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580 Main St., Suite A Dallas, OR 97338 Tel: 503-623-9680 Fax: 503-623-3489 Position Description District Manager $46,540 – $60,502 (Depending on Experience) Introduction: This is a full-time, at will, exempt position that serves as the District Manager for the Polk Soil and Water Conservation District. Polk Soil and Water Conservation District is a local unit of government that operates as an Oregon Special District. The District is governed by a board of locally elected directors and receives funding primarily through a permanent tax rate. The District staff provides professional technical assistance and education to the citizens of Polk County to address diverse agricultural and natural resources issues, including sustaining soil and water through proper and wise use of the land in both urban and rural settings. The District Manager is the chief executive officer of the District and is responsible for providing overall leadership for personnel, technical and programmatic planning, financial, public outreach, project management and implementation. The District Manager position is highly complex, requiring familiarity with a wide range of state and federal laws that govern District operations. The position acts on behalf of the District Board and represents the District to the public and partner organizations. The function of this position is to ensure that adequate technical, financial and educational resources are obtained, focused and coordinated to meet the conservation needs of Polk County residents. This job entails continually monitoring and improving the District's ability and efficiency in assisting County residents to implement conservation projects in voluntary, incentive-based programs. The expected end result is that the natural resource needs of Polk County are effectively addressed. The District Manager must be a highly motivated, productive self-starter with demonstrated success as a leader of a productive and talented team. The District Manager is expected to lead staff in developing the Annual Work Plan and Annual Budget. Minimum Required Qualifications:  Bachelor’s degree in public administration, non-profit management, natural resources, environmental policy and management, business administration, or a related field  At least two years experience in a soil and water conservation district, watershed council, natural resource conservation agency, local government entity, or similar organization.  Extensive experience in successfully supervising technical and administrative staff.  Skill in written and oral communication at all levels. Must be proficient in English (oral and written).  Experience with Microsoft Office Suite and accounting software.  Ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups and individuals.  Successful applicant must pass a background check. Additional Desired Qualifications:  A Master’s degree public administration, non-profit management, natural resources, environmental policy and management, business administration, or a related field is preferred.  Experience in building organizational capacity and Board development is highly desired.  At least five years of progressively responsible experience in management, budgeting and program development is highly desired  A strong natural resource conservation ethic is preferred, with knowledge of natural resource conservation issues, agencies and organizations.


Job entails working within:  Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS 568; 192; 294) and Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) related to SWCDs, public records/meetings, ethics, local budgeting, public contracting, labor/employment laws.  State and federal permitting requirements  National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)  Endangered Species Act  Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts  Oregon Agricultural Water Quality Management Area Plans and Rules  Supervision: The Chair of the Personnel Committee serves as the District Manager’s direct supervisor. The District Manager remains in close contact with the Committee Chair through one-on-one meetings and discussions concerning questions of authority, District involvement and commitment, or intended actions. The District Manager reports to the full Board monthly at Board meetings, at scheduled committee meetings, and additionally as requested. . This position acts on behalf of the District Board of Directors, within the authorities delegated by the Board of Directors and this description, and is governed by the policies of the District’s Personnel Policy Manual. The Personnel Committee conducts the performance evaluations for this position. The District Manager has direct supervisory authority over all employees of the District. Responsibilities include assignment of duties, day-to-day supervision, informal and formal performance evaluations, as well as ensuring that staff (and volunteers) receive proper training and are informed of District policies. The District Manager makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for hiring, firing, promotions and pay changes. Major Duties: Lead District personnel to accomplish District mission, goals and objectives.

 Establish, review and update job descriptions and performance standards for each employee.  Provide performance feedback frequently to employees on an informal basis and through formal annual    

evaluations, consistent with Annual Work Plan goals and objectives. Identify training needs and provide opportunities to employees for professional growth. Provide guidance and direction to District policy and set priorities for employees as necessary. Address and resolve staff conflicts, concerns and issues. Facilitate a positive, productive and safe working environment.

Management support of District fiscal operations.

 Work with staff to prepare annual program budgets and work with the Board Treasurer and District Budget Officer    

in preparing the District’s overall annual budget in conformity with Oregon local budget law. Provide oversight to day-to-day administrative and operations functions. Meet regularity with Board, committees and staff to review program and overall budgets to ensure that expenditures are consistent with adopted budget and approved spending limits. Review the District’s financial reports in preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to the Treasurer and Board. Ensure that the District is current with all contracted services (i.e. auditor, legal).

Program planning and reporting  Prepare, review and update the District’s Long Range Business and Annual Work Plans.  Solicit and receive input from partner agencies, the public, staff and others to formulate conservation strategies to address priority concerns.  Serve as the primary liaison for the District with other agencies, the media and the general public pertaining to District program direction.  Oversee and/or provide support to staff as needed to implement District programs and projects.  Report progress of programs, projects and activities to Board on a regular basis.

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Manage District contracts and grants  Work with staff and project funders to develop scopes of work, agreements, contracts, project budgets and reporting formats.  Track project progress, financial status, due dates and deliverables.  Oversee grants and contracts to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget with all deliverables met.  Serve as District contracting officer, ensuring that all aspects of contracting are done in accordance with statutory requirements, policies and resolutions adopted by the Board. Board support  Provide support, information and recommendations to the Board.  Coordinate orientation and training of new Directors and Associate Directors.  Manage action item report -- assist the Board in determining which tasks will be assigned to Board members and which ones should be done by staff.  Identify Board development opportunities and encourage Director educational opportunities.  Develop Board agendas in coordination with the Chair.  Review Board minutes and materials included in Board packets. Representation of the District  Serve as the public “face” of the District. Responsible for how the District is represented to the public and to partner organizations.  Assume the lead in representing the District as deemed necessary.  Coordinate with staff and Board members to ensure that the District’s relationships with partners and community organizations are maintained and that the District is represented appropriately at relevant meetings.  Maintain a continuous, sound program of public relations on behalf of the District. Meet periodically with County Commissioners, Local government leaders, legislators and other public officials to discuss District activities, goals and objectives. Secondary Functions/Duties: Technical responsibilities:  Develop a working knowledge of United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) technical standards, the field office technical guide and conservation planning standards and procedures and familiarity with the types of conservation practices commonly employed within the District. The District has agreements in place with many agencies, including a family of agreements with USDA and Oregon Department of Agriculture, the most pertinent of which is the Operational Agreement between USDA NRCS and the District which describes the local working arrangements. Administrative responsibilities:  Ensure that the District meets its statutory obligations under Oregon Revised Statute 568 to prepare long range and annual work plans and to hold an annual meeting at which its annual report and audit are presented.  Conduct the following reviews annually and report results/recommendations to the Board of Directors (as identified in part on the District Calendar):  Risk management using Special District Association of Oregon checklist  District policies  Agreements and contracts  Employee performance reviews (basis for merit pay increases)  Follow state and federal laws and regulations and interagency agreements in addition to the policies that the District Board of Directors has established on a wide range of operational issues. The District Manager may receive guidance from the Board, upon request, but is expected to exercise good judgment and make sound operational decisions in the absence of policy guidance.  Exercise initiative in carrying out the District’s responsibilities, implementing the approved work plan within the approved budget and dealing with situations as they arise, keeping the Board of Directors informed.  Oversee maintenance of project records, capital equipment depreciation schedules and a current list of non-capital equipment. The District Manager may delegate authority for maintenance of various records to other District staff members.

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Public Relations responsibilities:  Serve as principal point of contact for the District with local, state and federal agencies.  Serve as initial point of contact for the District with all media. Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors. Job Conditions:  Field and office work are required in this position.  Office work may include working at a desk, using a computer or standing at a table. Must be able to work with frequent interruptions.  Fieldwork may include working in and around such locations as farms and dairies; rivers, streams and ponds; properties with dense vegetation or woodlands; and other areas with steep, slippery, muddy, rocky or other hazardous terrain. Appropriate attire shall be worn for these occasions.  Travel is required periodically to conferences, workshops, training sessions and daytime or evening meetings outside the office. Travel for training may be outside the normal workday and may be as long as one week. Appropriate attire shall be worn for these occasions.  Operation of a motor vehicle is required to perform the duties of this position, during daylight hours and after dark. In order to carry out these assigned duties, a valid Oregon driver’s license is required. Although the District has a vehicle, occasional use of the employee’s own vehicle may be necessary (available reimbursement is based on mileage).  Safety protocols must be followed and all duties shall be performed in a prudent and sensible manner.  Required to be bonded as set forth by Special Districts Association of Oregon.  Background and drug testing may be required of successful candidates. How to Apply: Applicants must provide a cover letter, completed PD-100 application form*, a resume and responses to supplemental questions. All application materials are available on our website at or at the Polk Soil and Water Conservation District office. We will accept electronic and regular mailed submissions. No Faxes will be accepted. Supplemental Questions: Answers must be limited to one page per question. 1.

Describe your experience in managing conservation or natural resources or local government organization and how this experience fits into our basic job description. 2. Describe your management style in working with staff.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Polk Soil and Water Conservation District will make reasonable accommodations during any and all phases of the selection process for individuals with a disability. Please contact the District office at (503) 623-9680, by the deadline date of this announcement to request accommodations. Polk Soil and Water Conservation District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. *State of Oregon application form

c:\users\sawyer.finegan.polkswcd\documents\pswcd dm position description.docx


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