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LS 15/09/07

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Program Title Budget Counselling I

Budget Counselling II

Budget Counselling III

Brief Description

Training Resources 2009 Length

The first stage of the Budget Counselling training package. A very useful program aimed at improving awareness of the nature of poverty as well as the range of options available to support people in need. This program may be taken as a very useful ‘stand alone’ or a pathway to becoming an accredited Budget Counsellor. Building on Stage I, this program involves practice with money planning, Role-play exercises, case studies, further detail on credit and debt. Building on Stages I and II, we aim to increase the competence and confidence of participants as they progress to this final part of the path to initial accreditation. Further case studies, familiarisation with policy and procedures as affecting budget counselling in practice.

Centre Personnel Role Familiarisation Training*

This program is for the detailed elaboration of the position descriptions of all roles within Retail, Recycling and Distribution outlets. It aims to clarify the roles as well as to detail the supports available to all positions within Centres.

Strategic Planning (Mby-O) Seminar

This program is based on the Management by Objectives (M-by-O) process for identifying current situation and desired end states as well as designing the most suitable pathways to success in the achievement of clearly defined objectives. Designed to provide a general introduction to the bigger picture! Conveying the ‘story’ of our Society and the context within which Centres operate - the key role of centres in support of good works!

Centre Volunteer Orientation

1 Day

1 Day

1 Day

½ Day

½ Day

½ Day

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LS 15/09/07





11 12




Conference President Development Seminar

Designed initially to familiarise Conference Presidents with their role and its related responsibilities. It has proven to be very popular with Conference members generally and is usually tailored to suit local needs and situations.

Diocesan President Role Familiarisation

Providing the Diocesan Council President with the detail of their position as well as related training resource.

2 ½ Hrs

Domestic Violence Awareness

This is dedicated to providing Vincentians with a basic awareness of the contours of domestic violence and the role and responsibilities of Vincentians who confront it.

1 Day

Effective Home Visitation

Very popular program, frequently tailored to address local concerns. Here we deal with the practicalities of visitation from personal security to the issue of providing the most effective support for people in need A support for Regions wishing to improve communications and deal more effectively with differences which sometimes occur. This program is aimed at approved groups wishing to support Learning Services in the local delivery of particular programs such as ‘Welcome Friend’. It has also proved popular with Youth and Young Adult facilitators.

Enjoyment of Conflict Resolution Facilitating GroupBased Learning (formerly ‘Train the Trainer’)

½ Day

½ Day ½ Day

1 Day

Interviewers’ Training Program

For Society people who engage in interviews with clients. Very popular especially welcomed is the session on difficult clients.

½ Day

Society Leadership Development Seminar

This program is designed to support leadership at all levels of the Society – customised to suit local needs! Informal, enthusiastic support for joy in leadership. A very popular workshop!

1 to 2 Days

Managing Challenging Behaviour

A very popular program relating to some of the challenges associated with visitation and special work experiences. We also customize to suit local situations.

½ Day

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LS 15/09/07


Manual Handling

The required training for all members of the Vincentian family. It is policy that no work be undertaken by anyone in the Society until Manual Handling has been successfully completed.


Mental Health Awareness


Problem Gambling Awareness


Practical Listening Skills


Refugee Mentor Training Regional President Role Familiarisation

Designed to provide a basic level of awareness of some mental health issues for Society people. A great resource for those engaged in visitation and interviewing generally – a very popular, useful program! Problem Gambling is an insidious issue which greatly disrupts normal life. Awareness on the part of Vincentians can prove very useful in ensuring that our support is both meaningful and relevant. This very popular program has proven to be extremely effective in assisting members, volunteers and staff improve their communicating and listening skills and build overall efficiency. Very interactive and enjoyable! To equip Refugee support mentors with the information, skills and general knowledge necessary to best assist vulnerable, newly arrived refugees with their settlement needs. Designed to equip aspiring regional presidents with the fullest possible familiarisation with the role and responsibilities of the Regional Council President. Also included are some supporting resource to assist with leadership.



Society Orientation Program


Suicide Awareness


Welcome Friend


Retail Training for Centre Volunteers

2 Hours

1 Day

3 days 2 Hours

For all employees and some volunteers (e.g. Compeer, volunteers working with refugees). The Society Orientation Program is to be completed by all staff within the first 3 months of their employment. A very basic program which seeks to provide a very basic introduction to current thinking from relevant peak organizations on this important topic which confronts our communities with such devastating effects. The introduction to the Society for new and existing members – a required program.

½ Day

These brief sessions are designed to be delivered at the local level. Of short duration, we cover Customer Service, Selling Skills, Stock Control and Store Presentation. We have a facilitator’s manual to assist designated people to deliver this enjoyable training.

Retail Training for Centre Volunteers

½ Day

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LS 15/09/07

Usually, all programs commence at 9:30 with ½ day programs concluding with lunch at about 12:45. Full day programs conclude at 3:00 pm approximately. Please note that the above list just indicative, not exhaustive. We are happy to design programs to suit particular circumstances or issues. Learning services also provide external presenters to meet requirements not currently existing within our department. Please contact me if you have any particular requests. George Owen Manager, Learning Services NSW Ph 02- 956608666 (Direct: 9568 0245) (Mobile: 0407 46 88 91) e:

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