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Linears & Pivots Why? Presented by: Val J. Tancredi Stettler Supply Company

Willamette Valley 

High Value Land and Crops • Requires 100 % coverage, wall to wall

Availability and Cost of Labor • Mostly Owner-Operator

Quality Irrigation • Higher Application Uniformity, • Higher Efficiency: 85% vs Big Gun 60% • Low Pressure 20 psi vs 80 psi

Why Reinke 

Reinke Family Owned

Quality Products, Service, People

Innovative Design & Engineered

Longterm Partner, 30 Year Dealership

CN+ Hi-Strength Steel, Strength without the Weight Option: Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, PolyLined

Powder-Coated Aluminum Enclosure

Precision Application Controller (PAC) Digital Accuracy

Reinke 4-Wheel Power Cart, Deutz-LIMA Gen-Set, 80 tank

Rubber Mounted Enclosure


Low PSI Kill

Oil Temp

Low PSI Over ride Voltage

Weather Proof Enclosure


Hour Meter


Stettler “Standard” Gen-Set Control Panel

Manual Winch A/C Tower Box Switch

Linear Stop Wands

Disconnect Plug Operator Platform

Tower Auto Stop

Ring Lock Cplg

Leg Extensions

Stettler Supply

Reinke Disconnect Span - Joint Assembly

Tower Barricade (Essential)

Special Situations

    

Phone Link, RR monitor/control WireGuard Theft Prevention System Smart Switch pump start/stop Chemigation RR Moisture Monitoring

Thank You.