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Donation’s Regulator - Store Room (Expression of interest) Volunteer Position Title Donation’s Regulator - Store Room (Expression of interest)


Ozanam Learning Centre / Matthew Talbot Hostel - 22 Talbot Place - Woolloomooloo

Position objective

To assist in the regulation of donations, both incoming and outgoing.

Skills/qualifications required

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Coordination skills Basic computing skills The ability to control and account for an inventory The ability to lift goods and packages of a reasonable weight The ability to work in a team

Note: This service and position is yet to be created. • Key areas of responsibility • •


Days/times required

Volunteer Manager Possibly a two hours shift once a week e.g. 10am -12noon

3 hour OHS relevant to MTH environment held on a week day evening 40 min manual handling training

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Interview with Volunteer Manager Fill Volunteer Application Forms Two Contactable References

• Training requirements

Screening requirements

Benefits to volunteer

Contact Person

The proposition is to centralise donations and standardise their distribution to staff members on behalf of clients. The position does not have direct contact with our clients. The role would be initially shared by different people on different days.

The satisfaction of being part of a new service and creating a system that would benefit the socially disadvantaged. Marty on Tel. (02) 9358 8142; Email's%20Regulator%20-%20Store%20Room%20_MTH_'s%20Regulator%20-%20Store%20Room%20_MTH_.pdf