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Oregon Agriculture: A $4.9 billion industry statewide

Where do you live? Can you find your county on the map? Does your county rate high in agricultural production? _________________________________________

As you ride in the car, what kind of plants and animals do you see growing on Oregon farm land? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

If you could prepare a very special dinner made with Oregon-grown products, what would be on the menu?

Oregon counties ranked by farm and ranch sales

#33 Clatsop

#17 #2 #25 #5 Multnomah #20 U m a tilla # 1 2 W a llowa Washington #3 #12 Hood Sherman Tillamook #8 #16 River #31 Morrow #4 U nion # 1 4 Yamhill Gilliam Clackamas # 1 W a s c o #10 #35 Polk Marion #22 #21 #36 Wheeler B aker J e f f e r s o n Lincoln #7 #13 #26 Linn Benton Grant #28 #11 Crook #30 Lane Deschutes

#24 Coos

_________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Mom wants to make some pear butter like grandma’s. Where could you go to pick Oregon’s state fruit for mom? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

#32 Columbia

#29 Curry

#23 Douglas

#34 Josephine

#18 Jackson

#19 Lake

#9 Malheur #15 Harney

#6 Klamath

Greenhouse Gross sales Clackamas_ _____ $195,775,000 Marion_________ $192,811,000 Washington_____ $168,295,000 Yamhill_________ $123,920,000

Pears Tons Hood River_ ________ 159,616 Jackson______________ 65,050 Wasco________________ 5,460 Marion_________________ 968

Potatoes Morrow___________ Umatilla___________ Klamath___________ Baker_____________

Cwt 7,670,000 7,375,000 2,507,000 1,900,000

Cattle & calves Number Malheur____________ 181,300 Morrow____________ 119,700 Harney_____________ 109,800 Klamath_____________ 83,600

Caneberries Gross sales Marion__________ $15,918,000 Clackamas_ ______ $13,968,000 Washington_______ $8,955,000 Multnomah_______ $3,650,000

Wheat Bushels Umatilla__________ 17,023,800 Morrow___________ 5,425,100 Sherman___________ 4,779,600 Malheur___________ 3,810,200

Oregon’s top 10 Ag commodities 1. Greenhouse & nursery products 2. Hay 3. Grass seed 4. Cattle & calves 5. Milk

6. Wheat 7. Potatoes 8. Christmas trees 9. Onions 10. Pears

Oregon ranks first in the USA in the production of‌ Blackberries Hazelnuts Loganberries Black raspberries Ryegrass seed Orchardgrass seed Crimson clover

Fescue seed Boysenberries Sugarbeets for seed Red clover seed Potted florist azaleas Christmas trees Dungeness crab

Top 10 Oregon exports Wheat and products___________ $239,065,000 Seeds_ _____________________ $174,300,000 Fruits and preparations_________ $170,600,000 Vegetables and preparations_ ____ $145,300,000 Tree nuts_ ___________________ $52,200,000 Nursery products______________ $49,400,000 Hides and skins_ ______________ $23,600,000 Animals_____________________ $17,600,000 Feed and fodders_ _____________ $16,600,000 Christmas trees________________ $15,300,000

Grown in Oregon Alfalfa Alpacas Apples Apricots Artichokes Asparagus Barley Bass Beans Bedding plants Bees Beets Bentgrass seed Birdsfoot trefoil seed Blackberries Blueberries Boysenberries Broccoli Brussel sprouts Buckwheat Cabbage Canola oil Cantaloupes Carrots Cattle and calves Cauliflower Celery Cherries Chestnuts Chickens Christmas trees Clams Clover and ladino seed Cod Conifers Corn Corn for grain Crabs Cranberries Cucumbers Currants Dairy products Deciduous trees Dill for oil Eggplant Eggs Elderberries Emus Endive Equine Escarole Evergreens Fescue

Flounder Flower bulbs Flowering trees Flowers Foliage plants Game birds Garlic Ginseng Goats Gooseberries Grapes Greenhouse crops Greens Halibut Hazelnuts Herbs Hogs and pigs Hops Horseradish Kale Kentucky bluegrass seed Kiwifruit Lentils Lettuce Llamas Loganberries Meadow foxtail seed Meadowfoam Mink Mushrooms Mustard Mustard greens Mustard seed Nectarines Oats Onions Orchardgrass seed Ostriches Oysters Parsley Parsnips Peaches Pears Peas Peavine hay Peppermint Peppers Perch Pheasants Pigeons Poplars Potatoes Potted plants

Prunes and plums Pumpkins Quail Rabbits Radishes Raspberries Red snapper Reed Canarygrass seed Rheas Rhubarb Rockfish Rutabagas Rye Ryegrass seed Safflower Salmon Shad Sheep and lambs Shrimp Shrubs Silage Smelt Sod Sorghum Soybeans Spearmint Spinach Squash St. Johns wort Steelhead Straw Strawberries Sturgeon Sugarbeets Sunflower oil and seed Sweet Corn Swiss chard Tomatoes Triticale Trout Tuna Turkeys Turnips Vegetable seeds Vetch seed Walnuts Wasabi Watermelons Wheat Wheatgrass seed Wild rice Wool

Oregon Ag Facts Junior edition

Published June 2009 Oregon Department of Agriculture, 503-986-4550 Web: Statistics provided by USDA, Oregon Agricultural Statistics Service, 800-338-2157

Oregon Ag Facts - Junior Edition  

Published June 2009Oregon Department ofAgriculture, 503-986-4550Web: provided by USDA,Oregon Agricultural St...

Oregon Ag Facts - Junior Edition  

Published June 2009Oregon Department ofAgriculture, 503-986-4550Web: provided by USDA,Oregon Agricultural St...