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ASP.NET Development or PHP Development: what's better? For years, developers are discussions now about which platform is better PHP or ASP.NET. Because people around me for my opinion is often asked: "Is it better to choose PHP or ASP.NET anyway?" I have two years before I fully programmed in PHP to ASP.NET am moved, and so have experience with both platforms. Incidentally, I think it is important to mention that PHP is not a platform but a scripting language. ASP.NET is a platform for the programming languages C # and VB.NET (Visual Basic) can be used in other websites / web applications development.

In various Internet forums to find his posts claiming that PHP would be faster than ASP.NET. These views are seldom supported by substantive arguments. Because such claim so often repeated argument is the speed now become a widely accepted myth. ASP.NET works on the basis of a compiled language, which means that most of the source code is converted to a - directly executable by the processor - binary program. After this one-time compilation, the application (ie your website) in binary form be fully implemented without a new compilation work needed. A compiled language is inherently faster than an interpreted language (like PHP). On this website is to find a comparison between the performance of both platforms. This shows that ASP.NET performs significantly better than PHP.

ASP.NET is an intensively supported and maintained platform and has many facilities and resources to the development process easier. Microsoft is constantly working to further developing the. NET framework and other technologies that are directly or indirectly to do with it. This constant stream of improvements, more efficient for developers to build great ASP.NET applications. PHP contrast changes less rapidly, because it largely depends on the open source community. My own experience is that ASP.NET makes it easier and large solid object-oriented projects to build relatively simple to maintain. Because security is a very important component of the. NET framework, this platform in my opinion in that area as the winner. I have nothing against PHP. Well written in PHP projects can be safe and easy to maintain.

And poorly written ASP.NET code can the opposite be true, despite the proven architecture of ASP.NET MVC. However, in general, ASP.NET creates a more productive manner of development, is more scalable, and allows for easier to maintain code. That is why I have a personal preference for ASP.NET, and why we as a company can be successful: all web developers to develop Internet Bureau Bestebroer namely in ASP.NET. Third Generation Resources Private Limited (TGRPL) is a leading Microsoft .net development company in India that offers offshore asp .net application development services. At TGPRL, we use ASP.Net Framework which is a virtual machine middleware. ASP.Net has boosted work efficiency about 80% in the software portal development. Currently, the latest version ASP.NET 4.5 of ASP.NET has been introduced in the market. ASP.NET 4.5 brings great new functionality around Web development and design that builds standards based on next generation Web sites easier than ever before. For More Details Please Visit Us at :

ASP.NET Development or PHP Development: what's better?