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Himalayan Cat Breed

Introduction Himalayan Cat breed is one of most lovable cat breed. They are quiet companion and energetic. They are very affectionate in nature. The interesting thing is that, these cat breeds are not from Himalaya. They are from United States and England. In 1920, this breed took place when the Persian and Siamese breeds were bred together. Their name is Himalayan just because of their coat looks like the animals from Himalayans in Asia. These breeds are also known as “Himmie�. This breed is normally people friendly.

Himalayan Cat ď‚žColour

-The Himalayan Breed come in normally white color with creamy coating on face, leg and tail. Except this color, this breed comes with chocolate, blue, red, blue cream, chocolate tortie, lilac cream, blue lynx, red lynx, and lilac cream color. The shaded colors are only on the face, legs, tail and ears.


-The Himalayan Cats are quite interesting in nature. They are joyful and people friendly. They love to play with children. Usually they sleep in the sun. After sudden wake up, they run towards the home and rolling around on the floor. They usually sleep with you on your bed. They are lovable and friendly with anyone and everyone. They are intelligent is nature.

Click icon to add picture Care This breed requires daily attention. They need daily exercise to be in top condition. They must be brushed and combed on daily basis. The face must be carefully cleaned.

Life Span ď‚ž The

Himalayan Cat has life span of 8-11 years.

ď‚ž Himalayan

Cats are one of the sweet cat breed in the world. They are quite similar to the Persian Cat breed. They are the good choice for a lovable and beautiful pet.

Himalayan cat breed