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ENZYME TESTING LABS Founded: 2002 Headcount: 300+

A MULTI-LINGUAL QA testing company is a great idea in any games market, but when Yan Cyr and Emmanuel Viau set up Enzyme testing labs in French-speaking Canada, they knew well enough that they would be working at an international crossroads were a grasp of several languages sets a company apart from its competition. “For Enzyme, our growth is from a variety of markets, not just the North American market,” explains Enzyme president and CEO Cyr. “We see a lot of opportunity in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of testing methodology and technologies, in addition to focusing on value added services that makes us more of a development partner with the developers and publishers we work with around the world.” And the tailoring of a focus towards digital entertainment within the institutions of the entire Québec province has lead to the region serving Cyr well in the role of a base of operations.

“Québec is great place to do business. The economic and political climate is favourable to the video game industry, there are many schools and institutions that also give us access to a pool of qualified and mostly bilingual resources,” he explains. “As with any strategic growth industry, the government here facilitates expansion and supports development efforts through a variety of means like training and some tax credit incentives.” It is that strong regional contribution across the country to the overall powerhouse that is national games development which Cyr sees as reason for the current successes of the Canada. “Well, I think its quite clear that Canada is a leader in the industry. You just have to look at the number of internationally renowned studios that operate in Québec and Canada and some of the titles that have been produced here are some of the most successful ones in the world.”

AUDIOKINETIC Founded: 2000 Location: Montréal

BEST KNOWN for its outstanding Wwise audio pipeline solution, Audiokinetic has established itself internationally as the company to beat in terms of video games audio solutions. The Wwise package has become synonymous with the notion of the highest quality solutions available today. “Our main focus at Audiokinetic is to provide the most complete audio pipeline to game developers. We have been focusing not only on improving our audio solution Wwise but also to offer a variety of plugins and options to the professional game audio creators,” says vice president of sales and marketing Geneviéve Laberge. “Not only do we consult our international user base, but we also leverage some of the local talent when we need to get some feedback new ideas that we have had. Audio is frequently outsourced and we have some great local talent when it comes to offering services, companies like Game On Audio or Wave Generation among others come to mind.”


Audiokinetic is happy with its position in one of the world’s leading games industries. “There are numerous incentives to get involved in the industry. The goal of the tax credits is to drive innovation and local employment. Beyond the government help, I think that a few important factors that also make Canada appealing,” Laberge says. “The cost of living is very reasonable, we offer a great quality of life and a good educational and health care system, there is a real ecosystem present making it possible to actually have a career and allowing you to evolve and a solid and sound economy.” As Audiokinetic sees it, that positivity is set to continue on into the development community of tomorrow. The company hopes to be there, at the fine edge of the audio pipeline industry. “With all the entrepreneurial talent, support from our Government and creativity this country has to offer, I certainly think we have what is takes.”

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Develop - Issue 111 - November 2010  

Issue 111 of European games development magazine Develop, published in November. Develop is the leading industry pub...

Develop - Issue 111 - November 2010  

Issue 111 of European games development magazine Develop, published in November. Develop is the leading industry pub...

Profile for develop