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pg. 29 Hello Music Fans!! Thanks for picking up he July issue of Detroit Live Magazine. This month we are very excited about the fantastic festivals and activities happening around metro Detroit. We hope to see you at the Taylor Telegraph Cruise as well as at the Woodhaven Uncle Sam Jam. Both events have great line ups of local and national bands. I’d like to thank all of the loyal readers of Detroit Live as well as our valued advertisers. We hope you’ll shop with our advertisers since they are the ones who make Detroit Live Magazine possible and when you do, make sure you tell them Detroit Live Magazine sent you!!

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pg.29 CANDLEBOX SKID ROW STARSHIP MARC FARNER & lots of locals 7 12-14


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Atlas Genius New and Hot Review by Jonny Reinhardt Photo by Brian Quintos The Atlas Genius crowd was young and ready to dance, and as the shouting fans welcomed singer Keith Jeffery center stage to begin the night I couldn’t help but notice all the hands in the air, palms open facing the stage almost praising the Jeffery brothers’ presence at St. Andrews that night. That level of fandom could only come with some amazing music in my experience and these fellas exceeded my expectations! A simple four-piece of guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards is all this Australian band needs to get your feet moving and blood pumping. I quickly fell for the catchiness of the music and Keith’s very calm and attractive singing voice that makes you want to learn the words to sing along with the band as all these die-hard fans of Atlas Genius’ short but prosperous takeoff from Indie rock underdogs to headline touring the United States were doing while dancing all around without a care in the world. Take the songwriting brilliance from “Golden Age” bands such as the Police and Genesis and pair it up with the Indie sounds of ElectroAlternative Rock bands such as Muse and The Postal Service. With that concoction, you’re almost to the ‘Genius’ that we all were a part of. Mix in the studio quality live performance and you’ll find it hard not to clap along with the beat of every tune played with the exception of “All These Girls” which Keith performed as a mesmerizing acoustic solo that turned into a garage style jam session of instrumental coolness to which the singer leaned against a speaker for a minute, reveling in the energy he was making with his band. After the show, Atlas Genius returned for special two song encore where they played ‘Trojans’. The song that launched them to record labels almost overnight after releasing the song to the Internet.� After the encore, Keith announced that they would see every fan that wished to meet them at the merch booth. That isn’t very common but awesomely appreciated. They must have stayed for an hour and a half after leaving the stage happily meeting, signing CD’s, and posing with fans for social media goodness. I waited and shook Keith’s hand thanking him for the performance and he then invited me to party with the band in the green room. COOL! Champagne and Nachos were in full swing as the band relaxed and mingled with their friends taking some time to talk to me about life, love, and the pursuit of the closest pizza parlor in Detroit. I wish Atlas Genius all the success in the world! They are professionals on the stage and rare, loving, and easy going people off-stage. This band is new and hot so get online and get yourself listening to Atlas Genius. DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM - LIVE 5



Article by Stephanie Rekowski Photos by Marc Nader

MUSIC FESTIVAL Takes Over Belle Isle

It is always a thrill going to a concert in Detroit Rock City. Yet, when the entire city is pumped up about a music festival within the city limits that includes legendary quartet Metallica, it’ll surely bring thousands of people together for one hell of a good time. Rockers and music fans alike were full of excitement for the days leading up to the Orion Music + More Fest, due to the buzz of the impressive line up listing Metallica and the Red Hot  Chili  Peppers as headliners. To add to the chatter, a  day or two prior to the festival,  James Hetfield and Robert Trujillo  of Metallica had some fun  of their own hiding $150 dollar weekend passes throughout the city that were up for grabs to whomever found them first. Fans were able to get their hands on these tickets by keeping an eye on the OrionMusicMore Instagram feed for clues. The highly  anticipated  event that took place June 8-9 on Belle Isle not only added a few pages of history to the Detroit Rock City books, but was also a nice boost for restaurants, hotels, and other local businesses in the struggling Detroit economy.   The festival, which pulled a reported 20,000 people per day, featured bands such as Deftones, Rise Against, All Shall Perish, Foals, Gogol Bordello, Dropkick Murphys, Silversun Pickups, Dead Sara, the Dillinger Escape Plan and many more. The weather could not have been better for a weekend full of heated-up punk rockers and blazing metal heads. Detroit’s own metal heads, Battlecross, opened the Frantic Stage, drawing a big crowd and brewing a pit of moshers Saturday afternoon. In an interview with Kyle “Gumby” Gunther of Battlecross, he described how brutal a Battlecross show could be while discussing The Machine Shop in Flint. “You know, I actually broke my ankle at a Hatebreed show there once… and the first time we played The Machine Shop, one of my friends actually broke his leg. So yes, our show can be intense. We run some shit and don’t believe in taking songs off,” says Gunther. 8 LIVE - DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

While no known bones were broken during their set at Orion this year, Battlecross brought a heavy show that included a tribute to fallen Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman with a cover of “War Ensemble”. It looks as if these dudes have war on the mind, considering their next album is titled War of Will. It drops July 9 and will be their second album for Metal Blade Records. Considering the festival was put together rather quickly, it was immaculately organized. Five stages stretched across an enormous area of the grassy island grounds, which allowed for little to no

sound bleed between stages that were just a minute or two-minute walk from each other. The title for the festival lived up to its name due to the several other attractions showcased. Included were a Metallica museum, along with some of James Hetfield’s vintage bikes and muscle cars that he had personally brought in. Other exhibits like Kirk’s Crypt brought out head-to-toe zombie get ups that surrounded its entrance and drew lines that were worth waiting in. Art exhibits from Camp Detroit presented by Opportunity Detroit centered the festival with neon glowing architectural fixtures and seating. 

One of the festival’s biggest highlights involved the unknown band Dehaan, who were introduced by James Hetfield. The band turned out to be Metallica, covering their 1983 debut album Kill ‘Em All on the Vans Damage Inc. Stage. Another big highlight was the variety of music genres. Orion attracted not only metal fans, but also rock, punk and electronic dance music fans. It made sense to expect a buzz for this type of music due to the Movement Music Electronic Festival that had just taken place the  previous  weekend in Detroit.  Metallica made an excellent move with the Sanitarium stage, which was packed to the brim both days of the festival. Bassnectar, Borgore, Destroid, Datsik, and more entertained the thousands of EDM fans. After chatting with Borgore, who played the Sanitarium Stage Sunday afternoon, it was understood that these artists too sometimes have big metal backgrounds. “I was listening to Deftones in the car yesterday but I like metal metal, like At The Gates, Lamb of God, Death and Parkway Drive. I’m friends with Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon, and Danny from Asking Alexandria is a good lad. I’m 100% coming from the metal world,” says Borgore. When EDM is included in a mostly metal/ rock festival, it can be a risky gamble, but it paid off at Orion… especially knowing that these artists can enjoy the festival just as much as the fans. With Metallica closing out the weekend with a two-and-a-half hour varied set from obscure tracks such as “Carpe Diem Baby” to staples such as “Master Of Puppets” and “Enter Sandman”, the Orion Music + More festival was an overall success, even with a few flaws in the shuttling system and lengthy will call ticket lines.  James Hetfield addressed these few glitches during their set Sunday night that also hinted at the fact that the festival will most likely be back for 2014. “You gotta know the first year there’s going to be some screw-ups. So next year, hopefully, it’ll be even better,” shouted Hetfield. He assured the crowd that they’ll be back and told them to make sure they brought their friends. If Metallica and concert promoters C3 Presents honor their contract to the city of Detroit, they’ll be bringing back the festival for two more years. Detroiters would usually have to travel hours to attend a festival like Orion, but can now be humbled and excited more than ever knowing that there is an amazing festival right in our backyards to look forward to in the years to come.  DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM - LIVE 9

Benny & The Jets Stop the presses, call TMZ, forward this to Billboard, and Rolling Stone Magazine, tell them you read it here first! Arlen Viecelli joins the Brownsville Station. Some years ago I wrote, that Arlen was the greatest undiscovered singer in the world. You only need to google Arlen’s “Holy Knights” or Salem Witchcraft’s “Sandman” to get a sample of his voice. Many of the Detroit rock community have known of Arlen, from his days with the Salem Witchcraft band, most figured it was not so much how, but when, would Arlen make the big time.  Salem was beyond, the biggest Michigan Bar band of their era, caught somewhere between concert clubs and stardom. Salem often locally, out drew national acts. There where rumors back then, that Brownsville was interested in Arlen, also Ted Nugent, Bob Seger, and later Boston.

The Column

Yacobelli- Guitar/Vocals, Matt Coon – Bass, and Connor Cheney – Drums. Off to a very quick start, these 16 YEAR OLDS are already leaving lasting impressions in music circles near and far. Bulletproof Snow is rocketing into the Detroit music scene after only coming together in March Fall Prey 2012. Playing more than 60 shows in less than a year, the band just completed their debut EP, recorded at Swordfish Studios (Brighton MI) and mastered by Kevin Sharpe at Metro 37 Recording Studios (Rochester Hills MI).


Met Kyle Burris, from the D Sides band. Kyle loves music, loves guitars, knows everyone in our downriver music family and truly wants

Daniel Harrison

Rock fans from around the world have such great memories of Brownsville Station. From CKLW playing “Rock and Roll Holiday” to In Concert - TV showing “Somkin in the Boys Room”. The paring of Arlen and Brownsville lead singer Mike Lutz, guitarist Billy Craig, and the worlds most explosive drummer Henry H-Bomb Weck, is proof Brownsville is “Still Smokin”. 

DJ PreZident

More rock and roll news ...  I heard from Dantana. Dan says, DJ PreZident, Tatanna, Joe Francis the drummer for Shiver, and the gang at Rocky’s liked seeing their names in the column last month.  Heard from the band Mary Jane’s Pride. They said Listen to us on reverb nation, Their song”Pine Box Letter” dedicated to the troops is number one on Reverbnation and Radio Opie. Mary Jane’s Pride is a modern rock band with a classic rock twist. They infuse multiple genres of Rock and Roll to create a unique downbeat sound that has a fresh taste yet a familiar feel. Great melodies, hooks and instrumental harmonies make Mary Jane’s pride much more than just a rock band but, a force to be reckoned with.  Also heard from Bulletproof Snow. The band is: Trey McLaughlin – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Jake


Benny and Kyle Burris everyone to do well. Kyle also excited about the D Sides, says the band plays cool songs, not just covers, not the A side or the B side, they dig deep in to a bands history find a great D side to play. Also wanted to mention Bandura Gypsies’, Rock promoter Bob Harris, Cruizin’ Jupiter, TK Scott, who has played around town for many years and now doing some guitar tech work for Kaleido. Seems we do use Christina Chriss and Kaleido photos all the time! Carl Henry, Tim Hazel, Detroit folk singer Dean Rutledge, The Matto band, Katmandu the Seger Tribute band, Nightmare the Alice Cooper tribute, Yankeeville, Pistol Day Parade, 50 Amp Fuse who opened for Huey Lewis and the News at Freedom Hill, Mason Dixon, Daniel Harrison, TY Stone, Fall Prey, Remedy, Broadzilla, Ray Street Park, Tiny Tim Cook, Dave and Chuck the Freak, and D Counts and the Billionaires!    Find these bands on FACEBOOK, tell them you saw their name in this column.

BulletProof Snow

Support live music, and Detroit rock and roll. Find Benny and the Jets band on Facebook, and Wednesdays 5 till 7pm on the Doctor Doowop Radio Show on WCXI 1160 am via tunein - radio FREE PHONE APP, Thursdays acoustic open MIC at the Redford Moose on 5 mile west of Telegraph, Fridays 5 till 8p at the Greek Island bar and grill on 11 mile just west of Halstad in Farmington Hills, and 3rd Saturdays at Do Hickey’s downtown Wyandotte.



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It’s 9pm and the band is diligently in full swing preparing for one of their prime festival gigs they are appearing at that upcoming weekend. At the time of this writing the Countrypalooza festival in Jackson, Michigan is next on their docket and they are running down a set list of scorching originals and select cover songs. Their basement rehearsal space on Grosse Ile finds them configured in a semi-circle, with lead vocalist/ acoustic guitarist Daniel Harrison, percussionists Bobby Kolassa and Molly Anderson, lead guitarist Justin Street and bassist Sam Coleman producing some powerful and hypnotic grooves. Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway have been making music as a collective entity since 2009. But in that relatively short four year period they’ve accomplished more than most bands that have existed for a decade or longer. We had a chance to sit down recently with the band, as well as manager Jake Adkins and some of their significant others, and found them to be very warm, gracious and open. One of the factors that came to light in the conversation early on was their indelible sense of family. They tend to view themselves in that way and that, perhaps, is a key to their rather swift and remarkable level of success. 12 LIVE - DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

out to L.A. so that was fun.” The band, essentially, assembled via an open mic night at a club called Tailgators. It was obviously populated with musicians looking to get some type of exposure. Harrison ran into Molly Anderson and Bobby Kolassa. They all met Sam Coleman—who, at the time, was playing guitar—at another open mic. “I checked these By Eric Harabadian guys out and they tore it up, they were good,” expresses Coleman. “When you see something One of the newest members to the and you wanna be a part of it you say, yeah, DH$2 Highway family is guitarist Justin Street. that’s what I wanna do!” The somewhat soft-spoken axe-wielder attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music and knows The family affair is not just a figurative a thing or two about making the strings on his tag but, in the case of Kolassa and Anderson, psychedelically painted Stratocaster come alive. a very real thing due to the fact that they are “It’s been fun. There’s not too many challenges cousins. Between them they play a multitude I’ve found around here playing music,” says of woodwinds, guitars, keyboards and various Street. “The only other music experiences I’ve other instruments including, of course, really had were school related and when I taught percussion. “I play the djembe—this big African last year in Ohio.” drum,” says Kolassa. “They call it the happiness drum. It makes people smile and it also makes The rest of the group has been, more you happy when you play it.” or less, there from the beginning. “I’ve been in this group for almost five years, “says bassist “We can go from a hip-hop song to Sam Coleman. “ Prior to this I was in The Dublin Bob Seger really quick if we want to because Project, Bag A Day Jones, Broken Day Machine of the percussion,” says Coleman. “Bobby and and Theory of Mind. I got to do a lot of cool stuff. Molly are like one drummer in a way,” adds I actually did a rock/rap album with this guy Harrison. “They play off each other so well and named Mr. Sport Coat back in the day. It took me have been playing together for some 15 years.”

we’re kind of a transition; right on the edge of blues, with a little bit of rock and country.” Well, despite the somewhat nebulous position, genre-wise, they find themselves in; Daniel Harrison and company are connecting with venues, fans and festivals across the board. Their resume is vast and varied, running the gamut from performing at Kid Rock’s “Battle of the Bands” at Comerica Park to several appearances at Detroit’s Downtown Hoedown, Uncle Sam Jam, Hard Rock Rising Competition, Port Huron’s Blue Water Festival, Livonia Spree, Stars & Stripes Festival and many others. They also had a regular stint for a time performing every Wednesday at the Asteria Lounge inside Greektown Casino. Very early incarnations of the group actually precede 2009 by a couple years. There have been some lead guitar changes and, at one point, they even had a stand up bass player in the band. It caused for some confusion from certain portions of the audience. “People were wondering if we were a jazz band. But then they would hear the first song and say, no they’re not jazz,” states Harrison. “We’ve never really known what to call what we do. We just do what we do. It’s almost like we’re creating a new genre of music. We’ve used the term ‘Detroit country’ because our music has a bit of an edge to it.” “We’ve gotten the jam band thing sometimes,” observes Coleman. “But we’re not really like Phish or Grateful Dead where you take off on a 15 minute tune. We’ve done that but that’s not really our forte. We’re a lot more structured. When you’ve got a writer and singer like Daniel you don’t wanna fuck that up. You know what I mean? When you have a voice like this (nodding to Harrison) you can go from rock to soul to blues to jazz; anything really! As long as the rest of us can play it, he can pretty much sing it.”

“We were playing every week and I would bring stuff that I just printed out and didn’t know anything about it,” says Harrison. “I would say this is what we’re playing tonight. So that’s how much we would prepare.” “There was a song we did for like two years and I thought it was one of his. And then I realized it was a cover. But we would do obscure tunes like that,” admits Anderson. “That’s the crazy thing about this band. They’re such a talented group of artists that Daniel will pick a song out of his book and start playing it. Sammy will look at his hand and pick up the chords for it, Bobby and Molly will start throwing in a rhythm and the crowd is saying that’s a damn good song. And they’ve never played it before,” adds Adkins. “And it’s this group. They just have the feel and talent that’s

Photo 2Eighteen Designs

amazing!” So what’s on the horizon for these rootsy Detroit rockers? “Well, I would say that we are a successful band already,” states Harrison. “We’re successful in the fact that we’ve done tons of things already that bands wish and dream they’re gonna do. I guess the only part that’s missing now is basically the money and the touring. And that’s the only thing I think at this point would be the next level.” “I think one of the things I’ve done for this band is brought a sense of family in order for us to move to that next step,” says Adkins. “Everybody has to be willing to live in a 50 ft. trailer that rolls down the road. Our old guitarist Joe made a comment. He said when you come to band practice the wives are hanging out listening to music, there’s kids around, we have barbecues; everybody now in the band is family. And I think I bring a focus and that family atmosphere.” --Eric Harabadian ###

“From an outside perspective what seems to obviously drive the sound of the music is Daniel,” says manager Jake Adkins. “He’s, of course, the leader of the band so he creates a lot of the lyrical concepts. And then vocally he sounds like a 300 lb. black man from down in Louisiana somewhere. He gets down and gritty where his voice is raw and soulful. So the majority of the music that comes out has this blues or rock tinge to it. Lyrically Daniel tends to write about stuff from the darker side. And then it will have this real bluesy component to it. I’ve seen these guys, I don’t know how many times, and that’s how the music always comes off to me. We haven’t really found a way to describe what that is because it’s not really out there. There’s a lot of really good blues and jazz artists out there. But Photo 2Eighteen Designs DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM - LIVE 13

FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS FILLING THE HOUSE Review and Photos by Marc Nader Fitz and The Tantrums are making waves and filling houses. Thursday night at St Andrews Hall in Detroit was no different. With a sold out sign outside and the bowing floors inside it was pretty clear this band was going to take over the Hall. Lead singer Michael Fitzpatrick and the soulstress Noelle Scaggs have the skills to grab hold of their audience and command the show. Fitz and The Tantrums take music and make it fun and exciting; you cannot help to start feeling good inside when this band begins to perform. Wowing Detroit with a 15+ song set list including a very cool rendition of The Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams” that had everyone participating and singing along. Playing a vast selection from their vault of songs and killing it at the end with “MoneyGrabber” & “News 4 U” it is becoming very evident that Fitz and The Tantrums are starting to out grow the rooms they are presently playing in.

RIVAL SONS Review by Jonny Reinhardt Photos by Marc Nader

Rival Sons were shaking up Motown with high voltage “Rockedelic” waves of sound recently at St. Andrews Hall, where hundreds gathered to see and hear the new big thing in rock n’ blues! These four funky fellas had the entire building, including bartenders and bouncers, from the first measure of music. Rival Sons transported us to what the “Golden Age” of rock must have been like. Any Led Zeppelin, Guess Who, or Deep Purple fan’s in the audience would have felt right at home with the very first song ‘You Want To.’ The beauty of Rival Sons is it only takes one tune to see and hear what this band is all about. First of all, as far as I’m concerned, Jay Buchanan is the greatest singer in current rock n’ roll. His voice can rival the greats! Its no wonder top acts like AC/DC and Alice Cooper were chomping at the bit to get them to tour alongside. Jay also has three amazing and unique musicians backing him up as they tour Europe and the U.S. providing harmonies that current music has seemed to lose. I’m highly surprised that bassist Robin Everhart didn’t grow up in Detroit. He must be the reincarnated white James Jamerson. I’m almost sure of it. From shuttering rock grooves to slow bluesy guitar solos, axe-man 14 LIVE - DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

Scott Holiday definitely takes the wheel musically as the Sons’ world-class rhythm section. Rival Sons are the real deal and their energy alone will keep your feet moving and the good times rolling!



The 2013 Downtown Hoedown has taken a turn to be one of Detroit’s best annual music festivals. Going into its second year at Comerica Park after moving the event from Hart Plaza has taken the logistic nightmare and turned it into a well organized, fan friendly festival. From the three stages to the side-shows and vending, the grounds were well laid out to freely move from one attraction to the next. Every year the Hoedown brings in country acts from all throughout our nation as well as featuring some of Detroit’s hottest local bands. This year’s three-day event endured heavy rain and cooler evening temperatures, but because the stamina of this city’s music fans the festival was still a success.

Dani Vanity

With heavy rain in the forcast day one had a great opening lineup. Tate Stevens, “X Factor Winner,” kicked the festival off as the weather was still fairly calm and fans still piling in from the streets. It didn’t take long for Tate to have a full audience by his 3rd song.  Detroit’s youngest country act Katie Holmes kept the inside stage rocking as Charlie Worsham and Allie Shermatero were proving what country is all about on the outside stages.  By the time Maggie Rose hit the main stage it was evident rain was going to hit Detroit. The downpour thinned the crowd except for die hard country fans that weren’t about to loose their spot to see Detroit’s own Uncle Kracker. The rain paused for the last band to play before U.K. and even though the stage was soaked and the fear of getting electrocuted by their own instruments did not stop home town artist Ty Stone & The Truth from showing Detroit that the show must go on!  With rain at bay the crowd seemed to grow and Uncle Kracker played a riveting set with all his hits and then throwing down some “Sweet Home Alabama” made the first night of the hoedown a memorable one.

Kari Lynch

Allie Shermatero

Drake White



Day two brought some sunshine and warmer temperatures to town. Locals like Jennifer Westwood, Annabelle Road, Matt Austin, Alan Turner, Jo Caine and Paula Jane represented Detroit artists to the highest of country standards. Others like Dave Shelby, Rachel Farley, Emerson Drive, Blackberry Smoke and Craig Morgan filled the grounds with some of the best southern rock you could find. By the time headliner Jake Owen was about to go on the main stage area was packed with country music lovers of all ages. Jake played Detroit like it was his favorite guitar, hard and passionate leaving fans soaked with country rock. Even with the relationship Mother Nature and the state of Michigan have, day three milder temperatures did not stop country lovers from filling the grounds for the final acts of the 2013 Downtown Hoedown.  Locals like Kari Lynch, Dani Vitany, Julianne & The Rogues and the explosive Gunner & The Grizzly Boys left their country stamp on festivalgoers. Some of CM’s brightest stars like Jon Pardi, Aaron Lewis, Casey James, and Phil Vassar filled the Detroit air with rock and boot stomping hits. By the time the final act hit the stage it was jacket-wearing weather, but leave it to superstar Joe Nichols to heat up the final night. Joe took the packed crowd through a history of his hits and ended this three-day festival in true country fashion. The Downtown Hoedown in my opinion has become a very worthwhile festival and I plan to attend each and every one for years to come. Big props to 99.5 WYCD, Live Nation and Olympia Entertainment for making this festival one to come back to. God Bless Country! Annabelle Road

Cassey James Paulina Jane

Phil Vasser



Photo by Scott Legato

Jennifer Westwood

You’ve heard the phrase “looks can be deceiving?” That adage could certainly apply in the case of Detroit native Jennifer Westwood. On the surface she’s a low key and somewhat demure woman, with a soft spoken demeanor. But catch her on, practically, any weekend at various nightclubs throughout the Motor City and you will see and hear one of the finest blues-based and uninhibited singers around. Westwood is a rising star, with a stage presence that is part Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin, Etta James, Reba McIntyre and Big Mama Thornton all rolled up in one. She grew up in west Detroit and started as many soulful singers have, in church. “I grew up and first sang in an Assemblies of God church,” says Westwood. “You heard a lot of southern gospel there. Then I went to some of the inner city churches in Detroit and sang more urban gospel style. What always appealed to me about this music was the passion and meaning behind the words. I was about fifteen at the time. I was trying to find a church where I felt I belonged and where the people were sincere.” Eventually she connected with someone at one of those churches that changed her life and set her on the path to finding direction for her talent. She was approached by a gentleman who was a burn victim and received a huge insurance settlement for his injuries. He wanted to make a hip-hop album and hired young Westwood to sing backup on it. “I was really, really sheltered,” recalls the blonde vocalist. “I didn’t totally live in a cultural bubble. I mean I was exposed to every culture you could imagine and my family was warm-hearted and open. But I still was sheltered to a degree and not very worldly. So when this guy asked me to sing on this CD, I said sure! But I had never been in a recording studio in my life. But I went there and sang on tracks probably a half dozen times and got paid.” More studio work ensued but, ironically for a woman who now makes her living performing in nightclubs and bars, she emerged from a world where that was very much frowned upon. “My parents were not strict but the churches I went to had this attitude about never stepping into a bar (laughs),” explains Westwood. “I heard many ridiculous and judgmental things about the people that went to bars growing up.” Thankfully her first experience in a club was a positive one. She befriended a trumpet player who took her to Ann Arbor to see Detroit’s own Thornetta Davis. The rest, as they say, is history. “It was awesome and gave me chills because it was such a different environment from what I knew,” says the singer. “It was exactly what I needed to hear!” Fast forward to the last few years where Westwood has immersed herself in a

By Eric Harabadian solo career as well as partnering with The Blue Collar Boys and The Waycross Georgia Farmboys. “To me they’re not all that far removed from each other,” observes Westwood. “There’s heart and soul and grit in everything we do. People want me to sing Loretta Lynn all the time and that’s great. She could sing pretty songs but had that grit too. She was a wailer and I like that.” Not unlike Lynn, Westwood faced some hard times and financial struggles where she “lost everything” and had to put music on hold to tend to personal survival. But music kept calling and a guardian angel in local engineer/producer Bob Phillips took Westwood under his wing. In late 2011 he produced her EP Dishwater Blonde and helped get her on track with a solo career. Not long after she got going with some of her solo band shows her boyfriend, guitarist Dylan Dunbar, was playing in the Blue Collar Boys with bassist Tony Muggs. They lost their singer and asked Westwood to join. “It was just what I needed,” says Westwood. “I need to be out there working on my craft and also to satisfy my diverse tastes in music.” That diversity was augmented by her assembling a third group with Dunbar and guitarist Jackson Smith, with Jennifer Westwood and The Waycross Georgia Farmboys. “I wanted to incorporate more of an old school country flavor into my stuff,” says Westwood. “We had a couple rehearsals, did our first gig for free and then just took off from there.” All three groups have been making headway on the Detroit area landscape, especially with The Farmboys. A growing number of audiences have been responding to their mixture of traditional country covers with Americana-flavored originals, gypsy jazz/ blues and acoustic jams. This past December they also collaborated with Sponge/Orbitsuns front

man Vin Dombrowski, further expanding the band’s musical palette. This past summer Westwood and the Waycross Georgia Farmboys had the honor of opening for a screening of director Tony D’Annunzio’s documentary on The Grande Ballroom called Louder than Love at the Traverse City Film Festival. They were introduced by none other than festival curator and award-winning director Michael Moore. That unique experience certainly made quite an impression on the emotional Westwood. “Tony is a really cool and wonderful person. We need more people like him involved in the arts,” says Westwood. “You know, things weren’t the greatest in the late ‘60s at the time the Grande was going on. People at the time could’ve come up with a million excuses why nothing would come of it. There were the riots and all of that. But no matter how bad things get in Detroit you’ve gotta believe that something’s possible. You gotta have vision. We’ve gotta think outside the box and try something new. They did it before!” For more information on Jennifer Westwood and the various projects she is involved in check out jenniferwestwood and www.jenniferwestwood. com .


Fleetwood Mac Returns to Detroit Review and Photos by Marc Nader

Fleetwood Mac brought their 2013 Live Tour to Joe Louis Arena last month in Detroit MI. Performing a well-chosen list of hits in front of a sold out crowd, original members Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and John McVie gave the crowd exactly what they came for.

hit after hit. This British Rock Band has had it’s share of line-up changes as well as internal drama but in 1977 when the album Rumours was released the whole world got to know who Fleetwood Mac was.

Forty some years later the crew is still showing the universe who they are. From the moment they Since the early 70’s Fleetwood Mac has produced hit the stage and began singing “Second Hand


News” to the two encores, you could hear the capacity crowd sing along to every word of every song. Some may call this a reunion and others may have made reference that this could be a farewell tour, but after hearing Fleetwood Mac play 23 songs from their hit catalog I find hard to believe they plan on stopping any time soon.

Photo by Marc Nader

legacy he created in the early 80’s by surrounding himself with some of rocks best musicians. Guitarist Kelly Gray and Keyboardist Randy Gane should be familiar names with the diehard fans of Queensryche, being former band members of Geoff in the 70’s band Myth. On drums, former Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Forigner and Ozzy skin pound-er Brian Tichy didn’t miss a beat on the set list of 20 songs that included ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ in its entirety. Finishing up the current lineup is brothers Robert and Rudy Sarzo. Rudy is a rock bass legend from Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake to name a few. With this current line up of music veterans, including Sass Jordan singing the part of Sister Mary during Mindcrime, Saturday’s Queensryche performance just plain rocked!

Queensryche New Line Up Rocks Detroit Review by Jonny Reinhardt

“MINDCRIME! MINDCRIME! MINDCRIME!!!” yelled the packed audience of Queensryche fans as the lights dimmed at The Fillmore in Detroit Michigan last month. Performing with a new line-up on their 25th aniversary “Operation Mindcrime Tour” Geoff Tate and company took the Queensryche minions on a historic journey of the bands greatest hits. After departure from the original line-up last year, lead singer Geoff Tate wasted no time to heighten his passions in life and on-stage with continuing a

After the show I had a unique opportunity to briefly meet with the band. I will have to say discussing band politics with my bass icon Rudy was a little humbling indeed. I also had the chance to sit down with Geoff Tate and discuss his inspirations as both a world-renowned singer and as a winemaker. Geoff explains how the two are similar; “As an artist, I approach my melodies with certain notes and harmonies to please that particular song, very much how certain vines and different variations of grapes can be harmoniously put together that creates a wine to please the palate...” Based off of that, I can only imagine Geoff chose his present line-up like he would his fine wine, flawless and Inspiring!



LOCAL HIP HOP ARTIST LZ Dl How did you get your start in music? LZ - I started making music when I was young. I wrote my first rap as a joke at 8 or 9 years old. At 15 I recorded my first song with a local dj by the name of DJ Exotic. DL what part of Detroit do you call home? LZ - Southwest Detroit DL - Who are some of the artists who influenced you at a young age? LZ - My early influences were artists like 2Pac , NAS , Bone Thugs n Harmony , Ice Cube. DL - What have been some of the most difficult obsticals to overcome? LZ - Hatred and jealousy have been real tough lately. I lost my parents in 2009 and it seems like some people really try and kick you when your down. DL - Tell us about some of your favorite venues to perform at and about some of your best gigs. LZ - Used to be Emerald, Harpos was cool. Magic Stick is great and pretty much anywhere out of town. I love to travel DL - Have you collaborated with any local or national acts? LZ - I have performed with acts such as Obie Trice, Bizarre of D-12, Freeway, Royce Da 5’9, Hopsin, Lil Wyte, dizzy wright, Gorilla Zoe, Frayser Boy, Trick Trick, Ying Yang twins and many more. I’ve collaborated with Paul Wall, Ace Hood, Juice Mccain, LiL Wyte, Jellyroll, Struggle, Highrolla, Lee Lee, David Ray, Moe Dirdee, Miz Korona, Marv Won, DNA, Haystak, Raheem Malik, and Stretch Money DL - Are you currently signed to a label? LZ - No I’m independent I’ve started my own local label Valero music group and am also with Tec records international but both are local independent labels DL - Do you have a CD or a current release you are promoting? LZ - Yes I released a mixtape entitled “loyalty is everything” the prequel in feb 2013 and released another mixtape entitled “Still Eatin” in may of 2013 both are available for free download at


DL -Where can fans see you in the future? LZ - As of now I‘m performing with Ying Yang twins in Clevland July 21st and with Jarren Benton in Clevland Aug. 15th at Peabodys 22 LIVE - DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM


choice cuts Eric Harabadian’s

### White Shag, White Shag EP ( whiteshag ): Choice Cuts July This Detroit trio lays their cards on the table from 2013 Dave Koz & Friends, the first power chord on their video hit “Die for Me.” It’s an infectious and catchy track, with a hook as big as a finely Summer Horns (Concord Records, tuned muscle car cruising down Gratiot. “Penetration” follows and infiltrates your ears with major riffage from guitarist CRE-34172-02): Jorge Cortez. “’78 Trans Am” has a decidedly Rolling Stones What happens like boogie beat that is sure to get a hot and sweaty Motor when you get City crowd on its feet. The same can be said for the final cut contemporary on this fine EP demurely titled “Violate Me.” White Shag is jazz saxophonist Dave Koz together an award-winning act that may be short on subtlety but long in the studio with on talent and his fellow sax smokin’ grooves. buddies Gerald Lead vocalist and Albright, Mindi Abair and Richard Elliot? Well, pure fun bassist Laura ensues, of course! You can probably guess from the title that this project is all about music that sets a scene; good Mendoza has times, open air concerts, relaxing with your favorite adult a delivery that is provocative beverage and plenty of sunshine. But this ain’t just some schmaltzy smooth jazz snooze fest! Koz and crew are some and really grabs of the best instrumentalists in the biz and they’ve chosen a your attention. great roster of vibrant soulful classics such as The Beatles’ Drummer Joe Leone completes “Got to Get You Into My Life,” Tower of Power’s “So Very the group by Hard to Go” (with guest vocalist Michael McDonald), keeping the Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4,” James Brown’s “I Got You (I Feel chaos at bay Good) and Sly Stone’s “Hot Fun in the Summertime,” while locking the feel in air-tight! Hot stuff! among others. Everyone trades solos in a spirited and ### relaxed manner and all egos are left at the door. What you have is pure groove-fueled entertainment that should Dug Pinnick, Naked (Rock Army Records/MVD Audio MVD5819A): communicate with most audiences, whatever genre or This isn’t Pinnick’s first rodeo when it comes to solo style of music you’re into. work. The Kings X front man actually released two albums under the Pound hound moniker in the late ‘90s. He also did a series of home demos featuring more than a dozen Kings X fan favorites. But this disc surely is the bassist/vocalist at his most vulnerable and most real! The title Naked says it all; a true artist baring his raw emotions and soul for all to hear. Also, Pinnick takes on the one man band approach tackling all production and performance duties. So what’s the verdict? Just what you would expect from the master; it’s filled with spirited, almost gospel-tinged vocals, industrial strength riffs, warm, full-bodied tones and honest confessional lyrics. “What You Gonna Do?” opens the album with Dug baring his soul on all the glamour of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle but resolves himself to the fact that you still have to be accountable and live with yourself. “If You Fuk Up” was born out of a text message from a friend concerning suicide and personal value. 24 LIVE - DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

And then there is “Heart Attack” that touches on alienation and abandonment. This is rock that rings very human and very true. Royal Blackbirds, Royal Blackbirds (Funky D Records): This is a fine textbook example of a band captured “live” in the studio. There is a raw, slightly unpolished edge to the production that totally suits the vibe of this youthful act. The collective age of the Detroit blues-rock trio is barely past 20, yet they possess all the savvy sensuality and world-weary heaviness of those from a generation or two before. Guitarist-vocalist Rebecca Saad seems to embody the spirit of Koko Taylor and Bonnie Raitt as filtered through John Lee Hooker. Tracks like “Shot Down” and “I Can Only Give you Everything” come across very authentic and heartfelt. The rhythm section of drummer Jeanette Allison Gadette and bassist Dennis Burck hold their own. But they also blend in subtle shades of color that accentuate Saad’s remarkable axe work. With bands like RB on the scene the blues is certainly in good hands for some time to come.

diverse musicians that have emerged from the land down under that it boggles the mind. This is Kara Grainger’s third album release and it supports all the accolades the Aussie singer-songwriter/guitarist has amassed performing at festivals all over the world. She’s got a smooth bluesy style, with smoky vocals and guitar chops that just won’t quit. Songs like “Little Pack of Lies” and “Shiver & Sigh” have a contemporary pop meets sophisticated R&B sensibility. On the other hand, Robert Johnson’s “C’mon in My Kitchen” shows her roots and acoustic slide guitar prowess. There are some ballads and many funky moments here as well making this a complete listening experience for those in search of something familiar, yet fresh and accessible. Blackmore’s Night, Dancer and the Moon (Frontiers Records FR CD 605):

Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night are not only musical collaborators but are husband and wife as well. He, of course, needs no introduction as one of the progenitors of heavy rock guitar and one of the founders of Deep Purple and Rainbow. She is an angelic vocalist with a background in classical music, folk and show tunes. When they met in the late ‘90s it was a relationship that was poised for adventure and change. Hence, they pursued a mutual love for Renaissance and ethnic folk music and have not looked back since. Their union has produced eight studio albums, one holiday disc, three live albums and two live DVDs. Their catalog, by and large, has been dedicated to acoustic and folk oriented sounds but this latest one seems to integrate more rock elements into the mix. They open with a cover of Randy Newman’s “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today” that features Night’s soaring harmonies and classic Blackmore licks throughout. “Troika” is an original based on a Russian soap opera theme and spotlights the world music side they so eloquently specialize in. “Lady in Black” is a song originally done by Uriah Heep. They retain the beauty and simplicity of the melody and infuse it with a madrigal feel. “Temple of the King” was a holdover track from Blackmore’s days in Rainbow and was written by Ronnie James Dio. It’s a nice tip of the hat to Dio and Blackmore sounds spot on, with his tasteful guitar treatments. Perhaps the most poignant moment of the album has to be its closer. Blackmore’s instrumental dedication to his former Deep Purple comrade Jon Lord is a truly fitting tribute. You know, there have historically been reports in the press over the years of bad blood between Deep Purple’s band members and the Kara Grainger, Shiver & Sigh (Eclecto Groove Records enigmatic Blackmore. But time has a way of healing all EGRCO514): There must be something in the water when it comes wounds. This tune is a perfect example of that. Bravo! --Eric Harabadian to Australian artists. There have been so many varied and DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM - LIVE 25


Downrivers New Live Music Leader. For the past 30 years 12850 Sibley rd.(formerly knows as Jdubs) has been a local hot spot for the downriver community. Yet recently under new ownership and sporting a new name, “Rocky’s”, much needed changes have taken place that are pushing the club into a prosperous new direction. Rocky’s has begun to morph into one of Detroit’s hottest locations for Live Music and dance. Why has this transformation begun to take place? Since new owner Gary Smith’s decision to enlisted the talents of DJ PreZident as well as some of Detroit’s best mix masters to create a dance/club environment the club has truly gained momentum. Their WTF Wednesday is the place to go for your fix of a midweek mix of techno, electro and funk. Yet one of the biggest factors that’s pushing this club to the forefront of the Downriver live music scene is the addition of one of downriver’s most talented and hardworking soundmen Steve Bastow. Steve doesn’t just bring his knowledge and experience of 30 years in the sound engineering business. Starting July 11th Steve will be installing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of subs, monitors, lights, mixers and effects to the already huge stage to create one of downriver’s best live stages to perform on. The Changes are already having an impact as Rocky’s, in just the last few months has seen and incredible increase in business. We at Detroit Live commend Gary and wish him the best of luck with Rocky’s. His decision to utilize the talents of people like Steve Bastow and DJ PreZident was a brilliant one and we look forward to watching Rocky’s flourish. Stop in to experience the kickoff of the all new Rocky’s on July 11th with Fall Prey and metal powerhouse Concrete Angels.


WOODHAVENS UNCLE SAM JAM Michigan Local Bands Join Rock And Roll Legends For A Memorable Weekend.

As a child growing up in Woodhaven in the late 70’s I always looked forward to the annual summertime carnival that appeared each summer behind the Woodhave community center. As time went on apparently hard financial times settled on the city the carnival disappeared. Yet within the last few years its made a comeback. Yet the new festival is a much better version of the standard old school carnival that lives in my memory. The modern version of this event is more then just a community carnival. The organizers have gone out of their way to incorporate cool new attractions like, Monster Truck Rides , A Banana Derby (Monkeys racing on dogs), Camel Rides, A petting Zoo, A White Tiger Exhibit as well as circus acts. But by far what excites me most, being a musician and a publisher of a local live music magazine, is the line up of live music appearing this year. In the past they’ve had fantastic acts like Eddie Money and Great White. But this year the quality of the bands has definitely stepped up notch. For 2013, in addition mainstream current national acts like Candlebox, the event will also feature performances by 80’s stars, “Skid row” as well as classic rock band “Starship” and Michigan great Mark Farner. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! This year, festival organizers have added some of the best local bands in the state of Michigan to kick off each day of live music. We at Detroit Live are happy to see the organizers must be avid readers of Detroit Live Magazine because their line up seems like a who’s who of the last few issues of Detroit Live. Bands Like Fall Prey, current winners of the Detroit Live Magazine 2013 “Blow up my Band” contest and featured on the June issue of Detroit Live as well as Superlast (featured on the cover of the March issue of Detroit Live). Also the event will feature Detroit Live Favorites like Blind Season, Category 5, The Nightmare, Dead in 5, Ryan Jay, Darian Counts & the Billionaires and Downriver powerhouse Ray Street Park. From a musical perspective this is a lineup that is overflowing with talent. From the nationals to locals this will be a show to remember. New comer to the Uncle Sam Jam is one of the best bands touring today, Candlebox. Over the last 5 years Detroit Live Magazine has done multiple features Candlebox and couldn’t help but notice that they are becoming a common sight on the Michigan music scene . We spoke to lead singer Kevin Martin to get his thoughts on the live music scene in the state of Michigan. DC: Candlebox seem’s to have visit Michigan quite a bit in the last few years. Why is that?

CANDLEBOX We always know its going to be a great show when we play Michigan. DC: What will be the makeup of your set list. Kevin: We’ll probably play the entire first album then one or two tracks off each of the other albums. We are looking forward to playing for the residents of Woodhaven and providing on a high energy Candlebox show for current fans as well as hopefully introducing new people to our music.


DC: Are you guys writing a new album ? Kevin: Actually right now we are working on some acoustic tracks. We are not really into writing entire albums now the way we did in the past these days we like to create individual songs and release them for free to the public. The truth is, most of the time we’d rather have you come to our show and buy a Candlebox T-shirt than buy our album.

Kevin: In all honesty we’ve been touring extensively the last couple years. But we love coming to Michigan. Some of the best rock and roll audiences in the world can be found there. As a matter of fact Michigan’s wrif and Doug Podell were one of the first radio stations Candlebox will be playing on Sat July 13th at 8:45 followed by Skid Row. For a to ever play Candlebox. I think it’s the straight forward hardworking mentality of most Michigan residents that we relate to and relate to us. complete line up visit






The Lewiston Lodge was built in the mid 1920’s. Originally a private resort with six rooms in the main restaurant building it was then called the Gassell Lodge. In the early 1930’s small cabins were built on premise around the main building. When Prohibition was lifted in the 1930’s the restaurant and rooms were opened for weekly and nightly rentals and cooking for and serving the guests was provided.

In the late 1950’s four more rooms were added to the motel to give it eight rooms total. In the early to mid 1960’s, six more rooms were added to the motel and the new owner’s renamed it to the Lewiston Lodge.

Now with 14 rooms, a restaurant and many additions and updates the Lewiston Lodge is a Four Season ReIn the early 1940’s it was about $25.00 per guest for sort on the south side of East Twin Lake in Lewiston, a weekly rate. Food and lodging was included in that Michigan. price. In the mid 50’s a fire burned most of the inside of the main restaurant. After that, the outside cabins were joined to give it four motel rooms.


SPIRITUAL HOROSCOPE July 2013 by Aluna Michaels, M.A.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Happy birthday Cancer! Jupiter -- the planet of abundance, joy and good karma – is in your sign for a year! This starts a new 12 year cycle of positive changes in self-esteem and relationships. You can re-invent yourself, so be courageous to throw out everything old and junky – be they old clothes, negative people, or poisonous thought patterns! Make your mantra, “I deserve to be fulfilled and unconditionally happy!” Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) – I know it doesn’t sound exciting or glamorous, but forgiving unhappy events over the past two years will be transformative. (They represent a microcosm of karma for your soul issue for this lifetime!) Meditating moves out negative family patterns that are so subtle and constant they feel like a permanent part of you – but they are not you! Putting aside your attachment to anger or depression from old events helps you see the long-term pattern so you can be completely free! Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) – Enlist spiritually-minded friends to help you stay positive and forward thinking. Tell them not to let you dwell in the past or on “what ifs”. Meditate and journal about any memories of people betraying your trust in emotional, sexual or financial relationships. Be willing to release these experiences and the subsequent limiting belief systems you created. You’ll be open to draw better karma with positive people as you stay optimistic too!

your partner – allowing intimacy to unfold – facing dark parts of yourself with acceptance and a willingness to heal rather than running away. All these skills play out in the arena of human connection, but they also reflect your level of soul growth. When bored or impatient, your greatest spiritual victories will come if you stand firm and stay present for the lessons.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – You’ll be feeling positive and uplifted. You also have a great opportunity to have a clean slate with relationships. Truly let the past be the past. Meditate to release old hurts and dysfunctional patterns. See each person in your life with innocent eyes, not judging them by what has been. This spiritual practice will open your heart in a wonderful way. You’ll even notice a huge increase of your intuition, so pay attention to your guidance!

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) – You might be starting a new relationship with someone truly awesome, inspiring and devoted – just like you! Jupiter is beginning a fresh 12 year cycle of happiness in your emotional life. So even a current bond will get better! You’ll also find a renewed connection Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – You have with old friends, and maybe even a past hobby, that lift your spirits and help you feel a sense of many options coming for abundance! You can get a raise, a new job and also much recognition connection and purpose. Enjoy everything to at work! It’s good to see how valuable people the fullest! think you are! The next spiritual step is to feel Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) – You’ll that high level of worth within yourself. Keep have career breakthroughs. People have been meditating on and saying positive affirmations noticing and increasingly respecting you. Even about body image, personal value, and general if you’ve been doubtful about your success, self-love. Surround yourself with people who accolades and recognition are on the way! don’t buy in to shallow cultural notions of Spiritually, you’ll have breakthroughs with your beauty or success. chattering mind that drives you crazy! You’ll be Aluna Michaels is a second-generation able to connect with your intellect when you need it, and also be able to quiet it to hear the astrologer and Soul Evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling “still small voice” of intuition. and has been teaching and consulting for more Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) – It’s a great than two decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of time for relationships! You could start a great the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon new connection, or have huge improvements in Kindle version. Ms. Michaels is available for in your current partnership. Things will just be appointments in her home or by phone. Call easy, fun and fulfilling! Spiritually, you’ll also (248) 583-1663 or visit have breakthroughs that help you feel connected and give you a sense of direction and inspiration. Make financial improvements by YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR MEDICAL MARIJUANA NEEDS revising your budget and spending habits to be stress-free in that area too!

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) – Wow! Any clogs you’ve had in finances or career finally flow freely! You’ll also have breakthroughs in body image and self-worth issues. But now watch for your Libran tendency to stir up drama or worry when things are good. You might pick on your relationship to obsessively create Aries (March improvement. Sure, you and your partner have ways you can both grow, but watch for extreme 21 – April 19) – You feelings and actions that cause more harm than can have incredible healing about family healing! issues or long-term problems. You’ll have Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) – Saturn is moving direct in your sign, helping you resolve insights about new issues of self-worth, trust in relationships, and ways to approach problems and the a sense of connection to the Universe. Renew energy to take those your commitment to meditation so you can “lock in” this new consciousness of abundance, steps. In some cases things could just optimism and bonding. You might even join a miraculously lift. group that is very dedicated to their spiritual (A result of reaping disciplines. Also renew your commitment to good karma for your eating well and practicing stress reduction. meditations over Keeping your body healthy and “clean” keeps many years!) You’ll your mind and heart open! feel more centered and better able to Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) – Relationships are a spiritual training ground for trust others. Third all areas of your life. Practice being patient with dimensionally, it’s a 30 LIVE - DETROITLIVEMAGAZINE.COM

great time to buy a house, or renew your home in some way. At least have people over and allow good feelings to fill your environment!



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