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SPARK Volunteer – Refugee Support (Various Volunteer Vacancies) Volunteer Position title

SPARK Volunteer – Refugee Support

SPARK provides curriculum, social and cultural support to newly arrived refugee children and their families through selected primary schools in central western Sydney.

Position objective

Bright Sparks – Provide Kindergarten to Year 6 refugee children with academic and general English support. Implement age appropriate games and activities for the participants on the SPARK program. Family Group – Provide settlement and English language support to refugee parents and guardians.

Little Sparks – Provide pre-school aged children with early learning and general literacy support. Implement age appropriate games and activities.

Essential Qualifications No experience is necessary but it is essential that volunteers are interested in refugee issues. In addition you need to be:

Skills/qualifications Required

• • • • •

Willing to work in an unconditionally enthusiastic and positive manner Sensitive to cross cultural issues Friendly and approachable Non judgmental and open minded Reliable and flexible

Good organisational, communication and leadership/mentoring skills

Desirable Qualities • • • • • •

Ability to implement and lead a variety of appropriate activities and games Ability to liaise effectively with other volunteers, concerned parents and activity facilitators Ability to remain calm in a crisis Basic awareness of issues affecting participants on the activity Natural rapport and ability to relate to people A sense of humour

General Duties • •

Key areas of responsibility

• • •

Ensure and maintain the safety, welfare and well being of participants. Maintain strict adherence to activity rules and regulations, both personally and by those in care. Supervise and participate in age appropriate games and activities with participants on the SPARK program. Assume responsibility for the participants in care and encourage participation of all participants in designated activities. Maintain close communication with other volunteers, leaders, school staff and SPARK staff


SPARK staff

Days/times required

Volunteers are required from 3 – 4.30pm once a week (Mondays – Thursdays). This includes face to face time with the participants and briefing and debriefing sessions.

Training is provided to all SPARK volunteers. The goal of training is to prepare volunteers to function effectively in their role at SPARK and may also assist in their own professional or personal development.

Training requirements An initial and compulsory training program must be undertaken by all volunteers prior to attending SPARK schools. These training sessions are held every February, April, July and October.

Screening requirements

Volunteers will be required to undergo background checks, including referee checks and completion of a Prohibited Employment Declaration.

There are many benefits to volunteering with SPARK. Some of these are:

Benefits to volunteer

Contact Person

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Experiencing the diversity and richness of other cultures Rewarding and fulfilling experience in helping others Well resourced and supported volunteer program Ongoing training Opportunity to meet new people and share ideas A certificate of completion of training, and a reference (if requested) if you do more than one term

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