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Polk Soil & Water Conservation District  580 Main Street, Suite A  Dallas, OR  97338 

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First Step Planning Workshop for

Land Management

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Promoting conservation and the wise  use of natural resources in Polk County  Last Updated June 21, 2010 

First Step Planning Workshop This workshop is designed to improve understanding of the land planning process for property owners. It is intended to be the first step in developing management plans. The information generated during this workshop will help further planning efforts to be more effective. Landowners will identify whether they proceed on their

Plans are Important! Land management planning is an important tool because it…  Demonstrates responsible land

stewardship  Shows voluntary compliance with

existing laws and regulations  Organizes information that will be

used to meet the desire family and property goals  Provides a way to logically and

own or utilize the appropriate State or Federal agencies, private consultants, or other assistance.

When and Where? First Step Workshops are presented by Polk SWCD staff and/or Directors at least four times per year. Each workshop lasts

Workshop Objectives  Develop goals and objectives  Generate property maps (a base aerial photograph with property boundaries, soil types, and topography overlays)  Formulate land management plan alternatives  Identify sources of information and

two and a half hours and is limited to a

assistance to complete a planning

small group of landowners. It is held at


the Polk SWCD office in Dallas. If interested in attending, please call or stop by to sign up today!

efficiently view options on your

 Make contact with other landowners who are interested in planning  Gather and organize inventories and property information


Special Recognition

 Gives a time frame for reaching

This workshop is sponsored in part by the Polk SWCD with assistance from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

objectives and ways to monitor progress  Opens lines of communications

among family, business associates, governmental agencies, and neighbors

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The Polk SWCD complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. Anyone needing special accommodations who wishes to attend events call the office 48 hours in advance.


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