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Portfolio 2012 Devanshi Saksena Product Design Semester 7 National Institute of Design

Objective: To be associated with an esteemed design house. To aspire to come up to professional standards and expectations.

Working Experience: May – June 2010 : Internship at Lumium Innovations Limited, Ahmedabad April - June 2012 : Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co Ltd, Mumbai

Resume and Portfolio

Project Highlights: Project 1: Stair Climbing Walker

Devanshi Saksena 4th year Student, Product Design, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (Batch 2009)

Project 2: Medicine Dispenser for Dogs Project 3: Enquiry Counter at Railway Station Project 4: Q-Pin Project 5: Textile Jewellery Project 6: Packaging Projects Project 7: Inverter for Exide

Software Skills: AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 3D, Alias Design, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Sketchbook Pro, Adobe InDesign CS5

Interests: Swimming, reading book, baking, cooking, cycling, photography, travelling, blogging

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Cotton Dispenser Stair Climbing Walker (Special Needs Project)

• For the Special Needs Project, I designed a “Stair climbing walker” • Orthopaedically handicapped people face difficulty in climbing stair with a conventional walker. • The “Stair climbing walker” can be used to climb stairs • To climb downstairs, push the button on the walker to adjust the height of front legs to the height of the second step • For going upstairs, put the front leg on second step, push the button on the walker, the front legs become shorter - adjusting to the height of the second step • The walker also has a basket which can be used to keep books, keys, water bottle, mobile and so on.


Height Adjustable Button

Going down the stair


On the normal plane

Folding Button

Going up the stair

Redesigning Medicine Dispenser for Dogs (Simple Product Design) I have redesigned the medicine dispenser for dogs (a normal syringe was used) by the use of caps, changing of handles and the tip of syringe. •

• •

• • •

Has elongated tip of syringe (barrels,made of nontoxic, medical-grade polypropylene), making it easier for people to feed medicine through side of dog’s mouth It also can suck liquid medicine easily in bottle. Rubber-made cap (Plungers made of nontoxic, medical-grade polypropylene ) as second option to put pressure on tongue and mouth. It is a soft material and doesn’t hurt dogs’ mouth. It can be cleaned easily. It also avoids biting by dogs. The handle is so designed that when pet owner are struggling to open dog’s mouth, the fingers can grip the handle properly and do the job of feeding medicine properly.

Final concepts Different methods of feeding medicines to dogs

Different concepts : redesigning tip of syringe and handles

Medicine Dispenser for Dogs

Redesigning Enquiry Counter at Railway Station (Ergonomics) • As a group project for Ergonomics course, we were told to redesign the ticket counter space at Railway Station, Ahmedabad. • We decided to redesign the Enquiry Counter which has many bad design concepts such as: 1. Ignorance of LED TV outside the counter 2. Less space of desk 3. Netted windows 4. Usage of pillows on chair 5. Usage of white board for enquiries (thus ignoring LED TV) 6. Bad seating positions 7. Unused mic for people 8. Bad design of desk We have introduced new ideas. 1. Digital LED TV (touchscreen) on desk in English, Hindi and local language 2. Using glass window 3. Elevated desk 4. High powered mic 5. Big window hole, good view of staff 6. New designed desk with more space and drawers 7. Revolving and seat height adjustment chair 8. LED TV with better graphics and using local languages- Hindi, English and local

Enquiry Counter at Railway Station Research and problem-finding

Mock-up of Enquiry Station

Improved design of Enquiry Station


Textile Jewellery :


(Open Elective) • I tried to modify the U pin so that it could pierce a board and could be used to stick messag es on the board • Board pins make holes in the paper which is not aesthetically pleasing • Q-pin can hold more than one paper

Sia's presentation at 4! In Audi!

• As part of the course, I have taken up “Textile Jewellery” in Open Elective. • I have used “mushroom gills” as an inspiration. I have tried to make pieces resembling mushroom gills. • So I made a necklace using smocking techniques. • I have used shades of brown as the colour of mushrooms. • I have used different sizes and put them together as pieces. • Material used: Organdy

to hold paper

to pierce the board

Final concept necklace Different concepts

Internship at Godrej and Boyce, Mumbai • As part of two months internship at Godrej & Boyce, I was given a project “Kiosk for Chotukool at Post Office” • Since Godrej was targetting people with low income for Chotukool, I tried to design a kiosk whose message could be understood by even uneducated people • Since kiosks had to be taken to remote villages I used easily available material like school bag buckles to connect frames. kiosks were made portable and compact - the stand was foldable, velcro was used to change the posters. • I designed graphics so that the whole product concept could be easily understood without use of text.


Rough Prototypes



Images on a main product

Foldable Stand


Final Prototype

Use of school bag buckle

Use of velcro

Final Concepts

Original Prototype

Final Posters

Physical Apps India!

Pooping Umbrella

Cricket Celebrator!

(Technical Studies) 2 weeks workshop conducted by Jon Rogers and his team of faculty from University of Dundee, Scotland. Physical Apps builds an Ecosystem which supports a new class of physical enablers for smart devices. These enablers, in combination with enhanced apps and cloud services take gaming, learning, exercise and rehabilitation to a new and exciting level of safe physical interaction and fun. Physical Apps works with the smart device developer community to roll out new enhanced apps and geometries. The Physical Apps Ecosystem dramatically enhances the fun and usefulness of all smart devices globally. Website:

• I have designed a pooping bird umbrella especially for NID. • Bird poops are a big issue in NID. Everyday between 6pm-7pm, birds would fly in Pigeon Path for their toilet service. • So I made an umbrella with the use of Arduino and conductive paint, it plays music when bird poops on it. • Software and hardware used: Arduino

• To make Physical Apps with Indian context, we introduced Cricket Celebrator as a new concept. • In this concept, when a match in won, Rube-Goldberg Contraption is set off which in the end sets off firecrackers, thus celebrating victory in an Indian way. • Software and hardware used: Arduino

Packaging Projects Cotton Box • Generally, cotton is not properly packed. • Taking out cotton is unhygienic and spoils the entire roll. • In the Cotton Dispenser, a cotton roll is put on the rod at the centre. • Cotton can be pulled out from the opening according to one’s need. • This keeps the cotton clean and intact. • The cotton dispenser is reusable. The lid can be opened with a finger to insert a new roll of cotton.

Bourbon Cardboard Package

Bourbon Cardboard Package • I have made a biscuit package from cardboard which is biodegradable. • The first step to open the package is by tearing at the “tear” line. The biscuits are inside a zip pouch, so the package can be closed when it is not empty.

Cotton Box

Shampoo Package

Designing Eco-friendly Hostel in 2030 • Hostel for college students, as there will be an increase in universities and colleges in 2030 • Designed a single room with bathroom and balcony • On each floor, there will 8 rooms for 8 students. • Hostels will have five buildings, connecting to each other in fifth floors. It will have mess, recreation room, gym, medical facility, laundry and store • A single room will be furnished with foldable bed, study table and cupboard • A bathroom is provided with toilet, washbasin and a shower. Since common bathroom could not cater to many students • The hostel will be provided with solar energy/water energy. Solar cells will be put on the outside wall of bathroom. So the place with very hot weather will receive enough electricity. • Waste water will be used as fertiliser for garden

Inverter for EXIDE (Form and Nature)

• As part of the course, we have to design an inverter for Exide company who currently don’t have manufacture inverter. • Since India is a developing country with high population, I tried to make affordable but eye-catching inverter for needy people. • Inspiration: Sophisticated form. • Tried to make it as simple as possible, like 1. Using less number of parts 2. Usage of cheap materials 3. Using simple icons making easier for all people to understand.

View of Exide Inverter

Theatre Workshop: Conducted by Tom Alter

I have attended the “Theatre Workshop” conducted by Tom Alter at National Institute of India, Ahmedabad

Craft Documentation: Brass Statues of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh As part of summer course, “Craft Documentation” I went to Aligarh,Uttar Pradesh to study the craft of Brass Statue making.


First experience with SLR

Portfolio 2012  

Product Design work done during last 2 years. Please view in single page mode.

Portfolio 2012  

Product Design work done during last 2 years. Please view in single page mode.