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U Friday, Feb. 10, Empowering Women 6-8 pm (featuring the writer of the “I Have a Dream Speech,” Clarence Jones; Asher Roth; Kosher Dillz, Amy Nederlander; Bob Mervack)

Saturday, February 11, 2012 Detroit’s Fix 7-8 pm Rob Adams’ Valentines Day Show 8 pm – 2 am (Cover is $5 for anyone who wears red - $6 for anyone who doesn’t) Leaving Lifted 9-11 pm Atleskickz and another DJ will spin from 11:30 pm-2 am

Kenny Olsen josh linkner

Rob Adams: LL: Atleskickz:

U Detroit Cafe is one of the coolest places you’ve probably never been. Crains Detroit Business

Friday, February 17, 2012 The Ralphe Armstrong Show 7-9 pm Saturday, February 18, 2012 Detroit’s Fix 7-9 pm Crooked Joint 10 pm – 1 am (door charge applies) “The Sleepover” hosted by Mz. Korona (door charge applies) Saturday, February 25, 2012 The Steve Acho Show 8-10 pm *tickets available at 2 Detroit Live Magazine Feb. 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012 The Ralphe Armstrong Show 7-9 pm

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CHOICE CUTS By Eric Harabadian







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Jennica Wahl sumed her life it also gave her the experience to start her own booking company called “Get Right Promotions”. Jennica was able to expand her operations and at age 22 she began working with the ever-popular Crowfoot Ballroom in Pontiac. There she continues to book bands, support the music scene and bartends.

This January I got my first chance to hear a local artist named Jennica Wahl perform live at The Hard Rock Café. The café was packed with friends, family and the normal Thursday night crowd. On stage perched on a couple antique looking stands were pearl white Bird Cages surrounding a beautiful green acoustic Fender guitar. The stage was set for her Bye Bye Birdy show and as she walked up and slid that guitar strap over her head I could not help thinking this was going to be special. At age 13, music found its way into Jennica Wahl’s life and by the age of 19 she started making her impact on the music scene.

She was booking and managing a downriver venue called the Modern Exchange that was geared to allow young kids experience a concert like setting with out the restrictions of every day life. Jennica took pride in creating an environment for kids to hang out, experience music and have the freedom to be you. Seven days a week Jennica would schedule shows, help bands to network, help manage day to day operations and be the liaison for the incoming national acts. As this con-

Promoting and working hard is not the only thing that consumes Jennica’s life. Playing music has been a release and a love that is burned deep into her soul. Her first band she played in was a heavy metal band called Mary Shaw. Although the band was short lived she had the time of her life performing to live audience’s were she learned a new respect to anyone who has the guts and will to get up and perform. After the band broke up Jennica experienced something greater than music, she gave birth to a precious baby boy! Being a single mom is probably one of the hardest things in the world to be! For some it means

Story and Photos by Marc Nader

priority’s takes the place of passion. Not for Jennica, having a child has increased her passion to not only start a solo career but to surround her son with the love that comes from music. As hard as it is juggling everyday life and raising a child on your own she cannot stress enough, no matter how hard it becomes you can continue with your passions, your expectations and your dreams. Jennica surrounds herself and her son with the joys of music and love like the very environment she created for the kids when she was just 19 yrs old. As Jennica finished her set at The Hard Rock Café the giant applause she got from the packed venue warmed her soul but having her son watching her perform stole her heart!

You can check Jennica’s project “Bye Bye Birdy out at: www.

Feb 2012 Detroit Live Magazine 5

By Jordan Sarah Weatherhead They are truly infectious.

rhythm guitar, Bobby Myers supplying percussion, and Nick At the end of January I Behnan for lead guitar as well had the pleasure to finally take as Christian; not to mention a phone call with a few of the that their new singer Maureen band members and chat about is a true beauty and is incredtheir upcoming shows and new ibly fun to watch perform! female lead singer, Maureen For all the musical genres Honore (lead guitarist Christian they offer during a show, it’s Draheim and lead male singer no wonder they have such a Caleb Gutierrez were also on heavy line-up on stage. The the call). Infatuations (who are mainly At Detroit Live’s 3rd influenced by 60’s and 70’s “Everything has been Detroit style music) not only year anniversary show this going great since you’ve last past fall I was lucky enough provide a nostalgic sound, but seen us. Our biggest and prob- also deliver soul, R&B, pop, to get to witness this 8-piece ensemble take the stage. After ably only change is that Lacey rock, and even a pizazz of funk a night of sitting on my ass and left the group and we took in all of their songs. refusing to take on the dance on Maureen. Her and Caleb worked together in a band “How do you find that floor, their first song immediately lifted me out of my seat previously and their chemistry you make it work on stage bereally shows on stage. We all ing there is so many of you and and into the crowd. Normally work really well together,” says the songs you are doing are so when people dance, we all Draheim. up-tempo?” I asked. have these serious looks on our faces like we’re trying to be The Infatuations have “Well, it helps that evsexy and make a statement, it all, including 8 band members eryone in the band is so DAMN but with The Infatuations, NICE. We all truly believe in everyone was all smiles. Their who really know their stuff. The band is comprised of the this project and believe that the pure energy and effortless 3 members on the call as well music we are creating is pure grace on stage had everyone as Jeff Lee on drums, The Wolf and amazing.” Maureen states. in the venue smiling and laughon bass, Chris Polite playing “We all contribute what we can ing through their entire set. Let’s face it- winter in Detroit sucks. Gray skies, cold weather, and the worst… less concerts; but there is a saving grace in the dark pit of winter depression for all you music lovers in the Rock City. I recently fell in love with a little band called The Infatuations. It’s not even infatuation…its true love.

6 Detroit Live Magazine Feb. 2012

and what we have to offer and it dio Audience” and seeing their videos online, I can tell their just works.” hype and status in the Detroit Aside from all the 8 music scene will only flourish. band members that make up These 2 lead singers together this groovy and fresh talent, are pure dynamite. They have there is also another important electrifying interaction on stage man behind the scenes- his and in the studio and are a duo name is Marco Lowe. “Marco not to be matched. was the original singer of the Another thing that I band and had all these great mentioned about The Infatuaideas for this type of group. We tions is the instant smile and all ended up getting together in groove you feel throughout your May of 2008 and that’s how The body when listening to them. Infatuations were born. Now Their throw back sound mixed Mark helps with the producwith modern tones and catchy tion and creating some of the songs… things like that. We’re lyrics and melodies is impossible to ignore. “How do you think lucky to have him around.” the mainstream music listeners Christian explains of their will take to your sound being on former lead singer. the radio someday?” Since they’ve been Maureen dove right born The Infatuations have into the question saying, “Well, changed out their male and female singers to Maureen and if you think about what’s out on the radio right now- it’s missCaleb; who from the looks of their new video for ‘Blame It On ing quite a lot. There are very You’ and all the press and buzz few full chord progressions and very few bands with just ‘damn surrounding them, are doing a smashing job. From hearing good musicianship’. There was their EP “Live in Front of a Stu- some wholesome and amazing


song writing from the 70’s and even 80’s and mixing that with a real Detroit sound is basically non-existent now. So we try to blend it all in a way that is completely seamless; and I think we’re doing that. We also know that a sound like ours can be a blessing or a curse, but right now with the way the music industry is, I’ll take it as a blessing. Just as people got bored of the Britney Spears/Backstreet Boys era of music, they are getting sick of it today too,” she finishes. “I agree,” says Calebthe first quote of him from the night. Everyone laughs and even from the opposite end of the call, I can feel their warmth. Funny how on stage Caleb is one of the most positively confident and charged personalities I’ve seen, yet so If we can slip in the back door or cool, calm, and collected; but break down the front door, now here on the call, he’s said two is the time.” words. It made me smile. From their warm and Christian adds to comforting characteristics to Maureen’s answer by saying, their funky yet modern beats “I feel like the music business on stage, The Infatuations are is a little stagnant right now. an unmistakable power-house There’s too much star-manin Detroit. Calling themselves ufacturing going on and not a “Celebration Band” of Detroit enough real art development.

M.G. NADER music, they make us all proud.

click to watch

If any of this has sparked your interest, which I know it has… don’t worry, you have plenty of chances to see them in the near future. On Feb. 18th at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, they will be throwing it will be more than worth the their EP release party. Trust me, trip there. Not only will they be after hearing their new music, taking the stage and subcon-


sciously forcing you hit the dance floor long and hard, there will be a delightful buffet of great music beforehand for your entertainment including: Class Three Overbite, JIVA, and Joe Jaber and the Last Divide. Please head out for this amazing night and support a band who not only supports Detroit music right back, but who deserves our love and fanship as well. If you want to see more of The Infatuations before checking them out live, visit their Facebook page for more info or head to http://www. Udf9Y& to get down with their hilarious and incredibly catchy tune ‘Blame It On You’. -As always, thanks for readingSee you in your nightmares… -JSW

Feb 2012 7

ALL THAT REMAINS By Darian Counts For Mike Martin, Guitarist from All That Remains, touring the world has been a mixed bag. While he acknowledges the fact that he feels lucky to be living his dreams he admits that life on the road can get tough if you don’t know how to handle it. Touring endlessly for the last few years has really helped the band increase ATR’s visibility and sell albums. We caught up with Mike backstage at the Compuware area in December right before they took the stage for a few minutes to talk shop here is what Mike had to say. DLM: How is life on the road treating you, are you ready for a holiday break? Mike: Oh yeh I sure am. I really enjoy touring and playing for thousands of people all over the world. But it takes a toll. One thing I realize is


Photo by Merideth Gillhespy

8 Detroit Live Magazine Feb. 2012

that I’m living the dream of millions of musicians all over the world, and I’m thankful for that. This is one of our last shows of this tour now we take a break. I’ll be heading back home to mass in a Mike Martin day or two. DLM: So what’s your key to staying sane while touring? Mike: for me it’s working out. When ever we roll into a new city I have to find a gym. As long as I can work out I feel good. I’m pretty much an exjock, so I like to try and stay in shape as much as I can. I’m like the only guy on the bus who isn’t a star wars or Harry Potter fan …so I don’t know what those guys do while I’m working out.

that is very small so I consider myself incredibly lucky. The down side now is… you take the size of these bands Kill Switch Engage, Five Finger, Machine head... The sales they generate, if it were 10 years ago we’d all be very rich. In that way, I sorta feel like the 80’s lied to us. Whit the decline in album sales and the rise of digital music it’s very hard for bands to make a living anymore. Most of our income comes from touring and merch sales. If it were the 80’s we’d all be living like millionaires. DLM: I know you’ve been coming thru Detroit at least a couple of times a year for the last few years. What are some of your best and worst experiences of the motor city?

DLM: Tell me about this current tour/show.

Mike: Well in all honesty Detroit doesn’t have any bad aspects when it comes to rock and roll. Mike: well for one thing we are really excited I mean Detroit is just a rock and roll town. No to be touring with these bands. Tonight we doubt about it. One of the first shows I rememplay with Hatebreed, Rains, Five Finger Death ber doing here was at the Magic Stick. The Punch. I mean the shows have just been getting place was sold out and there were still hundreds bigger and bigger. I had no idea how big five fin- of people waiting outside who couldn’t get in at ger is getting. We just came in from Iowa where that point I began to realize that all the stories we did back to back sold out shows in an 8000 of Detroit being a rock and roll city were pretty seat venue. It was unbelievable. much true. One of the weirdest shows we ever did was in Detroit at the Emerald. A couple got DLM: What are looking forward to in 2012? up on stage and the woman surprised the guy with a marriage proposal & the guys response Mike well really living like a regular person for was..” are f-in you kidding me?” not the answer a while. Well be hitting the road again towards most of us want to the question “will you marry summer but for a bit I’m just looking forward to me.” I’m pretty sure the guy didn’t want to say chillin’ with friends & family. For the first part of yes... it took about five minutes of convincing by the year we’ll be working on a new album and the band and the crowd...eventually the room hopefully have it out by summer. Then hit the just fell dead silient... it was a weird vibe…but road again. that’s life on the road, you never know whats gonna happen. DLM: What the best and worst about your career right now? DLM: Thanks Mike, have a great show and enjoy your time home for the holidays.. Mike: the best thing is just the opportunity right now. I wake up, go work out during the day then Mike: Thanks D get to rock out in front of thousands of people every night. It’s a dream come true really. I’m mean the percentage of people who get to do

Feb 2012 Detroit Live Magazine 9

Benny Jet & Bob Harris

By Benny Jet & Bob Harris

should be, to be a better person, and be happy. Ahhhh now I feel a little better. Geez I just came across a news bit. The Six members of the Wal-Mart family, have more money then everyone reading this paper combined. Actually the news said if you take the wealth of the bottom 1/3 of AMERICA (YES, ONE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE) It would equal the wealth of those Six people. Maybe we should occupy Wal-Mart? But I guess there are a lot of people doing that already. (LOL).

Should we start every column with; WARNING this column may offend some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time? I’m MAD. Not mad at you. Not mad at the world. Not mad at the New Year. But still I’m MAD. And mad is no way to go through life. My friend JT the Brick (www. famous overnight Fox Sports Radio Host (who needs bands for his Monday Music show) say’s don’t be mad at the 1%, go out and become part of the 1%. Be happy!  I guess the problem there is many of them are not happy either. And in life, happy may be the really answer!  The Occupy movement doesn’t really have answers, but they have raised questions and thought about life in the year 2012. Lie, cheat, steal, money, taxes, pollution, cor10 Detroit Live Magazine Feb. 2012

ruption, is that what it is all about? Is that what we want deep down inside? I guess everyone’s goal in the new year, and in life,

It is not just the top business people either. Think about the crazy money the TOP sports people make vs the average or low end athlete. The TOP movie stars vs most actors. The TOP music stars vs most musicians.   Ok my partner Bob Harris is telling me to lighten up. (LOL again).  Bob Harris, is the guy who wrote the Motor

City Rock and Roll of the 60’s and 70’s book. I’m Benny, of Benny and the Jets Band, we occupy this column in the Detroit Live Magazine.   Benny and the Jets Band (with Karaoke) performs/occupy every Sunday and Tuesday at the Fiddle BIKINI bar and Thursday and Fridays at the Redford Moose (home to the lonely hearts club LOL).  Bob likes to promote the entertainment scene. FOX Theater - Voted #1 BEST Concert Venue (check their web site for up coming events).  The new web site and live Cafe downtown Detroit. We want to note, No somehow we want to talk the readers in to talking the leap and actually checking out Udetroit. Darian Counts from Detroit Live Magazine dose his radio show there. Bob Bauer, Pam Rossi, Howard Glazor, a real family of music and radio type people. Not only radio but a lot of live web

KALEIDO @ UDETROIT CAFE performance too. (When your on the computer you have to see the Detroit Live Magazine FACEBOOK too). Tearaway Tom (used to be with Jam Rag) has been doing Internet radio forever. Add your music-related site to Outsight’s Web Ring:  . Tune in to the Outsight Radio Hours, available 24-7 through the Internet Radio link on  The Reverend Guitar Company who recently relocated to Livonia (Benny really likes the new Manta Ray Guitar). The Manta Ray is a bad ass guitar, with 3 P-90 pick-ups, and a Bigsby tailpiece. People may have seen Unknown Henson jamming at the Token with the Reverend Manta Ray guitar.  We always try to mention the bands. Without the bands would there be a magazine? Do YOU know the bands? Do you care? Pistol Day Parade, Rusty Lunchbox, Yankeeville, Broken Arrow, 11th Hour, Christina Chriss, Floor Play (with John Fayne on Keys) George Brothers, TC and the Everyday People Band, Full Tilt Boogie Blues Band (someone tell them their name is in the paper), Three Whisker Betty, Sykofish, Snap Kount, Chain Reaction, Bluesairmen, War Machine, Killing Machine, Killing Time, Doctor Pocket, Jamie Coe band, Category 5, 34 Bliss,

Remedy, Danny D, Howling Diablos (who have a new CD on Funky D records) MATTO, Mitch Ryder (did a nice job on the PBS ch56 TV special), Harmonica Harris (voted #1 Redford blues harmonica player), and even that Benny and the Jets Band! (Find your favorite band on youtube, myspace, or facebook, and tell them about our column). OK, to contact Bob Harris, to invite him to your place of business, or to get YOUR name in the paper call 313 399 8285   To contact Benny, to hire Benny and the Jets band or Benny SOLO (Guitar, DJ and Karaoke $50) for your club, party, event, or to find play dates call 24 hour hot line 313 730 1627 or e mail Feb 2012 Detroit Live Magazine 11

Kenny Olson Jeremiah Ferguson, Rickett Pass as well as nationals like Mitch Ryder, Kenny Olson and many others have made their morning appearance on Detroit’s most famous online TV network.

Last month we were happy to feature Kenny Olson on the Detroit Live Show. Kenny showed up with Paris Delane and Jon Nichols right on time, 9am (which is a hell of a feat for an on the road touring band) but none the less they were ready to rock. After only 3 or 4 small glasses of what Kenny referred to as “Tea” Kenny and the Cartel were ready to rock. Kenny’s Photo by M.G. Nader time spent touring with Kid Rock as Over the last few months the Udetroit well as collaborations with superstars has gained a reputation as the place like Chaka Kahn & Paul Rogers gave to check in when you’re in town. Nahim the desire to do a collaborative projtional celebs like Mitch Ryder and Mark ect. Over the last few years he’s been Farner, have all stopped in and made able to construct their mark. But it’s not only nationals, quite the “cartel”. the locals are realizing the potential On this day Kenny of the venue as well. I mean seriously Strolled in with where else can you go and do a live cartel Jon Nichols show in front of a live audience and and Paris Delane have it broadcast to the entire world. ready to rock out. In addition Brian, Mark and the rest Acoustic or not... of the crew down at Udetroit weren’t these guys were satisfied to do just internet radio they ready to rock. wanted to go to the next level and do Starting with “Up something truly ground breaking. Over all night”, Paris the last few months Udetroit café at Delane took hold 1427 Randolph has grown in popularity of the vocals with and impact. Local artists like Christina Kenny strategically Chriss and Kaleido, 34 Bliss, Sugar inserting some of Tips, White Shagg, Through our Eyes the sweet12 Detroit Live Magazine Feb. 2012

By Darian Counts

Photo’s By M.G. Nader

est, wah wah fueled, strat wailing ever to be experienced at the Udetroit café. Finishing up with a song called “Moon Is His Only Light” Paris and Kenny hypnotized the entire café with radiant acoustic and stratastic tones that weren’t merely heard but absorbed. Kenny and the cartel left the entire crowd at the Udetroit café in awe, then proceeded to the Emerald Theater to do the same.. Make sure you catch The Kenny Olson Cartel next time the roll thru the motor city.. In the mean time stay tuned to the Detroit Live Show Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11 am on

Talks to Darian Counts

Feb 2012 Detroit Live Magazine 13


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All That Jazz By Mark Clark

Hello music lovers. My name is Mark Clark and I’m a jazz promoter as well as a jazz lover. Actually it’s more accurate to say I’m a music lover because I love just about all genres of music. Jazz just happens to be my favorite. This column will be about what’s happening in the jazz community in and around The Motor City. I’ll be keeping you up to date on CD releases by our local artists, concerts, festivals and anything else I feel is relevant.

eventually took over as my favorite style of music. So this column will be dedicated to all things jazz! Hope you enjoy it! Here’s a short list of where you can catch live jazz this month: Feb. 11th The 4th Annual Valentines Dinner and Jazz in the Oak Room at The Fairlane Club featuring vocalist Meri Slaven, pianist Bob Mervak and bassist Jordan Schug. Feb. 13th The Paul Keller Orchestra with the Albion College Jazz Band at Zal Gaz Grotto in Ann Arbor Feb. 14th -18th The Metro Jazz Voices at The Dirty Dog Jazz Café in Grosse Pointe

Feb. 15th Saxophonist Deon Yates at Jazz@37North, 37 North Church I thought I should start by 14250 Reeck Rd. in Southgate. sharing a little about myself. Like the old Dusty Springfield song says html I’m “the son of a preacher man.” My father was a Baptist pastor, so I Feb. 15th The Gary Greenfelder grew up listening to hymns, which Orchestra at B’Jazz Vespers, First I still love and southern gospel Baptist Church Birmingham http:// music, which I don’t. At the age of 15 an older friend snuck me into Jazz.html a club to see the MC 5. Needless Feb.16th Johnnie Bassett and Alberta to say, I’ve never been quite the Adams at the Navarre Branch Lisame and have been a life-long fan of our local music since. I was brary, Monroe as part of the Monroe County Black History Blues Series. fortunate enough to experience several of Detroit’s legendary rock for bands in my younger days. But, you the entire lineup. ask, “How did you become a jazz Feb.17th Gretchen Parlato at The fan?” Well, the mother of my best Paradise Jazz Series in the Max M. friend at the time was a huge jazz Fisher Music Center fan. She had hundreds of old jazz records, so we thought we’d spin a Feb. 19th Sheila Landis with Rick few just to make fun of them. But Matle at Grand Blanc McFarlen a funny thing happened listening to Library singing a Tribute to Ella Dave Brubeck, Buddy Rich, Benny Fitzgerald. Goodman and whatever else we came across. I discovered that this Feb.23rd The Paul Keller Quartet music was pretty good. I liked it. with vocalist Sarah D’Angelo at the As a matter of fact, I liked it a lot! Passport Restaurant and Lounge in I became a fan and started listening Ann Arbor. to jazz along with my rock, which

Feb 2012 Detroit Live Magazine 15

ADVENTURES OF A COVER BAND Part 12: The Boys in the Band By Karin Elizabeth

in me that I didn’t even see in myself. I can never repay him for all the time and money he put into me and my talent, I guess you could say he is the “Wind Beneath my Wings.” He even bought me my purple violin. When I am on stage and I look over and see the love of my life jamming out next to me I think how can life get any better? Well, add our other totally awesome band members and it totally can…

stage. Our voices even sound similar, with that rock and roll scratch. People always comment on how awesome it is that my drummer can sing so much, I agree! He also plays the most amazing fills and solos and can definitely hold his own just simply drumming.

Dave Cowie of Westland is the unsung hero of Remedy. Not only is Dave (we call him “Super Dave”) an amazing keyboard player and singer, but he also does a lot of behind the scenes work to find the exact sounds for crazy songs by artists such Billy DeAngelo our drummer is as Rihanna and Lady GaGa, the member who has been with not an easy task! At six foot us the longest. Like Larry and three he also provides a lot of I, Billy is from Allen Park and he muscle to help us with our heavy lives about a quarter of a mile equipment each time we have to away from us. The other night load-in and load-out for a show. when we were playing the St. Dave went to the Berklee School Patrick’s End of Summer Fair in of Music in Boston, so he is White Lake, we were comment- very talented as well as has the ing on how we had been togeth- musical chops and credentials er for three years, and that night to back any band. He recently was actually our anniversary! After I have the best band in the world ! That’s not being said to be egotistical or ostentatious, but in my opinion, I have the best band. that amount of Band members, that is! We are doing great things, and I really feel time together, that I could not do it without my boys, the Remedy band! I want to someone take some time and share with my readers how awesome my band becomes like your family. is and have grateful I am to have them all in my life. Indeed, Billy is I have to tell you that I am having the time of my life right now! We like a brother played festivals and weddings all summer, and have just picked up to me and we are very close. (alternating) Thursdays at Keefer’s in Allen Park and also Bayside Bar and Grill in Walled Lake. Our Wednesdays at Marlow’s are as We have stuck together awesome as ever! We are getting ready to record some original through some songs and enter a whole new realm. We have several exciting tough times projects in the works! Everywhere we play, people seem to really and been there enjoy us and have a great time, I couldn’t ask for anything more! for each-other I am doing what I always wanted to do in my heart of hearts, and finally making enough to pay the bills. All the hard work I have put as friends, not just business in is finally paying off, and I am finally able to breathe! However I would not be doing any of this without the first (and most important) associates. On stage, Remedy band member that I would like to discuss: my husband Billy and I are Larry Braden. twins; we sing Larry and I met a little over five years ago when I answered an ad a lot of lead on craigslist (yes, craigslist!) for a band who was looking for a lead and harmonize together singer. At the time I was a nerdy orchestra teacher looking for a a lot. We both hobby. Who knew where it would lead? Larry and I were friends have the same for a long time before becoming romantically involved, and we upbeat type of decided to branch off together from that band as a team and form personality and our own. Little did I know we would eventually get married and form our own business together. At that time, Larry saw something it goes together really well on Cont on pg 25

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Spiritual Horoscope for February by Aluna Michaels, M.A.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) – Happy birthday Aquarius! The planet Neptune is moving into Pisces for a 14 year stay. It will be helping you release any self-judgment or harshness you feel for yourself. You often give others leeway for having quirks or challenges, but you are a critical perfectionist with yourself. Soften your attitude and allow your vulnerability show. It’s also a great time to meditate about prosperity and get in touch with the spiritual energy of money. Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) – Wow! Neptune (your own planet!) is moving into your sign this month for a 14 year visit. This means you’ll be developing more intuition, self-love and clarity about your spiritual purpose. Be sure to work on strengthening boundaries so you’re not taken advantage of. It’s not cruel to discern that certain people deserve more of your energy than others. Don’t let your light be wasted on those who don’t really want it or can’t use it!

come, you’ll be guided in a loving way through your inner spiritual connection, rather than by picking on yourself. important to release and forgive the You’ll be able to eat well and have a past, especially about relationships! loving exercise routine that is fun, not Meditating and journaling will help to clean out your heart. After you’re “spiri- punishing. tually scrubbed out”, move forward with Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) visualizing new relationships. Let your – You have opportunities to begin dreams flourish, because you’re ready amazing relationships. But do you know to manifest and receive. You could what could hold them back? Resentalso create and attract a new job that ments and fears from the past. Meditate really showcases your talents. Try not to and forgive yourself and others for love merely talk about your ideas with othgone awry. If you look at things from ers, but spend time going quietly within a karmic perspective, all your relationand really envisioning the future you ships were successful. You each played want to live in! out the pattern your souls agreed to play Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – The out. Inner reflection and forgiveness will heal those patterns so you draw happier planet Neptune is helping you open to deeper levels of spiritual growth. You’re karmic circumstances! very attached to your family and your past – so try to not be nervous about going on a new path that is different from your origins. You’re not betraying anyone – you are expanding -- and your loved ones will benefit from your expansion. No need to tell everyone what you’re doing; just follow your heart quietly and let results speak for themselves.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) – Focus on trusting your intuition. Meditate each day, even for a few minutes, to establish your spiritual connection. Try out your Aries (March 21 – April 19) guidance with small things to gain con– Please evaluate relationships this fidence. Also work to release self-critimonth. Are you addicted to problematic cism so answers flow more easily. Take people? Maybe you need to learn to the attitude of playing in your spiritual manage your anger – or set limits with practices. Whether its meditation, yoga other people’s anger. Meditate on all or reading books, have fun and enjoy close connections you’ve had over your this internal exploration! lifetime. Ask for guidance to see the roots of negative patterns. You need to Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) – It’s be with people who see you as an equal important to meditate and see yourself so power issues are avoided. You’ll get and others clearly. You tend to be overly guidance in dreams, so keep a notepad critical of yourself, but don’t have by your bed. healthy boundaries in relationships. Journal about your strong points. Ask Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – Are friends to read the list to make additions. you meeting your spiritual goals? It’s You’re pretty awesome, huh?! Next, important to get clear on what those be sure you don’t have illusions about goals are and exactly how you can meet others. If you know what you find unacthem. You might need to be more care- ceptable, you can raise the quality of ful how you spend your time. Cultivate relationships in a loving, yet firm way. connections with those on a spiritual path. Beware of people who just “talk” Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) – This and don’t “walk”. Also, be disciplined is a time to heal body image issues. about eating and exercise habits. Don’t Meditate on the beautiful aspects of go one more day filling your body with your body, as well as its many examples junk and then sitting around. Treat your of health! Make it a point to toss all body with kindness and respect! negative thoughts out of your brain the moment they arise! If changes need to Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – It’s 18 Detroit Live Magazine Feb. 2012

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) – It sounds cliché, but your romantic relationships will be much more successful and harmonious if you forgive your family of origin. You have such a great opportunity to have your heart opened in a deep way if you can do that inner work. Also, be sure that your house is de-cluttered and that you have a little sacred area. You’ve got to be everwatchful of creating chaos! It’s so vital

to your spiritual growth to have a section of your home devoted to tranquility for your meditation. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) – Hang in there if you’re having work issues. Take time in your meditation to visualize difficult people at work. Imagine that you’re talking with their soul, rather than their “lower” personality. Be able to ask for healing, cooperation and compassion. Imagine working out a solution together. It can help to also see a comforting deity or spiritual figure with you as a kind presence. These “4th dimensional meetings” will have a powerful impact on your 3rd dimensional circumstances!

Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than two decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version. Ms. Michaels is available for appointments in her home or by phone. Call (248) 5831663 or visit


The 2 Laugh is 2 Live Comedy Show Hosted by

Sidney Smith

6782 East 9 Mile Rd. Warren, MI 48089 Tickets are $15 in advance / $20 at the door Dinner available / Adult beverages 5 Comedians in one night

Feb 2012 Detroit Live Magazine 19

This December Detroit Live was proud to be a cosponsor of the 2011 Rock the Runway fashion show / concert. Hundreds of designers, models and fans of local rock and roll packed in the Emerald Theater to witness a high impact explosion of fashion and live music. Designers like Local, Lifestyle, Malvagio, Detroit famous, Empire Seven, Maiden Detroit and countless others united to produce a constant stream of beautiful models sporting the latest Detroit Fashions. This year some of Detroit best bands were there both onstage and off to show their support. Bands like Evans Blue and Dirty Americans, Pistol Day Parade filled the room with high energy rock and roll. One of the bands that I found most impres-

20 Detroit Live Magazine Feb. 2012

sive was the band The Definition. Never in all my days have I ever seen a cello played with such passion and aggressiveness. The Definition opened their set with a “Rage against the Machine Classic” Bulls on parade”. To see Rage against the Machine played with a cello replacing the guitar was a mind altering experience. Not only did I see it ...I freaking’ loved it. RTR is an awesome display of Detroit talent. From music to fashion to modeling and everything in between this event is truley awe inspiring. Empire seven founder and promoter Jeff Blackburn and the whole RTR crew have really gotten this down to a science. If you’re a fan of Detroit Rock and Roll, Fashion,

beautiful women then this is an event not to be missed.

See more pics from this show at 21


Jennifer Westwood, Dishwater Blonde, ( ):

Westwood is a dynamic Detroitbased singer who packs a soulful punch. To coin a classic and timehonored phrase—“she’s a little bit Eric Harabadian country and a little bit rock ‘n roll.” Title track “Dishwater Blonde” seems to be loosely based on Westwood herself, with vamp-ish swagger and a Reba McIntyre meets Melissa Etheridge bravado. “Good Life” features the twin guitar attack of Tommy Furbacher and John Ranchetto, aided by sublime mandolin by guest Chris Herin of the band Tiles. Here Westwood heralds the joys of a simple existence in a plaintive and heartfelt manner. “Natural Disaster” finds the singer at her self-effacing best, delivering a killer chorus and fueled by taut acoustic/electric riffage. “Home” is one of those familiar “musician-on-the-road” pieces set into overdrive via stunning slide guitar, honky-tonk piano and a muscular groove. Finally “Little Goes a Long Way” spotlights Westwood’s sultry vocals underpinned by bassist Jeff Whittle and drummer Ken Kudsin’s infectious R&B-like pocket. Keep an eye out for the Jennifer Westwood Band around town. She does the Motor City proud!

Chris Difford, Cashmere if You Can (SMMC Media Ltd., SMMC1): Here’s the latest product from former Squeeze co-leader Chris Difford. ‘80s British rockers Squeeze wrote brilliantly clever and wry little ditties, with a tad bit of bite. It’s nice to see that singer-songwriter Difford has lost none of his literary edge over the years. This disc is kind of conceptual in that the U.K. vocalist reflects on his life as a musician, beginning in the ‘70s, choices he made along the way and ruminates on his friends, family and present day status. “1975” kicks off the disc with a bouncy T.Rex meets early David Bowie vibe. Here Difford recalls his formative pub days atop crunchy tuneful guitars. “Like I Did” follows with a lighthearted yet wise parental observation where one’s seemingly misspent youth is relived through the children. “Sidney Street” is a sweet and tender recollection of the sacrifices Difford’s father made as a soldier during WWII and beyond. “Wrecked” is another slice of life focusing on the folly of dreaming one’s life 22 Detroit Live Magazine Feb. 2012

away in a drug-filled haze set to an appropriately languid and surreal beat. “Happy Once Again” concludes the album where the leader comes to terms with his life and reconvenes with a long lost friend—himself. The song has a John Lennon/Randy Newmanesque irony that caps the record’s “memory lane” theme on a pleasant note. Who said poetry in modern pop and rock is dead? ; For mature and voracious music lovers everywhere!

The Bottoms Up Blues Gang, Handle It (Blue Skunk Music, BS 4545) St. Louis duo Kari Liston and Jeremy Segel-Moss have been knocking around the national music scene for over a decade and celebrate their third album with Handle It. Lead vocalist Liston and guitarist/vocalist Segel-Moss have created an endearing and vibrant piece of work by merging blues history with its present and future. For this disc they recruited cream of the crop horn players and a crack rhythm section to forge their vision of original New Orleans/St. Louis traditional-oriented sounds. What you have is something that feels like early 20th century meets modern day alternative Americana. This is a strong outing where every song is a knockout! “South Broadway Blues” has an authentic vintage jug band blues quality to it, fostered by SegelMoss’ steel string acoustic work and beefy horns. “First of May” finds Lis-

Get, The Less I Got” is contemporary New Orleans funk, with a great trumpet solo by Dawn Weber. And the ballad “If Only” is an especially sweet spotlight on Liston and SegelMoss at their most soulful and vulnerable.

ton on kazoo as the horn section kicks in for a rousing good time. “New World Blues” faces issues of politics and “Big Brother” head on fueled by Liston’s biting lyrics and harmonica player Adam Andrews. “The More I

There are many other magic moments as well. In the hands of BUBG the blues will be alive and well for years to come!

Choice Cuts by Eric Harabadian

New West Guitar Group, Round-Trip Ticket (Summit Records, DCD 575): They call their brand of instrumental music “chamber jazz” but that only tells part of the story. This trio of USC guitar students-turned relentless road warriors--also combine strong elements of bluegrass, country, blues, rock and classical into a satisfying and unique mix of pure acoustic/electric nirvana. Having performed in Europe, Asia and the U.S. extensively, NWGG has written kind of a concept album based on their collective and individual experiences with travel, life’s journeys and the world at large. Titles like “Rivercrest” depict rolling mountain streams as the intersecting guitar rhythms glide along at an appropriately brisk pace. “Crooked Railroad” is another piece that em-

ploys kinetic motion, inspiring fleet-fingered melodic lines and solos. “U-Haul Breakdown” is an additional key track that supports the disc’s navigational theme, with wicked uninhibited steel-string picking. This is a fine album that works on an intense improvisational level or as a soothing backdrop to your own personal journey.

Sam Sherwin, Iodine Cocktails ( www.samsherwin. net ): Born in Detroit, Sherwin moved to the New York City area many moons ago. But he still has family here, including guitarist cousin Jeff “Baby” Grand (Uncle Kracker), who he frequently jams with when back in the Motor City. Sherwin has also shared the stage with other hometown faves like Howling Diablos, Detroit Cobras and Jim McCarty. He’s also opened for folks such as Jill Sobule, The Replacements, Steve Forbert and Nona Hendryx. Sherwin has been steadily making a name for himself, primarily on the east coast, the old fashioned way—sweating it out on the concert stage! With his latest release that working class vibe comes across in spades. The singer-songwriter/guitarist has an honesty to his approach that speaks from the heart and reveals personal stories we can all relate to.

Tracy Kash Thomas, Sound Truth ( ): Detroit area singer-songwriter Thomas has an emotive and relaxed vocal style that engenders thought and reflection. You can’t help but want to hang onto every word—not only because she is a clever and very talented tunesmith, but she creates an atmosphere that is charismatic and inviting. Album opener “Take it Too Far” is such a tune. It’s a bluesy jazz-pop piece that sassily and playfully deals with crossing the boundaries of a relationship and what that may or may not entail. Larry Everhart blows some cool harmonica and the song’s samba-like beat is infectious. “Walls” has a strong Laura Nyro/Carole King quality to it as the chorus calls for communicative “walls” between people to be torn down. “Hold My Hand, Zoey” has a sweet humanistic and nurturing feel and features Thomas’ fine flute work. “To Think or Not to Think” asks great questions and musically is funky and lyrically melodic. “So Low” seems to have a double meaning that appears ironic and somewhat melancholy at the same time. This is great music for your head and soul! “Anymore” kicks off the disc with a luscious wall of sound and Sherwin’s John Hiatt meets Mellencamp-like delivery. “Well OK” has a Petty/Dylan aesthetic featuring the leader on harmonica as well as guitar. It’s a street smart tune about picking yourself up and persevering. “Lick Your Lips” explores Sherwin’s blues roots as he lays down some killer slide. “At the Old Canal” has kind of a laid back country feel that seems lighthearted on the surface but harbors an underlying ennui. “Long Time Loser” has a dark and bittersweet quality, with deep understated crooning by Sherwin ala Iggy Pop. “Right Back to You” wraps things on an upbeat note via strong hooks and riveting backing harmonies. This uncannily sounds like it could be a lost track from Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town. Ten songs in all, this is independent Americana-based rock ‘n roll at its finest! Feb 2012 Detroit Live Magazine 23

24 Detroit Live Magazine Feb. 2012

Roger Noonan, who is one of Detroit’s best bass players, is Remedy’s newest addition. Simply put, Roger’s playing is hypnotizing! I make him do bass solos all the time. Roger has shared the stage with some of Motown’s greats like Aretha Franklin, so it makes me feel very honored that he would want to share the stage with me. Not only is Roger an insanely good bass player, but he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. moved here from Boston so He never gets mad about he’s kind of a newby to the anything at all, and is polite, Detroit scene, but with his positive, and quite humorous. experience from playing in one of the top cover bands in He makes everyone in the band laugh all the time. RogBoston, he is definitely holder is a wonderful person to ing his own. A little-known have around in any stressful fact about Dave is that he is situation, which can certainly actually an excellent rapper, so we try to showcase this on occur during a live performance. He is also an expert dance tunes like “California audio engineer, and does Love” by Tupac and “Party Rockers” by LMFAO. Dave is audio engineering for Fox 2 when he is not busy playing essential in giving Remedy’s a show with us. Roger is song selection its versatility all about Remedy recording and variety. originals, and I am so excited to do this I can barely contain myself! Like any relationship, business or otherwise, you simply know when it is the right fit. I believe this is the case in my current lineup. Come to a show and you will see, our chemistry is incredible. I feel so lucky to have my boys around to support me, and I couldn’t do it without them. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Photos by Merideth Gillhespy Story by David Gillhespy an amazing rendition of the Lowe classic “Cruel to be Kind.” If you missed this show, you missed one of the best of the year. If you’ve never seen Wilco live, what are you waiting for? On a cold December night in Detroit, Wilco was absolutely on fire!



Wilco: December 10, 2011 – The Fillmore, Detroit, MI Wilco is a hard band to pin down. They’ve been classified as Alt-Country, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, and Roots Rock, called the American Radiohead, and perpetually live in the shadow of their first five studio albums. If you don’t believe their latest album “The Whole Love” is at the same level as “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” or “A Ghost is Born,” then you probably haven’t heard it’s songs performed live. The show opened with “One Sunday Morning,” ironically the final song on “The Whole Love,” and went on to play 8 more songs from the new album mixed with 17 tracks from previous albums. Other than a false start on “Dawned on Me” you would think they had been touring the new songs for years. The almost perfectly tight set was punctuated by the gorgeous stage design and lighting. Hundreds of white pieces of fabric hung from strings, many with lights in them which pulsed on and off in sync with the music. On the backdrop, silhouetted lights danced in the shape of birds and snowfall.

The crowd seemed overjoyed to be at the show, taking every opportunity to sing and cheer. The older songs in particular, like “Forget the Flowers,” “Via Chicago,” “Misunderstood,” and “I Must be high” made it feel like an old fashioned sing along. The loudest cheers of the night came after “Shot in the Arm,” clearly a crowd favorite. One member of the crowd summed up my feelings when he said, “My God they sound good. This is going to be one hell of a show!” Lead singer Jeff Tweedy was in true form, making jokes about the smell of his re-worn shirt from a previous night and encouraging the crowd to sing with him. Guitarist Nels Cline seemed to be on another level, ripping out some killer guitar solos.

The Night 89x Stole Christmas: December 17, 2011 – The Fillmore, Detroit, MI There are a few things Detroit gets every year for Christmas. One of them is usually snow. The other is The Night 89x

The show ended with a second encore where opener Nick Lowe joined Wilco on stage in

26 Detroit Live Magazine Feb. 2012


Stole Christmas. We may not have had a White Christmas this year, but The Night 89x Stole Christmas didn’t let us down! The 14th annual Christmas rock show featured Rise Against, with Taking Back Sunday and AWOLNATION. It’s hard to compare one year to another, but having been to many of these shows, this one was particularly rockin’. No one went home disappointed. AWOLNATION opened the show with incredible energy, immedi-


ately drawing the attention of the crowd. Their hit single “Sail,” which received a ton of airplay on 89x this past year, really got the crowd eager for the rest of the night. AWOLNATION is the least known of the 3 acts, but they didn’t act like it. Their set really started things out right.


Next on stage was Taking Back Sunday who knows how to play to the crowd. It probably helps that everyone in the audience knows every one of your songs. They played a good mix of old and new songs like, “Cute Without the E (Cut from the Team)” and “MakeDamnSure.” I found myself singing along almost the entire time. You don’t realize how many Talking Back Sunday songs you know until you see them live.

continue this series for a long time and I believe they will continue to get better every year. They always put on an incredible show with phenomenal line-ups. 2011 was no exception.

The headline act Rise Against closed out an amazing night with hits like, “Re-Education (Through Labor),” the set opener, popular early hit “Swing Life Away,” and the closing encore song, “Savior.” If it’s possible, Rise Against was even more energetic than the opening acts. They simply could not be contained and the fans were eating it up. Rise against absolutely nailed it. The Night 89x Stole Christmas is a mainstay in the Detroit rock scene. I expect them to



If you’ve ever feathered your hair, this show will remind you why. Darian Counts ( Detroit Live )

Fisher Theater FEB 21st-26th

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EVENT TICKETS 313-277-6666

inspirations. “I’m inspired by a variety of different sources.  For example, on the guitar side of the music, Justin King, Kaki King, Antoine Dufour, Andy McKee and my good friend Nathan Montgomery come to mind.  In the songwriting and lyrical aspect, the complex musical works of grindcore bands, like, Behold... The Arctopus and the delicate pop sounds of John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews inspire me.  I am also inspired by poets and prose writers to try to create a good story in my songs.  I try to diversify between the complexity of the style itself and how simple and easy it needs to sound to the ear.”

Paul Samotis

meaningful song, “Static for Now”. He said “I wrote the song Story and Photos as a metaphor for the mainstream media and made a parallel to self by Merideth Gillhespy degradation. It turns into allowJanuary 5th was an exciting day ing yourself to create something for me. I was honored to get the unique without the influence of chance to see an amazing local such things as radio and TV.  artist and friend preform at the Furthermore, it helps you to cope Hard Rock Café in downtown with such issues and becoming a Detroit. Paul Samotis set up is better person for doing so.” guitar; his strings were looped Paul’s guitar playing is truly around, friends and family members surrounded the stage as unique. It is wonderful to hear introduced himself to the crowd. and to see! Watching him play If he was nervous, he didn’t show his guitar the way he does, in his own individual fashion, makes it…well maybe a little. you know he truly loves what he Paul started his set out with “Fork does and not only wants to speak in the Road”, which starts with to his fans through lyrics but also beautiful guitar playing, peace- through his music. His lyrics are ful and picks up with thought so meaningful and emotional. I provoking lyrics. The song talks was curious about how he gets about taking the road less trav- inspired to write a new song. For eled, relatable to any listener. me, everything starts with the His set ended with “Easier Said core of a song, the music.  So, the Than Done”, this is my favorite guitar is always the first part of song out of the set he preformed. creating a song for me.  Then, I His lyrics in this song are fantas- try to brainstorm and really think tic. I asked him about his most about how the notes sound and

Paul plans to put out a 6 track EP by Spring 2012. He will be playhow I feel when a transition is ing a lot of shows this summer. made. He told me, “ Once I’ve If you can, get out and see one of solidified the music end of it, I his performances. You won’t be try to grab from experiences that disappointed! I’ve had with those that surround me. I try to think of how it relates Check out some of Paul’s music at the emotions I feel with the tismusic, sounds that I’ve already crepaulsamotis, www.reverbnation. ated.” com/paulsamotis I asked Paul about his musical

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