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Purpose of the Awards Vinnies Social Justice Awards seek to encourage young people, their schools and the communities to which they belong. The Awards celebrate the good works already being done. The key objectives for the Awards are: 

Affirm the value of action for the benefit of others

Encourage young people to be generous with their time, energy and resources

Acknowledge young people who have displayed generosity and commitment to social justice

Young people’s enthusiasm and energy flow into passion for creating better opportunities for themselves and others. The St Vincent de Paul Society came into being because older people encouraged young university students to take action which supported their beliefs. The Awards pay tribute both to today’s young people who have taken action and to those who nurture their spirit.

“Never see a need without doing something about it” Mary MacKillop

It is not the words alone which have brought Mary MacKillop to sainthood; it is the living out of her beliefs through actions. Blessed Frederic Ozanam said … The problem which divides people today is not a political problem; it is a social one. ... Many people have too much and still want more. Others do not have enough, or do not have anything at all … Because we are young; because we are not wealthy, we can more easily fill the role of mediators. 175 Years ago Frederic and his companions founded the St Vincent de Paul Society in Paris, 1833. They simply met to see what could be done for those in need.

Nominate a Young Person of action and leadership (Up to 30 years of age)

Contact: Tim Taylor St Vincent de Paul Society (SA) Inc Vinnies Social Justice Awards GPO Box 1804 Adelaide. SA 5001 Phone: (08) 8112 8725 Fax: (08) 8112 8798


Vinnies Social Justice Awards 2010 South Australia is searching for young people who make a difference for others in need. Let’s celebrate their good works in building a fair and just community.

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The Four Award Categories EMMANUEL BAILLY AWARD For group nominations. Typically, these groups are involved in service and taking action to achieve social justice outcomes. Year 5/6 students play

games with elderly people with dementia. BARMERA PRIMARY SCHOOL

Justice & Ministry Group,

planned, publicised and raised funds to support Vinnies, Mt Barker in providing long life food for those in need. MT CARMEL COLLEGE


To an individual who has participated in a range of activities and is an integral part of the ACTION. Tayla & Zoe initiated competitions to raise money for various causes, ran stalls and wrote a song to raise awareness of social justice. ST MARY’S COLLEGE Elleni organised various

campaigns to raise awareness. MERCEDES COLLEGE

Brayden was chair of student action group set up student peer mediation among three year levels. PARADISE PRIMARY SCHOOL

BLESSED FREDERIC OZANAM AWARD For a student’s outstanding LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE.. This person ‘makes things happen’ over a period of time.. Jess was active member of the

ST LOUISE DE MARILLAC AWARD For a post-secondary young adult advocating for social justice through their LEADERSHIP and SERVICE. (18-30 yrs of age)

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Mason returned to ROSTREVOR COLLEGE to lead

social justice group, leading activities: Reconciliation Action Plan, Rice Day, Christmas Hamper, volunteers for Fred’s Van & college leadership in promoting justice and peace.

formation of young people. He advocated his cause on You Tube.

Charlotte takes opportunity to reach out to others, communicates world issues to students, tutors refugees, volunteers with various agencies & was college service rep.

their homelands.

Madina raises awareness at UIGHUR LANGUAGE SCHOOL

Alice is a VINNIES YOUTH leader, involved in leadership formation, Bailly Camps for kids, and is a St Vincent de Paul State Council youth rep.

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