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Emily Rose, Porchlight Tragical: Songs Written Under Synthetic Moonlight (www.emilyrosemusic. com): Rose is a Detroit area-based singersongwriter who received notoriety in 2009 and 2010 for “Outstanding Acoustic Songwriter” by the Detroit Music Awards. This album bears witness to those honors by displaying an artist with uncanny lyrical dexterity and a captivating vocal presence. Her songs have a sweet, yet haunting quality, with vivid imagery that will stay with you long after you hear them. Ani DeFranco, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and Aimee Mann come to mind upon experiencing her song craft and emotive delivery. A number of the songs have a dramatic arc that play out very cinematically. She is aided here, in particular, by Oliver Thompson who provides essential orchestral touches, as well as keyboards and bass, which give the songs a pseudo-classical and progressive feel. Overall, a very poetic and provocative work. ###


Peter Vitalone, One of Us (www. ): Vitalone is a NYC-based keyboardist who has been seen and heard backing world class singer-songwriters such as Richie Havens, Dayna Kurtz, Sam Sherwin and others. But here Vitalone dons his solo performer, composer and co-producer hat to craft a record of thoughtful and lyrically astute rock and pop that puts him front and center. This is the kind of disc that transports you to decades past when Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John were doing some of their seminal and most important work. Vitalone has a smooth and expressive tenor that grabs your attention ever so intimately. Songs like “Same Time Next Year” and “Miss Ecstasy” are little slices of life and personal stories that will envelope your soul if you let it. Notable cuts like “Enough” have a latter day John Lennon vibe while “Consolation Prize” features a real treat, with trumpeter Randy Brecker blowing soft and cool accompaniment. Kudos to production partner Randy Crafton who gives the album a pervasive warmth and ambience. ###

March 2013  
March 2013  

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