaining motivation to achieve sustainable change and measurable business results. Our revolutionary EnterTraining system provides in­ di­­ vidual learning space that underpins the entire development process, having impact on the participants before-during-after the learning events at all 4 Kirk­patrick levels.

Areas of Expertise Our passion is to create masterpieces

Leaders to be LEADERS IT IS DAILY PRACTICE AND BUSINESS SUCCESS THAT MAKE A LEADER BECOME THE LEADER, not just management hierarchy. Develor Leadership Impact solutions enable leaders to become open to learning and change through involvement and clear distribution of responsibility during the development process. The competence-based programs are scalable to both the hierarchical and skill levels considering individual needs and specialties. Preand post-assessment with ample choice of individual diagnostic tools, plus individual and team coaching services together guarantee that leadership development is visible and more efficient in a highly customised manner. Develor courses approach differing management levels with diverse messages and learning methods fitting the best to each target group. Our most popular leadership programs are based on the unique Insights personality typology system.

People with Processes COMPETENT SALES PEOPLE, SUPPORTED BY EFFICIENT INTERNAL PROCESSES, GENERATE RESULTS. Develor Sales Booster services focus on personal competence and the alignment of processes, systems and KPI’s. Our solutions provide an efficient sales management framework which encourages staff and management to perform better. Our programmes are built on an audit of human skills, sales tools, KPI’s and systems. Kirkpatrick system-based planning and implemen­ tation of the program guarantee measurable growth in business results. The outcome? Sales and customer service professionals are able to retain and develop customers whilst simultaneously increasing customer loyalty and acquiring new clients. All related courses are based on our peerless comprehensive Sales Mandala system which identifies the competences needed to be successful in all sales encounters in specific business segments. Additionally, leaders will be able to manage and develop their sales professionals even further, in an efficient and engaging manner.  

Areas of Expertise Our passion is to create masterpieces

Fostering the Future TO SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENT STRATEGY, OUT­ STANDING COMPANIES ATTRACT THE BEST PEOPLE as well as retaining and developing their talents thus making optimum use of their business potential. Develor Talent Springboard programs provide you with a skilled and motivated workforce to implement future strategies and achieve success. Training your talented colleagues is just one part of the story; Develor will help you maximise their potential and keep them satisfied and loyal. Our targeted solutions comprise selection, retention and development services for different groups of Young Talents, High Potentials and Key Employees. In our considerable experience, it is the change management elements that are the key success factors in this field. This is why Develor focuses on expectation management, internal communication, coaching & mentoring and continuous tracking of individual development.

Soul of Synergy IT IS RELATIONSHIPS AND COOPERATION BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS AND TEAMS that influence organizational performance the most, not merely individuals. Develor Organizational Excellence solutions diagnose and improve team efficiency, create cross-departmental synergies and support organizational changes. However, it is hard to improve what we cannot clearly perceive. Of course, we can have impressions and feelings about the weaker areas of team or organizational performance, but only independent and professional assessment tools can give a proper basis for the further improvement on team, department or entire organizational level. The Corporate Culture and Engagement Surveys provide a true picture of the organization, whilst our unique Team Sociomapping and Insights Team effectiveness tools do the same for team cohesion and cooperation. In addition, Develor’s specialists deliver diverse services from outdoor Teambuilding programs to structured long-term Organization Design projects.

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