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By Malcolm Cason

Detroit Spotlight: What’s up Paigion, how are you doing today? Paigion: I’m blessed! Awesome! How are you doing today? Detroit Spotlight: I’m alright! Were you born and raised here in Detroit? Paigion: Definitely! I’m from the westside. Detroit Spotlight: Westside! (Laughing...) How was your life growing up? Give us some background info. Paigion: Umm... I guess overall I had a really good childhood. I’m fortunate enough to have both parents. Both of my parents raised me and I have older siblings... brothers and sisters. I think that they set a big impression on me having older siblings, most of them are nine or ten years apart so they definitely affected me, I thought Jodeci was my era (laughing) so they definitely had an influence. I’ve been very active in sports, a lot of people don’t know I played basketball since the age of 4. Detroit Spotlight: Wow! (Laughing) Paigion: They use to call me Jesus Shuttles you know! (Laughing) But I think sports really gave me that foundation and kept me busy. A lot of kids need to be busy and always have something to do so I always had some sort of busyness. Detroit Spotlight: What made you get into broadcasting and how did you get into it? Paigion: I’ve always dreamed of being

on radio and television. I know it’s kind of cliche but Oprah was one of the motivations behind it, and working for Radio One which I do now I found out that Oprah and Ludacris started there and I was like wow I’m working for that company one day that’s what kind of motivated me to do it. I watched Oprah one day when she was first getting started, I asked my mom who she was and she was like, “That’s this lady named Oprah” and I said I was going to take her job, she definitely was an inspiration to me. Detroit Spotlight: How long have you been in broadcasting? Paigion: 10 years! I started off as a high school reporter. I went off to Western Michigan University; I studied film and media. I landed my internship with Radio One in my sophomore year. Detroit Spotlight: What was it like hosting twice on the BET network? That had to feel like a major move! Paigion: It’s still kind of surreal! If it wasn’t for DVR I wouldn’t believe it like pinch me. Its been nothing but a blessing, and it’s so humbling. I think it’s motivating to me to know that I’m on the right path and someone is watching me... to know I’m doing something right! Just continue on what it is and continue to evolve and I know that I have to grow and it’s paying off. Detroit Spotlight: The streets are talking and word is you and Shorty Da Prince may be taking over Rocsi’s and Terrance place on 106 and Park, what’s the status

on that? Paigion: Umm... lets just say I don’t really have a status! (Laughing) Just pray for everything that it is that you want and anything that you want to claim it so... if it’s for you it will happen for you.

more filming and more television. I’m praying on a lot of things to come forth so... I know big G he got me so some good things are going to pop so I’m going to just try to keep my hands in everything, and I’m working with my mother to start our young girls foundation.

Detroit Spotlight: Besides broadcasting what is another passion of yours?

Detroit Spotlight: Where do you expect to be in the next 5 years?

Paigion: Film! Shout out to my bro Kamal Smith! Loud Pack is everywhere it’s on DVD right now you can get it at and it’s at stores everywhere. But really getting into film and more so into acting, Why Do Men Cheat comes out August 4th. I’ve done some plays and it’s really what I want to do like I said I went to school for film so I really want to get behind the lense as well and see what I can do, I’m pretty sure I got a keen-eye!

Paigion: Aww man I’m on somebodies screen, I’ll tell you that! (Laughing) That’s one thing I’m claiming for sure! Definitely more films, television! Being a host I really see when you know that you have those things instilled in you and you actually have that much more potential then the sky is the limit on what I can do so I’m just ready to amaze myself.

Detroit Spotlight: I got to check out Loud Pack I been hearing a lot about it but I haven’t seen it yet.

Paigion: I’m on every social network besides Myspace! (Laughing)

Paigion: It’s a banger! It’s loud, it’s a banger! Detroit Spotlight: What are some other things that you are currently working on? Paigion: Umm... I have a clothing line that’s launching... it’s just my spring wear but... Fly Life and Fly Girl, and I go by it so... I’m working on that and trying to expand my brand. I’m breaking off into modeling a lot more... I got some things coming up with Pretty Pieces and of course the radio... and I’m looking into

Detroit Spotlight: How can people reach out to you?

Detroit Spotlight: (Laughing) Naw I don’t have a Myspace either. Paigion: I’m on Twitter @ THEREALPAIGION, Facebook it’s Paigion Walker but I have a couple pages on Facebook.! You can find me on, umm... yeah! Detroit Spotlight: What’s your advice for people trying to get into the world of broadcasting? Paigion: It’s a competitive, competitive

field! With any work there will always be people trying to do your job but it’s a very small business though it may seem large it’s very small so you have one brand to protect, make sure that you’re doing everything that want to be put out there, protect that. So don’t put out any trash that you don’t want because people only have one shot of looking at you and they judge you from there so always protect your brand. Be confident! I would say have a really... thick skin is so important cause you get judged every single day just as a person in general, but when you’re in the limelight it’s like times 10. People can be so judgemental down to the shape of your eyes. If you don’t have thick skin and if you’re not confident it will tear you up and it will mess up your spirit and you don’t never want to mess up your spirit. So I think just being confident and not worrying about getting told no cause I always say at the end of my show the worst anybody can tell you is no so you owe it to yourself to atleast try.

Interview by Malcolm Cason Photography: F-Alan/Zeal Agency

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