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Student entrepreneurs benefit from the new L. William Seidman Center

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Seidman students find business success


Innovation and Creation Built for the Future


A Catalyst for Student Scientists

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Foundation Spring Reception 2013 Enrichment Dinner

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INNOVATION AND CREATION Seidman students find business success The new L. William Seidman Center, home of the Seidman College of Business, was built by the generosity of private donors. The building is already helping business students, including management seniors Vanessa Gore, Michael Kurley, and Lindsay Noonan, find success. The trio co-founded Soletics, Inc., and have produced their first product, a solar powered jacket for winter athletes. The jacket’s solar panels collect energy that is then used to actively heat the wearer’s extremities while simultaneously cooling the core. After researching their target audience, the team found that cold hands and an overheated chest were main complaints with those who enjoyed winter sports, like skiing and snowboarding. The Soletics students’ business understanding and entrepreneurial drive has led them to opportunities they did not expect.


“This is an experience I would have never dreamed possible,” said Noonan, who thought of an early concept of the product while on a cold winter run.

started a business, but we’ve competed and we’ve traveled. That is real experience that you can’t get anywhere else.”

The founders of Soletics met in a management course taught by affiliate instructor Tim Syfert. Each member, at Syfert’s urging, signed up to participate in the Michigan Clean Energy Venture Challenge, a competition for students statewide.

Currently, the Soletics team is continuing to further their product and company. They are seeking a $50,000 microloan, which will allow them to create a fully functioning jacket for athletes to test. Soletics is planning to take pre-orders of the product this winter.

“We all sat on opposite sides of the room, and signed up without even knowing each other,” Gore said. “But, we really bonded in the four months before the competition.”

The Soletics team is an example of the wellrounded students that the Seidman College of Business is producing. Through their journey, the members have learned how to work with limited resources, gained presentation and communication skills, and experienced the power of both teamwork and networking. The Seidman College of Business instills in students a mindset of innovation that will help students regardless of major or job placement.

The team’s work paid off when they won best prototype of the competition out of a field of 70 applicants. Syfert isn’t surprised by the team’s success. “They’re here for a purpose,” he said. “The purpose is not just the education; the purpose is doing something with their education.” The three decided that the project had too much potential to dissolve after their first competition or when the semester ended. Since Soletics formed, the students have participated in a number of business competitions, including the prestigious International Business Model Competition at Harvard University, where they were semi-finalists. Soletics has also worked with over 60 community professionals to create their product, and shared their knowledge as mentors for Grand Valley’s Teen Entrepreneur Summer Academy. The team members agreed that the L. William Seidman Center, and the resources it houses, has helped their venture continue to succeed. Even finding a place to meet as a group, Gore said, is easier in the new building. Future students will have the same opportunity to benefit from the Seidman College of Business.

Gore encourages other students to find their own success as a Seidman student. “Even if the entrepreneurial ventures they start don’t succeed completely,” she said, “they have that experience they can bring into the business world and the entrepreneurial mindset to help push them forward.”

“The resources available to you here, if you are willing to engage them, are phenomenal.” - Michael Kurley

“The resources available to you here, if you are willing to engage them, are phenomenal,” said Kurley. The experience the Soletics team has gained while at Grand Valley will undoubtedly help them in the future. “When we graduate, we’ll have real, relevant experience thanks to the Seidman College of Business,” Noonan said. “Not only have we

In main photo (from left to right) Michael Kurley, Vanessa Gore, and Lindsay Noonan ›› WWW.TEAMSOLETICS.COM

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BU I LT FO R THE FUT URE New Library Designed For Student Learning

Thanks to 1400 donors, Grand Valley students have access to a national model for 21st Century Learning. The Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons provides an interdisciplinary and academic space that will evolve with students’ needs. The library is flexible enough for changes in how students will learn in future generations. Research was conducted to discover exactly what students will need to advance academically and socially in the future. Results made it clear that students needed a space that would not only allow them private space to study, but also give them a chance to work and study with their fellow classmates to grow new ideas.


“In previous decades, it was very much a solitary act where students were essentially using their minds, gathering information, and digesting it. What we’ve seen evolve over the years is that learning has become much more of a community activity,” said Erin Fisher, Library Program Manager. “It’s not so much about gaining access to information, but taking information and growing it into something new. It is the difference between knowledge acquisition and knowledge creation.”

students, the way they study, and the way they learn,” added Carlos Rodriquez, Associate Dean of Technology and Information Services.

All of the features added to the new library allow for this knowledge creation to occur. Peer mentoring in the Hines Corporation Knowledge Marketplace and the creative environment in the DTE Energy Foundation Innovation Zone allow students to learn and expand their understanding of the world. Physical details like floor to ceiling white boards, technology enhanced presentation rooms, and movable furniture to accommodate teamwork, were designed to meet student needs.

“Grand Valley is definitely a fortunate community. We have an entire community from Grand Rapids to Allendale and beyond who want to see the university succeed. This library gives us a lot more to be a part of, and a place to study and do our work,” said Czarnota. “It makes us feel more included and a bigger part of Grand Valley as a whole. We owe it all to these donors.”

“This building is for the students, so it’s not a static building. The library is a growing living organism. We want the building to adjust, grow, and change over time for

Students, like Andrea Czarnota, who use the Mary Idema Pew Library can now study in an enriched environment that supplements classroom learning. This remarkable space would not have been made possible without the help of the community that supported it.

“We have an entire community from Grand Rapids to Allendale and beyond who want to see the university succeed.” - Andrea Czarnota


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Gifts given to the Ott-Stiner Fellowship in Chemistry and Natural Sciences will have double the impact on Grand Valley students if given by November 1. All gifts to the fellowship will be matched dollar for dollar until our goal of $10,000 in funding is reached. A gift of $100 becomes $200 in impact!


The Ott-Stiner Fellowship in Chemistry and Natural Sciences, established in 2011, assists students financially and provides mentoring for students in the Student Summer Scholars Program who are focused in the areas of chemistry or the natural sciences. ›› WWW.GVSU.EDU/GIVING/OTTSTINERMATCH

FIRST IN PHILANTHROPY Grand Valley is pleased to announce the establishment of the W.K. Kellogg Community Philanthropy Chair. Thanks to gifts from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Kellogg Company 25-Year Employees' Fund, it is the first chair in the nation dedicated to community philanthropy. The chair will work with private and corporate donors and the non-profit sector to help different communities understand their philanthropic landscape and emerging best practices.

philanthropy in the country,” stated President Haas. “The Johnson Center is one of the nation’s largest university-based philanthropic center, and this gift enables it to continue its history of excellence and expand its outreach to communities.” The Johnson Center is an Academic Center at Grand Valley State University that works locally, nationally, and internationally with foundations, other grantmakers and nonprofits to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the charitable sector.

“We are tremendously grateful for the opportunity to establish the first chair in community ›› WWW.JOHNSONCENTER.ORG



Giving a planned gift to Grand Valley State University shows your commitment to the university and its mission. By including Grand Valley in your will or estate plan, you will ensure that your interests and passions are supported after your lifetime. Those who give planned gifts are inducted into the Gillett Society and may receive financial benefits. The Development Office staff will be happy to help you choose which of the many planned giving opportunities is right for you. Help ensure the longterm success of the university and its students by giving a planned gift today.

To learn more about planned giving, please visit WWW.GVSU.EDU/GIVING/GIFTPLANS FA L L 2 0 1 3 | 9




Thanks to the generosity of more than 220 donors, the campaign for the Robert B. Annis Field Station has exceeded the campaign goal. In just one year Grand Valley supporters, including alumni, community members, and those passionate about protecting Michigan’s freshwater resources, gave $2.32 million in private gifts.

provides a space for better collaboration, better science, and better solutions to protect our Great Lakes. With the addition of the Annis Field Station, the institute will be able to help Muskegon County, the Lakeshore, and West Michigan visibly demonstrate leadership for the blue economy, hire more researchers, and increase opportunities for Grand Valley students. The Annis Field Station was dedicated on August 12.

The new, 14,700 square foot Robert B. Annis Field Station allows for year-round research and ›› WWW.GVSU.EDU/GIVING/AWRI

10 | H O R I Z O N S

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LIBRARY PREVIEW In May, leading donors to the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons gathered to preview the space that they and many others helped create for Grand Valley students. Attendees toured the library’s many innovative learning spaces and celebrated the possibilities of the new library. The formal dedication took place on September 3 with a community open house on September 7.

12 | H O R I Z O N S


GVU Foundation Directors gathered in May for the annual Foundation Spring Reception. The reception was held in the new L. William Seidman Center, which was built by the generosity of Grand Valley supporters. At the reception, attendees enjoyed each other’s company and were updated about university construction and campaign progress. The Seidman Center will be formally dedicated on October 9 with a community open house on October 12.

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14 | H O R I Z O N S

The Possibilites Are Endless... Thanks To You The Grand Valley University Foundation began holding Enrichment Dinners in 1976 as a celebration of giving and to provide an opportunity for the entire Grand Valley community to reflect on their accomplishments. This year’s dinner, held June 5th at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, brought together 1,300 of Grand Valley’s friends and supporters. The theme of the night, “Momentum,” captured Grand Valley’s successful past and energetic drive into the future. Richard M. DeVos, longtime general chairman of the GVU Foundation, opened the dinner by reminding attendees of the importance of leadership. He said, "You can't buy leadership. You can't buy a school like this with just money. It takes a spirit. It's up to you to carry on that great love affair."

Four individuals whose leadership has made a significant impact on Grand Valley were honored at the Enrichment Dinner. Bea Idema’s community philanthropy and commitment to Grand Valley was recognized with the Enrichment Award. She was also inducted into the university’s Hall of Fame. For their active commitment and leadership, Brian and Paqui Kelly received the Leadership Award. Professor Emeritus Joan Boand was recognized for her service and leadership with the Arend D. Lubbers Award. President Thomas J. Haas gave a university update, saying Grand Valley supporters are the force that is accelerating our university into the future. The evening was emceed by Jim and Donna Brooks, co-vice-chairs of the GVU Foundation. ›› WWW.GVSU.EDU/GIVING/MOMENTUM

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2013 Enrichment Dinner Awardees

Enrichment Award

Beatrice A. Idema

Arend D. Lubbers Award

Joan Boand

Leadership Award

Brian and Paqui ’98 Kelly 16 | H O R I Z O N S

Enrichment Award

Leadership Award

Beatrice A. Idema

Brian and Paqui ’98 Kelly

Bea Idema is a passionate philanthropist whose lifetime

Brian and Paqui ’98 Kelly will always be part of the Grand

of giving to West Michigan has made a tremendous

Valley State University family and West Michigan.

difference in the community. Her genuine concern for others, coupled with her adventurous spirit, has led her

Brian, the head football coach for the University of Notre

to make a significant difference in many areas including

Dame, got his start as a graduate assistant football

education, health, and the arts.

coach for Grand Valley, eventually becoming the head football coach in 1991. During his 12 years as head

Throughout her lifetime, Bea has been involved with

coach, he compiled a record of 118-35-2 while winning

countless organizations in West Michigan. She has served

five conference championships and two NCAA Division II

on the Grand Rapids Symphony Women’s Committee

national championships in 2002 and 2003.

and recently helped to fund the Idema Forest Realm and Funicular at the John Ball Zoo. Her foundation, founded

Paqui earned a master’s degree in education from Grand

with her husband Bill, has also funded such organizations

Valley while working in the university’s Financial Aid

as Camp Henry, D.A. Blodgett, Metro Health Hospital,


Michigan State University Medical School, and the Grand

her experience was the inspiration for the couple’s Kelly

Rapids Art Museum.

Cares Foundation. The foundation supports organizations,

She is a two-time breast cancer survivor, and

initiatives and programs throughout the country that closely Bea has been instrumental in the growth of Grand Valley

align health, education, and community.

State University. She has supported Grand Valley for more than 40 years and played an important role in the

Higher education has been at the center of the Kelly family’s

campaign for the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and

life, and they generously support the institutions of which

Information Commons. Her support for the Cook-DeVos

they have been a part. They have supported Grand Valley

Health Sciences Building and the university’s endowment

for more than 20 years. Most recently, the Kelly Family

has helped create opportunities for thousands of students.

Sports Center was named in their honor.

Arend D. Lubbers Award

Joan Boand As a long-time advocate for women’s athletics, Joan Boand

Conference titles. Her women’s basketball teams won four

has had an incredible impact on athletics at Grand Valley

straight league titles from 1974-1978. Joan retired in 1999

State University. Joan began her career at the university

as the associate athletic director.

in 1966 as a tenure track Assistant Professor of Physical Education and quickly became involved in implementing

Joan created the Joan Boand Athletic Scholarship as a

women’s sports into the athletic program.

way to give back to students. In celebration of Title IX’s 40th anniversary, the Boand & Rowe Endowment for

Joan is credited with establishing several women’s sports at

Advancement of Women in Sport & Physical Activity was

Grand Valley and influencing many more. Within just a few

named in honor of Joan and Patti Rowe, a fellow faculty

years of teaching, she began coaching women’s softball,

member. Joan’s leadership at Grand Valley and her passion

basketball, track and field, and volleyball. She coached the

for supporting women’s athletics has benefitted the

Laker volleyball team for 26 years, compiling a 557-330

university and its students tremendously over the years.

record and winning six Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic

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18 | H O R I Z O N S

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20 | H O R I Z O N S

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Donor Honor Roll In 2012-2013 15,900 donors generously gave to Grand Valley State University. Private gifts are the force behind the momentum that is propelling Grand Valley to continued excellence. We are humbled by these gifts and grateful to the supporters who gave them. The Gillett Society list below recognizes individuals who have included Grand Valley in their will or estate plan. The honor roll recognizes those who gave or pledged annual gifts of $500 or above during the fiscal year July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013.

Gillett Society Active Members Rev. Terry ’70 & Sandra ’68 (Mackus) Allen Janet E. Andersen ’73 ◊Dixie Lee Anderson ’72 David & Mary Annis Anonymous (12) Daniel J. & Nancy Aronoff Phyllis A. Aurich ’71 John T.† & Shirley D. Batchelder ◊John H. & Nancy Batts Bud & Arlene† Baxter ◊Teresa ’75 & David ’76 Beagle Laurie Finney Beard, MBA 1981 Robert H. & Jane M. Becker Rev. Darld T. & Joyce M. Black Robert & Jean Blossfeld Louis & Candace Brad James & Donna Brooks ◊R.T.† & Mary Brown Tony Budnick ’96 ◊Tom & Darlene Burgess Sharon M. Buursma ’90 Johnine & Orel Callahan R. Jack & Donna† Chase Ed & Victoria Clark Patricia F. Clark & Stanley F. Krohmer Barbara J. Collins ’69 George & Peg† Cope ◊Joe ’76 & Linda Czarnik Gayle R. Davis & Frederic B. Kraft ◊Gilbert R. & Patricia K. Davis Peter J. ’68 & Galene J. ’67 DeWitt Gregg & Tori Dimkoff Mindy Kalinowski Earley ’01, ’08 & Travis Earley ’01 ◊Jeffrey W. ’79 & Becky J. ’80 Eckstrom Jean Enright Bill Essling ’98 Thomas & Joanne ’10 Finazzi Andrew D. ’71 & Mary S. Fraser Dr. Catherine E. Frerichs ◊Kenneth & Irene Fridsma ◊Joel F. ’67 & Linda J. Garfield Rick & Linda Gillett Gene J. & Tubie Gilmore Dr. Martha Golensky George & Barbara Gordon John & Barbara ’91 Gracki ◊Lucille I. & Andrew F. Grimm Stephen L. Gryzan ’74 & Thomas M. Reynen Tom & Marcia Haas James T. Harrison Ralph W. & Grace G.† Hauenstein ◊Doyle A. Hayes ’75 Jan & John† Heerspink Dr. Antonio & Vonnie ’97 Herrera Robert L. & Judith S. Hooker Michael T. House ’92 Paul A. & Ardis D. ’80 Huizenga

◊F. Martin & Dorothy A. Johnson Dr. Linda A. Joyce ’72 & Dr. Michael G. Ryan Daniel J. Kallick ’77 Martha J. Katt ’84 ◊Miner S.† & Mary Ann Keeler Doug & Barbara Kindschi Don & Julia Klein Wayne D. Kramer ’75 ◊Mark A. Kubik ’96 James D. & Natalie D. Kuras Dr. Paul Kutsche David ’88 & Robin ’87 Leclerc ◊Harvey E. Lemmen Kristin G. Linscott, MPA ’11 Randy† & Jo Ann Litton Karen Loth ◊Arend & Nancy Lubbers Nancy K. Mack Richard ’69 & Linda Marek Michael ’70 & Susie ’73 (Kelly) Matthews Emily Jean McFadden & Ben Picciuca Theresa M. McKee MT (ASCP) MS OTR ’79 & Timothy P. McKee James & Shirley ’85 Menacher Marlow N. Metcalf ’10 Brenda Middleton ’98, ’05 Floyd W. ’77 & Katherine B. Miles ◊Nancee L. Miller ’68 & Terry A. Gunderson ◊Robert E. Monaghan ’67 John S. ’67 & Barbara J. Morrison ◊James G. Muir ◊Katherine A. Muir James A. ’77 & Carol A. ’77 Mulder ◊Rodney† & Lu Mulder

◊Randall S. ’75 & Lorie L. Nederveld ◊Malea Nicolet ’97 ◊Steven Nicolet ’95 Glenn & Betty Niemeyer ◊Seymour K. & Esther R. Padnos ◊Jack F. ’75 & Alice M. Perry ◊Lawrence A. Reister & Betty G. Gawthrop Dale & Denise Ringerwole Jim & Joyce Rogers Dana M. Roseman ’94 Paul A. ’72 & Janet M. ’71 Royce ◊William M. & Janet M. Sabourin Mary Schaf John C. Scherff ◊Kim Schmidt ’88, ’00 Ambassador Peter F. & Joan Secchia Drs. Wilhelm W. & Mary A. Seeger Larry & Elaine (Rutowski) ’12 Shay B. P. Sherwood III & Marilyn W. Sherwood John† & Mae Shipley Paul & Mary Springer Rose A. Stein ◊Sylvia Stein Les & Jackie Stiner ◊Steele & Mary Taylor John L. & Barbara ’68 Tevebaugh Peter & Judy Theune Dr. Edward L. Tremba & Rosemary Ney-Tremba Peter M. Turner Heather A. Valentine ’86 Joni Vander Till David A. ’68 & Sharon K. ’90 VanderWall Doris Van Ess-Bader & Ernie Bader ◊Bill & Barbara ’93† Van’t Hof † Deceased | ◊ Gillett Society Charter Member

22 | H O R I Z O N S

Gary Verplank & Victoria B. Verplank Phillip J. & Kathleen B. ’95, ’99 Vogelsang John D. & Maribeth Wardrop Dr. James & Janet Watkins Jack† & Mary White ◊Mary L. & Steven B. Williams ◊Richard I. Williams ’98 ◊Susan O. Wold ◊Robert & Barbara† Wood Richard & Barbara Young ◊Michael ’71 & Marti Youngdahl Robert ’68 & Becky ’69 Zoerner

Gillett Society Memorial Members Robert B. Annis Kathleen Atwood Frances A. Baumann Hy & Greta Berkowitz George A. & Georgia A. Breur Ara C. Cary Margaret B. Cohen Betty I. Cook ’74 Jack & Josephine Cooper Dallas L. & Helen Darling Arthur & Greta DeLong Norma J. Everhard Gertrude Frey Frank C. Gaut Charlotte A. Gierst ◊Dick & Betty Gillett Marilyn R. Grauer Charles & Florence Irwin Margaret A. Kerr Russel & Ethel Kirkhof Walton B. Koch ◊MaryBeth Koeze Adaline R. Kroodsma Charles W. Loosemore Clara Loosemore Larry James McFarren ◊Dorothy Merrill Paul C. Miller Herta Oswalt ◊Nedra J. Otis ◊Stuart B. Padnos Ross & ◊Ruth Perry Mary Helen Price Harold C. & June Robinson Lyle E. Rouse John E. Salski ’70 Charles C. & ◊Gladys Saur ◊L. William & Sally Seidman John J. & Marjorie Shepard Elizabeth K. Sherwood Joseph Stevens Arlene J. Treanor Robert C. Trotter ◊Dr. Donald & Barbara ’68, ’81 VanderJagt Doris M. Volkhardt M. Barbara Waddell Margaret F. Ward Sanford F. Wilcox Emily Zelenka

Foundation $25,000 and above A123 Systems, LLC ADAC Automotive Alcoa Foundation / Howmet Castings D. J. Angus-Scientech Educational Foundation R. B. Annis Educational Foundation Anonymous (7) Anonymous Fund of the Community Foundation for Muskegon County

Richard & Linda Antonini ARAMARK Arcus Foundation Autocam Corporation George F. Bailey ’72 Battle Creek Community Foundation Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation The Brooks Family - Holland Douglas & Leigh ’04 Brownley Colliers International Community Foundation for Muskegon County The Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area Consumers Energy Foundation Peter C. Cook† Cook Charitable Foundation Estate of G. Jack & Josephine Cooper Custer Workplace Interiors The Daniel & Pamella DeVos Foundation Douglas & Maria DeVos Foundation Richard & Helen DeVos Foundation The Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust DTE Energy Foundation John & Penny Edison Family Foundation Ernst & Young, LLP Farmers Insurance Group Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fifth Third Bank Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation, Inc. The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation Frey Foundation Virginia L. Gearhart George & Barbara Gordon Grand Haven Area Community Foundation Grand Rapids Community Foundation Great Lakes Dock & Materials, LLC Fred & Joan Hamlin Ralph W. & Grace G.† Hauenstein Hauenstein Foundation David & Joyce Hecht Larry & Lari Hines Hines Corporation Helen & Allen Hunting Huntington Bank Daniel & Stephanie Hurwitz Bea Idema Bill & Bea Idema Foundation ITW Illinois Tool Works Foundation Kathleen L. Jackson Mike & Sue Jandernoa F. Martin & Dorothy A. Johnson Patricia B.† & Charles E. Johnson II Paul C. Johnson Foundation Richard & Sylvia ’83 Kaufman Miner S.† & Mary Ann Keeler Kelly Cares Foundation John & Nancy Kennedy Buzz & Wendy Kersman Wayne & Paula Kinzie Paul Kutsche Charles W. Loosemore Foundation Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Company Arend & Nancy Lubbers Jean & Sam Martin Lou Ann & Russell G. Mawby Meijer Fred† & Lena Meijer The Meijer Foundation Mark Mendola Mercantile Bank of Michigan Jack H. Miller Mark & Elizabeth Murray Michael & Kay Olthoff Esther & Seymour Padnos Peg & Jeff Padnos Shelley E. Padnos & Carol L. Sarosik Estate of Stuart B. Padnos PNC Foundation Roger & Ann Porter Mark ’86 & Tami ’89, ’95 Redfield

Redfield Financial Group, LLC RLA Management Fund Marcie Schalon Tim & Barbie Schowalter Mr. & Mrs. David S. Sebastian Mrs. James R. Sebastian Sebastian Foundation Seidman Family Foundation SePRO Corporation Larry & Elaine (Rutowski) ’12 Shay John & Judy Spoelhof Steelcase Foundation Jim & Pat Teets Thompson Foundation Gary L. Tilkin ’77 David & Carol Van Andel Foundation Gary & Victoria Verplank L. J. Verplank W.K. Kellogg Foundation Wege Foundation David & Bonnie Wesorick Thomas & Joyce Wisner WKK Fund Kate Pew Wolters The Kate & Richard Wolters Foundation

Trustee $10,000 to $24,999 American Endowment Foundation Roger A. & Marilyn V. Andersen Samuel & Mary Andres Carl & Claudia ’78, ’90 Bajema Baldwin Foundation BDO USA, LLP Mark & Cathy Bissell BISSELL Inc. Michael Brooks ’87 Dr. Patrick ’91 & Michele Brooks Frances E. Brown ’79 Cascade Engineering CHARITYSMITH CNBC The Nathan Cummings Foundation Randy Damstra ’82 & Julie Duisterhof Nell & Lowell B. Dana Robert ’82 & Wendy Dean John & Judy DeMaria Jan & Chris Deur Gary & Joyce DeWitt Peter J. ’68 & Galene J. ’67 DeWitt Eagle Alloy, Inc. Fremont Area Community Foundation Joseph & Elizabeth Godwin Tom & Marcia Haas Paul & Nancy Hillegonds Anne L. Hiskes & Richard P. Hiskes Hodgins Family Independent Bank Don & Lois Jandernoa

† Deceased | ◊ Gillett Society Charter Member

F A L L 2 0 1 3 | 23

Catherine G. Jones-Rikkers ’85, ’97 & Daniel D. Rikkers ’88 Fred & Linn Keller Kellogg Company Douglas & Barbara Kindschi Estate of MaryBeth Koeze Herbert & Sharon Lantinga Harvey E. Lemmen Thaddeus J. Maciak ’99, ’11 J. Kevin McCurren & Cynthia McCurren Hank & Liesel Meijer Louis H. & Nancy Moran Mutual of America Foundation Northern Machine Tool Company Mark ’75, ’80 & Judy ’75 Olesnavage Steve & Debbie Olsen The Louis & Helen Padnos Foundation Kevin Rahrig ’80 & Lori Houghton-Rahrig ’81, ’01 John & Ginny Reifel Linda ’89 & Robert Rynbrandt Betty ’04 & Steve Schaner The Secchia Family Ronald Wynn Sheets ’82 Victor ’80 & Lynne Shepherd Budge & Marilyn Sherwood Dr. Robert Smart & Dr. Sara Kane-Smart Les & Jackie (Ott) Stiner Marilyn Titche The Jerry & Marcia Tubergen Foundation James & Almeda Vander Waals Foundation Michael & Gayle VanGessel Edward M. Warner & Jacalyn D. Erickson Warner Family Charitable Fund The Samuel L. Westerman Foundation Jonathan & Marcia White Greg & Meg Willit Windstream Wolverine Worldwide Foundation Steven Workman Tom Yackish Yamaha Corporation of America Michael ’71 & Marti Youngdahl

President $5,000 to $9,999 American Center for Philanthropy Amway Anonymous Jim & Debbie Bachmeier Douglas C. Bard Barnabas Foundation Barnes & Thornburg, LLP John & Nancy Batts

Mike Batts The Batts Foundation Hy & Greta Berkowitz Foundation Candy & Louis Brad Ed & Victoria Clark Clark Hill, PLC Edward A. Cole & Christine A. Rydel Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Doug & Margaret DeCamp Deloitte Foundation Detroit Regional Chamber DeWitt Barrels, Inc. John R. DeYoung ’71 Pat & Julie Donahue DTE Energy Foundation Employee Matching Fund The John Dykema & Michele Maly-Dykema Family Foundation Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr, & Huber, Inc. GE Aviation Gentex Corporation Irving S. Gilmore Foundation Thomas & Sarah Gleason Global Impact Mike & Bonnie Gluhanich Richard A. Gonce Dan & Magee Gordon Rita & John Grant Robert & Sharon Grooters Ed Harris Craig & Donna Hecker Kevin & Lauretta Holloway Jamie ’77 & Gloria Hosford Howard Miller Company J.C. Huizenga Scott & Kim Huizenga Nelson & Lana Jacobson Charles & Nina Johnson JSJ Foundation Jack J. Korff & Sally Hicks The Korff Foundation The Kresge Foundation Richard & Margaret† Kruizenga Lacks Enterprises, Inc. Christopher ’92 & Diane Lewis Lorin Industries Karen Loth Eric Maino ’05 Anne & Bart Merkle Michigan Truck & Equipment Sales, Inc. Mike & Phyllis Mumaw Tom & Sue Munroe Neithercut Philanthropy Advisors Novartis Joel & Florence Orosz Stephen ’82 & Deona Paine

Chris & Joan Panopoulos John W. Parrish ’80 & People Space Don ’67 & Diane ’67 Paton Greg ’02 & Farren Paton Edward ’75 & Patricia Patzer Pioneer Construction Plante Moran Margaret Ann (Ranny) Riecker Saint Mary’s Health Care / Mercy Health Mary & Bill Seeger SME Education Foundation Brian ’81 & Kristen ’85 Smith Hilary Snell Linda Stafford Hannah Tavalire ’11 Jane Toot Michelle R. Troseth ’83, ’97 & Kevin Moore Heather A. Valentine ’86 Lee & Darrell Van Orsdel Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt, & Howlett, LLP Michael & Nancy Walenta Maribeth & John D. Wardrop Warner Norcross & Judd, LLP Winshuttle, LLC Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative Doug ’85 & Linda Woods Dick & Barbara Young

Provost $2,500 to $4,999 David G. & Mary Annis Frederick J. Antczak & Deborah J. Hughes Apex Spring & Stamping Corporation Jeanne J. Arnold James ’79 & Nancy Ayres Susan ’73 & David Bailey Jill Bancheri John Bancheri Andy ’85 & Jackie ’87 Beachnau Belden Brick & Supply, Co. John & Eileen Bertsch Dennis Bhaskaran Scott & Carla Blinkhorn Lynn M. Blue ’86 Ronald & Linda Bond Michael & Mary Brandon Janet G. Brashler Bill Brennan Jeff & Michelle Brunner Briette N. Bryant ’08 Jeffrey & Olga Chamberlain Stephen & Deborah Chappell Jerry & Tracy Christopherson CompuCraft, Inc. Tom & Kim Condon Conn, Geneva, & Robinson Crowe Horwath, LLP Sam & Janene Cummings Custom Profile, Inc. Don ’67 & Kathy Dahlstrom Angela Darling ’98 Gayle R. Davis & Frederic B. Kraft Frederick ’69 & Michelle Davison Matthew J. Dhaseleer ’01 & Family Tom ’67 & Lea ’69, ’95 Ebels Leslie M. Eitzen Arthur & Marilyn ’83 Emery Empowered Wealth Foundation Engine Power Components, Inc. Erhardt Construction Hank ’77 & Marcia Fairchild Feyen Zylstra Community Foundation Milton E. Ford Founders Bank & Trust GE Foundation Peter E. Geneva ’79, ’86 & Rhonda Walker Geneva Gene & Tubie Gilmore † Deceased

24 | H O R I Z O N S

Barbara ’82, ’00 & Norwood Golson Linda S. ’84 & Dale D. ’70, ’80 Goossen Great Lakes Foundation Gregory T. ’68 & Pamela Ann ’70 Grochoski Andrea ’05 & Ryan Hanson Haworth, Inc. Tom Hendrix Hungerford, Aldrin, Nichols, & Carter, PC José & Sue Infante Win & Kyle Irwin Lorie Jager Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids Tom & Margy Jones JR Automation Technologies, LLC Jim & Amy Keane Jim ’75 & Michelle Kelly Kendall Electric, Inc. Drs. André & Priscilla J. Kimboko Erika G. King & Robert Beasecker Charlie & Pat Knop Jodi ’88 & Paul Koning Koops Inc. Susan K. Korzinek ’83 Don & Sherri (Jones) Lawless Chuck & Teri Losey Ray & Virginia Lovett Cathleen Luck ’77 & Michael Brown Jean MacDonald Phil & Gayle McCorkle Bill ’78 & Mary Ann ’79 McDonald Jacquelyn & John Melin Metal Flow Corporation Microsoft Corporation Jim E. Mier Gordon & Vivian Muir James G. & Sherri L. Muir Noreen ’72 & Charles Myers National Christian Foundation - West Michigan Glenn & Betty Niemeyer Northwestern Mutual Foundation Roy & Pat Olsson Roberta ’09 & Robert Osipoff William R. Padnos ’79 Paine Family Foundation Don & Ann Parfet Ginny Peterson ’80 & Jon Burr Pfizer, Inc. David ’02 & Kiley Radel Peter P. & Patricia Renucci Richard & Nancy Rhem D. Scott & Susan ’79, ’01 Richardson Paul ’72 & Jan ’71 Royce Mark Schaub & Gayle Schaub Kim Schmidt ’88, ’00 Jim & Chris ’76, ’80 Scott Tim & Terry Selgo SHWGROUP

Brent & Patricia Smith William ’80, ’85 & Emily ’77 Smith Annoesjka ’08 & Alan Steinman Jim & Karen Stokes Daniel Terpsma ’82 & Jessica Murphy Trane Commercial Systems Veta S. Tucker Peter M. Turner United Bank of Michigan Allen & Carrie Van Boven Doug ’92 & Dorothy VanderJagt Mary Kay ’02 & Robert VanDriel Gary L. Van Harn ’05 Veolia Energy Grand Rapids Charles & Evelyn Verschaeve Phil & Kathleen ’95, ’99 Vogelsang John & Kim Wagner Wells Fargo Foundation Wesorick Family Foundation Gleaves Whitney & Mary Eilleen Lyon ’05 Scott & Rebecca Wierda Drs. Liane & Thomas Willey H. James & Carole Williams Sue ’84 & Jim Williams James & Phyllis Wynsma Susan Zwierzynski

Dean $1,000 to $2,499 Andrew S. Abler ’78 Edward & Kathy Aboufadel Alan & Debbie Abraham Ada Council for the Arts Pamela C. Aitken ’90 Salvatore Alaimo Rick Albrecht & Andrea Beach Julie & Mark C. Aldrich Susan & Larry Allaben Philip ’03 & April ’05, ’07 Alt Attallah & Mimi Amash American Photo Marketing, Inc. American Seating Company The American Society of Safety Engineers West Michigan Brian & Lissa Ames George & Josephine Anacker Anonymous (4) Rick Archer Dorothy C. Armstrong Timothy D. & Cheryl L. Arter Association of American Colleges & Universities Attwood Phyllis A. Aurich ’71 Ayco Charitable Foundation Kathleen Bailey Peg ’98 & Tony Baker Charles & Susan Baker-Clark Philip & K. Laurel Balkema Bernie & Sue Baltes Bank of America Foundation Chris ’88 & Janice Barbee Kyle Barnhart Dr. Lonson & Mary ’97, ’02 Barr Henry Barry & Terrie Fielden-Barry Betsy & Jim Barton H. M. Baxter Skip & Sharon Baxter Laurie Finney Beard, MBA ’81 Teresa Beck Keri M. Becker Timothy Bekkering Chris Bement ’67 Bentons AFC Facility Bob & Val Bernecker Jeff & Connie Berry Tom & Elaine Bertram Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan Thomas Beukema

John Beyrle ’75 Franco & Alessandra Bianchi Anita & Ed Bikowitz Lorna M. Bishop John & Melissa Black Dr. Kathleen M. Blumreich & Dr. Diana G. Pace Joan Boand Bob Bodziak ’97 & Rachel Kunkel-Bodziak Matt & Ruth Boelkins Frederick A. Bogaert Rick ’05, ’10 & Carla ’05, ’10 Bolhuis David & Linda Bolton Tammy Born, D.O. Brian J. Bowe ’97, ’04 & Heather Allegrina-Bowe ’95 Arthur ’70 & Caryl Brintnall Scott & Amanda Brooks Bob & Chris Brown Wayne ’94, ’00 & Amy ’00, ’01 Brown Amy C. Brunner Tim ’09 & Julie ’99, ’07 Bulson Austin L. Burris Robert A. Bush ’90 Thomas & Cheryl ’91, ’98 Butcher James V. & Kathleen M. Buzzitta Robert Byrens & Jerome (Jerrod) Nickels ’10 Cameron Arthur Campbell & Helen Marlais Dan ’84 & Dawn Carter Center for Inquiry - Michigan John Chamberlain Timothy Chester Chevron Humankind Robert & Ann Christenson Barbara Christl Norman & Anita Christopher Costas Ciungan Kyle ’03 & Kathryn ’04 Clark Dr. Patricia Clark & Stanley Krohmer Robert & Bette Clay Brian Cloyd & Aggie Kempker-Cloyd Stephen & Mary Cohle Consumers Energy Brian & Carol Copeland Robert & Kelli ’00 Corl Drs. Michael & Sandra Cotter Dr. Cynthia ’85 & Kenneth Coviak Ed ’69 & Jannea Crisman Kevin ’80 & Meg ’81, ’83 Cusack Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. Data Strategy, LLC Catherine ’91 & Shawn Dayak John ’73 & Jane ’71 Dean John ’87 & Sherry DeBoer Brandon ’85 & Tracey De Haan Jennifer L. DeLoge ’06 Jason R. De Long ’07, ’10 Delta Dental of Michigan Thomas & Susan DenHerder Mark Derwent ’00 & Kimberly Scott Norman Devendorf Robert J. DeWeerd Chantil ’00 & Peter DeWitt William ’81 & Patricia ’81 DeWitt Jill Dooley ’90, ’99 & Annette Brown Dr. Ceasar ’91 & Gigi Douglas Kyle A. Douglass ’05 & Jason D. Miller The Dow Chemical Foundation Chelsea T. Dubey James & Ruth Duncan E3 Compliance, LLC EADS North America Eagle Packaging, Inc. Mindy Kalinowski Earley ’01, ’08 & Travis Earley ’01 Michael & Karen Ebert Maria Edelhauser James & Kendra Edwards Timothy E. & Kristina Eernisse David K. & Mary C. Ellis † Deceased

F A L L 2 0 1 3 | 25

Elsevier Foundation Jean Enright Erdman Machine Co. Carl Erickson & Mary O’Neill Ernst & Young Foundation Event Logic, LLC Experience Grand Rapids Nicholas D. Farr ’06 Paul & Bridget Farr Richard Fedder Filter & Coating Technology Flexco Jeremy Flynn ’13 Sarah ’88 & Thomas ’90 Flynn Carol Folkert Folkert Family Foundation Nancy French ’92 Bob & Lynne Frey David G. Frey Friends of VIA Nykia D. Gaines ’98, ’01 Julie & Scott Garrison Larry & Lee Garstick Drs. Harvey & Phyllis Gendler Patrick Gerkin Dr. Nancy M. Giardina Ron & Bev Gibson Drs. Heather & Matthew Gietzen Carrie A. Gilchrist ’04 Gill Industries, Inc. Karen Gipson & Joseph Winegar ’88 Tom & Sally Gleason Vijay & Rekha Gondhalekar Christian ’95 & Lorie Gordon Meridell ’89, ’13 & Vicente Gracias John & Barbara ’91 Gracki George ’84 & Beverly Grant John & Deanna Green Chet Grochoski ’67 & Sue Meekhof Bart Gullong Jeff ’95 & Wendy ’00 Gustinis GVSU Student Veterans Organization Gail & Scott Haebich Wayne ’07 & Aaron ’03 Haight George & Jill Hamilton Jordan Hart Dan ’79 & Mollie ’80 Hartlieb Art & Betsy Hasse Kevin T. Haviland & Patricia K. Griswold Matthew & Jennifer Haworth David M. & Joyce F. Hecht Foundation Hedrick Associates Aaron ’04 & Brooke ’03 Hein Justin ’04 & Hannah ’04, ’08 Hendges Carl ’75 & Debra Hendrickson Paul B. Henry Foundation Herman Miller Foundation Dr. Antonio & Vonnie ’97 Herrera Donald & Rhonda Hescott Courtney ’99 & Lisa ’01 Hill Thomas & Barbara Hiller Stephen ’72 & Rebecca Hills Adriel A. Hilton Spencer & Kara Hines Ron & Pat Hoekman Pamela ’94 & Raymond Hoffman Taj C. Hollis ’01 Earl & Donnalee Holton Dave & Deb Hoogendoorn Charlene & Bruce Horling Jack Hornbach & Darva Boot Joseph G. Hornik ’77, ’99 Dan ’02 & Tracy ’02 Hosford Thomas ’03, ’06 & Lauren Hosford Angelina Huerta Amorak Huey & Ellen Schendel David Hufford ’67 & Veronica Harris-Hufford Bruce A. ’67 & Lynnel Huizen Ardis G. ’80 & Paul A. Huizenga Katie Humphrey ’03

John Hunting The Helen J. & Allen I. Hunting Family Foundation Brittany Hyde Ingersoll-Rand Charitable Foundation Integrated Architecture Paul & Elaine ’05 Isely ITC Holdings Corp. Gary L. Jaarda Annie ’67 & Willie Jacobs Sidney J. Jansma Steve ’77, ’86 & Susan ’79, ’88 Jazwiec Jon & Betsy Jellema Chuck & Carol Jennings Riley Jensen & Pam Kidd Susan ’83 & Alexander Jerome Jerome Enterprises, LLC Gayla Jewell & Bob Zylstra Bari S Johnson Brian Johnson Doug ’89 & Jennifer Johnson Paul & Dianna Johnson Johnson Controls, Inc. Jerry ’86 & Rose Jonckheere The Jostens Foundation Linda Joyce ’72 & Michael Ryan Jim & Ginger Jurries Richard & Linda Kanski Dr. Mort & Maxine Kantor Thomas J. Keehn ’70 Daniel & Bridgett Kelly Ernie & Marlene Kenneway Christopher Kierkus Dave & Betty ’93 Killoran Linda A. Kirpes ’02 Donald J. Jr. ’06 & Elizabeth L. Klein Birgit Klohs & Greg Northrup Donald L. Klopcic Sr. Michael E. Kluczyk ’93 Scott ’97 & Toni Klus Ken ’02 & Kim Kolbe Randall ’92 & Sue Kortering Rick ’93 & Tonia ’93, ’04 Koss John E. Kostecka ’89 Marlene Kowalski-Braun & Thomas Braun Mary L. Kramer ’79 Victor & Joan Krause Blake & Mary Krueger Stuart & Ruth Kutsche L-3 Communications Avionics Systems Michael ’88 & Brenda Lamfers Paul Lane Philip Lane & Delia Soto-Lane B.Z. & Alicia Lee Jeff & Julie Lefebvre David Lehker ’77 & Julia Guevara ’78 Norm & Marilyn Leven Family Foundation Laurie Levknecht Anthony ’96 & Jill ’98, ’07 Lewis Dana & Bob Lewis Liberty Mutual Karen Libman & Mitch Kachun Kristin G. Linscott, MPA ’11 Isaiah Lipsey Jr. ’92 Randy† & Jo Ann Litton Ronald Loeffler Greg ’79, ’87 & Mary Beth Loomis Carol & Perry Lopucki Ray & Sharon Lull Jerry & Elizabeth Lykins Judson ’78 & Lynn ’79 Lynch Robert ’73 & Julie Lynch Steve & Sandra Lyon Nancy K. Mack Suzie & John MacKeigan Cynthia E. Mader, PhD & Pamela K. Olsen Aly & Debra Mageed Magnum Engineering, LLC Dr. Murray ’73, Pamela, Ryan, & Holly Malinoski Dan & Anne Malone Larry & JoAnn Mankins

James H. & Jill A. Marcusse Madonna L. Markus ’90 Ed ’74 & Barbara Marod Jason ’97 & Kathleen Marvin Linda ’68 & Robert Masselink Henry A. Matthews Stephen & Tari Mattox Mike McBreen & Mickey Soukup Jennifer L. ’01, ’04 & Darrell L. McCaul Linda D. McCrea Maggie McCrystal Patrick & Mary McFawn Gary & Linda McInerney McInerney & Associates, LLC Theresa ’79 & Timothy McKee James ’74 & Mary McKenzie Dennis ’85 & E. Jean ’86 McMurray Medallion Instrumentation Systems Dave & Linda Mehney Susan Mendoza Frank H. Merlotti Sr. Michigan Democratic Party 21st Century Fund Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc. Michigan Office Solutions Michigan Society of Professional Engineers Theodore Mickevicius Millennium Gymnastics, Inc. Gretchen Minnhaar Matt & Jen Mitchell Ronald & Karen Modreski Robert E. Monaghan ’67 Dr. W. David & Diana Moore Debbie Morrow & Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon Charles Stewart Mott Foundation James & Sherry Moyer Cray Mulder ’97 Terry Mulkern & Wendy Ljungren Kristine & James Mullendore Dana Munk ’83 Alan & Barbara Mutnick Richard & Susan Muzzy Jean & Tom Nagelkerk Pat Nanzer ’99, ’05 Randy ’75 & Lorie Nederveld New York Road Runners Nichols Corporation Keith ’95 & Corey ’96 Nickels Jim ’75, ’79 & Chris Nicolette Amos Nordman Foundation Mel & Joanna Northup Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi Rich ’84 & Christine ’86 Nutter Laudo M. Ogura Patricia Oldt, PhD Dave ’70 & Marge Olman Michelle Olmsted Fred Olson ’74 & Deborah Smith-Olson ’75 Gregory M. Olson Warren C. ’08 & Beth E. ’99 Olson Otis Elevator † Deceased

26 | H O R I Z O N S

Thomas Owens & Mark Chancey Parkway Electric & Communication, LLC John & Nelle Peck Peter & Carroll Perez Daniel & Dawne Peterson Daniel ’02 & Sara ’02 Peterson Anthony ’04 & Nikki Pfennig Debra, Mike, & Tony Pfennig Harold & Phoebe Phelps Danny Phipps Pioneer Natural Resources Paul & Doreen Plotkowski Ellen Pool J. Brian & Toni Postema Paul & Marge Potter Pratt & Whitney Canada, Inc. Pridgeon & Clay, Inc. Quality Air James E. & Debra Rademaker II Donna M. Radzik ’80 Pamela Ramey-Cole ’90 & Brian A. Cole Rapid-Line, Inc. Benjamin ’00 & Holly ’01 Rapin Recovery Unlimited, Inc. Dave & Patti Reglin John S. Reichner & Maria B. Marin-Diez Martina I. Reinhold Renaissance Church of God In Christ Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan Marti Rheault ’97 Rice University Evelyn F. Ringenberg John M. & Linda Y. Ritch River Valley Orthopedics, PC Robert Trahan Electric, Inc. Sally & Larry Robson Rockwell Automation Dr. Jack & Lija Romence Jeanne L. Roode ’95 Richard ’98 & Georjean Rossow Alwyn & Chris ’80 Rougier-Chapman Pete ’98, ’99 & Patti Rowe Theresa L. Rowland ’10 Cheryl Runstrom John Russell Ryder System Charitable Foundation, Inc. S. Abraham & Sons, Inc. Daniel & Patricia Sabedra SAF-Holland USA, Inc. Laura Salazar J. Patrick & Barbara Sandro Sanofi-Aventis Louis ’88 & Karen ’89 Scarpino Kevin ’98 & Jacque ’00, ’05 Schafer Dale Schriemer & Mary Witte Bob & Merle Scolnik Jessica ’01 & Mack ’12 Scudder Beverly J. & J. Wade Seley Ms. Virginia M. Seyferth ’83 & Mr. Robert J. Boss ’76 Lynn Sheehan Mark Sherwood & Saralyn Coupe

Jeffery ’94 & Candyce Shields John & Cindy Shinsky Shaun ’04, ’11 & Ruth ’10 Shira Paul & Nancy Sicilian Chip ’76 & Susan Sloop Bill ’91 & Stacy Smith David & Annamarie Smith Jack & Susan Smith Arnie Smithalexander ’94 Stanley ’84 & Julie Snider Dr. & Mrs. Ivo & Vinka Soljan James ’74 & Sue Spaanstra Philip & Faye Spears Ron & Martha Spencer Paul & Mary Springer Dr. Gary D. Stark & Dr. Kathleen H. Underwood James & Sheila Steffel Rose A. Stein Karen ’88 & Jerry Stevens Patricia M. Stichnoth Kate ’07 & Erich Stoetzner Timothy & Judy ’88 Strickler Rebecca Studer Judy Subar Robert & Timothy Sullivan Fund Trust Sridhar Sundaram & Suganthi Sridhar Richard & Kathryn Sweers Diane ’71 & Allan Swensen Shane ’95 & Emily Szalai Andy & Jennifer Tafler Lucille & Clifford Taylor Steele & Mary Taylor Steve Taylor ’93 Rev. Peter & Judy Theune Mary Jo Thiel Michael & Mary Jo Thomas Christopher Toot Todd ’91 & Renee ’00, ’04 Tracey Carla Trapp & Howard Sutton Don & Persefoni Underwood Ann VanAmberg The Steve Van Andel Foundation Carol A. Van Curler Duke & Lori Vander Ark Foundation Don ’84 & Kathleen ’88, ’97 VanderVeen Richard & Debra VanderZyden Doug ’93 & Shirley Van Dyke Rick Van Gilder & Terry Long Joel Van Ravenswaay Sherman Van Solkema Leon & Joan VanTimmeren Scott & Krista Veine viastore systems, Inc. Richard Visel & Mary Howley-Visel Brad & Leah Wallar John & Alison (McManus) ’73 Walters Tom ’85 & Betty Walworth Jennifer & Brett Wardrop Scott & Cherie Wardrop Bill & Pat Waring Steve ’74 & Jo Ann ’90, ’03 Wassenaar Mitch & Stacey Watt

David & Patricia Way Jeffery ’78 & Beverly Weatherall Gregory & Valerie Wegner Weller Truck Parts, LLC Curt & Margo Wells Wendy J. Wenner & Janet P. Gockerman Ric Wesley & Pat Pollick-Wesley West Michigan Aviation Academy Wayne & Diane West Valerie & Steve Westrick Whetstone Company Judy ’92 & Allen Whipps William E. Wiersma ’67 Mike & Jan Wilcox Richard & Priscilla Wilcox Janet ’03 & Phil Winter John & Jill Wlodkowski Eric & Lee Wolff Bob Wood Michael Wooldridge The Worden Company Henry & Kathy Wyngarden Christine Yalda Heather ’97, ’08 & David ’12 Zeoli

Leadership $500 to $999 Judy ’85 & Joe Adamski Advantage Benefits Group Aerojet Aetna Foundation, Inc. Kathy & Hans Agard Peter & Lisa Ahee Mia Ahoinniemi Farid A. Aladham Thomas Alaimo David R. Alfonso Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Allen Jr. Rev. Terry ’70 & Sandra (Mackus) ’68 Allen AmeriNet Amgen Foundation Carl & Debra Annessa Anonymous (8) Todd & Katie Aschenbach Association of Information Technology Professionals Carl Atkins ’92 & Charlene Littrell ’92 Sam Attal & Tamara Miller Lawrence M. ’74 & Mary E. ’78, ’85 Austin Raymond Avendt III ’70 The Avendt Group, Inc. Asif & Tahira Azeem John & Janet Baab Patrick & Sonia ’97 Bacon Dr. Danny L. & Mayumi Balfour Daniel ’82 & Janet ’82 Balice Terry ’70 & Patricia Balko Jerry & Samantha Baltes Deborah ’95 & John Bambini William ’67 & Patricia ’67 Bartlett

† Deceased

F A L L 2 0 1 3 | 27

Philip Batty Teresa ’75 & David ’76 Beagle Lois E. Beckering Teresa R. Behrens & George Schimmel Dale & Pamela Benton Chuck & Deborah Berger Gwen Bergsma & David Vander Kam Lisa ’76 & Peter Berridge John & Claudia Berry Yatin & Pradnya Bhagwat Bryan Bickford ’83 & Nancy Haynes Suzanne Bierlein ’02, ’07 David M. Bierwagen Phil Biggs ’78 & Sally Scobey-Biggs Shannon Biros ’01 Andrew P. Bixel Rev. Darld T. & Joyce M. Black Archie A. Blood ’79, ’83 Laurence & Susan Blose Mr. & Mrs. J.F. Boand III Boar’s Head Provisions Co., Inc. Arn & Lynne Boezaart Elaine Borgman Gregory ’95 & Jamie Bosch Vern & Norma Boss Terri L. Bott-Kothari ’92 John & Sharon Bouma William Bounds & Deidre Lambert-Bounds John & Marian Bouwer Cheryl ’12 & Robert Bouwman James & Florence Bouwman Judson T. & Catharine D. Bradford Adam C. Bradway ’08, ’09 Ruthann ’85 & Bruce Brintnall Barbara Brower ’92 Erin ’80 & John Brown Raffael & Rosanne Brugnoni Linda ’10 & David Buck John ’95 & Tiffany ’96, ’00 Bultema Martin & Debra Burg Tim & Janel Burgess Karen ’83, ’03 & Mike Burritt John H. Busch Donald R. & Frances L. Buske Patricia A. Butcher Sharon M. Buursma ’90 Jerry & Suzanne Callahan Dana ’92 & Charles Callihan

John & Marie ’81 Canepa Carol J. Capek ’03 & Timothy Potes Mike ’84 & Linda Carlson Steve ’78 & Betsy Carlson Kelly D. Carmichael ’84 Cheryl ’75 & Richard Casterline Craig & Katie Cather Ying-pin G. Chang Dion ’05, ’09 & Hannah ’04 Charity Molly & Tom Charles The Charter Group, Ltd. Peter & Maria Christopoulos James ’95 & Tina Cisler Evelyn & Steven Clingerman Michele & Harry ’04 Coffill Kevin Cole & Susan Jansen Patrick Colgan & Kelly Heid Elaine C. Collins Ronald & Mary Cooper David & Rene Corneille Amy ’08 & William Crawley Nancy J. Crittenden ’03 Andy W. Crosby ’09, ’11 Dave ’75, ’82 & Kathy ’75 Cuneo Norine Cunningham Rick Cunningham Ronald & Jessie Dalman Wilbur & Aletha Daniels Rev. Michael Danner ’86 Don & Evelyn Davis Dell, Inc. Mike ’87 & Dianne Denbrock Cory & Amy DenUyl Jamie ’10 & Jill Detillion Garth ’82 & Mary Deur Marvin & Evalyn DeVries Danielle J. DeWitt ’05, ’09 Rachael ’11 & Aaron DeWitt Merle & Sheri DeWitt Foundation Brian ’86 & Pam Diephuis Margaret A. Dietrich Arthur & Margaret Dietz David & Kristy Di Ianni Gregg Dimkoff & Victoria Hecksel-Lantz Denny & Sue Dock John & Judy Doezema Michael M. Doxey ’99 & Beth A. Neumeier David A. & Mary Jo Draisma Richard “Mike” ’68 & Cheri L. Dressler Mary Jo ’75 & Paul Drueke Tim ’01 & Myrna Duflo Henry & Lisa Duitman Patrick Duncan ’74 Kevin K. Dungey ’88 Dr. Timothy B. Duthler ’73 & Cheryl L. Duthler Larry ’77 & Lori Dykhouse David & Mary ’85 Eagin Darrick Earegood ’02 Eaton Charitable Fund Jeff ’79 & Becky ’80 Eckstrom The Economic Club of Grand Rapids John H. Edlund edmund t. AHEE, jewelry co. David Edwards Sue & Burt Edwards Jeff Elliott ’88 & Cari Draft Elliott ’88 Frances S. Ellis Lillian Elsinga ’68 Employees of GKN Sinter Metals Encompass, LLC Enterprise Iron & Metal, Inc. Equity Financial Holdings, Inc. Glenda Smith Eshleman ’67 Elizabeth A. Evans ’02 Dean ’97 & Amanda Feenstra Solomon J. Feravich Stephen & Regina Ferguson Marcia ’85 & John Ficeli Fifth Third Foundation Charles & Patricia Fisher

Kent ’91 & Willow Fisher William ’80 & Susan Fisher John ’85 & Jennifer Fitzgerald David & Tracy Flowers Ian ’00 & Amy Fonnesbeck Bill & Mary Ford Robert & Marcy Fortin Doug ’05 & Christen ’07 Fox Henry A. “Happy” Fox Jr. Robert Franciosi & Jo Ellyn Clarey Jim & Mary Fraser Ken & Irene Fridsma Daniel & Marcia Frobish Bill Fryberger ’98 Chuck & Bette Fuller John Gabrosek George & Susan Garcia The Gardening Angel Clarice Geels William & Patricia George Beth E. Gibbs Matthew ’03 & Kendra Gibson Roger Gilles & Sue Stauffacher Steve & Julie Glass Michael ’97 & Claudia Goad David ’69 & Kathleen ’72, ’94 Gole Grand Rapids Chinese Language School Richard & Carla Grant Heather Grassmid ’02 Greater Horizons Dianne Green-Smith & John Smith Frank & Linda Griggs Daniel & Betty Burton ’77 Groce Lindy & Patrick Grunow Thomas Guikema ’03 & Janel Pettes Guikema Keto ’06 & Katie Gyekis David & Gloria Haebich Wendy ’00 & Andrew Hahn Dwight Hamilton Edward & Nancy Hanenburg Linda Harber ’85 & Mike DeJonge Pamela M. Hart Joanne K. Hatch A.W. Haynes & Margaret S. Alvarez-Haynes ’92 Doyle A. Hayes ’75 James ’88 & Lisa ’88 Haynes Chad Haynor Larry A. Henderson Elton Hendree Deborah Herrington & Douglas Ragan Joseph ’73 & Karen Heyne John & Gwen Hibbard Lisa Hickman Martin J. Hillard ’80 & Catherine R. Winick ’12 Steven Hinckley ’76 & Sara Krome Sally Hipp & Don Hipp Joseph & Sandra Hodges Robert Hofmann ’90 Tiesha Hogue-Shankin ’05 Dr. Soon B. Hong Barbara ’97 & Dave Hoogenboom Judy & Bob Hooker Terry Horton Patricia Hossink Brian Houser ’83 Kevin D. Howell Bill ’78 & Sue Hudson David & Susan Huizen Brittany Hunter ’08 Randell Huston Hyatt Place Grand Rapids - South Joseph Iannelli icon Mechanical Infotech Research Robert & Paulette Israels David Jackson & Michelle Soubly-Jackson Tim & Mary Jahn Keegan G. Jahnke Craig ’87 & Julie (Morrow) Jansen Virginia A. Jenkins † Deceased

28 | H O R I Z O N S

Holly ’10 & Erick Johnson Melinda Johnson & Ben Rechner The Paul A. Johnson Foundation JPK Enterprise Kamp Oil, Inc. Daniel P. Karpanty ’74 Mary Karpen & Jeffrey Oxford Myra Kauffman ’93 Ann & Don Kelley Dr. Roger & Marcia Kempers Kent County Deputy Sheriffs Association Kent County Law Enforcement Association Drs. John & Jolene Key Susan Kieda ’10 Nancy ’67 & James Kieft Alan Kimber ’93 Caryn M. King Cindy Kinney Helen A. Klein John F. Klein ’88, ’99 & Wendy Reffeor Ann Marie Klotz ’02 Allison Lugo Knapp ’08 & Tobin Knapp Randy & Debra ’78 Knapp Carleen Knauf ’10 Cathleen Nolen Knauf ’75 Chelsea Knauf ’09 Ernie ’08 & Kim ’06, ’08 Knauf Ruth Koeze Wayne Kooistra Nick ’72 & Pat Kokx Steve ’76 & Kay Korc Mark ’98, ’00 & Nicole ’03, ’06 Koster Marcia ’89 & Larry Kotman Mark Kotwick ’86 Rick & Marilyn Kress Ben & Louise Krill Davis Kroondyk ’07, ’11 & Botagoz Yussupova-Kroondyk ’10 Paul Krupinski ’67 Greg & Lisa Kulesza Zachary ’97 & Candi (Sheffer) ’96, ’01 Kurmas Lake Michigan Credit Union Asa ’02 & Jessica ’02 Lakeman Brian Lakey & Jennifer Gross Cindy Larsen Philip & Terri Larsen Drs. Harold & Donna Larson David ’88 & Robin ’87, ’89 Leclerc Claudia Leiras Lenawee Community Foundation Naoma ’08 & James Leonard Stanton C. Lindquist Sue E. Lindrup ’91 Michelle Lintjer Steven & Kathryn Lipnicki Susan M. Livingston ’86 Mike & Kathy Lloyd Michelle Loving-McKay Charles Lowe Aaron M. Lowen Mike Lowney Donny & Carla Luberto Lukens Family Foundation Bob Lumbert Mary ’03 & Charles Luttenton Nancy ’83 & Douglas MacDonald Tricia ’92 & Timothy Mackay Simha R. Magal & Vandana Pednekar-Magal George Magro & Sherry Zylka Claire ’09 & Pablo Mahave-Veglia Jim ’97 & Tricia Manning Kathleen ’71 & Harry Margo Victoria R. Markiewicz ’80 & Edward Keens Marsh USA Marsilje Foundation Charles & Dulcinea Martin Joe & Sandy Martin Karen L. Martin Jarrett K. Martus ’12 Keith & Lynn Mast

Richard ’76, ’80 & Connie Mattice Mavin Global Company Josh ’02 & Mary ’02 May Connie McAllister Bill & Kim McGuire Hugh & Christina McGuire Ryan McHenry & Donna Halloran McHenry Mark P. McIlduff ’10 & Sarah Zelenka ’09 Marie McKendall ’81 McKesson Foundation Matthew E. & Jane Brierley McLogan Mechanical Testing Services David M. & Carrie Mehney Mercury Storage / Exagrid Mercy Hospital Springfield Michael ’95, ’00 & Kristin ’99 Messner Ali & Nadia Metwalli Ann Meyer Mark ’98 & Laura ’97, ’99 Miersen Wes ’10 & Melissa ’10 Miller Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone, PLC Amy Milnikel-Swim Paul L. ’73 & Helen Mitchell Carolyn & John Mixer Jim ’95 & Kelley Monterusso Devon Morgan ’08 John S. ’67 & Barbara J. Morrison Deanna Morse Jaideep Motwani Lu Mulder Merle & Rosalyn Mulder Scott ’84 & Amy Murphy Jeff ’95 & Barb Musser Lindsey M. Mutnick Gloria Myaard National Life Group Charitable Foundation, Inc. William J. & Mary E. Neal Jim & Lauren Nesbitt+Sanford Anthony ’94 & Rebecca ’95, ’03 Nicolette Anthony & Ann Nieuwkoop Harvey & Linda ’79 Nikkel

Kylen M. Pattermann ’13 Randall & Patricia Pattermann Erika B. Paulson ’83 Thomas C. Pentecost Brianne Perez ’08, ’11 Stephen ’75, ’80† & Marcia ’79 Peterson Glenn N. Pettengill Dan & Eunice Pfeiffer Michael & Dana Pierson Jon & Marilyn Pike Hikmat & Mahabad Piromari Chris & Janis Plouff PNC Polish Heritage Society Marc & Anita Ponchione Dave Poortvliet ’98 & Andrea M. Marz ’12 Dayna M. Porter ’10 Dr. Sandra Portko ’77 Janet & Merle Potgeter Pam ’88 & Troy Potter Jim & Marie Preston Mary S. Pritchard ’10 The Procter & Gamble Fund Susan ’98 & Jason ’01 Proctor & Family Jan Prusinowski ’76 & Rebecca Andrews Colin ’96 & Emily ’04, ’12 Quiney Renée M. Quinn ’07 Virginia Randall ’73, ’87 Mark & Stacey Ratay Paulette Ratliff-Miller Kathy & Andy Rent Ross & Louise Reynolds Russell Rhoads & Kiran Cunningham Esther Ricco Bob Richthammer Matthew Rinckey ’01 & Nicki Cain-Rinckey ’01 Kim Roberts & Alan Headbloom Rockford Ambulance Diane & Steven Roper John T. Rosick ’05 & Carly M. Hilinski-Rosick Robert O. Roskam

North Bank Communities Fund Art & Sharon Nott Irene C. Nowak ’80 Office Depot Mary K. Ohm ’67, ’89 Gordon & Christine Olson OMSA of Western Michigan, PLC Kevin ’76 & Patricia ’02 O’Neill George & Bess Orphan Lois Smith Owens Jennifer R. Palm ’04 Danielle L. Palmer ’00 Pragati ’79 & Richard Patrick

Nancy Starling Ross ’76 & Wayne Ross Gustavo Rotondaro Stephen Rowe & Lihua Huang Robert & Joan Rudolph Loren Rupke Laurie L. Ryan ’85 Paul & Lauralee Ryan Terry G. ’77 & Terry L. Sack Nancy J. Sackett ’79, ’80 Mohammad & Samah Saleh Carol M. Sanchez Muhammad Sannah & Maha Ayashi Michele Schallip ’08 † Deceased

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Jeff ’83, ’90 & Carol Scharphorn Robb C. Schermer ’91 Joe & Virginia Schiller Linda M. Schmidt John & Laurie Schmit Sally A. Schoen Laura S. Schoenborn ’99 Rick ’87 & Julie Schraeger Michael Schuler, PhD & Katie Kalisz Gary & Lorna Schultz Schwab Charitable Fund Paul ’81 & Pamela ’80 Schweitzer Andrew N. Scott ’90 David ’85 & Denise Scott Joy Seeley ’87 & Dan Seeley Jim & Kandy Selgo Rachel C. Selgo ’08 Kristopher ’99 & Rita Selke Katelyn Hanley Semelbauer & Justin Semelbauer Scott ’04, ’10 & Christina ’05, ’09 Setlock Carolyn Shapiro-Shapin & Eric Shapin Mary Reagan Shapton ’85 & Robert Shapton Miller G. Sherwood Jr. Ron Sherwood ’77 Gerald Shoultz Siemens Industry, Inc. Building Technologies Division Thuy & Gary Simpson Mark & Lisa Sisson Ron & Karlyn Sisson Cathy Skene ’08 Skyline Electric, Inc. Brent & Diane Slay SMG F&B, LLC Carrie Smith ’09 Charles ’07 & Becky Smith Lisa J. Snyder ’04 Larry Spencer Wolfgang ’74 & Victoria ’74 Spendel Paul ’87 & Sue Spindler Standard Insurance Company Charles Standridge & Marcia Brown-Standridge Scott ’02 & Sandra Steinke Thomas M. Stellard ’76 & Ruth S. Stevens Dr. & Mrs. Paul L. Stephenson Andrew & Leslie Sterian Jordan B. Stevenson ’05, ’08 Wendy Stock Terry J. Stockton ’92 & Rebecca Helmer-Stockton Jeanne Stoddard ’96 Susan A. Stoddard ’80 Richard & Valerie Stoelzel Rebecca ’12 & Mark Stoessner Bob & Cheryl Stoll Jeffrey ’06, ’10 & Cristina ’08 Stoll

Michael D. Stornant ’88 Linda & Steve Stratton Dan & Kathryn Studer Bradley S. Sturgill David & Sharon Sutton Tim Thimmesch ’06 Ryan Thum LeaAnn ’00, ’05 & Rodney Tibbe Martin ’82 & Louise Timkovich Deirdre ’76 & Thomas Toeller-Novak Chad ’97, ’04 & Jennifer ’97, ’04 Tolson Town & Country Group Tracy, Inc. Eric & Judy Trautmann Kendrick ’94 & Quita Traylor Edward L. Tremba & Rosemary Ney-Tremba Cheryl & John Tully Mary Tuuk United Way of the Lakeshore University Club of Grand Rapids Louis & Mary Utess Janet Vail Daniel Vainner ’08 Carol S. Vande Bunte ’78 Arthur Vanden Wyngaard ’82 Joe N. Vanden Wyngaard Julianne Vanden Wyngaard Theodore & Joan Vanderveen Don ’69 & Wilma ’69 Vander Zwaag Kent & Pat VandeVrede Elaine & Tom Van Doren Mike & Michelle Van Dyke Randy & Toni Van Dyken Dr. Eric Lynn & Marie Evelyn Van Fleet Pete & Mary VanFleet Randall ’03 & Laurie Van Houten Glenn Van Noord & Micki Wilholt-Van Noord ’91 Michelle & Jerry Van Nuil Aaron ’02, ’03 & Sarah ’04, ’07 VanSoest Tracy ’01 & Andy ’02 Van Solkema Ronald & Peggy VanSteeland Bill Van’t Hof VanTimmeren Horse Farms Varnum Consulting, LLC Johann ’91 & Audra ’92 Vaz Henry ’72, ’75 & Kathy Veenstra Steven ’72 & Susan ’83, ’96 Vegter Joseph Verschaeve & Elizabeth Chapelle Victory Cheerleading Company, LLC Sheryl ’88 & Ross Vlietstra Richard ’75 & Kyle Vohlken J. Stevens ’70 & Susan Volkhardt David & Patricia ’71 Walborn Michael ’94 & Theresa Wall Marcus ’05 & Erika ’07 Wallace Peter & Leslie Wampler

Danny ’75 & Joanne Warren Krisan ’89 & Kurt Watkins Watkins, Ross & Co. Mary Ann Watters ’89, ’11 Andrew C. ’99 & Katherine R. (McWhirter) ’00 Weatherbee Patrick & Laurie Webster Xiaoqiao Wen ’07 & Wei Sun Richard & Diane Wendt Vicki & Scott Wenger West Michigan Hockey, Inc. West Side Beer Distributing Robert ’04, ’05 & Andrea ’02, ’08 Westdorp Western Tel-Com, Inc. Dale R. Westrick Jr. ’02 Sulari & James ’13 White Bonnie S. ’94 & Duane A. Wiest Charles & Rose ’78 Wieten Dick ’79 & Linda Williams Mark & Rebecca Williams Carol Wilson Greg ’83 & Becky Wilson Roy J. Winegar, PhD ’91, ’94 & Barbara Klingenmaier Diana & Bill Wipperfurth Russell ’79 & Patricia Wolff Wolverine Building Group, Inc Janyce (Yoder) Woodard ’70 Jerold & Charlyn Worthem Matt ’06 & Brittanie ’10 Wright WSM Products, LLC David & Elizabeth Wynsma Mark Yarnevich Matt ’05 & Adrienne ’03, ’07 Yoches Mark Yost Del & Jennifer Young Gary Young Jennifer Youssef ’02 Raul ’77, ’79 & Kathy Ysasi Linda ’93 & Mike Yuhas Mitri Zainea ’74 Diane (Posvistak) Zechlinski ’69 Timothy R. Zeeb ’02 Darlene Zwart ’06 & Connie Bellows

† Deceased

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By using the corporate matching gift program you may be able to double or even triple your gift to Grand Valley. Many corporations match charitable contributions made by their employees to the university. Some employers also match gifts made by retirees, spouses, or partners.





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